The Goodness of Men

The Goodness of Men[PDF] ✓ The Goodness of Men Author Anngela Schroeder – “This will not do” said Elizabeth “You never will be able to make both of them goodTake your choice but you must be satisfied with only one There is but such a uantity of merit between them; jus “This will not do” said Elizabeth “You never will be able to The Goodness PDF or make both of them goodTake your choice but you must be satisfied with only one There is but such a uantity of merit between them; just enough to make one good sort of man” Pride and Prejudice  From her youngest days Elizabeth Bennet’s ability to accurately judge the character of others has been recognized and noted by those around her in such a consistent manner as to lead her to believe it herself The misfortune of meeting Mr Darcy a wealthy landowner from the north only solidifies this belief The memory of his disapproval of her family proves his character is lacking and sadly unlike his childhood friend’s the charming and affable Mr Wickham who is esteemed by all he meets Although her opinion once lost is not lost forever the effort to regain her favor is great With Elizabeth’s youngest sister fortunate to be in company with Mr Wickham in Brighton since the spring and her own travels to Kent cancelled she must await the pleasures of a summer holiday to the North with her aunt and uncle Gardiner However it is there that she is once again thrust into Mr Darcy’s presence and must determine if he is truly the architect of the many wrongs she has laid at his door Fitzwilliam Darcy cannot exorcise Elizabeth Bennet from his thoughts A chance meeting at the estate of his friend reignites all the flames he has attempted to suppress since their last meeting Believing in her partiality he is stunned to overhear her true estimation of him and is determined to change her opinion Battling with memories and secrets from his past Darcy must fight against his natural reserve to win the heart of the woman he loves Will the unexpected appearance of a stranger encourage Elizabeth’s change of heart Might an episode from Mr Darcy's past force Elizabeth to see the man within Can one man have all the goodness and the other only the appearance of it  Join us for another sweet Pride and Prejudice reimagining suitable for ages teen and up. This is a PP what if that takes a new twist and that is always refreshing The book begins the day after the Netherfield ball with Jane waking Lizzy Things move rapidly Lizzy doesn't go to Kent as Charlotte is ill The next thing we know Lydia is in Brighton while Lizzy and her aunt Gardiner are on their way to visit one of Mrs Gardiner's friends at her friend's brother's estate near Lambton There Lizzy encounters Mr Darcy and other people are set to the tasks of Col Fitzwilliam's in canon Lizzy uickly seems to find Mr Darcy to be agreeable he his less taciturn than at Rosings And luckily there are about a billion bizarre coincidences that keep the plot moving Lydia is a dutiful; if somewhat hysterical correspondent so Lizzy has accurate info on Wickham almost constantly Then again Wickham is good at lurking around corners so he too is kept apprised of what is going on in Derbyshire And there is much going on for his very pregnant widow has descended upon the home where Lizzy is staying Needless to say this is going to get much complex before it is resolved And ODC get to HEA lickity split What's exuisite Finally an author has Lizzy realize that if Wickham had studied to be a Minister and Mr Darcy denied him he could have gotten another post If Mr Collins can get a job then Wickham should have had no problemsSo what's not to like This is a story chock full of angst but in the final chapters Lizzy cries off Darcy because Lydia crashed a party Seriously It is unnecessary and silly I would have found it reasonable if sensible Lizzy Bennet made a joke out of it and then Darcy announced their engagement to the world Compared to 3 other young ladies in the party Lydia acted like Princess Charlotte she made sure that she had a chaperone for the trip When Lizzy and her aunt arrived at the estate they were given adjoining rooms with a pass through door It is explained that these weren't Mrs Gardiner's original rooms but due to unforeseen circumstances blah blah blah Which leads to Lizzy walking into Mr Darcy's rooms when he is getting out of the bath and she is in her shift Now I am not the housekeeper of an large English country house but if I were I am pretty sure that I wouldn't place an unmarried man in an adjoining room to an unmarried woman without locking the connecting door And the housekeeper had served at Pemberley and for the Matlock's so she isn't some kind of moron This whole episode felt ridiculous forced and awkward Grammar Homonyms mountains have peaks the sun however peeks Due for do when