Occupy Avengers Vol. 2

Occupy Avengers Vol. 2[PDF / Epub] ☀ Occupy Avengers Vol. 2 Author David F. Walker – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Collects Occupy Avengers #5 9Welcome to Dungston Iowa the manure capital of the stateand home of a deadly secret When the team's van breaks down in town Hawkeye and friends find themselves in the last Collects Occupy Avengers Welcome to Dungston Iowa the manure capital of the stateand home of a deadly secret When the team's van breaks down in town Hawkeye and friends find themselves in the last place on Earth anyone would want to be up against an enemy that no one could see coming An unlikely menace Occupy Avengers MOBI :¼ has come to destroy Small Town USA and that means Clint Barton and his team are caught in the middle of a deadly showdown of intergalactic proportions And that's just the beginning of their problems. Well that was terrible Carlos Pacheco has been replaced with Marvel interns The art is absolutely awful It's a jarring difference after seeing Pacheco's art in volume 1 And the stories are not goodThe team has a vehicle breakdown in Iowa where they fall into a war between two alien factions Then Secret Empire comes along and these stories don't even make sense Secret Empire has got to be one of the worst edited crossovers in Marvel's history None of these crossovers fit in with the main story at all view spoilerThere's these huge jumps between issues where things happen in other books that aren't referenced Like in this one Nighthawk is now dead and Deadly Nightshade has taken over the suit hide spoiler I really enjoyed the first of the two stories collected in this volume Skrulls Transformers The smell of cow shit but then the Secret Empire crossover came along and pooped all over the end of the book from a great height Shame I wasn't impressed by the first volume but I heard the series got canceled so I picked up this volume due to my obsessive completism Marvel's attempt at the A Team was set up to fail It's advertised as social justice warriors looking out for the little guy but then the heroes just end up in a big fight with aliens for three issues The final two issues collected get a little closer to the mission statement but they are also crossover issues that come with a jarring change in art and some big story changes that happen off panel in other comic books This is just a mess to be uickly forgotten Three issues which revisit the old fundamentalist versus law abiding Skrull plot set in Dungston the manure capital of Iowa; two issues of Secret Empire tie in in which we learn that a significant supporting character died offscreen and which are hampered by the fact we know the localised resistance here contributes nothing meaningful to the Cosmic Cube related gubbins that actually resolves the main plot It's hard not to be left with the feeling that this was a book which too easily lost sight of its original remit stories of small scale ground level fightback against everyday injustice even before the cyborg van turned up And yet there remains a certain inspiring insurrectionary note to it which means I can't altogether write it off 2nd collection fatigue on display here the Skrull story at the beginning is a good one if a little slow sad though The back of this one is all Secret Empire and doesn't really ever come together A really good comic stooged by one of the worst titles everI like the characterizations here especially Tilda and Red Wolf I really hope that we haven't seen the last of these two Wheels didn't really have a chance to grow on me Unfortunately the curse of 'the event' derailed the story in general and Hawkeye in particular as he was taken out of the story Having said that there was a really good scene with him and the Champions near the end There is also a few cameos from neglected D list heroes which are always welcome by meI think I am a sucker for underdog stories and this is definitely one I also like stories that show why we should keep fightingI liked Walta's artwork in the Vision and it is OK here although not uite as dynamic as the story needs Uh what happened after the excellent volume one? This was a mess The Iowa storyline was boring the art was not great I did like seeing Clint in charge after Nat went to get him Despite my reputation for improvisation in the face of certain doom I actually know what I'm doing I can gather information and make plans accordingly that's what a leader does Which is why if I ask you What do you have to report? your answer damn well better be than I don't know I love his tire fire of a personal life but I also love how good he is at what he does I also am very interested in their maintenance room shenanigans And seeing the rest of his team go try to bring down how ever many Hydra they could was inspiring But this was a sad stumble to the end of a great start The first storyline in this book was pretty good actually I like Gabriel Hernandez Walta's art although his Clint looks a little weird And I was genuinely surprised by the twist at least up until a couple pages before it was revealed The cyborg van was a bit much but I did like their having a disabled character Then the last two issues I've heard that Secret Empire is bad I've never read any of it but this was awful Just awful Nothing made any sense I genuinely didn't know if we were in an Age of UltronApocalypse style alternate world or not Characterization went out the window dialogue became even worse than before And the ending was not an ending at all So I may take the first arc here or I may write this entire title off completely A uick read as expected but entertaining There was a bit of a jump between the last issue and the rest but it was explained well so I could make sense of it I imagine it ties in with something else going on in the Marvel universe? Sometimes I wish there was less tie in It would certainly feel less underwhelmingMy only point of contention was Tilda's comments to Wolf Because we never see him reciprocate in any way it comes off kinda sexual harrass y to me which I did not enjoySo not as great as the Fraction Hawkeye but an entertaining adventure in underdogs And I liked in the last issues that view spoilerthey're a team even without Hawkeye there hide spoiler I'm incredibly disappointed that this series was cancelled It suffered from a shitty title being pulled into secret empire and marvel's general inattention towards new content There was a lot of promise in the premise and I really liked the team that was developing It's frustrating to see new ideas crash and burn The art was nice and I loved Clint's characterization especially in the dynamic between him and Red Wolf Sad to lose this