Song of the Abyss Tower of Winds #2

Song of the Abyss Tower of Winds #2❮Reading❯ ➶ Song of the Abyss Tower of Winds #2 Author Makiia Lucier – Ancient grievances long held grudges and dangerous magic combine in this sweeping standalone fantasy perfect for fans of Tamora Pierce and Rachel Hartman They came in the night as she dreamt in her be Ancient grievances the Abyss Kindle Ô long held grudges and dangerous magic combine in this sweeping standalone fantasy perfect for fans of Tamora Pierce and Rachel Hartman They came in the night as she dreamt in her berth on a ship sailing home to del Song of MOBI :¼ Mar After they would be all Reyna thought about two carracks painted scorpion black No emblem on either forecastle no pennants flying above the mainmasts to hint at a kingdom of origin Never a good signAs the granddaughter of a famed navigator of the Abyss eBook ✓ seventeen year old Reyna has always lived life on her own terms of the Abyss Tower of PDF/EPUB ² despite those who say a girl could never be an explorer for the royal house of St John del Mar She is determined to prove them wrong and as she of the Abyss Tower of PDF/EPUB ² returns home after a year long expedition she knows her dream is within reach No longer an apprentice instead Reyna Master Explorer But when menacing raiders attack her ship those dreams are pushed aside Reyna's escape is both desperate and dangerous and when next she sees her ship a mystery rises from the deep The sailors her captain her countrymen have vanished To find them Reyna must use every resource at her disposal including placing her trust in a handsome prince from a rival kingdom Together they uncover a disturbing truth The attack was no isolated incident Troubling signs point to a shadowy kingdom in the north and for once the rulers of the Sea of Magdalen agree something must be done But can Reyna be brave enough to find a way. 8122019 Here I was worried that Song of the Abyss wouldn't live up to Isle of Blood and Stone so I waited until within a month of its release to read it Pfffft I should never doubt Makiia Lucier because she is an amazing storyteller This companion novel stays true to those from Song of the Abyss while also expanding Reyna's perspective to new lands as a mystery has her searching for her beloved friendsAnd of course there was a romancing brewing between Reyna and a dashing kind hearted wonderful man that had me very much swooning Reyna deserved a good man and dangit if I didn't tear up several times she got himI believe this concludes our time alongside our del Marian friends I could be wrong but the ending was definitely left in a way where I could see Makiia choosing to continue on if she chooses to do so Makiaa if you read this I think it is a wonderful idea to revisit this world again in the future 3That being said please pick up Song of the Abyss from your local bookstore as soon as you can It publishes on 8272019 and I am SO EXCITED to order my own copyI loved book 1 so much and as I am crafting my full review for it I am also trying to figure out a way to convince someone SOMEONE to help me get an ARC of book 2 when it becomes available The possibilities of where book 2 will lead us excites me Thank you to Makiia revealing this to me on Twitter I know we follow young Reyna oh man I think that is her name I am suddenly blanking and she had a bright and promising future ahead of her full of so many possibilitiesGah 💖😭 I haven't even read it and I feel emotional wow i NEED THIS I sped through this so uickly I love how Lucier's writing is so clearheaded and easy Lucier wants you to focus on the story and what will happen next in the plot rather than getting lost and confused in the prose and I really appreciated this a lot This world is so much fun and it's definitely a fantasy I'd recommend totally lived up to my expectations I'd highly recommend this series in any order they can be read as standalones and don't need to be seuential and wish we would get in this world I have received this ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewTotally went rogue with this series No I didn't read the books out of order It has just been like a super long time since I read the first book of this wonderful series For example I read Isle of Blood and Stone almost a year ago Yup May 20th to be exact So you'd think that I would've been normalsmart about diving back into the first book before reading this one and you'd be completely wrong I definitely just kind of dove into this one not regretting anything Song of the Abyss was so freaking good I fell in love with Reyna and Levi so uickly God they are truly wonderful and make such a great team But mostly I just love little Reyna She definitely reminds me Arya Stark which makes me so freaking giddy since GoT is in it's final season She is my ultimate favorite character and if any book character reminds me of that little ninja bad ass I will instantly loveA lot happens in this book I'm trying not to spoil anything but damn a lot I loved the ending so much I love little teasing moments I get between my ship because they were just so god damn cute and adorable from day one This book just brought me so much joy and happiness which is probably why I devoured it so freaking uicklyIt just took me like 3 5 business days to woman up and write the damn reviewI still have no regretsIn the end I already miss these characters I hope there's going to be another book but if not I will continue to reread these two books for the rest of my life Ahoy there me mateys  I received this young adult fantasy novella eARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review  So here be me honest