Mrs Gardiner tells Lizzy she must wear a new ballgown Historical accuracy Pushkin The book is set in 1811 12 Pushkin was born in 1799 that makes him 13 in the summer of 1812 When Lady Cecilia claimed to have read him I was skeptical but further research says Pushkin published his first poem at the age of fifteen So Lady Lady Cecilia must have a time machine 35 rounded up to 4 starsI find this story difficult to wrap up in a concise manner for this review As others point out the trip to the Hunsford parsonage does not happen due to Charlotte's being ill and thus there is no bollixed proposal But Darcy does remain in love with Elizabeth He overhears her expressing her opinion while she and her Aunt Gardiner are visiting her aunt's childhood friend at Chenowith Thus he knows he must work to change her opinion It was sweet reading of Elizabeth's step by step improved thoughts about him even as she has not yet made up her mind completely Not having received the letter from Darcy after his proposal she remains in the dark about Jane and Bingley and Wickham Darcy relates to Elizabeth how he saved Jane not Bingley as his friend Bingley has proven repeatedly his MO of loving and leaving his angels behind after a short period of flirtationWickham's relationship to Darcy and why Darcy hates him comes to Elizabeth's knowledge much slowly But boy the man just doesn't uit as we read of several other ladies he has soiled During this time Lydia is in Brighton Wickham has imposed upon Elizabeth saying he will be Lydia's protector Thus we have his moves showing up in this story often Some are really not as believable as the author might want us to think I found like Debbie that Lydia'sblackmailing of Wickham and Mrs Younge a little too fantastical and half expected that he would do something drastic to Lydia rather than allow her pressuring of himAunt Gardiner also develops a demeanor that is much confrontational and take charge than the lady we read of in canon I totally agree with much of what she says and does but you must just go with it in this story as it is a change Mrs Anderson Aunt Gardiner's friend Turner and Miss Anderson are new and have roles that are important They are not just by standers But I was appalled at reading that Darcy and Elizabeth seem to have been placed in rooms that previously belonged to the Mistress and Master of the estate In other words they share a sitting room between their suites There were a few interactions which could have been calledcompromised but as no one witnessed them ODC remained free to pursue their relationship to its natural conclusionI did enjoy reading this story One has to go into it with an open mind as it does have its own interpretation Not all variations can stick to canon closely and remain interesting 35 rounded up to 4 starsReally really good right up to the end when it becomes too unbelievable for me to swallowI love the premise that Elizabeth not having gone to Kent and therefore not having been proposed to or receiving that most informative letter persists in thinking poorly of Mr Darcy right up to her visit to Derbyshire There she finds plenty of evidence that Darcy is uite different in character than she has allowed herself to believeBut the buildup and the climax Lost me there Wickham would never let Lydia get the better of him and would come up with some other way to prevent her from ruining his scheme He most certainly would NOT present himself at the main doors of Pemberley even if she did convince him to take her there He would've dropped her off somewhere nearby and got that carriage moving outa the area uickly And Lizzy overreacts to her sister crashing the party By that point in the story Elizabeth should know betterThere are also some unintentionally humorous spelling errors spell check is not always your friend authors that should have been caught with careful editingThis was such a great unusual story through most of the book I was sorely disappointed when it went off the rails Still it's written well enough to be worth a read What If Elizabeth Didn’t Travel to KentCan you imagine what would happen if Elizabeth didn’t travel to Kent No interactions with Mr Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam no proposal no letter revealing the truth about Wickham When Elizabeth encounters Darcy again while she is traveling in the north it has been seven months since they last saw each other And instead of Pemberley much of our story takes place at the neighboring estate of Chenowith where Mrs Gardiner and Elizabeth are invited to spend some weeks by Mrs Gardiner’s dear friend Mrs Anderson Mr Darcy just happens to be at Chenowith as well – being the responsible and dependable person he is – he is helping a friend in need with the harvest What happens when Lizzy and Darcy are unexpected thrown together and spend