The After War

The After War❮Epub❯ ➛ The After War Author Brandon Zenner – Two years have passed since mankind faced extinction Two cousins are leaving the protection of their underground bunker for the first time after a cataclysmic war and unrelenting disease ravaged the e Two years have passed since mankind faced extinction Two cousins are leaving the protection of their underground bunker for the first time after a cataclysmic The After ePUB ✓ war and unrelenting disease ravaged the earth On the other side of North America a young survivalist is leaving the seclusion of his cabin deep in the woods traveling with his aging canine companion Winston For individual reasons these men are traveling east where the fragmented lives of a small number of survivors will soon be decided by the choices of a corrupt few Although they are not yet aware the strength that resides inside them will soon be tested and destiny will call for their fates to be forever intertwined. I really enjoyed this book and found it plausible and well written Note I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI'm a sucker for post apocalyptic novels I'm also a supporter of indy publishing so Brandon Zenner's book The After War piued my interest on NetGalley and I was eager to read it Unfortunately the book did not live up to my expectationsThe book is split into two distinct parts and I understand that it was published as two separate books The premise of Part I is interesting in a standard post apocalyptic way the action follows two different POVs comprised of young athletic male survivors the American apocalypse There was a war of some kind AND a simultaneous plague we're not given many details as to who or how or why both happened to hit at the exact moment But it did Brian and Steve are best friends who for some reason are able to ride out the post apocalyptic plague hellscape in a plush well euipped bunker that is somehow financed by their conveniently wealthy uncle who is an American military general Simon the interesting of the POVs is the wayward naturalist son of millionaires who leaves his home with a well stocked van of course and is able to survive in a cabin in the wilds of British Columbia for two years all alone except for his dog Winston The premise may be a little bit cliche but the book itself is a bit of a page turner with short chapters that switch between the POVs as the characters leave their refuges and return to an America mostly empty and blighted by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who later in the book turn up figuratively in the form of new antagonists for the heroes to vanuish Simon's journey from Canada back to his home in Alice State Not Specified is mirrored by Steven and Brian's cross country trek to find Steven's girlfriend who is holed up in similar hidden bunker how did they build these without anyone noticing? some distance awayEventually the POVs cross because that's what you expect in this kind of book but the second part is a dramatic departure a military survivalist story centering around new outposts and the last vestiges of society that feels ripped right out of the past two seasons of The Walking Dead It's a disappointing but somehow expected novelette that I found a lot less compelling than the survival storiesIn the process Simon's character development does a 180 turning him from a well meaning peaceful Buddhist naturalist into a sub commander of a group of Rangers One main character disappears midway through the book shows up briefly but their plotline isn't resolved until the final pages and in a very unfulfilling manner The dialogue is stilted the characters one dimensional There isn't a lot of detail that goes into the HOW or the WHY things just ARE The final plot resolution is a bit ridiculous and leaves the possibility for future stories but frankly I'm just not interested in reading themOh there's also a dog And a group of wandering Buddhist monks I liked themWriting a novel is hard I give Zenner full credit for doing so In the postword he says it took him 20 years and I believe it I'm sure he's very proud of it and he should be If you're looking for an action filled novel that can be read uickly and doesn't reuire a whole lot of thought this is a book for you There's nothing wrong with that this book has uite high ratings on GoodReads But this book was not for me I received this book from Read for Review in exchange for an honest reviewWow what a great apocalyptic novel I predict this book will become a big hit and would make a great movieTwo years after a horrible world war and disease have ravaged the world Brian and Steven emerge from their well stocked and comfortable bunker They are on their way to collect Steven's sister Bethany from the bunker where she had been stayingin order to meet up with her uncle General Driscoll Meanwhile Simon Kalispell and his dog Winston emerge from their secluded cabin in the wilds of Canada in order to make his way home to find his parents as planned two years prior before the commencement of the war Eventually their paths cross in unexpected ways The book then goes back in time to explain who each ended up in hiding for two years telling their back storiesFirst of all I have to say how much I liked Winston Simon's beloved dog companion He was every much as much a character as the humans I found the book to be well