Where the River Runs

Where the River Runs[PDF] ✪ Where the River Runs By Patti Callahan Henry – Oaklandjobs.co.uk New York Times bestselling author Patti Callahan Henry delivers an engaging novel about a South Carolina woman who goes back home to face the past and discovers herselfMeridy Dresden was once a free s New York Times bestselling author Patti Callahan Henry delivers an Where the PDF or engaging novel about a South Carolina woman who goes back home to face the past and discovers herselfMeridy Dresden was once a free spirited fun loving girl All that changed when the boy she loved was killed in a tragic fire Since then she alone has carried the burden of a terrible secret Now years later married to a wonderful man and mother of a teenage son she is shocked to learn that a childhood friend is being blamed for that long ago fire Fearful but determined Meridy returns to the South Carolina Lowcountry and summons the courage to make a decision that may destroy her well ordered life her family's reputation her contented marriage and everything she's worked so hard to protectincluding her heartBrilliant Powerful Magical Do not miss this book. Another great message through Patti Callahan Henry's stories Those of us who spent most of our lives striving to achieve the unattainable demand that acceptance approval would only be granted through perfection and the changing of one's core personality can relate to this story Meridy was in her early 40's when she 'woke up' I was nearly 60 I deeply appreciate this author's life changing writings This is my first book by this author and I absolutely adored it This is a feel good put your feet back on the ground read I think this will be my new go to author when I'm in a reading slump If you don't know where you are going you should know where you came from Gullah proverbI often find that reading books even fiction about self discovery are ones that touch something in my soul They make me sit back and think about me where I'm at in life both spiritually and mentally Am I in a good place or am I stagnant? Often I'm in conflict with myself on this Aha but bad children may not be thrown into the fire your family must always let you come homeHow nice is this My family was not like this but the sentiment makes me nostalgic for a family I never had but wish I did Bittersweet even We just call the proverbs the 'palm oil with which words are eaten'The writing style is smooth as honey comforting a warm hug that just swallows up your heart I'm a personal reader meaning I apply what I read to my own life so that makes it very hard to explain what this book does for me So here are some that made me think hard I can't do the thought process justice in trying to sum these jewels up She leaned her head in whispered You made it sound like a place you never wanted to come back to but this is paradise Mother has that way about her She can make you feel something is well wrong when nothing isMy God where have you been all this time I've known you?What does that mean?Where has this Meridy been?Right hereYou can't get straight wood from crooked timberThe strictness of my mother within me rose and I opened my mouth to lecture him about responsibility and wise choices but I opened my heart instead BJ I love you It'll be fineAh I can't make you see can I?See what? I looked past her to see if there was something behind her I was missing See that the river is our life a flow that takes us home And where it meets the heart it is the most turbulent Hands down this is my favorite Anger that often comes with painful truth ran over my arms in a chill I gritted my teeth as I spoke I'm not waiting for permission or someone to come so I can live my life I am living my life I'm here to do thatThen do itWe train men not to accept the weaker pars of us We show them just how perfect we are so then they fall in love and marry us and then we can't show them who we really are because then they might not love us It's all so insane and stupidI wasn't killing myself I was I held my palms up in denialThen what were you doing?Leaving my heart out thereI can see the difference now this huge difference between living my life and doing my life You don't need a heart to do life but you do need one to liveThere are so many feels in this book that I wish I could express Books that really speak to me I just can't pluck the words out of a picture that was created in my head from the reading You just have to read it yourself 25 Not bad if you are into this type of book I read it while books were coming into my library I'd check out other reviews for many gave it 4 and 5 star I found this story so relatable Maybe because I'm a 40 something year old woman who occasionally wonders How did I get here? and Let's retrace the steps I took that got me here All this not in a good way But not in a bad way Just 'lemme think on this a minute' kind of reflection The main character Meridy comes to that type of a place in her poised and privileged life Life is 'good' she has a successful husband and one son She's than comfortable financially etc etc but she's doing a lot of 'doing' and not enough 'living' She becomes unsettled with her present lifeSo the reader follows along on an emotional journey with Meridy back to her home and her youth She realizes that a piece of her heart stayed back in her past wrapped in a tragedy and a lost love She has mistakes shame loss and grief to make sense of before she can sort out her present and future; make the past stop gnawing so she can even be present in her present And then to take all that 'figuring out' to even IMPROVE her presentIt is a clean rated PG 13 read I liked that it wasn't predictable Not all neatly wrapped A little messy and beautiful at the same time I enjoyed it Well worth reading At the graduation party Meridy Dresden lit the firecracker that landed on the roof of a historical structure causing it to catch fire Her boyfriend Danny Garrett ran into the structure to save his friends not knowing that they had already escaped He died while jumping from the roof but his body was washed out to sea and not found until several days later Meridy never admitted to causing the fire and this has eaten at her for many years Now it is time to set it right and admit her mistake She tells her husband what happened but he is so involved in a lawsuit he is prosecuting that he doesn't really hear what she is telling him As she stays at her family home on the coast he realizes how lonely the house is and that he is still in love with her Then he finally hears what she has been trying to tell him and goes to herI love books written by Patti Callahan Henry The story is always heartwarming and reminds me of Nicholas Sparks' books Both are great storytellers Where the River Runs was vividly wonderful to read I felt like I was part of the book I love the southern historic aspects of the story and how all the characters have a coming of age moment during the story Meridy is this girl that grew up living life to the fullest and then tragedy happens in her life Because of this tragedy she molds herself to be a person that she later realizes she can be no longerShe learns through supporting characters in the book that she was not the fault of the tragedy and how those she thought were protecting her is how they thought was best at the time It is a wonderful story of how a family was not so close and became closer as the story developsI recommend this book for a vacation read I adore Patti Callahan Henry's books and writing style I feel as if I am floating along in a canoe relaxing with just a few wonky currents along the way Where the River Runs's main character Meridy Dresden appears to have it all However she begins to uestion whether or not she has lost a part of herself Her return to her childhood hometown allows her to begin the journey back to finding out who she is I enjoyed learning of the Gullah culture as wellGo Cards L1C4 This story concerns a woman who returns to her childhood home in the Low Country of South Carolina to do research and write curriculum on the Gullah culture While there she confronts some secrets from her past and realizes her forgotten dreams Most chapters begin with a Gullah proverb Even though it has a similar theme to the last book I read by this author I think it has an interesting plot and explores some complex relationships This was a fast read on a day off school This story is set in the lowcountry of So Carolina with some history and cultural insight of the Gullah told by an old housekeeper The story is about a woman who goes back to her childhood home to rediscover who she really is and where people in her life fit I liked Henry's writing Loved this heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time I think everyone has felt like Meridy at times in their life like they lost part of themselves and need to find it again her journey was inspiringly sweet Loved the pace the surprising moments of humor and the feel of the lowcountry the author put in with each word just a really charming read

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