Every Last Minute Time Wrecker Trilogy #1

Every Last Minute Time Wrecker Trilogy #1[PDF] ✎ Every Last Minute Time Wrecker Trilogy #1 Author Ellen Smith – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Will and Mara Sterling are already living their dream After surviving a campus shooting they both went on to finish college fall in love and start a new life together as husband and wife That’s not Will and Mara Sterling are already living Minute Time Kindle ´ their dream After surviving a campus shooting they both went on to finish college fall in love and start a new life together as husband and wife That’s not to say things have been easy Will suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and Mara has debilitating chronic pain from her gunshot wound Despite it all they feel lucky to be alive and even luckier to be in love Then a new initiative from the Justice Department offers Will and Every Last PDF/EPUB ² Mara the chance of a lifetime The shooter has been rehabilitated and his crime ualifies for a timeline rectification With Will and Mara’s consent they can all travel through time back to the original scene of the crime giving the gunman a chance to put things right It sounds like a dream come true but both Will and Mara have their doubts Timeline rectification—called “time wrecking” by its critics—is at the center of a politically charged debate Will and Mara aren’t entirely sure where they fall on Last Minute Time PDF ☆ this issue and the clock is ticking for them to decide Is it moral to change time for the rest of the world just to undo one crime Is it moral to deny the gunman a chance to correct his past crimes And what if this one ripple means that they never meet or fall in love Set in Every Last Minute is the first book in the Time Wrecker Trilogy. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 5 45 5Wow you guys if I knew I was going to love Every Last Minute by Ellen Smith as much as I did I would have read this book a hell of a lot soonerWhat it's about Will and Mara Sterling are survivors After being shot in the shoulder in college Mara lives after Will calls 911 and holds her until the ambulance comes Years later now married Mara is dealing with intense pain and needs a plethora of medication to help manage her shoulder pain from the crime Plus Will is struggling with both nightmares and PTSD Luckily ? enough for them they live in a world where something called a timeline rectification is legal This stipulates that if a criminal is remorseful for their crime and adheres to a strict program they can in fact go back and redo the crime removing it from history None of the parties taking part know what happens afterwards and none of them have any memory of the crime Will and Mara have an opportunity to take part but their respective families are not fans of timeline rectification and call them along with other opponents of the law time WRECKS Now Will and Mara need to make a decision do they move ahead with it and make their families mad plus potentially not meet and lose the love they have? Or do they not go through with it and suffer?I really like the idea of any book that speaks to time travel especially when it is as well written as this one While the focus isn't so much on time travel itself the aspect of timeline rectification was fascinating to read and think about I really felt for Will and Mara and what they were going through Smith absolutely knows how to write her characters and make them feel real I felt like these two and their dilemma were jumping right off the page at meAlthough Every Last Minute was on the longer side at 424 pages it reads really uickly and I found myself not wanting to put it down This is book 1 in a trilogy and I was so happy that it didn't really end with a cliffhanger However it definitely left me wanting and I can't wait to see how the rest of Will and Mara's story unfoldsFinal Thought Every Last Minute touches on relationships family trauma and social issues There is enough going on that you shouldn't be bored and if you like books that deal with characters internal struggles this is a good one The flow of Smith's writing was perfect and I found myself loving every minute of this book You can be sure that I will snatch up book 2 as soon as I possibly canWhat would you do if you were offered a chance to go back and remove pain like Mara's from your life? Would you take it?Thank you to the author Ellen Smith for providing me with a review copy of this book I've seen another review post this uote but it's the one that stuck with me as well“Our culture has become obsessed with supporting everyone’s individual dreams and ambitions catering to every little whim assuring ourselves that we’re each special and uniue We need to bring back our concern for each other and focus on building our community The concept of time wrecks may be relatively new but the sin behind it is a tale as old as time”I've started reading this book a few days ago and today I simply couldn't put it down and flew through itPersonally I would love to reload an old save you know? Just go back ten years and do things differently Live my life differently But then I look at my other half and I think no I wouldn't want to risk this relationshipThis is exactly what Will and Mara face They've met because of a school shooting during which Mara got shot She's suffering from chronic pain Will is suffering from PTSD They are happily married If they go back and undo it allthey might never meetThe romance is wonderful and when do you ever hear me say that? and I love both Will and Mara They're amazing characters They're initially opposed to a timeline rectification because what if they don't find each other in this new timeline? What if they don't fall in love with each other? What if they don't even meet? You have no idea how much this thought stresses me Mara however deals with so much pain and Will suffers from nightmares They deserve to go back They deserve a life without PTSD and painIt's not as easy as that Of course Timeline Rectification is regulated There's a trial Everyone needs to agree There are rules And as usual about half the world is opposed Because of personal conviction religion because of politics or because they think it isn't moral You should only live once YSOLO The author does an amazing job showing all the different problems that come with the possibility of timeline rectification and why the different factions all got a point She does this by including blog posts news reports and comments on Internet forumsThe point of view switches back and forth between Will and Mara Both characters are well developed and they both struggle a lot and are torn about the timeline rectification because of different reasonsI don't want to say too much about the plot since I love going into books without knowing anything at all I loved Every Last Minute because the author clearly put a lot of thought into the time travel aspect and surprised me