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Defiant ueen❴KINDLE❵ ❆ Defiant ueen Author Meghan March – The Mount Trilogy continues with Defiant ueen I’m his entertainment His toy Payment on a debt I tell myself I hate him but every time he walks into the room my body betrays me How can I want him and The Mount Trilogy continues with Defiant ueen I’m his entertainment His toy Payment on a debt I tell myself I hate him but every time he walks into the room my body betrays me How can I want him and fear him in the same moment They told me he’d mess with my head Make it go to war with my body But I didn’t realize it would be complete anarchy I should’ve known better When Mount’s involved there are no rules I will not surrender I will not show weakness I’ll stand my ground and make it out of this bargain with my heart and soul intact But he has other plans Defiant ueen is the second book of the Mount Trilogy Mount and Keira's story concludes in Sinful Empire. 5 STARS Every time I think I have her figured out I realize none of my normal barometers apply when it comes to Keira Kilgore She’s the exception to everything I thought I knew Dear mother of GAWD I'm obsessed OBSESSED with this trilogy It's like it was custom written for me I want to slap someone with my kindle right now it was so good Yes this is perfectly normal uit side eyeing meI have the worst book ADD when it comes to trilogies Never has one kept me as completely riveted as The Mount Trilogy Never I thought I was hooked after Ruthless King but that was nothing compared to what I was feeling after finishing Defiant ueen I devour and I mean devour these books in one sitting I cling onto every morsel of information about the mysterious and deadly Lachlan Mount And I fall even for the hard headed independent and sassy KeiraDefiant ueen was just as perfectly paced and action packed as the first book if not We get details of Mount's past that helps paint the picture of why he's the man he is today If there were a scale to determine the purity of a person I would send one side crashing to the ground with the weight of my sins and laugh while I watched Meghan March has written an anti hero to beat all anti heroes with this man and I will NEVER get enough of his domineering and sexy ways Secrets are revealed twists and turns come out of nowhere and what started off as a debt soon turns into something much complicated for both Keira and Mount I finally understand the reason it’s called power exchange but with Mount and me it’s accurately termed a power struggle He takes I fight He threatens I rebel He taunts I argue The heat is downright incendiary with this installment And I mean INCENDIARY The story was downright addicting And the ending? ABSOLUTELY INFURIATINGSo if you'll excuse me I'm off to rock myself in a corner somewhere until the release of Sinful Empire ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on ‘DEFIANT UEEN’ is the second book of the Mount Trilogy by Meghan March and picks up right where Ruthless King left off Spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’In this we see a different side to Mount emerge which we didn’t really see in the first book he was all hard corners and ruthless in this we finally get to see the man within I loved reading about his childhood what set him on the course he’s on today So many layers to him like an onion each chapter we peel off another layer The majority of my life is lived in shadows People whisper my name as if afraid saying it out loud will bring me to my doorstep Mount had been abandoned on some church steps uickly put in the system shoved from foster home to foster home until he made his escape and clawed his way up from the gutter now he's a ruthless cutthroat powerful man no one deceives I'd been in such a book funk and nothing seemed to have been able to pull me out of it until this book Even though I'd been forewarned about the cliffy that was going to come rushing at me I can honestly say I wasn't prepared for how big that cliffy was going to be it could turn out to be a whole new game changer now that shitty waiting game starts of needing wanting the next book and I for one can not wait FOUR STARSARC Generously Provided by AuthorThis was only ever supposed to be sex Repayment on a debt owed But it has spiraled out of control and now I’m terrified it’s becoming something else entirely—which is impossibleWhile ”Ruthless King” focused on Keira’s story in ”DEFIANT UEEN” we get to know our sexy and domineering alpha male Lachlan Mount I enjoyed this one so much than the first book because to be honest Keira is an incredibly annoying heroine and Lachlan doesn’t become an integral part of that story until it’s almost to the 50% mark In book one Lachlan seemed to be cold and calculating and it was hard to get a good read on the person he truly was on the inside but we will learn in this installment that he was born into a dismal existence where he never knew what it was like to grow up in a safe and loving environment All he’s ever known is the depths of cruelty that people were capable of His abysmal beginnings are what helped drive Lachlan to become New Orleans’ most ruthless and powerful businessmanLachlan is perplexed by the feelings he’s developed for Keira Never has a woman gotten to him the way she has While he finds her stubbornness to be a turn on it started to grate on my nerves It seemed as if she was purposely fighting him on almost everything just to come off as a woman he will never be able to tame Business associates are starting to notice that Lachlan is losing some of his focus and that Keira might just be his weakness that can be used against him He tries at times to put some distance between them but his heart is already deeply invested and he’ll do anything to make Keira his for the long haul Lachlan sets a plan in motion to win Keira’s heart by sweeping her off her feet with grand gestures It ends up softening her heart but also confuses her at the same time because she believes she is nothing than a passing whim to LachlanJust when the two are discovering their true feelings for