Finding Olivia

Finding Olivia❆ [KINDLE] ✿ Finding Olivia By Micalea Smeltzer ➟ – How far would you go to find yourselfThat’s the uestion that’s been haunting Olivia Owens for yearsAll Olivia has ever wanted to do is live and make mistakes but her preacher father has made that How far would you go to find yourselfThat’s the uestion that’s been haunting Olivia Owens for yearsAll Olivia has ever wanted to do is live and make mistakes but her preacher father has made that impossible She believes that her years at college will be her ticket into the real world and her chance to be wild and spontaneousBut she’s never been able to do it on her ownAt the start of her sopho year she only has four things crossed off her Live List but that’s all about to change thanks to a chance encounter with Trace Wentworth She’s about to learn that there’s to this reformed bad boy than just his looks and panty dropping smileTrace can’t explain what it is that draws him to OliviaAll he knows is that he wants to get to know the girl with the sad smile but sparkle in her eyesWhen she tells him about her list he knows that this is his chance to get to know Olivia Owens Trace is determined to show Olivia that she can do all the things she’s ever wanted to do So he begins to help her cross things off her list even the outlandish reuestsWhat happens along the way is than what Olivia or Trace ever expectedLove laughs and a listThat’s the name of the game when you’re Finding Olivia New Adult Contemporary Romance intended for readers . ShudderI want to try and be nice but the abuse of commas alone makes me feel less than generous toward the author The story is banal the characters are wooden stereotypes the pacing is awful and the plot is boring and predictable It's NA fantasy smut without any of the fun Even the sex scenes are fairly uninspired And proper grammar? FuhgedaboutitSo here are some writing tips for this author and those of her ilk1 'Intact' is one word 2 'Passed' and 'Past' are separate words with separate meanings3 Hair cannot 'muse' It can however be mussed this was not a typo as it happened at least four times4 When it comes to commas believe me less is A simple sentence needs none a compound sentence usually no than two Once you've surpassed two watch yourself The summer months I had spent at home had drained me completely and I knew the next four weeks would take their toll as wellI went outside and carried my suitcase in before getting readyThe tip off that it was Trace's room was the baseball memorabilia scattered aroundI tried to tiptoe by them into the kitchen for a glass of orange juiceShe called and her whole family stopped what they were doing to look at meThese people weren't drunk and they were here to listen to good music Seriously the commas are exhausted leave the poor things alone 5 There's tapping your feet and taping a box closed Not the other way around6 All right is two words 7 Altogether is one word8 Sometimes it is correct to use a comma before someone's name Sometimes it is not9 Using your character's inner voice to remind the reader about a scene they read previously in the book? Yeah not a good idea Ever10 There is a time to hyphenate and a time to refrain from doing so11 Excessive details and listing will kill a story he laid the coffee and pill bottle on the table beside the bed Then pulled out a water bottle from under his arm He twisted the cap off the Advil and shook two red pills into his palm He handed them to me along with the water bottle Stop putting your readers to sleep Most of them are generally capable of imagining what goes into caring for a sick person without having you point out every little step in the process12 Make absolutely certain your sentences make sense Trace kissed each piece of skin my jeans uncovered Not a centimeter was left untouched by his lips 4 stars on re read Still a really enjoyable read especially if you are in the mood for something sweet45 StarsA beautiful story Loved the H h Can't wait to read the next book in the seriesRecommend if you are looking for a new adult book that is low on dramaHEA view spoilerHFN Series is complete with HEA hide spoiler Love laughs and a listI love this author ❤️ You can find a bit extended version on my blog Spoilers aheadI was really looking forward to read this book just look at the cover it seems like it’s a happy summer read and doesn't have much drama in it right? Most of all I wanted to read something without the usual “break each others heart after they got together” stuff so I started itNow I wish I’ve never found this book it was nothing compared to my expectations and I didn’t have big ones as I thought this will be just a light read I don’t even know why I finished this because as I look back nothing happened in it The book starts with this uote “Life is not measured by the amount of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away” I love this uote because it’s true of everyone’s life Woah – I thought – this will blew my mind and take my breath away Boy was I wrongThis was one of the worst books of the year it didn’t have any original ideas everything that happened in Finding Olivia can be found in other books too I've already read nearly all these situations in other novels Finding Olivia could be called The Big Encyclopedia of Clichés and I’m not exaggerating things it was really that bad Unlike other times I’m going to list all the things that were dumb or completely not original and I'm not going to talk about the characters storyline or romance separately Olivia drives to college when she gets a flat tire the first person who stops is a guy who isn’t just looks like a god