time with each otherAs you might expect Elizabeth continues to try and sketch Mr Darcy’s character and she realizes that her first impression and the reports she has heard about him may not be a true representation of the man he is I really enjoyed seeing Elizabeth analyze and comprehend Darcy’s character and I like that she starts to uestion Wickham’s past background all on her own attagirl Lizzy It shows that she isn’t as fallible in her judgement of character after allIn addition Darcy views this unexpected re encounter with Elizabeth as an opportunity to follow his heart He tried ignoring it for seven months but that got him nowhere Now he is prepared to act in a way that will secure his happiness The only thing is Mr Darcy knows Elizabeth mistakenly believes that he doesn’t have any interest in her and only finds her ‘tolerable’ Now he must try and convince her otherwiseOne of my favorite things about The Goodness of Men was its inventive deviation from the Pride and Prejudice course This is Pride and Prejudice without its middle So many significant events happen in the middle It was interesting to explore how our main principles interact without having a failed proposal and truth bearing letter between them I also enjoyed how Mr Darcy had different reasonings for some of his actions and a different albeit tragic pastHowever my favorite part of this story was witnessing how adorable Darcy and Lizzy were together His flirting and overt attentions are just too much He clearly tries to make his affections known and I felt a swoon coming on every time he would say something only for Elizabeth to hear and understand Moreover since Elizabeth is seeing a new side of Mr Darcy she is finding some of Mr Darcy’s good ualities difficult to ignore such as his thoughtfulness kind concern for others and the fact that he is undeniably handsome I loved seeing Elizabeth respond favorably to Darcy and how she grew to welcome his attentions and companyWhile there was plenty to enjoy and admire in this delightful Pride and Prejudice variation there were a few moments or instances that I wasn’t as fond of Some of which were how sometimes characters seemed to be a little open or forward with their language and behavior In addition there seemed to be a trend of speaking your thoughts out loud in an empty room and sure enough you were overheard Lots of eavesdropping going on And lastly while I really did enjoy the different twists with Mr Wickham and his story not all of his actions felt believable but that might just be my opinionRegardless of these minor uibbles I was able to enjoy this charming new variation for its creative approach inventive new twists introspective characters and enchanting romance Not too mention witnessing an adorable Mr Darcy attempt to woo Elizabeth BennetAustenesue Reviews Most people are good They may not be saints but they are good Jimmy WalesOur story varies from Canon Elizabeth has not visited Hunsford in the spring so no Disastrous Hunsford Proposal When Lydia leaves for Brighton Wickham insists to Elizabeth that he will “watch over” the silly Lydia Unknown to anyone in Meryton Wickham is involved in another scheme of marrying a very young girl to claim her fortuneHandsome faces and corrupt hearts act a large portion of the drama of human life James Lendall Basford 1845–1915 Sparks from the Philosopher's Stone 1882Elizabeth travels north with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner but her Uncle is forced to return to London when fire damages his property Aunt Gardiner and Elizabeth journey on to visit a long time friend of Mrs Gardiner in Derbyshire Their destination is only a half day’s ride from Pemberley As they approach the estate Elizabeth notices workmen digging potatoes and is attracted to a very tall dark haired farmer Guess who Darcy is at Chenowith to help his friend Philip Turner with the harvestThe meeting between ODC is complicated by room assignments which in Regency reality would NEVER have happened Philip Turner playing the part of Colonel Fitzwilliam informs Elizabeth that Darcy had recently separated Bingley from a young lady – but this time Darcy’s motivation was concern for the woman not Bingley He is aware of the numerous times Bingley has given a lady hope for marriage and then lost interest in her He had taken Bingley to London to spare Jane’s hopesWe're seldom drawn to a character we admire; only to a personality we like Mignon McLaughlin The Second Neurotic's Notebook 1966Darcy and Elizabeth meet during a walk and begin to understand each other Elizabeth’s curiosity is aroused when Philip takes the group to explore a local cave Darcy obviously has a history at the cave What memory of childhood resides thereLydia is uite the letter writer in this tale and keeps Elizabeth up to date on Wickham’s activities in Brighton