Vulnerable[Read] ➲ Vulnerable By Amy Lane – Working graveyards in a stop rob seemed a small price for Cory to pay in order to get her degree and get the hell out of Nor Cal She was terrified of disappearing into the aimless vortex that awaited Working graveyards in a stop rob seemed a small price for Cory to pay in order to get her degree and get the hell out of Nor Cal She was terrified of disappearing into the aimless vortex that awaited the lost and the young that haunted her neck of the woods Until the night she actually stopped looking at her books and looked up What awaited her was a world she had only read about one filled with fantastical creatures that she was sure she could never be And then Adrian walked in and she discovered that risking your life was nothing compared to facing who you really were And then falling in love. Meet Corinne Carol Anne otherwise known as Cory Cory is a sad chubby little goth girl She's also a bit on the white trash side of the fence and just happens to work the graveyard shift at a Chevron station Cory who absolutely hates herself her life and her town is not a very lovable character She is rather on the pitiful sideAfter a few paragraphs of smack talking and descriptions of herself as a tough chickiethe book veers right into statements that only halfway make sense and hint of knowledge but actually do not reveal anything The writing tries to be verbose and mysterious but it just is confusing Cory spouts off statements like if I knew then what I know nowand all these back and forth jumbled thoughts that just left me in the dark instead of gearing me up for the big revealThe second character is then introduced Enter Arturo a mexican fairie that works as a short order cook at Denny's You see Arturo just happened to be an Aztec god in a former life but now is content to be #2 to a sex fairie and eek out a meager existing serving greasy bacon and sausage to humans even though he himself is a vegetarian Great character well though out sarcasmArturo is described by Cory as someone she is definitely interested in romantically but when he touches her he opens something within her He also inadvertently ignites some kind of elfstruck thing which has her itching for a day or two This wasn't thought out also because later in the book elfstruck is said to happen when someone touches and elffairie without their consent Arturo touches Cory and inadvertently opens her up to the whole world of the paranormalThe book goes down hill from there Arturo uickly moves form a romantic interest to a brother especially after she reacuaints herself with bad boy vamp Adrian The book then turns into erotica with a bit of a plot thrown in thereI did try to hang throughout this novel and I hoped that maybe at some point it would make an upward turn Once I made it halfway through the novel I knew there was no way this book could redeem itself For one the editor should be flogged and then fired but since this was self published I'm figuring that she didn't have it proofed because the writing was terrible I WISH I COULD GET MY MONEY BACK Here are two sentences from the book that show exactly how poor the writing wasOn Friday the twentieth we decided that on Saturday night Litha the day before Midsummers Eve we would to send Arturo and Phillip to Folsom in the daylight to leave a message that we would meet Crispin and Sezan's people by the slag heaps and rock uarries below the railroad Midnight the day after LithaI almost ran into him trying to it the curled ends the coarse melted texture and I felt tears again sliding down my faceSecondly the novel starts on in first person from Cory's POV Later on throughout the book it switches to Adrian's first person POV and then to a third character Green it takes a 3rd person POV Horrendous writing bad grammar childish charactersand it worsens as the plot thickensThe author has even admitted her editing was badly handledbut even the plot and characters weren't worth saving the book The characters were emotional midgets that flung you back and forth between thoughts and actions that gave me whiplash I would sometimes have to reread paragraphs to understand what was happening in the story Character responses were predictable and unoriginal Cory's character was not likable in the least her continuous use of the word moron was aggravating Also the fact that she would speak in elouent adult speak than in the next sentence revert to teeny bopper slang had me gagging Speaking of gagging I have not read anything that had so much vomiting and passing out Tough chickie my derriere Keep the bean burrito down after the lycanthrope popped like a zit in front of youwell then you get the tough chickie label I regress let me get back on trackOnce we get into the meat and potatoes of the book it takes a nice little turn into debauchery cloaked in pure wholesome pollyanna love Cory's character morphs form a self loathing little do gooder lets call her Bella into a raunchy lover of multiple men whom I like to refer to as Anita She strips the dye from her hair the contacts from her eyes loses some weight dresses in GAP and now all of sudden she's some kind of weird paranormal creature I never did figure out what she was maybe you figure it out later in the series personally I don't care and I will not buy another one of these booksThere is a reason Amy Lane self published no one would touch this book I can't even comprehend why so many reviews gush over this novel but hey opinions are likeyou know what I mean I'm upset that I paid 10 bucks for this but since it was such a terrible read it took me a week to get through normally I read a book in 2 3 