Off Away

Off Away[KINDLE] ✽ Off Away By Cale Atkinson – How would you get mail if you lived in the middle of the sea It's Jo's dad's job to deliver it taking bottles wherever they need to go He always comes home with exciting stories to tell but Jo is far How would you get mail if you lived in the middle of the sea It's Jo's dad's job to deliver it taking bottles wherever they need to go He always comes home with exciting stories to tell but Jo is far too afraid to go out on the ocean herself Until Dad gets a bad sea cold that is With no one but Jo to deliver the bottles she must find her courage and set sail alone As she embarks on her mission her fears just might be replaced with new friendships and grand stories of her ownWith beautiful atmospheric art and endearing new characters by author illustrator Cale Atkinson this picturebook is a treasure. Jo wants to be a sailor There’s just one problem she’s afraid of what lurks beneath the ocean When her father becomes sick Jo must face her fears The drawings are vivid and fun We loved that Jo ending up discovering that what we fear isn’t always what we expect Jo must help her dad deliver all the message in a bottle bottles to their correct homes when her dad falls ill She bravely ventures out to all the remote and scary places even to a place her dad had never visited Off Away is a story full of kid appeal with bright and deliciously scary looking monsters lots of fun adventures and a main character who overcomes her fears and makes new friends Jo and her dad lived in a part of the sea where messages in bottles collected and her dad ran Off Away a delivery service that made sure these stray missives found their appropriate recipient Jo admired her dad but never joined him on his journeys being afraid of the monsters she believed to be lurking underneath the ocean surface Then one day her dad came down with a terrible cold and it fell to Jo to attempt to conuer her fears and deliver the lost bottlesOff Away Canadian authorillustrator Cale Atkinson's newest picture book is an absolute delight The story is entertaining with an engrossing plot line sure to speak to young children with fears of their own The idea that our perceptions don't always accurately represent reality and that if we get out into that scary world to explore for ourselves we'll find it's not so frightening after all is highlighted in the tale The digital artwork is colorful and immensely appealing beautifully capturing the magic both real and imagined of Jo's watery home Recommended to Atkinson fans and to anyone looking for stories about conuering our fears Given the theme of messages in a bottle it might pair nicely with Michelle Cuevas and Erin Stead's The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles which explores a similar idea albeit in a different way I follow Cale Atkinson on social media platforms so I knew Off and Away was making it's way into the world and could not wait to grab a copy of my own We are huge fans of Cale's work because it is always so detailed with so much to see and find Each reading of one of his fabulous stories reveals something we missed the first few timesOff and Away published by Disney Hyperion is the story of Jo who's dad is a message in a bottle delivery man When one day he comes down with a severe sea cold Jo is left to deliver the messages for him The only problem is Jo has never done that before as she is too terrified of what lurks below the water's surface Mustering up all her courage she sets sailIt's a perfectly simple little story of courageousness and facing one's fears with so many surprises in store Off and Away makes a fabulous read aloud and a great cuddle up story We brought it on vacation with us and had to read it multiple times a day The art is engaging and surprising making us chuckle all the way through penguins in bowties Cale Atkinson's books simply make us feel good they make us smile they bring us joy and they deliver messages of kindness bravery and friendship His books always have a clever surprise under the jacket which carries through the theme of the book Cale Atkinson's books are must haves in our home Follow him on Twitter 2dcale for behind the scenes looks at process art from his picture books and sneak peaks at his upcoming work Cale Atkinson is a great storyteller and one of my most favorite illustrators I would enjoy a print of every page of artwork in this book So colorful and bright the story is a about a little girl who is wonderfully brown who faces her fears and delivers bottles to creatures after her father becomes ill By the end she becomes braver than even her father and makes friends along the way Although it's not my favorite Atkinson book I enjoyed every bit of this fun story Jo may think she's no adventurer yet she actually takes on the biggest adventure of her young life when she sets sail and conuers her own fears This story is a fantastic way to show kids that it's okay to be afraid but do something anywaysand they might just be surprised by the outcome and themselves Jennifer K This is such a sweet creative picture book for young kiddos encouraging them to find their inner strength Love how it taps into the mystery of what DOES happen to those messages in bottles too Thanks for sending an ARC our way for review Disney Great story about a girl who faces her fears and finds that monsters are not behind every lurking corner This would be great for a bedtime book to help little ones face their fears Facing fearsadventuressailingfriends Cale writes books that has kids coming back for readings over and over again Not only do I love this story I love finding new details in the illustrations I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Jo always wanted to be a great adventurer like her dad but her apprehension about what lurked below the sea always kept her from stepping off their dock When Jo’s dad falls ill and bottles keep piling up Jo takes a deep breath in before embarking on a courageous journey On her voyage Jo soon realizes that appearances can be deceiving and she is in fact a brave adventurer Jo’s heroic actions reminded me of a great uote from Coraline by Neil Gaiman“Being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t scared Being brave means you are scared really scared badly scared and you do the right thing anyway”I am a big fan of Cale Atkinson’s books and Off Away is “sea sational” It is a touching and uplifting story about having the courage to face your fears The gorgeous illustrations are full of such details that a re read is essential just for viewing the beautiful and intricate artwork

Off Away ePUB ¼ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Off Away
  • Cale Atkinson
  • English
  • 10 October 2016
  • 9781484782323