but is a mechanic who helps her and after offers to put in new tires if she goes to the garage where he works Olivia makes a fool out of herself and they don't even talk a normal sentence but Trace still falls in love with her right then and there Olivia happens to have a best friend who’s her complete contrary Avery is outgoing has a different guy every week and is a fashion expert while Olivia is antisocial shy and takes on what she finds in her wardrobe Avery wants to go with Olivia to check out Trace when they arrive to the garage there’s another guy who happens to be Trace’s friend and who’ll be Avery’s boyfriend in the future My best friend is the girlfriend of your best friend cliché “You can’t eat before you meet a boy” stupidity because that’s what young girls need authors telling them “The best friend is in control” bullshit I don’t want a best friend like Avery she never listened to Olivia she did what she wanted to all the time “We just met a few days ago but I trust you with all my secrets” cliché Trace didn’t tell Olivia how rich he is until right before she met with his parents Olivia freaked out because they are rich than because Trace lied to her Umm what? Avery’s parents don’t know Olivia nor her mother but they are all for them to live at their house as long as they want to Olivia’s mother doesn’t move away from home even after his husband hurt Olivia She could have think about something anything is better than living with an abusive fatherhusband Olivia’s mother changing completely in one day she was abused beat up terrified and other horrible things but after a day she’s totally open ready for a new relationship with a guy in her 20s and so on The meeting with the parentsgrandparents of your boyfriendgirlfriend and loving them instantly as your own family cliché There’s the ultra rich family of Trace and the simple rich family of Avery they are all amazing generous people but everyone else from their circles are evil starting with Aubrey the ex of Trace After Aubrey’s hysteric onset Olivia freaks out on Trace and hides away because she can’t believe Trace was with someone like that bitch You know what I can’t believe? That Trace is with someone like Olivia The four of them go on a holiday together hmm a bit used up don't you think? While on a holiday Trace wants to make sure Olivia is okay and what he gets in exchange? Bitchiness that’s what“Are you sure you’re ” I held up a hand to stop him “Yes I’m sure You have nothing to worry about except for my nerves that you’re wearing out” Who the fuck calls her dog or something like this “Okay” I nodded still worried about my hairy babyWTF is wrong with these people? Olivia was such a baby she was always complaining about something Oh my boyfriend is so annoying he wants to take care of me all the time and he won’t let me pay when we go out worst of all my best friend is such a pervert meanwhile my mum’s having sex with a guy from my age Time to time she thought something than in the next minute thought the complete opposite of that thing Trace and I met by chance and something made me show him my list but somewhere along the way my list stopped mattering to me It became not so much about accomplishing these things but about living in the moment and justbeing happy As simple as that may sound it’s true Happiness is everything After like two minutes she thinks Trace will leave her when it was totally obvious that he went after Aubrey to put her into her place Trace was fucking mad when he left not lovesick girl you have major problems and it’s not shyness because Olivia was not shy that’s for sure The comma abuse in this book was horrible my native language isn’t English still I saw how many mistakes this author madeWhy didn’t she check on the internet the terms of where to use commas? worst of all she was born in the USA but I don’t judge If I were her I would make sure that my novel which would be published has as little mistakes is it can How Avery always dressed up Olivia When she went to the garage she wore high heels okay fine I’m gonna skip this but when she went to the park with Trace she didn’t wear a sweater because that’s not sexy yeah because girls in jumpers poluvers sweaters or jackets etc can’t look good they have to wear something thin so they’ll freeze their ass of Thanks for the great advice I’ll keep it in mind Do you know what did Olivia were to the park? High heeled shoes because when you’re going to have a picnic or something like that this is what you do wear shoes you can’t walk in Ridiculous I love to dress up and I adore high heels but I don’t think you have to wear them all the time by the way what about sporty girls or those who can’t walk in high heeled shoes? After Olivia woke up in the hospital she didn’t let Avery meet with her because she didn’t want her to see her looking this “shitty” Before you think this was because she’s such a great person who doesn’t want her best friend getting worried I’m going to tell you this wasn’t the reason She was just being selfish I can totally get how tired she was but for fucks sake lying in bed while they stand around you for five minutes wouldn't killed her but gave Avery relief She realizes Trace told that he’s her husband because he wanted to stay with her and this was the only way her reaction“Husband?” I snapped eyeing TraceJeez seriously what a dick I’d totally kill myself if I had a boyfriend like him wouldn’t you? When she goes home Trace wants to help her in everything because she needs it for example she can’t change without help “I can do it myself” I yelled at Trace when he tried to help me out of my clothes He flinched like I had slapped him “Are you sure?”