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The Decision[Download] ➺ The Decision ➿ K.A. Applegate – Ax and the Animorphs are about to have a huge problem It starts when they decide to morph mosuitoes in order to slip by some unsuspecting Yeerks It ends with them stuck in Zero space with no idea how Ax and the Animorphs are about to have a huge problem It starts when they decide to morph mosuitoes in order to slip by some unsuspecting Yeerks It ends with them stuck in Zero space with no idea how they got there no way to get back to Earthand no oxygenLuckily an Andalite scout ship finds them before it's too late But now Ax is finally with his own people And he doesn't know if he ever wants to go back to Earth. FIRST REVIEW MAR 27 2015Ax being all like My human disguise is perfect I can effortlessly pass as one of them is so hilarious to me You'd think his fish out of water adventures would get dull after a time but I really don't get tired of themWhere this book goes however is so balls to the walls crazy and awesome KAA pulls crazy weird metaphysical stuff harking back to a throwaway line a few books back about the science of morphing in order to bring the Animorphs to the frontlines of war torn Leera right in the trenches of a ground war on an alien planet To which I go FUCK YES We get to see our first proper alien world the first open battle with the Yeerks Andalite generals and heroic sacrifice suddenly the series takes a left turn into something like hard military sci fi I really love the books that shake up the formula like this expanding the world and showcasing than their backyard struggles against the Yeerks in their likely Californian neighbourhoodIt also delves into of Ax's struggles split between the Andalites and the humans his own species vs the one who took him in and his divided loyalties between the two; it's like the ultimate expatriate problem Each of his books brings him closer and closer to the Animorphs becoming and one of them The Decision is touching exciting and dramatic I loved this one SECOND REVIEW MAY 9 2020My previous review pretty much covered all the bases but I'll just note that the scale of the tragedies that the kids witness on Leera is so very different than before They're accustomed to fighting their guerilla war in the shadows where they are their only allies and they've managed to avoid any deaths so far Here it's in the frontlines they're in the metaphorical trenches they witness the slaughter of so many allies and they suffer such PTSD and survivor's guilt as a resultIt's a terrible thing living when so many others have died It's terrible because no matter what you do a single thought keeps popping up in your head I'm glad it wasn't meI was glad it wasn't meBut there's also humour throughout and the touching note of Ax and Tobias' growing misfit friendship and even as the book wrestles with Ax's split loyalties As with every time we encounter the Andalites too our perception of them grows increasingly complicated they can be arrogant disdainful closed minded and unhelpful and that's even before the gutting realisation that some of them have turned traitor and sided with the YeerksGood stuff as everFavourite uotes moved to Google Docs I have a real soft spot for The Decision because it is so awesomeI remember the “Animorphs get pulled into Z space” book from my childhood reading of the series—but I didn’t remember it coming so early I loved the whole concept Indeed while not uite as long as the Megamorphs books I’d argue that the plot of The Decision is just as cinematic and huge as any of those books—and maybe superior to some of themWe finally get Ax’s second turn at narrating Applegate spaces out his books than the others at least at the front end of the series probably because for the moment his perspective is the most alien That makes it harder to write for longer periods and also harder to read There’s only so much you can do with the “I’m an alien and boy do I think humans are the weird ones” stand up schtick but hey Applegate nails itAfter an opening with Ax in human morph going all out on cinnamon buns that can only be described as hilarious he continues to deliver zinger after zinger in his observations about the other Animorphs or about human society in general Whereas #8 The Alien is generally an introduction to Ax and Andalite society The Decision is about the ways in which we prosecute war Ax was briefly in contact with the Andalite homeworld in his first book but his role was largely one of passive soldier who received orders and followed them Here he has a active role one in which he has to choose loyalties Because that’s the kicker in war sometimes it’s not even clear if the “good guys” are all on the same sideThere are so many reasons to give this book five stars but the moment that clinched it for me comes when Leeran Controllers start shooting at the Animorphs who are in hammerhead morph Marco yelled Think about that for a moment To an adult reading this book the reference makes perfect sense But I don’t know about you—as a Canadian growing up in the 1990s I didn’t know much about the Vietnam War I knew it was a thing that happened over the 1960s and most of the 1970s I knew there was a draft and that Canadian had not only stayed out of the war but welcomed the “draft dodgers” But the moral complexity and ambiguity surrounding Vietnam escaped me at the time I have no doubt this allusion went over my head when I read The Decision as a childSo Applegate’s inclusion of this reference