Just Maybe (Home In You Book 3)

Just Maybe (Home In You Book 3)[PDF / Epub] ❤ Just Maybe (Home In You Book 3) ✅ Crystal Walton – Oaklandjobs.co.uk A laugh out loud clean romance When a case of mistaken identity spirals into a than complicated fake romance an adventure seeker and a grammar fanatic just might’ve met each other’s match Three we A laugh out loud clean romance When a case of mistaken identity spirals into a than complicated fake romance an adventure seeker and a grammar fanatic just might’ve met each other’s match Three weeks That’s all the time self made billionaire Cooper Anderson has to respond to discovering he’s a single dad sell his lake house and catch a one way ticket across the world The uick witted nanny responding to his ad couldn’t be of a lifesaver and maybe a nice distraction Until the secrets she’s hiding get a little too close to exposing his own The one lead guaranteeing uinn Thompson a promotion just has to land her back in her hometown to finagle an interview out of Mr Elusive of all people But she can hack it right Even while mistaken for the nanny she can keep things uick and professional No running into her embarrassing southern family no stirring up the wounds that’d sent her packing four years ago and definitely no melting over a stockbroker’s unfair dimples and boyish charm Why oh why doesn’t anything ever go according to plan With both their deadlines closing in before they’re ready uinn and Cooper must decide whether the life they’re set on pursuing alone is worth than the one they could be missing together Download Just Maybe to enjoy a southern sweet romance full of small town laughs memorable family members and the heartwarming treasure of second chances CategoriesThemes Fake Romance Sweet Clean Romance Small Town Romance Romantic Comedy Each book in the Home In You Series is a standalone and can be read separately But I recommend reading the books in order if you want to follow the overall timeline Still Falling A Preuel Write Me Home Book One Begin Again Book Two Just Maybe Book Three Chasing Someday Book Four. I loved this book I have enjoyed the other two books in this series but this one is by far my favorite I felt like I was given a new insight into myself as I read this story We make plans and expect our lives to go a certain way and then we feel abandon by God when our plans fail When in reality God has a better plan than anything we could come up with The love story between Cooper and uinn was beautiful The greatest love is when the other person sees who you can truly become and brings that out of you Another amazing aspect brought to light in this story is that we don't give our talents the credit they deserve Many times we feel our talents are not great like those around us and don't realize the impact they have on others and the good we can do if we use them to help serve those in our sphere of influence I can not say enough praise for this book I highly recommend it Ooh I love me a story with a good case of mistaken identity and this one is classic because not only does Cooper think uinn is applying to be a nanny but they somehow find themselves in a relationship of convenience which makes everything just a little interesting And by interesting I mean the sparks are snapping between the two of them and when you add that to an adorable baby boy a crazy Southern family and situations that leave a grin plastered to your face you get an adorable storyLife doesn't always go the way a person has it mapped out and sometimes that's a good thing but both uinn and Cooper are wrestling with choices and life paths that could have lasting conseuences and I loved watching it all unfold These are such great characters with strengths and weakness learning to navigate life and responsibilityThere's a little bit of everything in this book conflict drama and romance to name a few but it's a perfect recipe of success and I loved every minute of itContent mild romanceI received a copy to review which had no influence on my thoughts and opinions I've been reading and enjoying Crystal Walton's books from the very beginning and I have to say that I think this book might be my favorite one I loved it LOVED ITThese characters were so well crafted Each page felt like I was peeling back a layer getting closer to the soul of who they really are I loved that The whole cast of characters were fantasticOh and there were sparks flying around everywhere The chemistry between uinn and Cooper is crazy and the butterflies in my tummy were in full force I loved their banter and all their interactions Good stuff thatThis book is full of emotion and depth The characters grow and learn There is a perfect balance of flirty and fun with serious and challenging I could not put this book down LOVE 😍Oh You can pick this book up on KU if you have that OR it's just 99 to buy Don't miss this fantastic dealContent Clean some kissing I received a copy of this book from the author All opinions expressed are my own uinn never imagined her career changing story would lead her back to her home town She's not ready to face her family not yet Not until she lands her big promotion that will make everyone in her life proud of her She has failed enough already she just can't let them down again She's got this She has too There's no other optionCooper never imagined hearing the words you're a dad Especially not when everything is finally starting to fall into place He's moving around the world for crying out loud How can all this be happening now? He's got 3 weeks 3 weeks to set everything straight so he can make his big move He can't keep letting his family down especially now that he has a son He will do right by him he has too There is no other option A case of mistaken identity has uinn playing nanny It's the perfect cover for her story She has 3 weeks to win over Cooper and get his permission to write and run the story But life doesn't always work in our favor Both uinn and Cooper have secrets that they would rather keep hidden from each other But the time they spend together the they realize they don't want any secrets between them But what happens when they finally come out? Will it have them both running again? Or can they move on from them and start over? And maybe just maybe they can find their happily ever after as a family? I have to say that Just Maybe is my favorite one in the series so far It had me laughing out loud getting teary eyed growling in frustration wondering when these two were going to open their eyes to see what was right in front of them and had me letting out little dreamy sighs I know I say this a lot but the feels are definitely real my friends The setting was perfect the story line was amazing and I fell in love with everyone especially little Brayden I absolutely LOVED this book Ms Walton has done it again She weaves an amazing tale of love heartache forgiveness understanding and second chances Her books just keep getting better and better I can't wait for Livy and Chase's storyAnd let's talk about this casting I absolutely love these two What do you think?I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are solely my own Every book I read by Crystal Walton becomes my new favorite Guess what? Just Maybe is my new ‘new favorite’ It’s southern and sassy and SWOONY whew read this from safety of your freezer But even than all of that it’s so tender and sweet even in unexpected waysLet’s start with the fun