Warrior Circle (A Howard Moon Deer Mystery Book 2)

Warrior Circle (A Howard Moon Deer Mystery Book 2)[PDF / Epub] ★ Warrior Circle (A Howard Moon Deer Mystery Book 2) ✪ Robert Westbrook – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Fans of Hillerman will love this uniue and uirky detective duo Leslie Glass bestselling author of Judging Time A Howard Moon Deer Mystery In the deserts of New Mexico someone has just discovered his i Fans of Hillerman will love this uniue and uirky detective duo Leslie Glass bestselling author of Judging Time A Howard Moon Deer Mystery In the deserts of New Mexico someone has just discovered his inner child and it's about to throw a deadly temper tantrum When Howard Moon Deer's girlfriend Aria storms from his cabin in the middle of the night he just considers it another conflict in their tempestuous relationship But when he finds her Jeep abandoned down the road with no sign of her nearby his instincts lead him on an investigation that uncovers the dark underbelly of a trendy southwestern town With the help of blind ex detective Jack Wilder Howard follows a trail of clues leading to a men's encounter group known as the Warrior Circle Its members are prosperous local businessmen and upstanding members of the community or are they As the pair edge closer to the truth about Aria's disappearance one thing becomes crystal clear someone is acting out a murderous fantasy of power and revenge and Howard and Jack may be the next victims Westbrook knows how to mix satire with action New York Times Book Review Westbrook possesses a masterful sense of narration Washington Post Book World. Good MysteryI enjoyed the book An easy read with a well developed plot and likable characters I was surprised by the ending Spoilers1 This is not close to a Tony Hillerman novel 2 There is no insight to Indian spirits or lore The only Indian sounding lore came from a bunch of white guys pretending to be Indians3 The only way you know Howie is an Indian is the Indian art on the cover he tells you he is an Indian and he wears his hair in a pony tail 4 some reviewers criticized the sex It was only in chapter 1 and although it may have been a little than needed it set up the relationship between Howie and Aria and should not have shocked anyone over 125 Some reviewer’s criticized Howie as a preachy liberal bashing all things conservative including McDonalds Totally missed all of that I found nothing political in the book or character Doubt they read the book But Howie graduated from Dartmouth and is a Graduate student at Princeton University in the field of Culinary Psycho Sociology Being a preachy liberal would be right in line with who the character is supposed to be Just because Robert Westlake isn’t Tony Hillerman’s replacement doesn’t mean he doesn’t write a good mystery with likable characters and makes for good escapist reading You can see by the increase in the average rating that the racist bigots didn’t get to this book still unclear why they felt the need to leave reviews about how “hateful” the first book is It’s sad really in that every event yet in the series is something you could go find 100 news articles on in five minutes of looking Totally enjoyed this continuation of the series Characters continue to be interesting and engaging with great reflections on their own personal failing and triumphs Despite being an older book now many of the racial and sociopolitical issues addressed in this fictional work haven’t changed a bit Lots of topical parallels to be drawn with the BLM movement and challenges still faced by BIPOC today Also found this to be refreshingly not formulaic certainly several parts to the resolution I did not see coming Howie drives me nutsBut I love reading about him and Jack and their mystery adventures I want to see More or Jack getting about with his blindness But over all the storyline is good and it keeps me in front of my iPad reading the whole weekend and weeknight long I'm hookedI have greatly enjoyed the first two books I read in this series This one kept me guessing all the way to the end which was fantastic by the way I am a fan of this entertaining and likable character Howard Moon Deer and I can't wait to read the third book I'm loving this series Very good book I'm really enjoying this series even if Moon Deer is a bit of a manic depressive and an easy touch at times Keep them coming Mr Westbrook On to Book 3 Red Moon very entertaining I really like the way Mr Westbrook writes He's one of those authors that after I read the first book I found out what other books he wrote and got those also This is a good series Howard Moon Deer and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys mysteries especially mysteries that take place in the southwest such as Tony Hillerman's Thoroughly enjoyed this well written books Interesting fully formed characters including the location San Geronimo Taos or less compelling asidessubplots This is #2 in the series; I will now try to find the first one and read them all I like the mystery the setting and the characters A very good look at the southwest as well Interesting and promising series