Thief of Happy Endings

Thief of Happy Endings❮Reading❯ ➳ Thief of Happy Endings ➬ Author Kristen Chandler – Ever since her father moved out Cassidy feels like her life has been falling apart So a summer of riding horses at a ranch camp in Wyoming sounds like just what she needs never mind the fact that she Ever since her father moved out Cassidy feels like her life has been falling apart So a summer of riding horses at a ranch camp in Wyoming sounds like just what Thief of Epub / she needs never mind the fact that she has a paralyzing fear of horses She's determined to move past her fear even if that means taking lessons from the insufferable yet irresistible junior wrangler Justin and embarrassing herself in front of the other campers What follows is a summer of rodeos complicated friendships and a wild mustang thief on the loose. This is one of those rare Young Adult books that gets it right Kristen Chandler has a tone perfect ear for capturing the voice of contemporary teenagers while still managing to create uniue characters Uniue characters that you remember long after you close the book because they are not only one of a kind but also universal I learned to care about Cassidy and Justin in part because there was a lot of me in them There is a tenderness about the way this book is written that I find courageous on the part of the author As if she made up her mind early on to write a book that was meaningful to her and true to her view of life and the world and wrote with faith that it would be that way for the reader Writing with love and out of love is not the same as sentimentality and the reality of human nature is not overlooked in the book's suspenseful pages Still what fills you as you read this is kind of like the tenderness of a wild mustang who willingly decides to become your friend There is a mixture of joy and peace a kind of acceptance of you as you are that is given to a person by a horse which the book captures and conveys The book made me happy the way I was happy when that first horse lowered his head to accept my touch so long ago If you are the right kind of person at the right time in life the book will do the same for you So it's currently 1135 at night and I don't want to stay up until 1 in the morning writing a review so I'll try and keep it short I normally write essay length reviewsTo sum up why I liked this book in the most concise way possible it is a coming of age story done well and done rightThere are a lot of YA novels right now that are coming of age but I personally find them to be something like MC has a crappy life which also normally isn't that bad compared to real world issues she because the MC is normally a girl gets some new friends she also gets a boyfriend and then her life is better Now I know that's a bit of an unfair statement to make since I normally read fantasy and for the most part the only realistic fiction I read is romance but like I said earlier that's what I read so that's the impression I get from the subgenre Of course I have read non romance realistic fiction and my sister has a tonI should raid her bookshelf sometime and those do give off different vibes but I'm going to stick with comparing this book to romance coming of age because a there's a boy on the cover even though the MC is a girl and it's told from 1st POV and b Justin is described as irresistible in the blurb So while this book hints at being a romance there's not that much in it The romance was like adding salt to cookie dough it functions for the cookieplot as a whole it's not meant to be the main flavor of the book and when you eat the baked cookie you don't taste the salt at all unless you happen on getting a salty bite What did I mean by it's a coming of age novel done right? Let me explain Cassidy is a very dynamic character Because I'm trying to avoid spoilers while still trying to convey how good the book is this might seem vague Her development in the story is slow and subtle It's not MC has a giant epiphany in the middle of the book that completely changes her life And while that is possible in real life I found Cassidy's gradual character development to be much realistic for a 17 year old girl in Cassidy's specific situation It took me a few days to read this book and everytime I came back to read a few chapters I noticed how Cassidy had grown as a person from my last reading session I really liked her character arc The only thing about it that seemed abrupt was her getting over her fear of horses It wasn't stupidly abrupt but it did feel a little rushed considering how deeply rooted her fear was But basically Cassidy's gradual and subtle character arc developed her as both a character and a personI think part of the reason why Cassidy's character arc was so well done was because of the superb writing This was my first time reading anything by Kristen Chandler but I loved her writing style Besides the aforementioned character development characterization in general was great Each character was uniue and had their own voice They seemed to come to life on the page and I'd love it if some of the characters became my friends IRL Pacing was fantastic as well there never seemed to be a point where the story lulled or dragged on We were given background information but not in the form of a giant infodump Descriptions were given on a literal and need to know basis We weren't weighed down with lengthy descriptions or even worse continual and excessive praise of the MC's love interest's looks Even when characters were described it wasn't annoying or repetitive The mood and tone were immersive and when reading I was completely drawn into the world and atmosphereI will also say that the author seemed to know her stuff about horses I used to know a lot about horses when I was younger but from what I remember Chandler seems to portray and explain everything accurately about horses and their caretaking I say seem because like I said I am not a horse expert and I don't actually know how accurate the euestrial descriptions are but to my amateur eyes everything seemed real If anybody knows than I do and knows about something done wrong in the book feel free to tellcorrect me Also I'm super curious now and want to learn about wild mustangs in the midwestwest and how accurate the book was in portraying that situation Also in case anyone is interested about how clean the book is or what age it's suitable for I put this book on my clean shelf because it is in the sense that the MC doesn't do anything sexy There's not excessive descriptions about bodies or anything like that There are some offhand remarks and innuendos but they're not explicit One character is described as having an extremely enviable body and how she could make a T