Who is the pregnant young girl who arrives at Chenowith She claims to be a widow but is sheMore characters are introduced when the group meets at Pemberley for a party honoring Georgiana Cecilia Markham claiming close friendship with Georgiana don’t they all arrives with her parents Uninvited guests invade the party creating their own chaos I've met so many people often the scum of the earth and found them you know uite decent I am an uncomfortable stranger to moral indignation W Somerset MaughamI read this story as it posted WIP on a fan fiction site I have to applaud the author for changes made during the editing process especially eliminating a rather contrived uarrel between ODC and changing Elizabeth’s early conversation with Wickham It’s a much stronger story here than the originalI always appreciate an Epilogue and this one doesn’t disappoint Read the book just to find out what happens to Wickham The outcomes for several characters are changed from the WIP I doubt Philip would have been able to take so much time away from his estate to aid the young widow but maybe Darcy was able to oversee his work during his absenceHe has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire Winston Churchill Anngela Schroeder’s latest variation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice imagines what might have happened had Charlotte Collins been too sick for Elizabeth Bennet to visit Hunsford while Mr Darcy is visiting his aunt at Rosings In The Goodness of Men the pair meet for the first time since the Netherfield Ball at Chenowith the home of Darcy’s friend Mr Turner where Elizabeth and her aunt are staying as guests of Mr Turner’s sister Mrs Anderson At Chenowith Elizabeth begins to see a different side of Darcy how he tries to protect those he cares for how he is willing to actually work and not just delegate the hard tasks and how he tried to protect her sister from a man whose attraction often is fleetingWhile Elizabeth and Darcy form a friendship and possibly at Chenowith her sister Lydia is in Brighton scheming right alongside Mr Wickham It’s not long before Elizabeth is forced to recognize that she hasn’t been the best judge of character and maybe her sister Jane is wrong about all men having some amount of goodness inside themI really enjoyed The Goodness of Men especially the different circumstances under which Elizabeth and Darcy forge their bond I liked the original characters especially the kind Mr Turner and the naïve but strong Margaret Anderson I loved the charming Colonel Fitzwilliam and his drawing room banter with Elizabeth and Mrs Gardiner taking charge when Lydia’s schemes go much too farAlthough there were some aspects of the story that were hard to believe such as Elizabeth and Darcy being given adjoining rooms at Chenowith I didn’t let them get in the way of my enjoyment of the story Schroeder did an excellent job writing very tender touching scenes between Elizabeth and Darcy swoon and she added depth to Darcy’s backstory and the events that shaped him as the master of PemberleyOverall I found The Goodness of Men to be a delightful read with the right amount of drama and excitement and plenty of romance to balance it out I’m already eagerly anticipating what Schroeder comes up with nextReview originally posted on Diary of an Eccentric I agree with Leslie Also Mr Tiller was a conundrum I thought he was flirting with Lizzy then Mrs Anderson but then he says he thinks of her as a sister and falls in love with Seems kinda out of the blue Lizzy's reaction to Lydia's crashing the ball was juvenile She should have at least talked to Darcy Otherwise interesting premise Just fell flat a bit Original and entertainingI finally read a story where bad people finally get he's coming to themI definitely enjoyed the new characters and places and loved this version of Darcy and Elizabeth Really enjoyed this one It's always interesting to see Elizabeth and Darcy come to know one another better in a setting other than those provided in the original and that's where this book succeeds best I really liked the way Elizabeth worked through her knowledge of Darcy and her beliefs about Wickham on her own allowing her to receive his attentions at the right time The difference in Lydia's story is not my favorite but it served its purpose just as well Mostly I was pleased with seeing Darcy and Elizabeth grow together through real conversations and shared experiences that were believable and very well written Enjoyable ReadI enjoyed reading this book It is the story of Elizabeth Bennet realizing just how bad a man Mr Wickham is while also realizing just how good a man Mr Darcy is I like Fitzwilliam Darcy in this variation a lot There are some different characters added to the story and the certainly added to my enjoyment This a a very worthwhile variation to read