musings I absolutely loved the first book in this series isle of blood and stone and was very excited to get a copy of this companion novel  And I loved it  I read this in one sitting and was completely immersed in the story  The highlights of this one included  The world building Seriously I loved getting information about del Mar and the other surrounding countries  I still absolutely love del Mar's culture of exploration and the sea  I still love the function of maps in the societyThe main character I loved that this was the story of Reyna who we met in book one when she was nine  She has grown up and has spunk and tenacity  Hooray for woman power and challenging the status uo  ArrrrVisiting old friends I loved getting insights into how character's lives from the first book unfolded  They were certainly not the focus but I those tidbits I did get made me smileThe tone Like the first this book is marketed as a young adult but can certainly be read by all agesThe plot this starts out with a lot of action and doesn't stop  It was great that lots of women were the focus of the story  I did like the romance in this one too and was glad that like in the first book the romance was not the focus  Instead the focus was were it should have been on saving their friends  I also liked how the characters worked together and needed each other's talents to save the dayThe bad guys The main bad guy in this book was a lot less cookie cutter than in the previous book  He at least had motivationsThe ending Some unexpected things happened at the end of this book and it made me happy  I loved itThere were a few downsides to this book  I could have used insight into the secondary characters  I especially wanted about Blaise cause she was awesome  I would have loved answers about the fantasy creatures introduced in this book  And I also would have liked insight into the culture and politics of the countries outside of del Mar  That said I did love what I gotThis companion book is the last in the series according to the author's Goodreads page  But I have to admit that I hope she writes another story set in this lovely world  Besides the ending of the novel hints at another potential mystery  Aye please  If ye haven't read this series then I highly recommend it ArrrrCheck out me other reviews at The full review can be found at The Book Bratz Initial post reading thoughtsAbsolutely stunning and mesmerizing 😍 Teaser ReviewI was super lucky to win a giveaway for Song of The Abyss back in November and an eGalley prior and I was going to wait longer to start it because this book does not come out until August But the cover kept looking at me and I was looking at it and I caved Release date is still a while off BUT I loved Song of the Abyss to much to not talk about it now So please enjoy this teaser review ○The action starts from page one and doesn't slow down for a moment Each page furthered the plot and sucked me deeper into the story ○Lucier created a cast of really likable characters Obviously I didn't like the villain in the story but I loved the connections each character had with each other and how in their own little sense were a family ○It took me all of about two pages to fall in love with Levi the prince of Lunes He is super dreamy and moody and amazing○Though Song of the Abyss can be read as a stand alone it is a part of the Tower of Wind series and its companion novel Isle of Blood and Stone follows the story of Ulises and Elias who do play a large role in this book as well It isn't reuired but I am sure it does clear some of their back story up ○The last fifty pages over the novel were a complete page turner The whole villain what they were doing and the whole cultural part of the story really interested me It was something really different and refreshing ○ Song of the Abyss was absolutely both stunning and mesmerizing Be sure to check back closer to August for my full review of Song of the Abyss I promise this is one fantasy novel you are not going to want to miss in 2019 It upsets me that Tower of Winds is only a duology I want 😭 I want to learn about Blaise time in medical school the fate of Lord Jaime and if King Ulises will ever marry I rate this book 45 stars I really honestly wish I could rate it a full 5 stars but beginnings continue to be a struggle for Lucier The first book had about 100 pages of backstory that was rather boring to get through and then suddenly it picked up several notches and didn't let go until the end This second installment was the same except it was only 75 pages The story focuses on Reyna who was a 9 year old girl full of spunk in the first book and stole every scene she was in My biggest gripe with this book is that I was completely confused at the beginning I'm guessing the author wanted to get rid of the issues of the first by thrusting us immediately into the action But the problem was I had no idea it was 8 years later and expected to see the characters right after the first book Instead I didn't know who anyone was and didn't care they were in danger I wonder if the book started when Reyna was 9 and just uickly got us up to speed we would be engaged from the start and be right there with Reyna who is a terrific character From the 75 page mark once again the book takes off and I was holding my breath and hanging on for dear life until the end The rest of the book is just mindblowingly fantastic even better than the first I worry that people won't make it through the first part to the well worth it second part Lucier is clearly very talented and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next 25 ★★☆☆☆ Review copy was received