speaks to the subtlety and layers she builds into these books For those kids who get it it’s an added bonus For those who don’t maybe it makes them wonder what Marco means by this comment These are not just fluffy adventure books war is serious; war is hell; and Applegate is not sugar coating it A whole ship of Andalites dies in these pagesAx’s need to choose between his loyalty to the Andalite command and his loyalty to the Animorphs underlines this idea that war is ambiguous and messed up We also get a good sense of why the Andalites are losing this war it’s not that the Yeerks are superior so much as they are less picky The Andalites’ morality is slipping as we saw from the revelations about Alloran and the Hork Bajir in The Andalite Chronicles ; even so their arrogance is getting the better of them “We are stronger fighting alone” is the most BS thing I have ever heard and youngerBen would definitely have picked up on that And even if he didn’t the tactical officer’s change of heart prior to sacrificing the ship would have hammered it home—sometimes you don’t need to be subtleThe Decision is nothing short of beautiful I first gave five stars to #6 The Capture because it is terrifying And while Applegate continues to show us the horrors and things that go wrong with war in this book she also underscores the values of cameraderie loyalty friendship and trust She combines the “alien moved by humanity’s passion” and “war buddies” tropes and makes something wonderfulNext time it’s the second Megamorphs instalment and you know what that means time travel and dinosaurs Off the chainMy reviews of Animorphs← #17 The Underground | Megamorphs #2 In the Time of the Dinosaurs → Original review at Jaunts Haunts55I gave this fantastic book five blood sucking stars I Loved This Book It very uickly became one of my favorite so far in this series and for good reason This time around we are in Ax's POV one that we don't see enough if you ask meAnyways the Animorphs are moseying along when an ally uncovers a dangerous development that could once again seriously threaten humankind True to form our animal morphing friends jump into action to save the day when the impossible of impossibles happenRemember that whole Zero Space explanation Ax gave some books ago? You know how while in a morph your actual body is floating around in that void? Yeah well the Animorphs are mid morph when they're catapulted to Zero Space in their bodiesLuckily they're saved but now they've been thrust into the middle of a war for Leera the home planet of our psychic suid looking allies Together Ax and the others must figure a way out of this mess Should they get involved? Can they really deal a crushing blow to the Yeerks? But most of all does Ax even want to return to Earth when this is all over?This book was everything to meIt started off with some laughs as usual Ax always gets into trouble when in human form and I loved the intro humor All of the Animorphs got plenty of pagetime so that was very well balanced I especially enjoyed the interactions between Jake and Ax this time around The plot? Oh man the plot was so riveting The stakes are usually uite high but this was all out war I loved the taste that I got of what was really going on galaxies away where the real war was being fought It was depressing inspiring and heartfelt all at the same time The darker concepts of this series were definitely present but that's what made it so great I honestly can't think of a single con that's how hooked I wasAdventure war and scifi galore made this book an instant favorite and I can't wait to continue reading this series Remember back when Ax warned the other Animorphs that when they morphed smaller animals than their own body mass all that extra mass was extruded into z space and just sort of chilled out there until they resumed their human forms? And remember how he also said that spaceships also roam z space? And that there was an infinitesimally small chance that said spaceships might hit their extruded mass? And that no one knew what would happen if they did? Well Turns out what happens is a great story that is one of my favorite yet in this universe I always love mythology and space heavy installments anyway but this one also does a particularly nice job with Ax's character his loyalties are tested as is the faith in his people along with giving us cool action scenes and intrigue and aliens and space battles It's also nice that for a change the Animorphs and the Andalites et al actually win a pretty big victory in the war against the Yeerks It's not just the Animorphs constantly being tested morally and physically and coming away and hardened It's also that sometimes when you fight you winI only have two complaints about this installment and they're pretty minor The first is that Ax is very bothered by Visser Three having a morph that could only have been acuired on the Andalite homeworld and this is supposed to be a message to him and us that the Yeerks have made headway onto that homeworld a hint that maybe not all Andalites are as good and pure as they professed Only how did no one think the obvious here Visser Three's host body is an Andalite Who grew up on that homeworld And who had the morphing power long before Visser Three took him for a host So I know later some of the Andalites mention that most Andalites don't actually have that many morphs due to culturalpractical restrictions but it's still entirely possible and the fact that Ax or the others never even point it out as a possibility