written The story grabbed me from the first page and I could barely put it down The relationship between Steven and Brian was well developed They were complex characters I thought and at times it was hard to read about what they were going through Most parts of the book relating to them was very graphic Simon was a very solid spiritual character very strong and resourceful What happened when they all reached their pre arranged locations is described in Book Two and is pretty graphic and exciting The other characters in the novel are varied and not easily forgottenOverall I really really liked this book and recommend it highly if you enjoy this genre The After War is a story about three characters who two years after a massive war and subseuent fall out which incidentally we don't really get told much about come out of their safe stock filled bunkershomesbases? to find friends and family members This post apocalyptic story is initially split in two switching from one POV to another with each chapter as we follow Brian and Steve on there expedition and then switch over to Simon and his pet dog on his And I did like this set up and formatBut for me I found this story a little slow especially at the beginning and disappointing I never really got into it Didn't seem to be anything new and it all seemed a bit samey Done before I think a big problem for me with reflection was that I didn't like or connect with any of the characters so even during potential dangerous tense moments I wasn't concerned So here the book fell a little flat for meWhich is a shame as before starting this book read lots and lots of glowing reviews If ever there was a book that I would love to see brought to TV or film this would be itI was grabbed from the very beginning When things started getting interesting with Simon the story switched to Brian and Steven and part of me screamed No Then it would switch back to Simon when Brian and Steven found themselves in a pickle and I just had to keep on reading It wasn't confusing the back and forth and instead added to the suspense I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to endI think what I loved most was how all of the characters start out as a part of their own story and as they journey on their paths cross and the multiple stories become one It's not an easy task to melt storyline together seamlessly but Zenner does it wellI'm also a big fan of a book that emphasizes the bond between a man and his dog I'm a sucker for pets I'll admit it and I was rooting for Simon and Winston to have their happy ending from the very beginning The relationship between them was exactly what you would expect to find between a man and the dog he has had since a pup It was wonderful and beautiful Winston saved Simon in ways than oneI enjoyed the concept of this novel as well The US is at war and intelligence has been leaked that a deadly disease will follow the fighting Because of this intelligence some have prepared to hide and wait the 2 years needed fo the disease to die out What follows the war is just as disastrous as the war itself Mercenaries cannibals and criminals run free but there is hope in sight because some members of the military have prepared to restore society to its former glory when the time comesLike I mentioned before I hope this becomes a TV series or a movie one day Chapter 63 the major battle between the band of mercenaries and the people of Alice was AMAZING Simon the peaceful one became a beast killing men left and right to save Bethany and Winston The fight was glorious and I'm not even a fan of action packed scenesI do have one complaint though Where are all the women???? In the Book of the Unnamed Midwife there was disease that killed women than men but in The After War nothing like that was mentioned Yet there are very few women after the war and the disease So what happened? Is this some sort of jab that women wouldn't be able to survive a war on American soil or was the disease devastating to women and I just missed that part?? Speaking from a female perspective particularly a mother I'm not exactly battle ready but I would kill 1000 men if it kept my kids safe and I'm sure there are plenty of women out there who would agree with me hereI'm glad this was both Part 1 and 2 because when I finished Part 1 I was dying for I enjoyed reading the what if scenario and following the characters through the aftermath I loved how all of them end up a part of the same story and this one kept me on the edge of my seat feverishly flipping pages to find out what happened nextGreat work Zenner The book is a story of strength determination and survival Brian and Steven are cousins on a journey across the desolate land to get to their family Simon is on his journey alone with only his dog Winston as a companion All three of these men are facing the horrible world that is now their reality A terrible war and deadly virus have wiped out most of the worlds population Brian and Steven are hidden in a bunker for two years while across the country Simon and his dog are hiding in an old family cabin Now as the story unfolds all three men are on a journey to get to their families and to the hope of a better future The journey is lonely and hard and they face many challenges Finding food shelter and staying alive are among the many things these men face Once they find themselves settled in a new