The Five Brothers Next Door

The Five Brothers Next Door[Reading] ➿ The Five Brothers Next Door By Nikki Chase – The Hunter brothers are back in town and all five of them have got their eyes on one lucky girlI've always had a crush on the boys next door I used to peek from my bedroom window when they were playin The Hunter brothers Brothers Next PDF Æ are back in town and all five of them have got their eyes on one lucky girlI've always had a crush on the boys next door I used to peek from my bedroom window when they were playing in their backyard I didn't even care that they never looked my wayNow that we're The Five PDF or all grown up and they're home for a visit something's different The way they stare at me sends a thrill down my spine If I didn't know any better I'd say they're checking me out and they like what they seeBut that's insane right There's no way the five gorgeous brothers are into meI try to forget Five Brothers Next Epub à about them but we keep running into one another in this small town One night the Hunter brothers even save me from my harassing exI'm in trouble It's getting harder and harder to ignore the wicked glint in their eyes or the way they linger when we touch When they whisper in my ears telling me all the naughty things they want to do to me I can't deny it any longer I want them too All five of themIt's wrong Oh so wrongBut five alpha protective hot as sin men What chance do I have of resisting the Hunter brothers. This is not my first reverse Harem book and it won't be my last I had to give Nikki 5 stars for stepping out of her box and trying something new I think she did a great job with this story You have everything you would want from a story like this 5 sexy brothers one beautiful strong woman that can hopefully handle them an upset mother and a crappy ex boyfriend This is a great read and I did really enjoy it I voluntarily read an advance copy for my honest review 4 StarsI received this book for my honest reviewI'm gonna keep this review shortIt's a great book and the connections were plentyHot and Sexy and different from what I have read by this authorKudosHappy Sexy Reading I really enjoyed this book Ava's parents are incredibly strict and bigoted and for some reason do not like the Hunter family However the Hunter boys like Ava and when her ex starts causing trouble they want to do all they can to helpThis is a fantastic story I really enjoyed each of the guys personalities and how they interact with Ava the storyline was great and I did not want to put the book down a very enjoyable read GoodGood but short I really enjoy that the guys don’t care what other think but they are almost to blah about it I like that Ava worried about it a bit before deciding to go for it Brothers This one was okay It was a little drawn out in some places I did like the characters though and the extra little drama 5 x the funA hot spicy naughty delight for your after dinner delightI voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book I received this book as an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest reviewThis was an interesting read for me I didn't know how I would feel about reading a romance with 6 members in the primary relationship I was nervous I wasn't going to like it But it was REALLY well written and very entertaining I was concerned that the intimate sex scenes were going to be difficult to read and make the book less enjoyable but they were beautiful sexy scenes It was interesting getting to know the different personalities of the 5 brothers and very cool to watch them each engage and connect with Ava The only true complaint I have about this book is the many different POV's of the book It was often hard to remember which of the brothers' POV I was reading I think it would have been successful had it been written from a 3rd person POV or just from Ava's POV Other than that I have no complaints I really liked the fact that we got to go back to Ashbourne and see Jessica Sarah and even Tony again Jessica is from Nikki Chase's book Stripped as is Tony he's her best friend and Sarah is from Nikki Chase's book My Brother's Friend The Dom Obviously if you're offended by group sex scenes then this book is not for you But should you want to explore the wild world of group sex without losing out on the romance of a good romance book then this is a great book to take a chance on I received this ARC in exchange for an honest voluntary review This was my first reading this trope I wasn't completely disappointed Definitely a fantasy unrealistic so if that's not your thing I wouldn't recommend it Though I do give points to the author for writing out of her comfort zone Seemed like Ava was too meek to be taking part in a harem with five different personalities two of which could be absolute hotheads Did like seeing former characters make an appearance Good storyline pacing and sexy scenes will make you want to add the Hunter men as your latest book boyfriends I received a complimentary of this book and yes I did purchase a copy before reading itI have read a few of Ms Chase’s books before and enjoyed them so I purchased a copy of this I generally don’t do erotica but this book intrigued me at least the premise did I was confused from the start with the prologue It sounded like I was coming into the middle of the story already Will I was a scene from a later chapter HUH? Also I couldn’t figure out the logistics of the people placement in the sex scenes Also I thought it was a HEA story but the end sounded like a HFN which I don’t care for But I did enjoy some aspects of the story so I gave it 3 stars 3 Stars of Brotherly LoveWell I just jump right in This was a cutesy love story about a girl and the five neighbor boys all grown up I'm not above having a smutty dream about five brothers but it's not really realistic I don't care how close brothers are they never really want to share But it was a cute little fictional story line This is on the Kindle Unlimited list so if you have a chance to read it's cute