really bothered me Also it just wasn't long enough In scope this feels similar to the story told in The Andalite Chronicles but is only given 13 of the length to flesh it out I wanted to see of internal Andalite politics of the battles and tactics of the Leeran homeworld of Ax reconnecting to his people and learning that he's maybe changed too much to fit in with them the way he had in the pastNext up the second Megamorphs Dinosaurs45 stars The Decision is another Animorphs book that I'm really torn overOn the one hand it's another great story for Ax development I really love the Ax narrated stories Beneath his unintended wit he's a lost soul Thousands of light years from his homeworld he's forever torn between obeying his people's laws and acclimatising to life on Earth In this book he finally had a chance to return to his people and discovered that his Andalite superiors weren't necessarily the honourable warriors he'd like to thinkThe story further develops the relationship between Ax and the other Animorphs continuing largely from The Alien in this regard The others still don't really understand or even greatly trust him They know that if given a choice between following Jake and following a member of his own species he'd inevitably betray the Animorphs' trust Yet his attitude is slowly changing and I'm interested to see what will happen in the next Ax storyYet on other other hand the story of this book is very weak So little is resolved in this novel We don't find out what ultimately happened in the Yeerk's attempt to take Hewlett Aldershot III we don't learn if the attempt to save Leera was successful and we don't even learn why Andalite's would betray their race and side with their sworn enemies especially if they're not Controllers The end of the story is very sudden and doesn't really tie up a lot of loose ends I really hope that these points are picked up again in future novels as otherwise this plot line has been rather pointlessUltimately this was a pretty average Animorphs book Here's hoping that the next Megamorphs #2 is going to be better Okay this is probably my favourite this far and I admit all I have a huge weakness for Ax and I always love his point of view The bits of dysfunctional Andalite culture also worked for me When did they stop being these sort of silly aliens? I actually got the chills at several points The plot was also to my taste than the couple of previous ones Originally reviewed at thelibraryladiescomNarrator AxPlot And we’re back with another Ax book And surprising no one we open with a scene of humor and horror as it appears that Ax has now become confident enough to morph human and wander around the mall all on his own Seriously it’s like the Animorphs are his parents and he’s now this toddler who’s been set loose on his own It’s just irresponsible Of course Ax is found in one place and one place only the food court where he attempts to get a job to fund his Cinnabun habit But by “clearing tables” he hears “eat everything on the table regardless of whether or not the person who bought it is done with it” The whole thing ends with Ax causing a huge scene and needing to be bailed out by Marco who zeroes in on the commotion and has a sinking suspicion about who could be behind itOur real story then begins when the Animorphs get wind that the Yeerks might be up to their hospital infestation plans once again And really one has to wonder why the Yeerks don’t always use this plan it just seems like such an easy way to create new Controllers Erek our friendly residential Chee is the one to alert the Animorphs of this particular danger an upper level man in the Secret Service will be in the hospital and the Yeerks are planning somethingThey all decide to scout out the hospital taking up a rotation of seagull morphs to keep an eye on things During his shift Ax sees HumanVisser Three show up at the hospital It turns out that the Secret Service man has slipped into a coma and is now unusable as a Controller so Visser Three decides to acuire him instead But before he can Visser Three who is now at LEVEL RED suspicion of all animals he ever sees spots a few seagulls outside decides to morph a Kafit bird the Andalite homeworld bird that we saw in “The Andalite Chronicles” and attacks them Ax and Visser Three go on a chase of that ends with them both back in Andalite form on a rooftop ready to go to battle Visser Three in his typical cowardly manner chooses to flee the scene rather than fight Ax Ax has many emotions about once again failing to avenge his brotherAt this point the Animorphs decide that their best option is to essentially copy Visser Three’s plan which was to acuire the DNA of the Secret Service man so that he could pose as him and gain access to every secret ever So what if one of the Animorphs was to morph him walk into the Secret Service and then morph and prove that there is an alien invasion happening After the usual debate about the ethics of morphing humans the team decides to go ahead with the plan except they know that the Yeerks are now on high alert Cassie’s animal knowledge comes to the rescue again and she suggests that there may be another way to get the DNA of this man without being human and acuiring it in the usual manner They will all morph mosuito and get blood that wayThe team all morph mosuito and are in the midst of biting the man whenpoof They are suddenly somewhere else Specifically floating around in space and not fully formed? Panicking and without air Ax frantically thought speaks