shirt look like porn and that character does have some off screen sex but nothing is described So in terms of sexual content I considered it clean since there's nothing explicit However there is some cussing trigger warning animal abuse domestic abuse racism A character's parents get divorced I think the book would be fine for mature middle schoolers and definitely fine for high schoolers Like I said there's nothing wrong sex wise but because of the heavier subjects younger audiences might not be able to handle the conflicts You may be wondering why this book got 5 stars since I so rarely give them out I gave this book five stars because I think it's realistic The characters felt real I felt the emotions of the characters The setting was believable Characters' interactions felt realistic and true to how teenagers interact today But most of all and like I said earlier the character development was slow and gradual and real Coupled with the fact that Cassidy completely underwent that change by herself and didn't need to get a boyfriend to find herself although the little sprinklings of romance were nice Cassidy is a great MC So I set out to not write an essay but it's currently 1206 so I have spent 30 minutes on this review So a kinda long time but also not really compared to some of my other reviews But to sum up though this book has a bleak and dark beginning as Cassidy undergoes her coming of age journey she develops in a way such that she discovers herself and inspires the reader to learn from the lessons that Cassidy learned herselfalso I would love to dissect the title and its various meanings if anyone wants to do that with me hmu Horses mountains romance and new beginnings Thief of Happy Endings has all the makings of a perfect YA contemporary that grabs your heart Thief of Happy Endings is thoroughly charming in a down to earth back to basics raw and real way It touches on so many important themes from racism and prejudice bullying and relationships and divorce and parenting to anxiety and mental health physical abuse and the capture and treatment of wild mustangs All these elements come together in a beautiful story that is utterly movingCassidy’s parents are sending her to the middle of nowhere Wyoming to a horse ranch Cassidy hasn’t been around horses since she was a young girl and suffered serious injuries from a fall But fear of horses is just one thing turning her stomach to knots Settling into the ranch fighting with her new bunkmates and working with wild horses is nothing like she expected This summer Cassidy will do than just face some of her fears sh might even learn to embrace them Horses I believe there could never be enough books about horses Especially for older readers Animal cruelty the amazing bond between horse and rider and the contention of wild horses vs land owners bring a seriousness and maturity to Thief of Happy Endings The setting of The Thief of Happy Endings is perfectly rustic I thought I could smell the mix of horse and hay and summer days seeping from the words Campfires big open skies and living in basic accomodation with people you don’t know or necessarily like all brought back fond memories of my own camp experiences we just didn’t have access to wild horses Cassidy is a complex character At first I thought she was overly judgmental She is uick to label people in what seems stereotypical or judgmental But as the story developed and Cassidy started to work through her fears it becomes clear that she is a caring and kind girl who all too easily can get caught up in her own head and anxieties I loved her character development loved her journey loved that she was willing to face her ears but also knew when to accept things as beyond her control And then there is the romance Oh my goodness There are so many things I loved about it I’ll have to list them Cassidy is not instantly attracted or drawn to Justin Justin is not the most amazing specimen of man flesh to ever be created Instead he is an average guy with flaws and history and depth and it is that that finally draws Cassidy to him The romance doesn’t start to develop until well into the book leaving time for readers to first get to know the characters and then for the relationship to develop slowly naturally and with than a few bumps along the way The romance never gets in the way of all the other important messages of self discovery and friendship A great ending Realistic hopeful sentimental in the best way and yet totally realThe Thief of Happy Endings as charming as it is authentic is a touching story of self discovery and bravery set against the gorgeous backdrop of wild WyomingThe publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes All opinions are my ownFind reviews reading age guides content advisory and recommendations on my blog Madison's Library Rating 35 StarsThe breakdown of her parents' marriage left Cassidy in a state of depression In a effort to help Cassidy work through her issues her mother signed her up for a ranch camp While there she was forced to face her fears of isolation inadeuacy and horses but the best part was seeing Cassidy flourish under these less than perfect circumstances• Pro I found myself really invested in Cassidy I wanted this program to help her deal with her home life issues and get back to living I was so proud of all the growth she experienced and would love to know what she did next • Pro Chandler dedicates a lot of time to Cassidy's new friendships Given her past I think it was a really important aspect to focus on and it was great to see Cassidy pushing herself to make these new relationships work • Pro Horses Seriously I learned so much and not just about riding horses but about all the issues facing Mustangs out west It was really interesting and eye opening • Con There were these flashbacks which gave us a little insight into why Cassidy fell into her depression but I am not sure about the placement in the story There was something about them which made them not totally work for me • Pro This story took place in Wyoming and that is a first for me I feel like I am always visiting the same places in contemporary books which is why I always get really excited to see a book set someone different • Con I was ok with the ending but I would have liked a little bit there It was hopeful but not definitive enough for me An epilogue would have really hit the spot • Pro There were a few surprises thrown in there Yes I yelled I knew it at one point but I was also really shocked by one particular reveal • Pro Justin was that damaged hero who I always love He was so complicated and it was very gratifying peeling his layers back Overall A lovely and moving story of friendship and finding your own inner strength to