each other we get slammed with another huge cliffhanger of an ending Someone’s life seems to be in jeopardy but I’m not revealing who You’ll just have to one click this book to find out Here are my overall ratings on the book Hero 45 Heroine 3bPlot 4Angst3Steam 4Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 4DEFIANT UEEN is currently available US ⇢ UK⇢ AU ⇢ ⇢ ⇢ ⇢ The King of NOLA and his Whiskey ueenWe all know that New Orleans is a city full of tough people The people there are hearty and have lived through a lot They have had hurricanes even before Katrina they have had rumors of Vampires even before Anne Rice they have witches Voodoo Santaria haunted cemeteries and pick pockets and all sorts of crime during Mardi Gras But the real underworld of New Orleans is run by the King Lachlan Mount Nobody does business in the city without his say Not the Cartels the Gangs the Mafia the Feds The Cops and certainly not some low level con man that came to town and married Kiera Kilgore right out from under his nose Mount took care of that problem once but Brett didn’t stay dead so in this book Lachlan gets his chance to take care of Brett in a permanent way This book is every bit as good if not better than Ruthless King Kiera still continues to fight Mount at every turn because she doesn’t want to be owned by any man Mount knows that Kiera is submissive and doesn’t see the problem I guess he just can’t see the difference between being dominant in the bedroom and taking control of Kiera’s whole life But in reality he loves that she stands up to him and would be bored with her if she just gave in and let him push her around That is what makes it so good For the reader as well as for Mount and KieraThis book ends in a huge cliffhanger which has to do with some other storylines that come up in the book but I don’t want to give too much away I will say that the romance is just as steamy as the first book There are multiple storylines and they are all very interesting and involved so it definitely is holding my interest and I can’t wait to find out what happens nextBlog|Goodreads|Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|BookBub LIVE | AMZ US | AMZ UK | BN | KOBO|Book 2 in trilogy LIVE | AMZ US | AMZ UK | BN | KOBO|Books in Mount trilogy should be read in orderBook 1 Ruthless KingBook 2 Defiant ueenBook 3 Sinful Empire Live AMAZING stars I loved it this series is so addictiveThe anticipation for Defiant ueen was so big because the previous book left me speechless This book kept my interest throughout it's a uick readpassionatesuper hot and there were moments it was driving me crazy in a good wayKeira and Mount have an amazing chemistry and their sexy times is absolutely steamyI could keep going saying how amazing this series is because seriously guys if you haven't read Ruthless King do it nowThis is my all time favorite series from Meghan     35 StarsThis is the second book in the trilogy and I found that for me it was slow starting I think it was mainly because I had read the first book back in November so it took me some time to remember the little details Usually this is why I try to wait until a whole trilogy is out before I read it My memory isn’t what it used to be Plus I read so many books I tend to mix some up etcAs far as the writing goes it was great I love all of Meghan March’s books and this trilogy is definitely included in the ones I enjoyAt the end of this instalment we are given another cliffy This time I’m happy to report I can continue on the the conclusion of this trilogy I am diving in immediately I was a fool thinking I could take her fuck her and keep her in a little box on a shelf like any other toy A captivating readThis amazing author worked her magic once again to deliver another mind blowing read in the Mount Trilogy Ruthless King rocked my world and the second installment Defiant ueen took me to a new level of intense ride Loved it with passion and couldn’t put it down Difficult to talk about it without giving anything away Just know this book has it all Great storyline action secrets romance passion and freakin' hot sex scenes like seriously scorching HOT Keira and Lachlan are incredible characters and their story is perfectly told Kayla is strong and sassy and my favorite type of heroines I enjoyed watching her give Mount as good as he gave We do get to see some of Mount’s past and it was good to have an insight into what made the infamous Lachlan Mount the man he is today He’s captivating I loved him I enjoyed that this powerful and dangerous man hadn’t factored into his twisted plans the beautiful passionate and determined woman that will thwart all his plans and worm her way into his heart I don't think I'll ever get bored of reading about him And the ending left me in utter chaos and I am now anxiously and impatiently awaiting the final book in the series I see Keira Kilgore exactly for what she’s becoming—the one woman who might be strong enough to stand by my side and rule an empire Keira Kilgore We're Irish We believe in fate The right man will find you and he won't let you go when he recognises what he's gotAthough this book is called Defiant ueen Mount is the one that mainly tells the continuation of the story and thinks of his feelings That way he will be likable and understandable for the actions Obviously he is not that powerful man who cares for nothing He has weaknesses and insecurities He will need a few advicesMount and Keira's relationship will be meaningful and their feelings for each other will also be part of the euation The debt is almost forgotten most of the times that they are together And when they are together everything is intense I offered him honesty and he responded with dominance Like alwaysSo I'll give him what he expects from me Attitude The cliffhanger from the end of book 1 will be taken care of almost immediately but there will be another cliffhanger in the end of book 2 More shocking Yes book 3 is already in my e book reader Okay I have to admit this story is cheesy cute Lol Ugh and that freaking cliffhanger??? And I have to wait for the next book??? Grrrrrr