Dax (Bad Boys of Willow Valley #1)

Dax (Bad Boys of Willow Valley #1)➽ [Download] ✤ Dax (Bad Boys of Willow Valley #1) By Shannyn Leah ➲ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Dax Colyn is one of the bad boys of Willow Valley A fearless volunteer firefighter and hard ass mechanic he makes all the woman swoon and he likes it that way He keeps people at a distance since his m Dax Colyn is one of the bad boys of Willow Valley A fearless volunteer firefighter and hard ass mechanic he makes all the woman swoon and he likes it that way He keeps people at a distance since his mother died He doesn’t want to let anyone in much less a woman he knows he could fall in love withAva Anderson keeps people away too Haunted by her tortured past and constantly fearful of the future it’s only her daughter Olivia and Dax’s dad Rowdy that she’s let in But when tragedy strikes it pushes Dax and Ava together forcing them both to let go of their fears They soon learn how hard it is to keep pretending and how easy it is to let others in Especially when those people are family“Dax” is the first in the “Bad Boys of Willow Valley” series from author Shannyn Leah. Bad Boy Alert Dax is coming and Shannyn Leah has a Pre release Giveaway to CelebrateClick on Banner to Enter 10 Gift Card 3 eCopies of DAX are up for grabs November 3 20 2017 He is everything a girl could ask for handsome rugged daring and good with his hands Dax is also a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy ever since he saw firsthand what caring for someone could do Dax watched the strongest man he knows fall to pieces the day his mother died and like Humpty Dumpty he didn’t have anyone who knew how to put him back together again at least not until a young mother and her infant daughter Olivia came along For as much as young Olivia has softened his dad’s heart there is still no way Dax can let Ava anywhere near him because she alone has the power to bring him to his knees and he'll be damned if he will give her the chanceAva’s past didn’t give her much hope for the future until Rowdy Colyn took her in and made her family becoming a doting grandpa to Olivia Ava really shouldn’t even be looking at Dax let alone thinking about who or what the brooding male is doing Definitely not the man is bad news and Ava can't afford to be one of his conuestsWhen tragedy strikes Cupid will get a little help from beyond as two souls terrified of being hurt learn to leave the past where it belongs and let the future be a daring leap of faith for their heartsDAX by Shannyn Leah is a tale of frozen and fearful hearts thawed by love Ms Leah writes with a passion that does not need flowery phrases or misty fields of green She writes of real people flawed afraid and still hoping to find that special someone From moments of intense intimacy to the sweet innocence of a small child this new series is going to be an emotional scorcher If you haven't already read Shannyn's work this is the perfect place to get your Bad Boy FixI received an ARC edition from Shannyn LeahSeries Bad Boys of Willow Valley Book 1Publisher Pronoun November 21 2017Publication Date November 21 2017Genre Contemporary RomancePrint Length 235 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleFor Reviews More When Shannyn Leah writes a contemporary romance I always beg to read it Her characters are natural and flawed Even so they have heart and spirit that I love to read about This book is about Dax and for a bad boy read ladies man when he makes a decision it sticks Dax has had a foolproof plan his entire life up until everything changes Then he sees life totally different and sets about to make Ava see that different future too Hard fought and charming chapters follow I want to move here and find me a man like Shannyn sees These men are exceptional The women are super amazing strong and human Another great series starter I can't wait to share this story with all of you I am SO in LOVE with Dax and Ava Coming soon xoxox Shannyn Dax is the town bachelor a single mechanic and volunteer firefighter who spends his evening drinking and enjoying the various women who visit Willow Valley as tourists He's got no desire to settle down but when the loss of his father hurts the only girl he ever had some sort of feelings for he finds himself a changed man Ava and Olivia were the apples of his father's eyes and Dax feels like he finally understands why his dad was pushing him to let Ava in Together they stumble through the loss of Rowdy and the uncertainty that comes with trying something new When Ava must rely on Dax to protect her and Olivia from the past she discovers he is a changed man and might be the right one to give her heart and trust to Hot and cold Water and fireDax book one in the Bad Boys of Willow Valley series by Shannyn Leah was a great bad guy turns good read From the very first page Leah thrusts us into the small town of Willow Valley allowing us to see the beach the fire station the mechanic's shop and the uaint streets that us city people dream about It's a classic small town romance everyone knows everyone's business but there's a twist that makes Dax a bit exciting Dax is your classic handsome alpha with a distaste for real romance Ava is the sweet teacher the goody two shoes and the mother of little princess Olivia She has a past a background that we only get a