towards the Andalite ship he can see in the distance They are caught in its wake and he calls to them to save them He blacks out only to wake up in the medical bay of the Andalite ship surrounded by some very confused Andalites and concerned Animorph friends An Andalite scientist is going crazy with their appearance suggesting that it is a miracle of science proof that the theory about extra mass going to Z space when one morphs a tiny animal must be true And that the passing Andalite ship had somehow sucked Ax and the Animorphs through as it passed their “mass” in Z spaceThe Captain and TO technical officer of the ship order the human Animorphs to stick to their room and call Ax to the main deck They then inform him that their ship is en route to the Leeran home world where a massive battle between the Andalites and the Yeerks is brewing They don’t have time to return the humans and Ax is now a member of the ship’s crew and must follow their orders Ax is both thrilled and afraid to know that he will now be in the midst of a real battleBut as the ship begins to descend he and the TO realize that something is wrong They are landing behind the Yeerk lines where they will be completely at their mercy It turns out that the Andalite Captain is a traitor The Captain attacks the TO cutting off his tail Ax panics and frantically tries to warn the other Animorphs Turns out they’re already in the room in fly morph having disregarded Ax’s and the Captain’s orders to stay in their room Cassie begins to de morph while on the Captain’s shoulder providing a distraction Ax tries to fight him and is saved when the TO recovers enough to shoot and kill the Captain with a Dracon beam Knowing that the ship is doomed the TO orders Ax and the Animorphs to flee and sets the ship to auto destruct in a hope to do as much damage as possibleThey all morph fly and flee the scene As they run Ax mourns the loss of so many Andalite warriors and grapples with his new reality where Andalites can be traitors and join up with the Yeerks willingly The rest of the Animorphs struggle to forgive Ax for so uickly abandoning them once he was back among his own people But their anger takes a back seat when they see the rest of the Andalite forces retreating seemingly accepting that the battle is lost This isn’t good for the Leeran home world or for the Animorphs themselves As was explored a few books ago psychic Yeerk Controllers would spell doom for the Animorphs’ causeAs they flee the battlefield once again they realize that Tobias is missing It seems as if he disappeared before their very eyes Frantic and scared the group tries to orient themselves and decide on their next steps As they work through it all Ax stumbles upon a theory for why the Andalites retreated as uickly as they did Leeran is made up of almost entirely water with only one large continent The Leeran people live in their oceans and don’t need this continent but it is paramount to the land based Yeerk invasion to use as a base of operations Ax theorizes that the Leerans and Andalites plan to blow up this continent striking a critical blow against the Yeerk forces that are all now gathering on the planet in their seeming victoryThey get to the ocean morph shark and promptly run into some LeeranControllers Luckily they realize that they can essentially bite the Yeerk right out from the Leerans’ heads without killing the Leerans themselves The newly freed Leerans direct them to a Leeran city where they meet up with some Andalite leadership This time Ax presents the group and insists that Jake is his Prince and the one whom he will be taking orders from going forward The LeeranAndalite forces have run into a problem with their plan; the remote detonator on the bomb beneath the continent has been failing to activate for the last several hours Someone will need to go down and manually arm it The Animorphs volunteer At this point they have also lost a few of the group who also seemed to just disappear out of nowhere Before sending them off the Andalite scientists theorize that these disappearance may be some sort of “snap back” that is flinging them back either to Z space where they are now dead or hopefully all the way back to Earth and their original mosuito morphs It is likely that it will happen to them all With this happy thought in mind the remaining group sets offSome hi jinks and battles ensue but ultimately it is down to Ax and Jake racing through an underwater tunnel to get to the bomb in time both worried that they will “snap” away before completing their mission Jake disappears and it is up to Ax When he reaches the bomb the Yeerks are there too He manages to arm it and relays back to the Andalites not to wait but to set it off now with him next to it Luckily he snaps away right as it goes offAnd suddenly they’re all back in the hospital biting the Secret Service man while in mosuito morph No time has passed at all and they all re appeared at the same time regardless of when they snapped away from the Leeran planet Bizarrely mosuitoAx’s bite wakes up the Secret Service man from his coma and the Controllers in the room flee not knowing what to do The story uickly wraps up with Ax making peace with the fact that sometimes your people aren’t the same species as you and that’s ok And he needs to go eat Cinnabons immediatelyETAx Phone Home This is a big book for Ax and his emotionsloyalties Finally back among his own people he goes through a lot of emotional legwork from the beginning to the end Not only is he confronted