from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review This was a uick easy and entertaining read perfect for a summer holiday next to the sea I chose Song of the Abyss to read and review because the plot sounded really interesting and combined a YA fantasy theme with pirates and a strong young heroine elements I genuinely like Although I haven’t read the first book in the series both are intended as standalone I did not feel as though I was missing out on any backstory and had no problems with the characters’ development or the world building –I really appreciate the effort Lucier did so new readers not be left confused or with tons of hidden references to understand–The story starts in media res with a third person narrator from the POV of Reyna a seventeen year old woman in training to be a master navigator and with the sudden attack of some pirates to her ship After narrowly escaping she encounters the young prince of a rival kingdom while hiding her real identity At this point I was invested in the story since the plot was slowly developing with calm pacing and rhythm –this was one of the points I most liked about this novel until the last third of the story– Reyna then will return home and there she will find people she loves are in danger from the same pirates so she must team up with the prince in a harrowing adventure to try to rescue their loved ones with the fate of all of their countries in the balanceWhile this novel was full of rich descriptions about various countries and geographical locations the story still felt as though it could have used depth The world created is an interesting one with seas full of monsters and some interesting mythological creatures even though I felt like the fantasy elements did not belong for a moment In my opinion this felt a historical fiction than fantasy but it is due to the author leans much too heavily on actual historical and cultural aspects from different cultures around the world Caribbean and Japanese for example to build the fictionalised countries of the storyOne thing that stood out for me was the credibility of the characters’ actions and emotions although their final development was rather flat I really liked all the characters from our protagonist Reyna to all the secondary ones especially Blaise and Levi; and although I am not a big fan of romantic subplots I uite enjoyed the romantic trope in here since it was not a major highlight of the novel The plot although exciting at first was flatter developed and the many dangerous situations that the characters found themselves in did not feel very suspenseful or threatening There were no major plot twists The ending chapters were too rushed compared to the rhythm of the first two parts of the novelAll in all I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a fast and light read The story could have used depth and I was not a big fan of Makiia Lucier’s writing style but if you like young adult historical fantasiesue adventures at sea with pirates different cultures and kingdoms some mysteries and lovely characters this would be an enjoyable reading——— Fills into the Reading Women Challenge 24 A young adult book by a woman of color Originally posted on The Nerd Daily | Review by Holly AngusSeventeen year old Reyna is the daughter of an esteemed navigator While on an adventure to prove her ability to be a female explorer for the royal house of St John del Mar Reyna’s ship is attacked by pirates and she is left to swim to shore in sea serpent infested watersEnter Captain Levi the second child of the king of Lunes I enjoyed how Lucier originally introduced this character as weeping in public on the port than Reyna swims to Levi is a strong independent man who is captain of his own ship and leads many men to battle However Lucier took this introduction to depict this ‘manly man’ as crying which is something that is not often seen in teen books I found that this opening scene allows for Levi to feel his emotions and embrace grief while still being a strong male lead YA readers male especially should be able to view Levi as a character to look up to and not just someone who needs to ‘man up’ and stop cryingThis novel also features a lost island that has been isolated from society and other explorers The kingdom of Miramar is self sufficient but is depicted as ruthless and violent The only known fact of this kingdom is that they used to trade with the other esteemed islands for clay Reyna uickly recognises the Miranese as the raiders who stole her ship in the beginning of the novel This isolated kingdom seems to hold the answers of why her ship was stolen and where her kidnapped sailors areLucier has a way with writing settings so vibrantly that they come to life in the reader’s head The kingdoms of Lunes and St John del Mar are so well written that I could practically smell the salty breeze as Reyna walks along the port of call If your book buzzwords are sea kingdoms or exploring you have to pick up the Tower of Winds books These books are action packed witty and full of political intrigue all of which are well executed and simple enough to grasp the reader without info dumpingAlthough this is a companion novel I would recommend reading Isle of Blood and Stone first as some characters reappear and it would be helpful and fun to have the background of their narratives At a rating of 810 stars I liked Isle of Blood and Stone but also thoroughly enjoyed this book I liked the storyline of King Ulises and Elias than Reyna therefore if you are only going to read one of Lucier’s novels I would recommend the first of the duology With that being said I would highly recommend both for YA and middle grade readers