The Island (The Island #1)

The Island (The Island #1)➹ [Read] ➵ The Island (The Island #1) By Kellee L. Greene ➼ – When there's nowhere to run Holly lived in a gloomy miserable world where she and her family like so many others had been left to rot To be forgotten For the people that lived there every day was a st When there's nowhere to run Holly lived in a gloomy miserable world where she and her family like so many others had been left to rot To be forgotten For the people that lived there every day was a struggle and even though it would have been easy to give up she didn't Her family depended on her But all that changes when Holly wakes up on a mysterious beach with several other strangers She has no idea where she is but she knows she's a long way from home Desperate to find answers and get back to her family she must do whatever it takes before it’s too late The Island is a page turning dystopian adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat Please note this series does feature an RH romance  Grab your copy today and discover the secrets of The Island  . I'm giving it an all star review I finally found a dystopian post apocalypse book with a female lead that held my interest and it was a fast read I am now reading the third book I like the characters drawn well and the story keeps moving A little romance heat too Fast paced adventures full of mysteries and a possible RH What do you need?It's kind of hard to explain how it happened because I don't fully understand it myself All I know is that one moment Holly was standing inside her house and the next she's waking up on an Island along with five other people and none of them have any memories about their prior life How did they get on this Island? And importantly what for?I had a little hard time getting into the story because I did not really understand anything that was happening but I guess that was intentional However I forgot any of my reservations rather uickly because I became fully engrossed in the story trying to figure out what's happening I did not succeed in figuring it out if you were wondering When the mystery was finally revealed it sounded familiar I think I saw a movie or something with a plot similar to this one Sans the RH of courseI personally loved the book The pacing was just right the plot rather original and the story written in a way that made it hard to pry myself from the book until I finished it And I have absolutely no idea how it will all play out Isn't it great? OutstandingI was originally going to give this only a 4 star rating because it seemed something was amiss in the beginning There was no history nor a backstory that gives the reader a hint of a time frame I still think that was neededI was uickly sucked into the story noticed that the chapters were short easy to read easy to follow so I kept reading I was about 65% into the intriguing story when WHAM A huge reveal happens that just floored me that is what changed my rating to a 5 starThis is probably the second best dystopian series I have read that has me positively glued all the way to the endIngenious characters uick chapters a sneaky well written plot; intrigue suspense with a dash of romance Part dystopian part thrillerBrilliant Holly is a young girl who lives a kind of dreary life with her mother and family Everything seems hard and unfair One day she wakes up on a beach surrounded by strangers she doesn't know The story is about her overcoming obstacles and a man named Benjamin so that she can escape from the island and get back to her family safelyI loved this book It kind of reminded me of something similar to the Hunger Games but I do not want to give away too much It has really good action and it doesn't waste time getting right into the thick of the story in my opinion It is part of a series and I am going to continue to read the series to the very end I highly recommend itContent Warningperilous circumstancesviolence Storyline overdone It was almost the exact same plot as Michael Bay's The Island film from 2005 with slight variations The main character could have been developed a little better I almost had no connection to her She seemed to develop attachments way too early which made the character connections hard to believe It was an interesting read but not a page turner Excellent book I loved the idea of a bunch of teenagers and young adults trying to figure out how to survive and take out their enemies If you are old enough to have watched the TV show ‘Lost’ which is also about a group of people trapped on an island you may feel you already know some of the characters in this story Juliette in this story described as a tall blonde slightly brainwashed mentor HR type authority with a good heart nonetheless Hmm no difficulties for me picturing this character Lucky I remembered her from her character ‘Juliette’ in LostAnd of course her evil boss the antagonist who spies on manipulates and controls the settlement on the island and yet is revered almost god like to his followers He is very easy for me to imagine because he even has the same name as well ‘Benjamin’Still I didn’t completely hate the book it’s very teeny bopper and the main character appears to suffer from that strange affliction befalling so many current heroines where every male character in the tale falls in love with her at first glanceObviously I haven’t found something better to read atm because I’ve just downloaded the next book in the series This novel was way intense than I thought it would be I got very caught up in the story as it followed the survival of a group of girls who were forced through these games that were life threatening after being stolen out of prisons from around the world If you are a thrill seeker reader who likes a dystopianparanormal twist in their novels then definitely check this one out Not my cuppa Just couldn't connect with Holly Rating 2 stars