glimpse at but it's enough to tell us things with her aren't as they seem She and Dax share chemistry a blazing inferno that everyone can see but them Their romance really is the entire story but Olivia and Rowdy Dax's father really make it that much better They're the best kind of secondary characters especially for a story like this one It was crazy He was crazy Heck she felt a little crazy latelyDax is a story about love loss grief forgiveness and strength Dax and Ava must face the terrible loss of Dax's father and together they work through the mess that they made when they failed to acknowledge how much they care for one another They work trough the grief they work through caring for Olivia they deal with Dax's history as a playboy and they face Ava's ugly past when it catches up to her The story is similar to many others but I enjoyed the characters and I really enjoyed how Shannyn Leah worked through their differences The moments with Olivia were so perfect I just wish that the past Ava kept from Dax and Olivia wasn't such a surprise I knew there would be twists but I wish some of it had been teased in the beginning on the novel In this case we get over 50% through before it is brought up and it felt like an addition to the story rather than something that was a part of it from the start There is an us There's always been an usI love bad boys I love single mom stories and I really love a book that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy Ava and Dax are the kind of couple that makes you say awe especially as Dax embraces the changes he has to make in order to win over a woman like Ava Olivia is the comedic relief and really makes the story the right level of complex Dax is definitely a great new release from Shannyn Leah and I look forward to the rest of the men known as the Bad Boys of Willow ValleyARC provided in exchange for an honest review The old adage of don’t judge a book by a cover couldn’t be truer than it is here I’m a mixed bag of emotions when it comes to Dax Overall I can say that I it is a very enjoyable read which can be gathered by my 4 star rating But there were some things that made me uestion now why why would you do that?The Bad Boys of Willow Valley now get their turn to find love It is now Dax Ava’s turn to fall in love Ava was taken in after a truly awful childhood by Rowdy being pregnant at the age of 19 didn’t help Dax is Rowdy’s son so there never was a way to avoid the unavoidable Dax and Ava have known one another for years They have always had feelings for each other but each year it is getting harder and harder not to act on those feelings But a tragedy brings them together Dax’s way of dealing with those unwanted feelings and a certain fear that could make him weak he is a playboy He is a grouch and acts like he is a tough guy but deep down he is a good guy He cultivated his image and now he must prove that he isn’t really that person I had my issues with Dax to begin with but the I got to know him and see him for who he is I really liked him a lot Ava has found a home with Rowdy for her and her daughter Olivia A town she feels comfortable in and dating men that are sensible No one wants to date boring and sensible men She is strong and independent but she pulled that card out at the wrong moments She should have leant on Dax and not be a pain about it Then the end where she is being dumb yeah no words for that So I like her barely What I didn’t like was that Dax’s manwhore ways were constantly brought to the front of the plot The heroine needed it to protect herself which I get but it was mentioned at least one too many times When it came to this she had major insecurities and asked if he’s slept with one woman Why would you do that woman?There is a lot of push and pull in the relationship that they have There were so many obstacles for them to overcome and currently I can’t decide if they were necessary or notI enjoy the author’s writing style very much and she knows how to suck you in and keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat There is angst there is romance and there is honesty with characters that are real and flawed and not perfect There are sweet moments heartbreaking moments and laugh out loud moments all tightly wrapped up into a wonderful package The secondary characters of Stone Olivia Wanda Rowdy and yes even Hawk added to the book and I hope to see Stone get a book Hmmm not too sure about Hawk but I’m sure that Ms Leah will rock it Until the next book in the series Ms Leah Dax by Shannyn Leah was the first book in the Bad Boys of Willow Valley series It was also my first book by Leah I received an ARC for an honest reviewDax Colyn was the gorgeous brooding full time mechanic and volunteer fireman He was a playboy but only with the tourists he stayed away from the locals He vowed to enjoy life but never let anyone get close except his friends and familyAva Anderson arrived in Willow Valley seven years ago pregnant with her daughter Olivia Her family had died in a fire and she was starting over in a fresh new town Rowdy Colyn became a second father to Ava and grandfather to Olivia Dax was close to his father Rowdy but he kept his distance from Ava for years There was an attraction but nothing that neither wanted to explore so they let it be until Rowdy died unexpectedly and threw the two together to help cope