several times with things I hadn't even thought of like how exactly does the government keep track of this and regulate it? The pacing is great especially if you're interested in the time travel aspect how it works etc otherwise you might find the middle a bit slow The prose is engaging and well editedAlso what a gorgeous cover right?I recommend Every Last Minute to fans of time travel novels and obviously to everyone who finds the premise interestingI received a review copy from the author in return for an honest review “Our culture has become obsessed with supporting everyone’s individual dreams and ambitions catering to every little whim assuring ourselves that we’re each special and uniue We need to bring back our concern for each other and focus on building our community The concept of time wrecks may be relatively new but the sin behind it is a tale as old as time”This book is filled with so many philosophical and physiological uestions it made my head spin and I loved every bit of itWe’ve all probably played that game; if you can go back in time and change one thing what would you change? Not dating that guygirl in high school Actually studying in college Of course some of use have bigger issues Not going out alone that night Not getting behind the wheel buzzed For Will and Mara victims of a school shooting changing the past is possible with Timeline rectification The shooter has been ‘rehabilitated’ and now has the opportunity to go back and change his actionsWith everything in the world it’s not as easy as that Factions are for rectifications and some are against; from political religious and moral views Family and friends are split on the debate and for Mara daughter of a Congressman it becomes an even high profile case“We’re all about raising awareness these days We throw data and statistics at each other to support our points of view We get angry and drop friends and lose followers as we passionately stand up for what we believe But what are we doing?”The point of view switches back and forth between Will and Mara letting the readers get into the minds of both characters and see what they are both really feeling and thinking about their situation It’s both frustrating and refreshing seeing the characters dance around topics and talk others out together The book also contains sections that are blog posts and news reports published on the topic of Timeline rectification followed by comments from readers Each is either for or against the act and make excellent points in their articles The author clearly put a lot of thought into thisThe physics nerd in me is also really really happy that it was brought up on how the government keeps up with if rectifications work when no one remembers a crime after the past has been changed It was brought up several times if the government has a ‘special’ way of keeping track of criminals that have had rectifications even after the crime has been erased This is important information and I’m so very happy it was touched on and not just glossed overThe only reason for missing a star is that the story does get a little receptive in the middle explaining about Timeline Rectifications and Will and Mara circling around their decision I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the next book Loved the concept and the story Believable characters and dilemmas in a sci fi romance I felt like Will and Mara could be my friends in real life I can't wait for the next book in the trilogy Mara and Will are a happily married couple They met during a tragic school shooting that left Mara with extreme physical pain and Will with PTSD The Dept of Justice has decided that their shooter has shown remorse and should be allowed the opportunity to go back in time and make the decision not to shoot them thus altering the course of their lives and everyone else's as well The couple decide to accept the timeline rectification despite protests from the public and even a few lingering doubts themselves This is the first book in a trilogy so a lot of time is just spent setting up the characters motives and explaining the process of the timeline rectification I assume the next two volumes will be a bit fast paced I absolutely loved this book The characters felt real to me and I couldn’t put it down even when my mind kept prompting me with “how can they know the time wreck works if no one can remember?” or “how is the government tracking this if time changed?” and so many other twists that you can’t stop thinking about the paradox that is always present when you think about time “travel” Mara’s dealing with chronic pain doctors and pharmacies and the way people suffering from pain that is NEVER going to end was also spot on Those who have to live with pain are so often treated with suspicion and disdain and Ellen has nailed how that feels to someone whose life is one huge round of misery every day I anxiously await the next book Great job Ellen Endearing characters with a thought provoking premise Every Last Minute is a must read for any fan of time travel novels Will and Mara are married and deeply in love but a past tragedy haunts them every day In this skillfully crafted novel by Ellen Smith the couple are given a chance to go back and undo the event that changed the course of their lives Which raises many uestions the biggest of all is if the horrible event doesn't happen do they still meet and fall in love The best thing about this story is that you want Will and Mara to stay together you want to see them happy and healthy After reading book one you'll be anxious to get your hands on book two A loving young couple faces the most challenging uestion of their relationship How they choose to answer this and relive a painful but profound time in their life by time traveling is what kept me reading EVERY LAST MINUTE until the end Smith has woven contemporary politics American values and a new kind of science fiction into this intriguing story where I found the relationship between Mara and Will to be the most interesting Looking forward to book #2 This book was great Will and Mara are such engaging characters and very well developed The ending has me EAGERLY awaiting the next book in the series I actually got a copy of this book for most of my family members for Christmas because I enjoyed it so much Really interesting and inventive story about time travel being used to allow criminals to undo their crimes and a couple debating whether or not to relive their victimhood in order to let the man who turned their world upside down make up for what he did There are lots of philosophical and moral uestions that come up as they build toward answering the uestion of what they want to do and even conspiratorial uestions about what the government is looking to accomplish Are they hiding something?Definitely an interesting start to a trilogy that’s worth your time if you like suspense and speculative fiction

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