again with the fact that the Andalite high ups want him to take the fall for giving the humans their morphing abilities to save the legend of Elfangor but he has to figure out his own connection to humanity and the fact that the Andalites are also a flawed speciesIt’s pretty clear at this point that arrogance is the primary downfall of Andalites Not only can Ax not even comprehend the fact that one would be a traitor but the Yeerks themselves are seen here to construct their entire strategy for taking over Leeran by counting on the fact that the Andalites don’t play well with others and thus they and the Leerans while on the same side seem to be fighting separate wars with the Yeerks So it goes a long ways for Ax to see the Captain turn traitor Not only does he now have a healthy understanding of the strengths and importantly weaknesses of his own people but he sees the full advantages of working together with his human friends during their war on EarthAt the same time he is constantly worried about striking a balance between becoming close and comfortable on Earth but not losing himself or his Andalite roots After Jake snaps at him to get it together when they’re all essentially wandering around aimlessly on the planet after the ship self destructs Ax manages to find a kind of peace with things But even that peace is difficultI felt strangely at home As though despite Prince Jake’s anger and Marco’s sneering and Rachel’s outright suspicion I belonged with them For some reason at that moment even with the images of death aboard the Ascalin fresh in my mind I saw myself far away in a very different body eating delicious cinnamon buns with a mouth I wanted to be back there I wanted to be back on Earth Captain Samilin had sold out to the Yeerks Was I selling out to the humans?The really big moment for him is when they meet up with the Andalites again in the underwater city Ax steps up to the plate this time claiming Jake as his one and only Prince It’s a big moment for him and for the whole team’s relationship with himOur Fearless Leader Jake shows his leadership skills a lot in this book Notably he finds a way forward amidst much fear anger and confusion once they find themselves essentially alone on a strange alien planet Rachel and Marco are furious at Ax Tobias and Cassie don’t know what to think but are each too passive to move forward Jake has to find the middle ground and re focus the group on moving forward and not spiraling into finger pointing and suspicion of Ax’s motivations and loyalties We also see for the first time Jake not reject the “Prince” title when Ax introduces him to the Andalite leaders in the underwater Leeran city He knows that is important for Ax to have this moment cementing his loyalties and that the Andalite commanders will not respect a human “Prince” who would immediately undermine his own followers He’s also the last Animorph to snap away and gets the farthest with Ax in the mission to defuse the bombXena Warriar Princess As we saw in Ax’s last book Rachel and Marco were the slowest members to warm up to Ax so it’s not surprising when they both react the mostly strongly at his abandonment once he’s back with his people They are both very harsh with their language but I can see their perspective in this situation Add to this the fact that Rachel doesn’t handle unknowns well At her core she’s a weapon that needs to be aimed and if she doesn’t have a target she will drive herself mad with inaction Whatever one thinks of the harshness of her reaction to Ax the one time she really pushes him and he reacts without thinking by striking at her neck with his tail blade she’s unflinchingly brave not batting an eye lash and standing firm behind her opinion This show of bravery and strength does strike a chord with honor obsessed Ax even while he is hurt by her ongoing anger and distrust of himA Hawk’s Life As Ax’s closest friend it’s no surprise that Tobias comes to Ax’s defense after everything goes wrong on the Andalite ship and Rachel and Marco come after him Even earlier while they’re still on the ship he sends Ax a private thought speak message to consider carefully who is people really are This doesn’t hit home with Ax until later but Tobias’s uiet support and nudging of Ax is clearly important But again poor Tobias gets side lined early in the book this time being the first to be snapped away There’s no winning for a hawk who just wants to be a part of the teamPeace Love and Animals Cassie’s animal knowledge is both a blessing and a curse A blessing in that she’s always the one to think of an animal morph that will accomplish a seemingly impossible goal bats to fly in a safe room moles to tunnel to the Yeerk pool and here mosuitoes to get DNA It’s a curse that often these same solutions are almost always completely horrifying Not only is morphing a mosuito like all bugs pretty disgusting but the knowledge of WHY they’re doing itto literally suck the blood of some random guy is eually gross She also is the one to put together the dots that they should use a shark morph on the Leeran home world since they knew from Marco’s last book that the Yeerks had planned on using sharks in their invasionThe Comic Relief Marco is almost as harsh as Rachel in his attitude towards Ax’s uick abandonment of them on the Andalite ship Marco especially values loyalty and it is clear that he views Ax as having failed a very important test in this instance I will harp on it once again but it’s always interesting to see how often Marco and Rachel