Curse of Weyrmouth (Curse of Weyrmouth Series Book 1)

Curse of Weyrmouth (Curse of Weyrmouth Series Book 1)❮EPUB❯ ✵ Curse of Weyrmouth (Curse of Weyrmouth Series Book 1) Author David Longhorn – A centuries old curse lusting for blood Weyrmouth a small town in Southern England is replete with uirky well meaning residents Everyone is cheerful and friendly but the uaint seashore province is not A centuries old curse lusting for blood Weyrmouth a small town in Southern England is replete Curse of ePUB ✓ with uirky well meaning residents Everyone is cheerful and friendly but the uaint seashore province is not what it seems A deep and dark magic has captured the townsfolk of Weyrmouth in its clutches since the medieval times Under stormy skies a menacing cathedral looms over them its history unknown and everyone who has tried to disentangle its mysteries has come face to face with death In spite of this Weyrmouth Museum is up and running acting as the local repository of history and all things spooky It finds a new employee in wayward American Erin Cale who winds up in town looking for a job in desperate need of a fresh start But it doesn’t take long before Erin feels the pull of something deeply unsettling Apparitions of ghastly hooded children appear out of thin air warning of impending doom Unexplained deaths begin to occur with ever mounting freuency And yet Erin can’t bring herself to leave Her curiosity gets the best of her as Erin begins to unravel the ancient and nefarious secret buried within the heart of the cathedral She feels the undeniable pull of something tying her to the structure and its history and is desperate to unlock the mystery All the while the stones of the landmark cathedral seem to be breathing with a life of its own. An interesting historical and current ghost story I chose 5 stars because this fulfilled all of my winter cravings for a good ghost story in the first installment I like how the story started in the 14th century and caught up to present day This is a fun and uick read with spiritual elements woven throughout This starts in medieval times with the building of a Cathedral The Bishop wants it to be as big and grand as can be but every time they get to a certain level the thing collapses On night the Bishop is ordering people to get someone to build it when someone enters and tells him that he can build the tower and it will last for 7 centuries His name is Nick and he delivers But things aren't as they seem and the Curse of Weyrmouth starts Fast forward a few centuries and we meet Erin Cale who ends up in Weyrmouth when the love of her life splits with someone else She isn't willing to go back to the US with her tail between her legs so when she somehow hears about a job at the Museum she applies But soon Erin realises that this sleepy town isn't as lovely as it appears and something sinister is happening How is Erin involved?This was all kinds of awesome Well written and developed it held my attention till the very end I loved the history and diving into the past I loved the whole feel of the cathedral and the tower and the kids freaked me out They were seriously scary The authors imagination was awesome and the whole story gripped me I liked Erin she was a strong lead and I'm intrigued to find out about her which I presume we will since this seems to be book 1 All the other characters were well developed but I think my favourite was Joe His back story was so sad but it was very much needed In all a great read and it makes me want to check out from this author It's not a book that is jump out scares kind of horror it's subtle and creepy and will make you shiver I had to turn on the light a few times when reading I was provided an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I was a little conflicted at first but I think I will stick with a 4 star ratingI was instantly drawn to this book based on the description Once I started reading I couldn't put it down at allThe pacing was a little inconsistentit dragged in places it shouldn't have and sped through parts I would have liked a lot detail but overall it was a really interesting concept and I'm excited to see how the story develops in subseuent books Why the 4 stars then? I really couldn't stand one of the main characters I tried I really did I felt like her characterization and dialogue didn't work well with her story arch That being said it didn't make me want to stop reading and by the last chapter I saw the promise that perhaps in the next book her character will evolve greatly Other than the occasional grammatical and spelling errors I highly recommend this book This book was provided to me free of charge and I am voluntarily reviewing itWeyrmouth is not the kind of horror book I would normally seek out as I prefer horror books that take place in a smaller locale within a shorter time period but the story did a pretty good job of drawing me in and keeping me reading Because I started reading horror novels when I was fairly young Carrie when I was 12 was the first finding a good scare in a book can be difficult but these little ghost kids with their hooded robes and sharp little bony fingers were pretty eerie The characters except for Holy Joe weren't terribly complex the narrative was a little scattered and the ending was abrupt All in all it wasn't a bad book but it also wasn't terribly memorable Great oldmodern ghost taleA tower is built on a church in medieval England but then things go horribly wrong A group of young boys is killed Then time travel to the present time when nobody feels comfortable in the church particularly in the tower Strange events have occurred People dieErin Cale is hired to work at the museum in Weyrmouth She becomes caught up in the mystery and the high point of the story is a Christmas pageant where things aren't as they seem Her boss discovers that Erin has something in her past that ties her to WeyrmouthI enjoyed reading this story It was genuinely scary at times Mr Longhorn created some interesting characters This is a cliffhanger and I'm eager to read I was provided an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review As a historical geek and fan of British local legends I enjoyed this book immensely It had me hooked from the beginning and I loved the journeyIn addition to the historical and local legend aspects of the story I also felt there was just enough horror to maintain the creepiness the story needed Other than some occasional grammatical and spelling errors I highly recommend this book for others to read A horror story seven hundred years in the makingA cathedral tower fell in the fourteenth century and a mysterious man presented himself as just the person who could build it up again This deal will last seven centuries and in modern times the price comes due Strange and deadly things begin to happen and come to a head with a young American playing a critical role A good scary novel that ends with a happy for now leaving room for of the story in a seuel A good read I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThe book started off a little slow but once it got going I couldn't put it down Interesting story with biblical references and a whole bunch of horror to keep you on the edge of your seat Erin Cale was a likeable main character and I'm guessing we will be learning about her in coming novels Can't waitI would recommend this book for fans of the horror genre