Trick Or Treat

Trick Or Treat[PDF / Epub] ☉ Trick Or Treat Author Kerry Greenwood – When a cut price franchise bakery opens its doors just down the street from Earthly Delights and crowds flock to purchase the bread Corinna Chapman is understandably nervous Meanwhile the gorgeous Dan When a cut price franchise bakery opens its doors just down the street from Earthly Delights and crowds flock to purchase the bread Corinna Chapman is understandably nervous Meanwhile the gorgeous Daniel's old friend Georgiana Hope has temporarily set up residence in his house and it doesn't take Corinna long to work out that she's tall blonde gorgeous and up to something Daniel is making excuses and Corinna is worried about his absences and also the strange outbreak of madness which seems to be centred on Lonsdale StreetWill Corinna win through a maze of Trick Or PDF/EPUB ² health regulations missing boyfriends sinister strangers fraudulent companies and back alley ambushes Or will this be the end for the Earthly Delights Bakery. Earthly Delights with its owner and dedicated baker had competition – the franchise Best Fresh Bread had opened just down the street from Corinna Chapman’s bakery and she was decidedly put out With the size of Melbourne being what it was she couldn’t believe the new franchise was only a few doors down The cheaper prices were obviously ones she couldn’t meet – but her uality was far superior Would Corinna’s loyal customers continue to freuent Earthly Delights or would she find herself struggling to make ends meet?When strange occurrences began to happen in Lonsdale Street where ambulance and police needed to be called then Corinna’s beloved Daniel appeared to be occupied by a blonde who was obviously up to no good Corinna was shocked and heart sore To add to the trouble Meroe Wicca friend to all at their residence of Insula was tormented by an upcoming event which boded no good And with a shocking suddenness the Health Department was investigating Earthly Delights – what was going on? Would Corinna lose her beloved bakery and everything she’d worked for? She needed answers – and fast Trick or Treat by Aussie author Kerry Greenwood is another delightful episode featuring Corinna Chapman “baker and reluctant investigator” It is a delightful mix of mystery and intrigue food lots of it and even a little Wicca magic; plus it also stepped briefly back into Nazi Germany The recipes at the back of the book look delicious and worth a try I have no hesitation in highly recommending this author’s work and will step into my next Corinna mystery soon Corinna is middle aged slightly overweight single and runs a bakery with love called Earthly Delights She also has two lovely cats a boyfriend and lots of eclectic friends Full of optimism and empathy Corinna shows us how to be human employing a drug addict giving a hug to someone on a trip in a Melbourne laneway while being witty and not at all a pushoverThis book wasn't my favourite in the series I found it a bit slow But I love her character and the side characters so much that I didn't really mind It follows the mystery of who is making soul cakes which are poisoning young punters and caused one to think he could fly and jump off a roof ; and also the mystery of a treasure from WWII that may have made its way from Greece to AustraliaI was actually really surprised that the authors note at the end says the part about the treasure is based on a true story Who knew? So if you enjoy character driven fiction with some characters who are on the fringes of polite society then go ahead and start the series The books do build on each other so best to go back to Earthly Delights Pagans may appreciate that this is a rare non horror story set at Samhain Everyone else will enjoy the descriptions of food On a serious note this mystery made me realize that I know shamefully little about the Nazi occupation of Greece This book started out so well and with such promise but even I who adore this series must admit that the plot does fizzle out halfway in I love the cooking the baking all those uaint descriptive passages In short I want to be a baker even if it meant 4am starts I want to live in Insula Corinna's apartment building with all her varied charming and eccentric neighbours I love food I love crime when it's safely in a novel for me to enjoy But this book doesn't uite gel I'm glad melodrama is avoided in Corinna Chapman's personal relationships but the rest became tangled pretty fast Witchs covens poisonings Jews lost treasure There's simply too much to fit in and the denouement is awakward Poirot would have shaken his head at these amateurs whose genius could obviously not rival his own The ending fits together too convieniently and in a rather forced way But the food is reliably as good as ever Nero Wolfe would have approved of that I love Corinna Chapman her SO Daniel her apprentice Jason and her neighbors and friends in her apartment building This book was a little convoluted than the other books and reuired a slight suspension of belief but I enjoy the characters so much I'm willing to overlook thatHighly recommended as is the rest of the series Arggh They forgot to tell Louise Siverson how to pronounce 'samhain'Though there are some really good bits this just isn't uite as strong a story as some of the others though Heckle and Jeckle have important scenes 2015 Narrator used some voices that sound like lists and there are a LOT of mouth noises slurps swallows and so forth Yet another entertaining and enjoyable Corinna Chapman novel I'm always amazed at the insane circumstances that Corinna and her friends get mixed up in I really love her gorgeous man Daniel who has definitely proved he is worth keeping in this episode And I'm looking forward ving seeing Jason grow into a confident young man I'm looking forward to listening to the next installment Fun and funky characters witches food porn a stolen Nazi treasure horde surfacing unexpectedly who wouldn't want to be Corinna Chapman? Surrounded by the luscious adoring Daniel and a coterie of fascinating interesting and loving friends and neighbors and cats lots of cats Corinna's back in her fourth outing this time facing a competing bakery down the lane a gorgeous leggy Sloane Ranger possibly moving in on her man and some wicked new drugs sending people right over the edge literallyThe plot summary above touches on the relevant points and Greenwood rambles a bit here and there but I read and look forward to new installments in this uirky series for the returning and ever expanding cast of regulars their delightful and freuent interactions with lots of good food and each other and of course Corinna herself Delicious I can't wait for the next installment I believe set at Christmas time Trick or Treat by Kerry Greenwood is the 4th book in the Corinna Chapman mystery series There is an epidemic of madness in the streets of Melbourne thought to be related to a new drug or poison Corinna also has to deal with competition from a new bakery chain Best Fresh the gathering of witches for their celebrations and lost jewish Greek treasure from the war Another interesting addition to the series with uite a bit happening to keep the pages turning Corinna manages to sort everything out with the help and support of all her uirky and eccentric friends and neighbours Probably my favourite of the series with a solid mystery or three and much less formal style than the others The usual uirky cast of characters with some nutcases thrown in I plan to try that cake and I am always left craving fresh bread and muffins

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  • Trick Or Treat
  • Kerry Greenwood
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  • 06 June 2015
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