Pieces of Her Soul Soul Tenders #1

Pieces of Her Soul Soul Tenders #1[Download] ➶ Pieces of Her Soul Soul Tenders #1 By Serena Lindahl – Oaklandjobs.co.uk In the words of her schoolmaster Kiarra is an erratic disaster In the well ordered and balanced society of the kingdom of Megreria she is a failure Every person in Megreria has an occupation in a spec In the words of her Her Soul PDF/EPUB ¼ schoolmaster Kiarra is an erratic disaster In the well ordered and balanced society of the kingdom of Megreria she is a failure Every person in Megreria has an occupation Pieces of PDF or in a specific House and a designated Soul Match Not Kiarra She has delayed her exams until the last allowable minute but her mind refuses to focus on one House When she meets one man of Her Soul Kindle Ð from each of the five Houses her inability to choose extends to her heart The rules demand she choose though one House and one man What happens when she feels drawn to all five Houses of Her Soul Soul Tenders PDF or and all five men who have captured her attention and possibly her heart Will she be doomed to a life of a Commoner Will society and the kingdom shun her Or have the Fates already chosen her destiny A reverse harem fantasy. There seem to be three kinds of reverse harem books – the hard edge super sexy the straight up smut and the kind that focuses on characters and their relationships first before the rest of it without losing the pace of the plot The genre that I didn’t know existed 6 months ago is PACKED with all sorts of good bad amazing middling and everything in between and I wouldn’t have it any other wayPieces of Her Soul fills in a hole I didn’t realize was there for me at least It seems to fill a wholesome kind of supportive family realistic take on the paranormal induced harem Fate plays a big role which allows for some things that are patently fiction like meeting all the guys in one day But fate wasn’t wasting time so go for it girl This hits multiple high points for me as follows in list form1 The MC is not an idiot This has become a reuirement for my enjoyment of a story What is not a reuirement is that she’s thoughtful and tries to meet expectations for her family but accepts herself as she is Kiarra has had a long time to come to terms with how her brain works and it gives her a different perspective than the rest of the citizens But maybe it should be 😊2 Kiarra doesn’t spend time wondering “but what does it mean” and “what will they think of me” and other dramaangst angles She comes to conclusions smarty pants she is and doesn’t spend a lot of time uestioning herself Might get her into trouble later we’ll see?3 The guys I love them For a first book they’re nicely differentiated using the Houses as launching points helps I think They’re multifaceted and I’m interested to find out about them as the story continuesOverall I loved it I really did I smiled pretty much constantly got engrossed in the story by the second chapter and didn’t come out till the end I loved that she didn’t act confused for no reason that she loved her family so completely and honestly didn’t come from a super abusive background I needed a break from a little of that darknessIf you’re looking for the MC type hard edges this is probably not the book But if you want a book that makes your heart feel just a little better? Maybe give it a try I have to say that the world building in this was the best part for me and I could picture just how the different houses were set up around the palace along with shops etc which is a testament to the author getting that across clearly While that aspect worked very well having 6 different POVs made it a little hard to get a real feel for each man and I'm not sure how well the sex stuff will work in the next book but it was also nice to read another reverse harem book that isn't just focused on sex though I'm looking forward to it obviously This book started out a little slow but seemed to pick up and kept a steady pace I really don't know what to think about the main characters as of yet so I don't have much of opinion at this time Off to book 2 nowOverall rating 35☆I like it Interesting new series I enjoyed it It's got a divergent type of feel to it There's are 5 houses in the kingdom and you have to test into one before you turn 19 If you don't test into a house you are a commoner or performer Kiarra has put off testing bc her scores are too erratic to count on In a matter of days her life is turned completely inside out She loses her best friend and finds herself attracted to not just one but five new men But then the King unveils a secret that really upends things I'm intrigued by the story and I'm ready to see what happens next Kiarra is likable She's strong talented courageous and she cares about people She hasn’t let people students or family criticism hold her back from experiencing life I really hope she gets to have time with her brother I also hope her mom gains happinessSwitching between different character perspectives so much definitely made reading this book slower for me In general this wasn’t a fast paced bookI like all the guys for different reasons I like that Clay is different by still awesome on his own I can’t wait to learn about all the charactersI’m glad that Kiarra didn’t get kidnapped because I can’t stand that story line I liked that even though she wasn’t experienced sexually she wasn’t clueless about it I also enjoyed that Kiarra was getting out of a situation where her schoolmates teachers and family dislike her I don't care for books where the main female character is disliked by all but her best friend I’m glad that she had the support of her brother and mother growing up and now she has her HaremI feel that view spoilerher sister and possibly her father will definitely cause problems for her being ueen Her sister may even get with the prince just for that goal because she’s too stupid to know that he’s bad hide spoiler Edited my review to make a note of the author's comment below She didn't have to respond to my rant but she did and she did it with grace and kindness That's some classy shit right there Thanks Serena LindahlSolid world building interesting characters and a great plot Enjoyed this first in the seriesHowever will not continue due to experienced Hsvirginal h trope I find this shit egregious in fantasy novels when the author has the ability to write a world where female purity isn't a societal construct used to assign value to a woman particularly when the story showed no signs of female virginity being expected or reuired in this society DisappointingI tolerate this in AR books because I know what I'm in for I grit my teeth and accept it in historical romances because of the societal norms But I won't accept the perpetuation of sexist dogma in fantasy books where it isn't necessary historically accurate or furthering to the plotDo better authors Our daughters and granddaughters read books too ★4 Stars It has potential to be amazing I am for sure gonna read the next book Reverse Harem stories are a new genre to me the 1st I read being Trickery by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington Since then I have read a few and this one is one of the good one not all of them are goodThis story focuses on Kiarra and her 5 soul matches Ian Mason Seb Reed and Clay They live in a world that reminds me very much of Divergent their world is separated into 5 houses and when children come of age they test into their house so that they can be a productive member of their society Kiarra has put off testing until the last possible moment because she has days when she excels at all houses and times when she fails horriblyThe story follows a chain of events when Kiarra's big brother is called to duty as a Soul Tender beings who have visions After this happens Kiarra's world starts to spiralWhat I enjoyed about this story is it is a slow burn romance meaning Kiarra feels a certain pull towards all of her men and they to her it is not instant love at first sight I also enjoyed getting chapters from the guys point of view that is so rarely doneWhat dragged out for me was the world building you pretty much understand their world by the first couple of chapters however it seems as if there is world building in every chapter and that gets a little boring after awhileAll in all I really enjoyed the book the story line is original and I am going to jump into book 2 right now because I am intrigued now to see how their relationship plays out 35 as I'm not sure how I feel about this yetOn the one hand it has uite a few things I'm predisposed to dislike Young inexperienced heroine she's almost 19 but in ways seem younger who is also a virgin Insta loveattraction although this is explained through the soul matches part of their world it's typically not something I'm a fan of The men all seem too good to be true and their instant acceptance of the situation felt a little disingenuous Bitchy mean sister because all other girls her age have got to be bitchesright? It's also a bit light on Plot and world buildingHowever I did enjoy it on the whole and I think the build up in the last third of the book is an interesting set up for book 2