stuff The chemistry Cooper and uinn may be opposites in a lot of ways but boy howdy do they generate some fabulous sparks Cooper takes uinn’s uirks and sass – and family – in stride in his laidback charm you with his smile ways And gives as good as he gets Heat was already in the air between these two but when he suddenly declares himself her pretend boyfriend to spare her image with her family well get out the smelling salts because “breath time – lost” I’ve still not uite recovered from that first kiss It takes them a bit of toe curling delicious almost kiss moments to get to that point but once they do oh sweet mercyIt’s not just sparks that fly in this story – there’s some good old fashioned southern family dynamics going on too uinn might have been embarrassed by her family but I loved themBut what I loved even than uinn’s grammar correcting uirks or Brayden’s adorable sweetness or Cooper’s unabashed charm or the community’s eclectic personality is the gentle way in which Crystal Walton weaves a message of embracing the mess of our failed expectations and leaning in to the ‘you’ that God sees Letting Him write a beautiful story that makes sense of the mess and turns it into something beautiful The faith element is subtle but oh so tenderBottom Line Crystal Walton gets better and better with each new book Just Maybe is witty and sassy and uirky and swoonily romantic and Walton’s impeccable way with words paints a vivid picture in your heart and on the page A must read for contemporary romance fansI voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this bookfirst seen at Reading Is My SuperPower This story really pulls on the heartstrings Read full review in the 2018 February issue of InD'tale Magazine Full review on Faithfully BookishCooper and uinn have to choose between the ambition of their own plans and the attraction of a love and life that sounds too good to be true factor in the electrified attraction zinging around these two her zany southern family plus countless sweet baby moments and y'all won't be able to put this story down On the surface Cooper is everyone's favorite wealthy ladies' man but his genuine heart and driven work ethic make him a real keeper uinn is determined to prove her worth and make her family proud through a successful career in journalism This story really had me thinking about expectations I don't know about y'all but I can be my own worst critic Wouldn't it be nice to see yourself as your loved ones see you or even better how God sees each one of us? I highly recommend this book and seriesI reuested the opportunity to read and review this title through the author The opinions expressed are my own After I read Drew and Ti’s story Begin Again I knew it was going to be a tough act to follow The banter the humour the chemistry and the growing friendship that taps into the heart and soul of the characters—it was the best of everything I love in a contemporary romance But it begged the uestion Could the next one possibly be as good? I should have known better than to doubt this author Cooper and uinn might be totally different characters but all those same elements are alive and well in this novel just presented in their own uniue Cooper and uinn wayuinn is eual parts sass and homemaker and she has a compulsion to correct people’s grammar that I can totally relate to I laughed out loud at her angst over someone calling their coffee shop ‘Xpresso’ She’s also driven to prove herself in order to make those she loves proud of her which is what brings her to Cooper’s doorstep in search of an exclusive interview Being mistaken for a nanny gives her a perfect ‘in’ for the interview she wants to write but before she knows it Cooper’s returning the favour by posing as her boyfriend her family’s falling in love with him and well it’s getting so much complicated than writing an article should beAnd Cooper Hello Mr Delectable For a self made billionaire he’s pretty laid back He handles uinn’s sass like a pro has genuine and very potent charm is big hearted and fun loving and notwithstanding his track record with nappy changing it’s obvious he’s a natural at this fatherhood gig What girl wouldn’t swoon over all that?But lying at the heart of this story is a girl living with the devastation of having the one thing she wanted than anything stolen from her and a guy who’s burdened by a load of guilt and fear his father would never have wanted him to carry And as much fun as the banter and uinn’s slightly embarrassing Southern family are my favourite moments in this novel were those moments when the walls came down between Cooper and uinn and their hearts were on full display—their vulnerability their compassion and their growing love for one another Scoop me off the floor because my bones pretty much turned to mushAll that is to say if you love contemporary inspirational romance Crystal Walton needs to be on your must read listI received a copy of this novel from the author This has not influenced the content of my review which is my honest and unbiased opinion I read a free Advanced Reader Copy which I got because I was so impressed by another one of her books that I followed her links to her website I wanted to know what kind of person writes such a good book? and then got the opportunity to join a FB group This book was as good or better than that other awesome book I read Begin Again She writes clean uplifting stories with a touch of faith The entertainment factor is tops The wit displayed between characters keeps me smiling how does one think of all those clever things? Amazing The word woven is another apt description There is so much attention to detail than I can count little incidents refer back to something earlier in the story Your interest will be captured and you won't be able to put it down Along with wit and detail you can add meaningful to the list She touches on deep meaningful themes that affect everyone In this story you get expressions of love for fathers and from fathers or the pain of their absence an affirmation about the importance of fatherhood influence and you see some pitfalls in the character's lives of trying to live up to a father's or anyone's expectations The characters didn't uite understand the thoughts behind their father's actions But these are just side topics it's mainly about a budding romance You get an exploration into a character's motives to find out if they acting out of fear or love This book lightly touches the pain issues of dementia and infertility but done in a way that just plucks your compassion strings but not drag you down It's entirely an uplifting and feel good story There should be like this in the world My weekend time in the rocking chair was well spent I hate to say to much and spoil the fun of discovering the characters and living their adventure with them I picked this book to read because I had enjoyed another in this series but it can stand on its own uite well I thoroughly enjoyed it I read it on a flight to California and the hours simply vanished into thin air I had tears running down my cheaks reading the last words as we touched down at the shear joy of a story well told I was seated in between two arm rest hogs with my arms sueezed together to avoid the pain of their elbows but drifted away in the book by the time we reached cruising altitude and left me smiling when we disembarked despite the pain in my neck and shoulders Now that’s a good book