life a good life their life is once again threatened by war Survival becomes the only thing on everyone's mind I really liked this book At times because it was so long it seemed to go rather slow but it gave the story so much life and detail It was like the reader is in this desolate land and are able to see and feel what these characters are seeing and feeling Its as if the reader is really there This story was sad and mysterious It was a story of hope and determination It showed the harsh truth of what survival sometimes means  It was written very well with vivid details and masterful storytelling skills For an end of the world novel it was a great read I'm not big on these types of books but I have found that this author can deliver a greatly detailed story that any book reader can appreciate I certainly enjoyed this bookStormihttpwwwboundlessbookreviewscomhttpswwwfacebookcomBBReviews A shout out I was given a copy of this by netnalley in exchange for an honest reviewI haven't read a post warapocalyptic sort of book before but wow what a good bookI'm not even sure what to say to give this book the credit that's due I just felt such strong emotions when reading it even at the start of the book the power behind the words is unreal I may have actually cried numerous times 🙄🙈💜 I really enjoyed this book the story was great and the characters were awesome I think this would make a great television seriesGreat read A little forethought into how to survive the apocalypse has paid off for cousins Brian and Steven Following the firm instructions given to them at the very beginning of a global pandemic the two young men are now ready are ready to re emerge back into the land up top Two years spent in a bunker with only each other was not easy but the time was not wasted They are physically strong but are they mentally tough enough to face what the world was become?Alone with his dog in a remote forest cabin for years since it all went to hell Simon is finding it hard to leave the safety of his isolated surrounds The time however has come to find out what has become of his parents who did what they had to do in order to give Simon his best chance – the heart breaking act of sending their son awayWhen not actively reading this novel I found myself thinking it uite a bit and wondering what everyone was up to as if all the mayhem and survivalist horror was playing out whilst I wasn’t around I enjoy reading a fair few pandemic novels reading ‘sorbet’ away from dark crime so if the authors are managing to keep their creations active in my mind when my eye is way from the pages there’s been some solid work put into character developmentTHE AFTER WAR I can’t see as being categorized as young adult fiction but I feel that teenagers were probably the target audience for this work Also taking in consideration the lack of page time spent on female characters possibly it was aimed at the boys? The book’s plot doesn’t follow an overly complicated arc but this doesn’t necessarily detract; there is lots of action a good assortment of young folk making tough decisions in a brave new world redemptive opportunities offered to characters when they fall off the moral path – and a dog The staunch and loyal pet is always a welcome addition though you are scared throughout that the furfriend will come to some horrible end A little attention to editing would have professionalized this book There’s a few shlocky inclusions such as a mad doctor and gorey scenes of dismemberment that don’t actually achieve in giving to give the novel a mature tone – uite the opposite – but these are minor pick points THE AFTER WAR would translate well to the screen for sure with its punchy action scenes flipping back and forth between the perspectives of survivalist Simon and mostly later to the man mountain Brian The first half of the novel I found to be the absorbing as Simon and cousins Brian and Steven emerge separately back into what is left of civilization The “road” chapters are the strength of THE AFTER WAR It gets a little bit pedestrian once the three young men are in contact with newly established communities with all the associated power struggles and politics It is so difficult to create a new world fully populate it and evolve it through to a brave new order all within the confines of just one book and you can see that writers’ conflict in THE AFTER WAR So much to detail so little timeThere is a great story here in THE AFTER WAR and hopefully we are seeing the beginning of a brand new series Thanks to Netgalley for the ARCI just cannot get into this book It is sorta supposed the end of timesas we know it with only a few people left on earth Somet hung happened to wipe out the population but it never really gives any background on what happens even though you are dying to know One guy is rich and his parents had warning of what was to come so they sent him to live in the middle of the Canadian wilderness alone for 2 years or until he felt like it was safe Two other guys live in an under ground bunker for 2 years and one of them seems like he has some issues with mental stability The whole thing is kinda unbelievable and by kinda I mean way unbelievable I'm sorry I could not even finish this book and I tried to read it several times It absolutely bored me to tears and did not ever catch my interest There is no suspence and just no action Just NO