from the devastating loss they experienced from a shared loveDax was told in a dual POV It was a journey of loss healing acceptance and new beginnings Leah also included a little suspense in addition to a fun and sexy plotIt was a great start to a new series Leah provided depth and dimension not only with the storyline but also with the strong supporting cast of characters I’m not sure where the series takes us next but I’m hopeful for either Stone or Hawk Either way I plan to read of Leah In the meantime I’ll be exploring her other series 4 Stars Dax Bad boys of Willow Valley #1 was my first book by Shannyn and I'm really happy that I received an arc for a honest reviewThis was a really enjoyable read I loved the characters and I really dig the author's writing styleDax Colyn a full time mechanic and also volunteer at the fire departement was a playboy who very much enjoy spending his time at the local pub and with the tourist He refused to settle down with one woman as he doesn't want to give the woman control over his heart and emotions He grew up in a warm and loving home but after the death of his mother he watched his father crumpled to the loneliness and the absence of his wife Having this fear in him he made sure to stay far away from loveAva Anderson a lovely single was taken in by Rowdy Dax's father when she was pregnant and had lost her whole family in a fire She was the daughter that Rowdy didn't have and her daughter Olivia became the granddaughter that Rowdy always wanted The fact that Ava stayed at Rowdy's place She and Dax met on close basis There were underlying attraction between them but neither acted on it as Dax didn't want to settle down and Ava had some baggage from her pastAfter a devastating loss Dax and Ava grew closer in their grief and they no longer could hide their feelings towards each other Ava was scared to pursue a relationship with Dax because of his playboy past I love how Dax didn't give up on their relationship and gave Ava time to adjust to the new change I really love this book because the content were fresh like we don't have annoying past hookup from Dax's life coming to cause problem between MCs Even the side characters were really good like Stone and Wanda I really love the honesty between the main characters as well they were so open to talk about their feelings view spoiler I really love Rowdy and when I read that he had a heart attack I was hoping he wouldn't die but well it brought Dax and Ava together though I would appreciate it if Rowdy was here to witness it hide spoiler ARC Provided by NetGalley 5 amazing starsFirst off I absolutely LOVED this book I won’t lie I had some issues with it Not anything bad Just some things hit VERY close to home I loved Dax I want MORE so much All the characters in this book were so like and loveable This was my first book from this author and I have to admit I won’t be my last I’ve even connected with her and she is the sweetest lady Love when an author likes to get to know and is amaze balls with her readers Check this book out ASAP Hankies reuiredAva Dax have been hiding their attraction for each other for years Ava has a past and does not trust easily but when tragedy strikes is it enough of a push for them to take a chance on each other I loved the help and support of all their friends during this emotional gripping read Fire Chief Rowdy Colyn took in Ava when she was pregnant and homeless after losing her family in a fire She and her daughter Olivia have a good life but Ava fears another part of her past could catch up to her at any time Rowdy’s son Dax has been like a brother to Ava even if there’s an attraction he won’t ever let himself act on He saw how devastated his father was when his mother died so he keeps his encounters of the female persuasion shallow and brief so he’ll never love and risk the loss his father suffered But when Dax and Ava experience a devastating loss of their own they find they have no choice but to lean on each otherThe advance copy I read of this book was my first by this author and I’m thrilled to have found her This book had a little of everything – romance chemistry humor suspense twists and turns and gut wrenching emotion I fell head over heels for both of these main characters They were amazingly realistic well developed complex and larger than life Both strong and mature yet vulnerable and uncertain Both a little damaged and flawed yet perfectly imperfect and so endearing Dax is tough protective and just the right amount of cocky and when he decides he wants Ava he’s 100% in and nothing will stand in his way Ava is a wonderful mother and presents a calm brave façade but fear is always lurking and makes it difficult for her to trust and have faith This book is such a yo yo of emotions in the very best way From the heartbreaking devastating loss that had me saying “No way That did NOT just happen” to adorable Olivia and loveable Sloan and Hawk that had me laughing out loud to twists and surprises that left my jaw hanging and my brain screaming “O M Gee” It ripped out my heart then had me biting my nails then left me with that full sense of contentment and a happy sigh at the end It’s such a terrific story and I can’t wait to read of the Bad Boys of Willow Valley Gleefully rubs hands together in anticipation of Hawk’s story One click this one now You won’t be sorry 😉