The Girl with the Empty Suitcase

The Girl with the Empty Suitcase[PDF / Epub] ☀ The Girl with the Empty Suitcase By Krysta MacDonald – The suitcase sat at the top of Danielle’s closet for years holding memories promises and undeveloped film From struggling with homework to her final farewells with her parents this is the story of o The suitcase with the ePUB ☆ sat at the top of Danielle’s closet for years holding memories promises and undeveloped film From struggling with homework to her final farewells with her parents this is the story of one woman’s life and loves Through hopes and laughter heartaches and tears Danielle is shaped by the family friends and romances around herThis emotional story gives us a woman a window through whom we may see our own realities our own challenges our own uiet triumphs. It was very easy to become emotionally invested in the characters even though you only get to understand them through specific points of time in their lives They say you can be defined by the moments in your life and the author did a very good job defining her characters through the snapshots of their lives pun intended Some moments were subtle others were impactful but both were combined in a way that created a honest relatable story of love loss and self A great debut novel A beautifully honest story of two lives intertwining through the very relatable obstacles of life A lovely debut novel for the author “Nothing symbolizes discontent like an empty suitcase Or perhaps an undeveloped roll of film” 85 Armed with both Danielle can make her getaway away from Mark her husband and into her art The suitcase may be empty the film may not become pictures but they are far from void Instead they are full of intangibles Danielle’s expectations and regrets her hopes fears and her vision for something better something These symbols are her power This isn’t just her story however Krysta MacDonald tells two first person narratives Danielle and Mark alternate telling their tale over the course of forty years from childhood before they meet to old age after one of them has passed Together and separately they grapple to balance life goals career family expectations and affection It is not a particularly colorful tale; rather it is muted and understated The sentences are short The characters struggle to find words for their feelings; they come out sideways Far from a fairy tale romance this book still conveys a heroic and enduring love I was inspired by this down to earth relate able couple and MacDonald’s care for them LIFE What we do with this life The choices we make The expectations thrust upon us This is two characters trying to find themselves and find their purpose This is a story of love loss survival Managing hurt heartbreak and disappointment But most of all a story of discovery Discovery of healing and hope through it allKrysta MacDonald observes the connection of people As the reader gets to know Danielle and Mark through their relationship we identify struggles and the challenges of living up to our own assumptions This could also be a good reminder to select what baggage we really want to hoist through life Life is a boundless journey Pack well What a delightful read An inventive format that is easy to read and propels you forward wanting to know the next stage of 'her' life Perfectly voiced for every age and renders memories of the readers own life at those agesFull of surprises emotion and love I highly recommend this book I received this book thought a Goodreads giveaway first off I must say that I love that I received the book signed by the author When I started the book it took me a chapter or two to get used to the back and forth of the chapters being different characters and different years but once I started to think of it as a journal then I was able to think further about itThere were some big time gaps that made me wonder what happened within them and I found myself making up scenarios of what didI liked that I felt like the story of Danielle was me and my future as her and I seem to follow the same path It's sad to a point when you think of the end being truly the end with no one left from you to continue on While reading this I thought a lot about myself and self reflected on the things that happened in my own life that resulted in it being the way that it is now This is just as how I think Danielle did as she wrote her passages in the novel The opening lines of the first chapter hooked me “This is stupid I mean math is stupid I totally get why I have to go to school and do homework and all that crap but math? Come on” I liked 12 year old Danielle and willingly accompanied her on her journey through life her suitcase in handI met her friends her family Mark – the man who would be her husband the man she would love and leave and come back to Sometimes I wanted to shake her Sometimes I wanted to shake Mark I experienced her happiness her disappointments her sorrows Towards the end of her life Danielle reflected “When I was a kid I always thought there would be some moment when I would realize I was an adult some magical time when I’d feel all grown up when I’d have all the answers” Neither Danielle nor her creator Krysta MacDonald had all the answers but MacDonald made Danielle real and she made me care about her A look into the life It's an interesting premise and the story doesn't disappoint It follows Danielle and Mark at different ages throughout their lives I enjoyed the growth of the characters but there was something about the two POV's that didn't change It wasn't so easy to see the growth through the words of the characters or the difference between the two It was written pretty well and set a good plot for the story I won this book on goodreads It was a good story that I wish Danny would of been able to have of her dreams I can't figure out why Mark cheated on her This story could take place now or like it did in the future This is a really charming book with an interesting central premise Highly recommended

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  • The Girl with the Empty Suitcase
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  • 11 October 2014
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