overcome disappointments ARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG | INSTAGRAM |TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS Read this review and on my blogThe Book Return BlogI received this book for free from the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review'The Thief of Happy Endings' is a young adult contemporary  with a huge twist The story centers around Cassidy Cassidy is sent to a youth mustang training camp in Wyoming Cassidy is there because she is having a difficult time with her parents' recent separation The catch is that she hasn't ridden a horse since she was bucked off as a child Things get complicated when she meets junior wrangler Justin I loved 'The Thief of Happy Endings' Not only is it a huge departure from most young adult romances but it also takes on the plight of the mustang in the west The story also demonstrates how the Bureau of Land Management really has a hard time figuring out what to do with the mustangs Loss of freedom is a main theme in TToHE While the loss freedom of the mustangs is the main loss this loss is also felt with the teenagers The teenagers have lost many of their own freedoms and independence being sent to this camp Cassidy and Jason were some of my favorite characters of all time Jason really personified a young troubled cowboy Cassidy is your typical good girl with troubles at home Their slow burn romance really seemed genuine and sweet I also liked the character of Alice She is the perfect friend that Cassidy needs at the time The character of Banner is the perfect mean girl to Cassidy's good girl character Even though the rest of the secondary characters were a little weak for me I did  like Kaya and Coulter The thing that really made this novel stand out for me is the setting You don't see too many books especially young adult that take place in Wyoming The descriptions of the setting is just amazing and worth a read for that alone 'The Thief of Happy Endings' is one of my favorite YA's for the year I really have heard nothing about it in other review sites or on YouTube That is so unfortunate as I found it utterly amazing and well worth a read   This review was originally posted on The Book return DNF 26% I've been reading this book on and off for over two months now but I just can't get into it I want to like it I really do but there's just something about it that isn't grabbing my attention It also doesn't help that it's a very slow moving story RTC ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Book Blog | Twitter | Bloglovin | Goodreads When I was in high school I read an article about the problems and controversy surrounding wild mustangs and was so interested I wrote a research paper about it for my English class When I heard that this would be the topic of Kristen Chandler's next book I was thrilled because I knew that I would 1 learn about wild mustangs and 2 get a swoon worthy romance to boot pun intendedTHIEF of HAPPY ENDINGS did not disappoint I identified with Cassidy because of both her love and fear of horses I felt like I was a camper at Point of No Return just another member of the crew getting to know the other campers and counselors It was a world that I could crawl inside and be apart of Chandler's descriptions are what truly set this book apart for me I could feel the Wyoming wind and see the landscape Even though I haven't ridden a horse or stacked bales of hay in years I was instantly able to remember how it felt the bounce of a horse trotting the burn in your biceps after a day of hard work and the feeling of absolute freedom galloping across an open fieldReading the book has made me want to go riding again And maybe adopt a wild mustangGOLDEN LINESBut somehow the sadness I normally have doesn't stay I don't know why Maybe because there's no ceiling to hold itSoul mates are earned not foundJust one beastly bale at a timeWhy do people hate what's free? Why is freedom so dangerous?What's your deal with safe? When has that ever gotten you anything? I just finished and loved this book It was a fun exciting and rewarding read I highly recommend it I like her other two books as well Kristen Chandler writes great YA fiction I love the way she writes about teens Her stories bring back memories of when I was a teen This is despite her protagonists being uite different from who I was It's so easy to relate to her characters She captures something universal It seems she's never forgotten the experience of being a teen girl I also love the way her stories discuss the American West I love my adopted home in the west The author clearly knows and loves these places Her writing is beautiful ProsThe author knows how to write very authentically about horses The character Cassidy and her coming of age story is also well done The issue of the wild mustangs was handled wellConsEvery other character is very stereotypical and so are many of the situations The plot was predictable even what was supposed to be the twist some other reviewers have mentioned When she wasn't writing about horses the writing was often stilted and the dialogue was awkwardMajor ConsI almost DNF after reading the kitschy names of the characters It was like the author tried to think of the most Western names she could come up with Cassidy Jessie Jane Oakley Kidd Wyatt Justin Coulter Charles Remington yeah I saw what she did thereI know this is a YA story with a YA main character but I just couldn't buy into the actions of the adult men view spoilerCoulter saying her grandpa was a horse thief Cass's dad's reason for cheating on his wife and breaking up their family And especially Justin's dad beating him because he had to uit rodeoing when his wife died Boo hoo hide spoiler This book was much different than I expected I thought it would be a sweet simple teen romance set around a summer horse camp The characters and situations were not sweet and simple so actually real than most romance novels are I tend to read for escape real life is gritty enough for me so at times I wished for things to go better for the characters I wanted a bit of a happily ever after storybook ending That didn't come maybe that's what the title means But the ending was satisfying even as I still wondered if the characters would actually do ok Again real than fairytale It was about growth and process and and a new start not about fully achieving or arrivingThe horse camp setting was much detailed than I expected too I realized that the world of horses is a world I know very little about I learned a lot and found it very interesting A few times it was almost over my head had to look up what canter means and I don't really know the difference between the reins and a lead But it wasn't distracting at all Just new