days which averages to about 25 bucks a weekso thanks Ms Lane for saving me 15 bucks In tribute to you I will not proof this review This book was AWFUL My first complaint EVER HEARD OF AN EDITOR? GEESH It was hard to follow when every other line there was a grammatical or punctuation error Seriously annoyingOther than that the book just just SO bad It started off great you get to understand Cory and see her fall in love with Adrian It's pure innocent awesome love REAL He marks her They are meant for each other And then in comes Green to ruin everything Literally What value is there in romantic love if it's not exclusive??? How in the world can she say she loves two people eually in the same way She lays with both of them at the same time Which was SICK and WRONGAnd then I knew someone would die in the battle But I thought it would be Green because his love came second and supposedly wasn't as strong But NO The stupid idiotic love ignorant author kills off ADRIAN This is the first book I've bought that I've ever discarded after reading it And I most definitely won't be reading the other books in the series Cory Corinne Carol Anne Kirkpatrick a nineteen year old girl works at night at a gas station to earn money for her planned escape of her small hometown She wants to go to college and make something of her life and herself One night she´s accidentally touched by Arturo an elf and suddenly she can see what was hidden from her view up to this moment Her customers are not really humans but elves shapeshifters and vampires When she meets Adrian a vampire her life changes dramatically Not only that she falls deeply in love with him her own latent powers activated by Arturo´s touch are coming to life and she has to come to terms with her own supernaturalness When Adrian takes Cory to Greenshill his and every other supernaturals home she meets Green a healing elf their leader and also Adrian´s loverWhat a wonderful book and what a romantic and heartbreaking love story I really loved the three main characters Cory Adrian and Green and was drawn into their life and love The secondary characters were also likeable and interesting especially Bracken a blood elf and Cory´s bodyguard by day who has also a fierce temper and they clash than onceCory´s change from a tough goth chick to someone who has to learn that´s to the world that her eyes were able to see and her struggle with her newfound powers was believable and of course she makes mistakes on her way to restrain her untrained powers what has interesting side effects sometimes When someone of Green´s and Adrian´s past threatens to destroy the home they have built Cory unleashes her powers with dire conseuences I was totally captivated by this book and my emotions were on a rollercoaster between laughter and crying I felt the love redemption hope despair and guilt of the characters and because this book is written by different POV´s Cory´s Adrian´s and Green´s you get insight in their thoughts and motivations and their past It´s a very romantic and sensual book but you shouldn´t read it if you are not comfortable with the thought of two men in love with each other and where relationsships aren´t necessarily monogamous If that´s no hindrance for you give this book a try and immerse yourself in the world of the little goddessWebsite of the author Such a wonderful book The characters are wonderfully developed so that you become completely engrossed in the story and their lives Amy Lane has created wonderful characters in Cory Adrian and Green and a wonderful supporting cast in Arturo and Bracken There is a very sexual side to her main characters which I think she presents wonderfully She writes it all in such a way that I think it would be hard for anyone to take an issue with the relationships amongst them as she makes it all uite beautiful It's an emotional book that has left me anxious for the second in the seriesAs the books are self published the author doesn't have the resources available to her that would have helped her avoid some of the editing errors They can be momentarily distracting as you occasionally have to reread sentences to understand what should have actually been printed There aren't many instances of this but they are there and they have resulted in some people writing the book off all together However they didn't detract from my overall enjoyment of the book Fair warning you have to be pretty open minded to read this If you’re not that’s too bad because you’re missing out on a great story Cory meets and falls in love with a vampire Adrian and an elf Green and there is a touching love triangle between the three Although the development of these relationships is a big part of the story it isn’t the only thing that happens The preternatural community is being targeted by someone killing them off in a gruesome manner Cory Adrian and Green with the help of the rest of the supernatural community under Green’s protection set out to find out who’s behind the killings What they turn up is something from Adrian’s past that all thought was long put to rest That terror has one name Sezan Amy Lane does such a wonderful job with this story The emotions that each character feels are so real I found myself rooting for Green to be part of the duo of Cory and Adrian; silently encouraging Cory to get past her hang ups over it willing her to see that Adrian was perfectly fine with it I kept getting frustrated each time Green was well thwarted would be a good word I mourned the losses along with Green and his community I was shocked and dumfounded at the end even exclaiming out loud which probably made my neighbors think I’m crazy because