Crossroads in the Dark III

Crossroads in the Dark III[PDF / Epub] ☆ Crossroads in the Dark III Author Donna Marie West – A new journey to the Crossroads our childhood fears ripped apart the fabric of our reality Others called it make believe because there’s no such thing as monsters Right The monsters that were lurkin the Dark eBook ✓ A new journey to the Crossroads our childhood fears ripped apart the fabric of our reality Others called it make believe because there’s no such thing as monsters Right The monsters that were lurking under our beds when we were children How many nights did we lie awake and pray for daylight We snuggled next to Teddy bears curled up under makeshift blanket tents and prayed for our night lights to banish the shadows Did those monsters really exist or were they fabrications Crossroads in Kindle - of our overactive imaginations Nobody knows except us and the monsters During those childhood years they crept out from the darkness under our beds and scraped their claws at the bedsheets Never to be seen in the morning light As we grew up they changed along with us but they never went away They were never believed inexcept by those held hostage when nightfall came once. I want to point out that the narratives copy editing layout jacket art and entire fabrication for this anthology was donated to assist in discovering better therapies and one day a cure for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Their mascot is the Zebra The following stories were published within this Astonishing anthology The Ballad of Pricilla and Persephone by Jay Michael Wright II © 2017 The Monster Down Under by Loraine van Tonder © 2017 Ice Cream For A ueen by C C Adams © 2017 Where You’re Resting by James Crawford © 2017 The Boogieman by Kevin Wimer © 2017 The Man In The Cul De Sac by Veronica Smith © 2017 Ugly As Sin by SL Kerns © 2017 Unreliable by James Master © 2017 Body Snatchers by Samantha Alexandra © 2017 Bedroom Visitor by W T Watson © 2017 We Will Not Be Lost by Nicole Thorn © 2017 The Scourge by Kerry Alan Denney © 2017 Come Play With Me by SL Perrine © 2017 Consumption by Ryan Lieske © 2017 Death’s Agenda by Mirren Hogan © 2017 Demon In The Congregation by Jonathan Shipley © 2017 Just Underneath by L Bachman © 2017 Served With Jersey Royals by Brian G Murray © 2017 Monster by Michael Schutz © 2017 Monster in the Dark by Frank Martin © 2017 Dedication Rite by Audrey Brice © 2017 Oh S by Peter Oliver Wonder © 2017 A Full Wolf Moon by LD Ricard © 2017 28 Days in November by DM Slate © 2017 Skin Snatchers by WJR Parks © 2017 Tainted Love by Joseph J Madden © 2017 All Rights ReservedMonsters under your bed “Beware most the ones that hide They’re the ones that will get you in their claws their teeth gnawing on your bones Remember this when crawling into bed tonight no matter how old you are” – Jason WhiteDo you remember waking up in the middle of the night as a young child in your own bedroom alone except for your crowd of stuffed animals; goosebumps up and down your arms; hair on the back of your neck standing at attention? You could have sworn you heard an unusual sound emanating from your closet OR from under your bed You uaked in fear and hid under the bed covers nothing was going to get you out of bed No Siree No Way No HowMaybe it was a disembodied voice whispering your name over and over again? OR you felt a cold clammy cloud of air caressing your body?The main genres represented in this Astounding Anthology are urban fantasy horror and science fiction The ingeniousness and brilliance of each story is an authentic treat for the reader’s intellect and is a compliment to the expert editors It is impossible for me to just pick one of these yarns as my favorite; each one prowled my dreams held such ingenuity adventure excitement and a sense of authentic reality morphing into fantasy However Beautiful Booklover I never reveal spoilers as I hold too much esteem for you to ever spoil a storyAt the end of the Astounding Anthology are Author Biographies in alphabetical order where one can probe further into the authors’ background and obtain their contact information as well as find other stories and books they have previously writtenI personally recommend you read them with the lights on OR if you are brave by candlelight in a dark house all aloneI am an independent ARC reader reviewer blogger and I originally received this novel free from the publisher and I chose to voluntarily review it This is a disturbing collection of creepy hair raising stories that may just make you want to leave the lights on Good stuff