Her Rocky Mountain Defender (Rocky Mountain Justice #2)

Her Rocky Mountain Defender (Rocky Mountain Justice #2)[Reading] ➵ Her Rocky Mountain Defender (Rocky Mountain Justice #2) ➼ Jennifer D. Bokal – Oaklandjobs.co.uk A kiss A betrayal An escapeA Rocky Mountain Justice page turnerSearching for her missing sister leads Madelyn Thompkins straight into the path of dangerand Roman DeMarco Wounded physically and emotion A kiss A betrayal An escapeA Rocky Mountain Justice page turnerSearching for her missing sister leads Madelyn Thompkins straight into the path of dangerand Roman DeMarco Wounded physically and emotionally the undercover agent hardly needs this distraction When the two collide with a Her Rocky PDF \ Russian gang they go on the run—and are drawn together Their priorities don’t align but when Madelyn falls victim to a murderous criminal will Roman sacrifice everything to save her. This second book in the author’s Rocky Mountain Justice series begins in classic romantic suspense style with a plucky heroine who finds herself in the wrong place at the worst time confronted first by an emotionally wounded undercover hero and then by a mob boss out to kill his way to the top The kiss of distraction provides confusion for all as both hero Roman and heroine Madelyn react in ways that feel all too real while the villain is lead to the wrong but right conclusion that the two are in cahoots to uncover all his secrets While Roman really is after those secrets Madelyn just wants to find her sister lost in addiction to the drugs being peddled out of the seamy bar where the case and the protagonists both come together and fall apart Crazed mobsters and family betrayals on all sides just add to the adrenaline of the danger and the romanceVERDICT For fans of escapist romantic suspense this is a fun read with likeable protagonists dastardly villains and deadly danger Stories about undercover agents have always been a favourite of mine Add a team of highly skilled security specialists well I just had to read this bookWorking undercover as a bartender for months Roman was trying to get proof that his boss was selling drugs and laundering money for the Russian mob He sure didn't need Madelyn to come in looking for her sister She had no idea what a bad place it was and that she shouldn't be there About to be caught in a spot they shouldn't have been Roman kissed Madelyn as a cover upThis book was tension filled and had great characters Roman was a veteran skilled in computers languages and just an all around smart guy Madelyn was a bright caring woman Her main focus was her studies for medical school But she took it to the exteme School was all she thought about leaving no time for relationships Then there were the bad guys The mobsters were the most despicable men you could imagineAs they got away heading to RMJ headuarters Roman and Madelyn were in a lot of dangerous situations Meanwhile their feelings grew It was easy to see how Madelyn fell for Roman How could she not? He was a fierce protector in the life and death situation they were in Oh yeah he was hot tooDanger and violence brought these two together and the story was amazing Action packed romance With non stop drama and suspense the author takes us along for the ride as the main characters run for their lives She's got a family connection he's got a job to do and a criminal mastermind to bring down together they tackle the case of a lifetime Great characters attention grabbing from start to finish and an overall top notch readWhen Madelyn Thompkins gets a lead on where her estranged sister may be hanging out she jumps at the chance to track her down Her search leads her into the seedier part of town and little does she know the danger she's about to walk intoUndercover operative Roman DeMarco isn't expecting an innocent civilian to get caught up in the case he's working on but when that's exactly what happens he can't just up and walk away They find out together that tangling with a Russian mob is dangerous to their health Another installment of RMJ I do hope this goes beyond one book or even two I like the storyline of a stubborn medical student who wouldn't give into love time and time again once she meet her forever mateok forever man just didn't seem to fit Best of all in the end he wouldn't give up on here especially when she thought for sure he would Awesome Especially because of what happened next Her Rocky Mountain Defender by Jennifer D Bokal is a fantastic romantic suspense Ms Bokal has provided readers with a well written book and filled it with outstanding characters Madelyn is searching for her sister and finds Roman instead Roman had just planted a listening device to get information on criminal activity Roman and Madelyn's story is action packed and loaded with drama humor action spice and suspense I enjoyed reading Her Rocky Mountain Defender and look forward to reading from Jennifer D Bokal in the future Her Rocky Mountain Defender is book 2 of the Rocky Mountain Justice Series but can be read as a standalone This is a complete book not a cliff hangerI read a print copy of this book Roman has been undercover for months and is this close to planting a bughowever Madelyn comes barging in at the wrong place and at the wrong time on the hunt for her drug addict sister Now Madelyn and Roman are caught in the line of sight of the big bad Russian mob guy and are actively being hunted Neither Madelyn and Roman and the bad guys can catch a break stuck in mountains hired help has been silenced big honcho is coming etc This story was action packed to say the least for sure action than romance Can they have a future together if they survive this deadly hunt? This was another fast paced suspense book with some serious spice thrown in I liked the plot although I don't think I would have been friends with the female protagonist I anticipated a seuel but this is separate main characters Some of the story comes from the first book so you should still read them in order I highly enjoyed Jennifer's writing I was sucked right in and couldn't put it down until I was done Her Rocky Mountain Defender contained everything I love in a novel Romance steamy suspense and great characters Definitely recommend this a read Jennifer throws you into the excitement of the mystery in the very first chapter and you want to keep reading The characters are likeable Jennifer stays true to the romance genre without being overly sweet The mystery adds an extra dimension to the love story Very good Bokal blends action and romance in a way that makes this second book in the Rocky Mountain Justice series a truly entertaining read Scenes filled with heightened tension and authentic menacing villains will have readers turning the pages Roman is a tough protective alpha hero whose motivation will be felt by readers and hook them into the story His instant connection and chemistry with Madelyn sizzles with a fiery intensity that will heat up the pages 4 stars RT Book ReviewsMiniseries Rocky Mountain Justice