end up on the same side of things when the bigger uestions are being asked Yes they bicker and tease each other But philosophically they are the most alike in their approach to this war and when it gets serious we often see them united in their opinionsBest ? Body Horror Moment The description of their experience in Z space is pretty bad Not only is the entire concept disturbing as was discussed when Ax first clued the team in on what happens to the “extras” when they morph small things but while they are floating around out there Ax describes being able to see through everyone essentially Like some type of gross kaleidoscope with random organs and body bits all mashed together and see through Not to mention the suffocating thing It’s all pretty badCouples Watch Not a lot here except for the fact that Tobias being the first one to get zapped away doesn’t do anything to help Rachel calm down She was described as alternating between crying and raging after they first noticed he was gone I think she gets snapped away as well before they even realize what might have been happening At first they’re almost sure that Tobias must have been shot and killedIf Only Visser Three had Mustache to Twirl Visser Three is only in the first part of the book but he does bring up a couple of interesting points One is the fact that now that all of the Animorphs know what his human morph is you’d think he’d change it Seems pretty silly to keep walking around with one he knows they can spot Second with the kafit bird Ax is sure this is a sign that Visser Three has been to the Andalite home world and is very upset by it The fact that the Andalite Captain is later revealed to be a traitor I think is meant to justify this concern But how does it work with Alloran’s original morphs that he had before he was taken over by Visser Three? All Andalite warriors practice their morphing ability by getting a kafit bird morph so Alloran would have this one So wouldn’t Visser Three too? Without needing to go to the Andalite home world? Also the fact that Visser Three is a complete coward is no surprise to us but Ax is very disturbed by the fact that Visser Three ran away from their fight on the roofAdult Ugly Crying at a Middle Grade Book You have to feel bad for Ax The poor guy is trying so hard and the hits just keep coming from every angle You can’t blame him for losing his head when he gets back among his own people but then these early errors of dismissing his friends so uickly bite him in the butt in the worst way when the Captain turns into a traitor Then he’s got to deal with his friends who are furious with him while uestioning everything he thought he knew about his people It’s a lotWhat a Terrible Plan Guys Most of their “main mission” plans are good in this one Mainly that the rest of the Animorphs ignore Ax and the Andalites and barge onto the bridge in fly morph It would have been the end of the series if they’d followed orders like good little soldiers But at this point they’ve been fighting this war for a while so it makes sense that they wouldn’t sit back and be content to stay out of things just because some Andalite higher ups said so But the original plan with the mosuitoes and proving there is an alien invasion happening thing has all of the usual flaws of these ideas I mean if they ever wanted to really go through with this whole concept there are easier ways to do itFavorite uoteOf course Ax’s naive evaluations of his own ability to pass as human are always great for laughs I am very good at passing for human if I say so myself I have learned the customs and habits perfectly so that I seem entirely normal “Do you want to order something?” the human said to me “I reuire money so that I may exchange it for the delicious cinnamon buns” I explained The human blinked his eyes “So you do want to order or you don’t?” Obviously this was a less intelligent human “I wish to perform labor lay ber lay burrr and to have you give me money Then I wish to use that money to acuire delicious cinnamon buns Bun zuh”Also a good example of Jake’s leadership skills when he’s talking Ax out of it when he’s essentially breaking down after the deaths of all of the Andalite warriors in the ship “Now listen up Ax I know you’re feeling bad For lots of reasons probably But you feeling bad doesn’t let you off the hook Look we got Andalites shooting at Yeerks We have no humans in this fight except for us Maybe you’re not the big expert but you know than we know So snap out of it”Scorecard Yeerks 4 Animorphs 9A point for the Animorphs This is a big win not only just saving an entire speciesplanet but the fact that Leeran Controllers would have most likely spelled the end for their own fight back on Earth honestly cannot believe applegate got away with writingghostwriting 54 books about child soldiers in an intergalactic war 54 children'sYA books wild This is one of my favorite Ax books but also just an amazing series as a whole story It's far serious than a good chunk of the books till now have been brings us to a new world with new characters and morphs and politics It's fleshed out incredibly well for what it is especially while keeping to the length of a normal Animorphs book And by the end you're flipping pages as fast as you can hoping they can make it hoping they can do what they set out to doJust really love this one D One of the best Animorph books yet A gripping page turner Anything I say will spoil the story so I will leave it at that

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