“No” I croaked and collapsed onto the bed sobbing “I hate this Trace I feel so helpless I can’t walk up stairs or change my own clothes It isn’t fair Why did this happen to me?” I buried my tear streaked face in my hands Girl be careful not to drown in your self pity Considering how Olivia was abused all her life she should be mature even if she doesn’t have a lot of experience She shouldn’t whine about everything or let Avery boss her around like thisI don't want to comment Olivia’s list because even if half of the things aren’t ones I would write or gave into a fictional characters mind I can see how some people might want to do all of theseAbout the next books in this series The story idea 35The realization of the story 25The characters 25The cover 35All in all 25 25 I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone but I think some of you might like it read it if you don’t mind if a novel is predictable and if you don’t get angry when you read useless twists I feel rather bad giving Finding Olivia a two star review since there were so many high marks for this book Guess I don't like to follow a crowdOlivia really bothered me She had a spitfire side which just rubbed me the wrong way She was snarky so often that I never found her endearing side which typically came out only when her and Trace were about to have sex to be actually endearing She kept saying how shy she was I never got that impression She was awkward and often overreacted at the smallest provocation which as far as I know since I'm shy is not usually a sign of being so Ugh I don't she just bothered me Trace was fine though; sweet caring I also liked the fact that he was a mechanic but we did find out his parents were rich which didn't really feel like a necessary twist to me but don't worry Olivia freaked out about that too and not another college kid He admitted that college wasn't for him and I liked that angle It was different and interesting It was a pretty long read which was good but not much happened Trace and Olivia went through her list and there was some intermittent drama but it was placed so far apart that I felt like the story dragged as a whole Eh I just wasn't impressed Oh well not for me I cannot believe this book was my first book by Micalea Smeltzer I had heard of her before I read this book but I'd never had the chance to read any of her books I will definitely be putting them to the top of my TBR list now This book was absolutely amazing I knew I was going to love it as soon as I started reading the first page The synopsis pulled me right in as it sounds uite light and fluffy but it tells you that the book also has a bit of a dark side as well Finding Olivia was a cute funny story about two characters falling in love though The plot was so cute in some scenes and then so serious in others You didn't really know what kind of scene you were going to get It flowed perfectly though and I just couldn't put it down until I'd finished it It completely blew me away I loved the whole concept of the plot with the main character having a list and trying to cross off everything on the list but maybe needing some persuading along the way lol I haven't read a book uite like this one and The characters were also amazing Olivia was the main character and she was so cute I knew I was going to love her as soon as she started talking I also loved how nervous she was with Trace and how he brought her out of her shell Olivia was uite an easy character for me to connect with The impression I got of her was that she was a friendly but timid person who always saw the good in people I just completely loved her I wanted to hug her and not let her go She was amazing and so strong Trace was the love interest of Olivia and he was so freaking hot From the moment he was introduced I knew he was perfect for Olivia He was so adorable with her and he helped her so much I completely adored him Even though he had been through a lot he was determined to show Olivia how to live again and that made me love him even It also made me admire him as well The other characters in this book all brought so much to the story Most of them were amazing and huge supports to both Olivia and Trace I know that there's going to be another book to this one but I also see potential for a book with maybe different characters from this book in it I will be first in line to buy Trace and Olivia's next book though The cover for this book is unbelievably stunning I love it and the models on the front represent Olivia and Trace perfectly Big thank you to Micalea for an ARC of Finding Olivia and to Stephanie’s Book Reports for having me on the Blog Tour Review Originally Posted at Book FreakLife is not measured by the amount of breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away All Olivia Owens wanted to do is to live and be free – something her preacher father forbids her to do So the moment she steps out of the house and went to college she made herself a list Things I want to do 1 Get Drunk2 Fly in a hot air balloon3 Go to the carnival4 Go to a concert even if it’s someone I’ve never heard of5 Go to a party6 Lose my virginity7 Dance in the rain8 Go roller skating9 See the ocean10 Learn to paint11 Get a dog or a cat or a rabbit Any pet will do12 Sing in front of real people Avery doesn’t count13 Make friends14 Shoot a gun15 Smoke16 Get a tattoo17 Learn to pole dance18 Go skinny dipping19 Pierce my belly button20 Fall in loveCan you imagine what her childhood might be like not to experience some of these ‘basic’ stuffs? I feel kinda sad for her She had crossed off only FOUR from the list being shy it’s