The Art of Us

The Art of Us➚ [KINDLE] ❄ The Art of Us By Hilaria Alexander ➤ – Two years ago his kiss left her reeling but she pushed him away and they never spoke of it againLena Andrews is bad at love and has no intention of getting better at it Men are good for one thing and Two years ago his kiss left her reeling but she pushed him away and they never spoke of it againLena Andrews is bad at love and has no intention of getting better at it Men are good for one thing and love isn’t it She’s perfectly okay with finding happiness in her job as a comic book artist Yet she can’t shake the memory of her coworker’s kiss Amos St Clair has stayed the hell away from Lena Andrews for the last two yearsWork has filled his time and he’s on the cusp of making The Art PDF or a name for himself When an opportunity to complete a project that’s dear to Lena’s heart presents itself Amos seizes the opportunity – even if it means being with the woman he's avoided all this timeThrough their mutual passion for art and each other their love blooms like a lotus flower out of a dark muddy pool But is their love strong enough to withstand the challenges posed by the most important job of their careers. This book is amazingit brought back my excitement for manga and animeJapan and the japanese cultureLena is a broken woman who lives in a bubble made up of her work and her drawingsshe has given up the hope of finding love and happiness years beforefortunately she met Amos who will bring her out of her head and will make her understand she deserves to be happy and to live her life in the best way she can You don't hold the reins of your lifeFate does Hilaria Alexander definitely know what she wrote The accurate descriptions of the places and the habits of the japanese are so real that I easily thought I was there with the characters while I was reading Copy kindly provided by the PublisherAuthor Riddle me this what are 30 somethings doing playing 7 minutes in heaven? Is this some kind of new wave sex party I'm not aware of? Withcoworkers? shudderSo you know what I mean when I say these characters totally hung up on that kiss are not reading true to their age It almost felt like the author wanted to write a YA but make it super smutty and erotic at the end It was hard to read Especially with all their not believing in love businessAll right peace This book took my breath away in so many ways I can’t even describe it Even with circumstances I can’t imagine I related to these characters and was rooting for their happy ending so hard Exuisitely crafted details superb characters and a compelling writing style left me gasping by the time this story was finished Seriously Like I feel a love for things I don’t even know about and have never had an interest in after reading this book I suddenly feel like Manga is the most beautiful thing ever and Tokyo needs to be on my bucket listThis was a book I feel like is why authors write It changed my perceptions about things It made me want to learn And it did it all while entertaining me with a heroine who was feisty but not standoffish and a hero who knew what he wanted and how to get it without being a douchebag about it It was a sexy refreshing romance novel from an author I will definitely read of Thank you Ms Alexander Thank you This was the first book I’ve read by Hilaria Alexander and I’m impressed to say the least I loved this book and learned so much reading it From Japanese culture to the life of comics I was drawn in from the beginning This story was a slow burn with the perfect amount of emotions and angst Lena and Amos were a treat and I didn’t want it to end This is a must read I look forward to reading of Mrs Alexander’s work from her backlist and her next releases Hilaria has done it again I was up in the wee hours of the night soaking in as many words as I could and if I wasn’t reading The Art of Us I was itching too The chemistry between the characters is off the charts and perfect The culture change that Hilaria describes is amazing and so intriguing you just soak everything in I honestly can’t recommend this amazing book enough Two comic book artists embark on the impossible task to complete an unfinished Japanese comic book bonus points if you guess the shojo manga I'm talking about TAOU takes place between Portland and Tokyo one of my favorite places in the world An angsty romance with a sizzling slow burn The Art of Us is a story that will take you on a journey around the world I'm not saying this was a bad book The book was okay Based on the reviews this works for a lot of people it just didn't do it for me Lena is a 30 something woman who is terrified of commitment Amos is a 30 something man who has crushed on Lena for years They shared a kiss two years ago After which Lena ran And then played an amazing game of avoidance For Two YearsWhen they are thrown into a work situation where they must work together they realize those feelings that swirled around them two years ago when they shared a kiss still existed But how do you go from not speaking to friends? How do you push past friends and into relationships? Easy you take a really really long time This is where I got bored I thought that something fun was about to happen around the 20% mark But then I was led into a sea of disappointment And then I had to sit through of the book just for our main characters to get their heads out of their assesI'll admit I'm in a book funk Or maybe it's that the other books I've been enjoying are these massive epic books that cover all range of emotion I'm not sure But this book was not for me Don't let that deter you you may love it That's the beauty of books I have never been an Anime fan but I absolutely loved this book it now makes me wanna look into seeing what anime has to offer Also this book needs to be made into an anime or comicWhen I was sent this book I knew how amazing an author Hilaria is from reading her other books so I did have high expectations and this book surpassed them allI especially loved how the relationship between Lena and Amos took a good while to get to where they belonged together Some books just rush into the relationship between two characters and that can make a book rather tedious My favourite part has to be when Amira from both Lost in Scotland and A Scottish Wedding turns up and then brings in Sam and Hugh I was happy with how both sets of characters were brought together in a different storyline of another brilliant bookI couldn't put it down only when I had to work or sleep lol My fave book of 2018 so farJust wanna say thank you Hilaria for writing such an amazing story that hooked me from the beginning The Art of Us is my favorite novel of Hilaria Alexander’s to date She weaves the perfect amount romance heat heartbreak and culture into her words While reading TAOU I truly felt immersed in the culture of Japan and manga I had gone in with absolutely no knowledge and her words prove her absolute adoration and respect for bothAmos and Lena were full of slow burn and angst and I LOVE IT ❤️🔥Another 5 star from Ms Alexander I will start by saying I'm not really a comic book or anime person but I really LOVED this book Lena is the main female a comic book artist and she carries some baggage She is filled with angst and kinda angry Doesn't want a relationship but is the ueen of a one night stand Life has handed her some heavy things She escapes through her drawing She is close to few people her boss Marty and his finacee to name a fewAmos is the male and you will fall in love with him He's also a comic book artist Lena's co worker carriest some baggage but is a sweetieA huge opportunity lands them in Japan and we watch their professional and personal lives intermingle They both deal with their demons and it is a lovely story although sad at times I really loved the way the author told the story and you could really feel the emotions of the characters throughoutI was fortunate to receive an ARC of this book and am so glad to have had the opportunity to read it