well what happened at the end I did not see coming The story the characters the action the emotions all of it are so excellently written it is well worth the read I usually don't like first person narratives because you don't get the detail that I love with world building The author makes Cory an intelligent but very down to earth character so she is properly scripted and elouent in descibing her surroundings experiences and her interactions with the other characters in the story I also thought it ingenious to use 3 POV's to tell the story Doing so gave tremendous insight to each main characters feelings And that allowed us to connect and understand the emotional significance between Cory Green and AdrianCory is observant and interesting and she draws you into her story The writing is sometimes scattered but then you have many moments of poetic brillianceWe observe Cory's transformation with the conversations she holds the surprise encounters with her enemies and her increasing sexual awareness She blooms from an average Jane into a woman who is revered We observe sexual exploration that some readers may consider deviant Threesome homosexuality I felt it was necessary as each encounter deepened the emotional bonds between the main characters The author successfully portrayed all sexual scenes in a way that was so beautiful and magical that I absolutely understood the connection between Cory Green and Adrian I wanted a part of that connection although I don't think I can boink up a room full of mystical plant life I felt this was a delightful story Is is worth the 19 for the book No I will wait to read the series when I am able to get it on KindleBut I do hope the author gets a publisher as she is uite a talent This book introduces us to Cory the imperfect eminently likeable heroine of Amy Lane's Little Goddess series She leads a mundane life working at a gas station and taking classes to better herself and get out of the little nowheresville in which she livesuntil one day she's touched by an elf who awakens her powers and introduces her to a world simmering just below the surface of her life Cory falls in love with Adrian and becomes a part of Green's Hill a world populated by sidhe pixies weres and vampires oh my However as she is learning what she is some violent entity is killing weres and leaving them splattered all over town Can Cory Adrian Green Arturo and the rest save their friends?This is a compelling and complete world with well drawn interesting characters A good read I have heard about this series from friends on an thread and ordered all 3 books of the Little Goddess Series by Amy Lane Being an avid reader and not so new to PNR I have felt some of the well known authors and their stories were starting to blend together and looking a little the same This story starts out with an idea that made me sit back a minute and think of my own life How one thing in one moment in time a touch a look can change EVERYTHING Also relatable is the heroine as not perfect not so pretty a little overweight very shy and wanting She is hiding behind a facade of dyed hair piercings and bad attitude Enter the ensemble Arturo who makes this life changing experience for Cory Adrian her first love and lover and Green amd all the others who will forever change Cory Kilpatrick while she struggles to better herself going to school by day and working night shift in a Chevron station in nowhere California Three cheers for Amy Lane and 5 stars for this glorious look into Elves Vampires and Faieries and with Cory's finding herself changing from the shy angry punk teenager to the wonderful woman she can be Amy's writing with changes in POV by chapters gives you incite into all the main charaters which I find a great way to enjoy a story I noticed that there was some mention here about the editing and errors in this bookYes while there were some we can only hope that Miss Amy keeps up with her writing and some wonderful LARGE BOOK company will see her talent and publish her next book I on the other hand will not worry about this as long as Amy keeps writing and I can enjoy her work What a fantastic book I loved everything about it Cory discovers a whole different world that's always been around her falls in love twice loses one of her loves and tries to live As an aside I lived around that area for about 15 years and still live very close so as she is describing all these different locations buildings streets I'm thinking I know that place I've been on that street I've shopped in that store I loved her descriptions of the climate and landscape almost poetic Would totally recommend this book This is my first time reading this author and I would absolutely recommend this book I loved this book I do have to say it was hard to read at times Yes there are some graphical errors but you have to forgive that since the author self publishes The real reason is that they pull you in so much that when the characters feel you feel If they love you love If they hate you hate And especially if they hurt you ache with them That makes them amazing and at times painful If you like fairies vampires werewolves and just supernatural reads in generalgo pick up a copySPOILERI do want to warn the people out there who prefer not to read anything that delves into the threesome or men with men story lines These books do contain some of these things so if this is not to your taste please don't read these I'm not a fan of them myself but the love between the characters is obvious and is not gratuitous At least not as much as in any other book with a heavy romance side

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