hard for her to do something spontaneous and out of this world Even with her best friend Avery who seemed to be living life to the fullestHere comes Trace Wentworth– the gorgeous mechanic who helped her changed her tires and her life He was someone she didn’t expect to enter her life an unexpected blessing who motivated her to do and live life to the fullest But there is to this handsome mechanic than what he lets onThere’s Avery who is the complete opposite of Olivia If Olivia is chronically shy her best friend do and says whatever she wants I find her adorable and exactly what Olivia needed She can be blunt at times and says the most honest embarrassing things but when Olivia needs her; she’s a ready shoulder to cry on and would do anything for her friendReading Finding Olivia is an adventure This story is about an amazing friendship to die for mechanic unexpected love affairs surprising secrets unseen twist gruesome turns and finally a happy ending for someone who had been through a lot and truly deserved it I was hooked as I go with Olivia Trace in crossing off the things in the list one sweet moment at a time ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review 35 to 4 Finding Your Self STARSFinding Olivia is a VERY SWEET tale about a young gal finding herself by completing a to do listSUMMARYOlivia is a preacher’s daughter and grew up in a strict household She’s in college and realizes she never really lived life She creates a list of 20 things she wants to do Some things are like getting a tattoo getting drunk and falling in loveTrace is a typical guy He’s a mechanic and sees Olivia on the side of the road stranded because of a flat tire Being the gentleman that he is he helps her and learns about Olivia’s list Trace takes it upon himself to help her with the list REVIEWThe summary is a cute concept I kind of wished she was dying or had a timeline but I guess a general list isn’t so bad Finding Olivia is a VERY LONG novel There isn’t any angst what so ever Yes there are a few moments with tension but overall the book is breezyIf you like easy books with an easy relationship then this is for you I didn’t find anything really wrong with Finding Olivia other than it was kind of too sweet and it wasn’t entirely list oriented Yes the book is about completing a list but that wasn’t main focus The main focus of the book is Trace and Olivia’s relationship Other than Olivia’s demanding father and the list there really isn’t any other obstacle Olivia and Trace go on many dates and as they date they learn about each other Trace comes from a nice family background but is still dealing with his some issues nothing too major Olivia is trying to take control of her life by experiencing things she’s never done before very simple thingsTrace is just a sweet guy helping a girl out with her to do list because he likes her Completing the list is kind of easy but completing a list while you are dating a girl makes for a bookLike I said it’s a simple and easy book I loved this book a lot This was a beautiful story about finding oneself and love along the way Olivia was a girl who was raised to always be perfect in everything that she did But doing what was expected of her made Olivia feel as if she was really living her life and doing what she wanted to do So she decided to go far away from home and try to start her life anew She made a Live List and hoped to cross off all the items off her list Her first year was barely interesting besides her roommate Avery that is until she meet the swoon worthy Trace There was something that drew Olivia and Trace to each other and the story that ensues from their chance meeting was wonderful The book followed them on journey from a friendship that grew into love Olivia was shy but a strong leading character I loved that she dealt with what she was given and was trying to move forward with her life She wanted to be free in her choices and that was inspiring that she just wanted to experience life and just live Trace was just amazing I loved him He was such a wonderful guy He dealt with some heavy things in his past but was now committed to living a good life He was the perfect person for Olivia because they were able to bring out the best in each other I loved that the story showed their relationship as it grew The story had a great flow to it and all the characters were fantastic This book had everything it made me laugh and cry It was truly amazing Definitely a must read When I got this ARC I looked like an excited 5 year old SOOOOOO not kidding I was so excited and totally fangirling over it and I was not disappointed I absolutely love this author and her books she is amazing Now like all her books Micalea has written amazing characters with a great story You will love these characters and want The MCs are awesome I have to tell you I absolutely want to read a book about Avery I absolutely LOVE her Olivia is a fantastic character She is complex and so full of emotions I fell in love with her from the start Trace is amazing inside out He has demons like everyone but is such a great person I loved that Olivia sees that from the beginning I love the amount of time that passes during this story there is no insta love here The story develops at a nice pace and you get to know and understand each character all the way through I really love how Micalea writes her pace is always great and the writing is high uality and really flows well I'm going to leave you on that note for now I might come back and update this review as I feel the story and live with it the rest of the weekBottom line check out this book it's great I think you will really like it