A Precious Love

A Precious Love[Download] ➺ A Precious Love ➿ Karen Ferry – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Trish Lawson never thought she’d meet a man willing to put up with her type of crazy but Alex Darrow might end up surprising her Alex was never meant to become my lover On top of being hot as sin he Trish Lawson never thought she’d meet a man willing to put up with her type of crazy but Alex Darrow might end up surprising her Alex was never meant to become my lover On top of being hot as sin he is gentle sweet and honest – not the kind of fun I was looking for But fate has other plans for A Precious PDF \ us entwining a thread around our souls and pulling us closer at every turn Soon I start to believe that we might have a future together That our love is preciousIn the end fate decides to play the ultimate trick on us and we are left bleeding and in tormentThe pain becomes too much to bear and I attempt to sever the tie between usThe only problem is that Alex won’t let me He turns my body into flames of lust while his lips speak of his love for meMy heart still aches from the loss we share but I don’t know if I can keep resisting him Author's Note previously published as a short story to feature in The Love After Losing Anthology but has now been expanded Can be read as a standalone. 45 starsLove might not conuer all but if you let it into your heart and embrace it I believe that it has the power to heal you What an epic statement within the author's note thank you KarenFirst of all let me tell you that I'm no big fan of novellas For me they are always way too short and I think it takes great writing skills to pull off a novella From time to time one catches my attention and I give it a chance A Precious Love didn't disappoint It's perfectly plotted and the pace is well adjusted to the length of the book I'm used to start books with the first meeting of the two main characters if it's not a friend to lovers story so it's kind of refreshing to start the story of Trish and Alex after their first encounterWhen she melts into my arms I lose the ability to think I can only feel As I breath life into her body with my kisses she sets fire to my soulI love how Alex fights for what he wants and believes in The way he cares for Trish and never let her truly go but giving her the space she needs is pretty amazing That's what true love should look like Don't give up on someone you truly love just because it's a tough timeNext to love hope is the sweetest thing that has ever pulsated in my heartI can totally relate to Trish and why she tries to resist Alex and the building love between them Why she can't trust herself enough to let someone come close to her heart afraid of getting hurt and disappointed And it's good to see that she can open up that she's done resisting and going with the flow Because you can miss out on so many things if you deny yourself happiness just because you are afraid love is love it's not science or a cryptic mathematic formula that needs to be examined and tested before you have the answer It just isYes I have the same problem with this novella like I have with all others It's way too short I want to know and and get deeper insights to the characters their feelings and their development However A Precious Love covers all points well for a novella I really enjoyed the uick ride of Trish'sand Alex's storyA Precious Love was my first book by Karen Ferry and I have to say I'm intrigued I already put the other three books of this series on my tbr pile and as we got introduced to Laurie and Kristian here I'm really dying to read book three which is about their storyI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Karen Ferry has become one of my TOP Fave authors and I have absolutely LOVED this series Believe This novella is probably my favourite of the series even though it SHREDDED my heart to bits or maybe BECAUSE it did At one particular point I found myself sobbingutterly devastated and heartbroken for both Trish and Alex And then I fell even MORE in love with Alex than I already had beenThis book short as it is is JAM PACKED with emotion feels and laugh out loud moments as well It FEELS like a full length novel just a condensed one I loved Trish She's funny feisty knows what she wants and DOESN'T and goes after it with her whole self She's honest about her wants and needs and takes NO prisoners Alex ISN'T a one and done kinda guy He's a relationship type who will pass by the one night stands until he's found the oneuntil he meets Trish and discovers he will do ANYTHING to have her He'll even play by her rulesuntil he's had enough and shows her just what he's made of This novella is so well writtenthe love the angst the steamy sex scenes the heartbreak and the heartwarming conclusion to this series will stay with me for a VERY long time I can't recommend this novella this series AND this author highly enough If you have never read a Karen Ferry novel you have NO IDEA what you're missing I'm not a novella type of person but I can never pass up on reading a Karen Ferry contemporary romance Of course though I wanted This one will have you rooting for the hero Alex He owns his own tattoo shop but desperately wants a relationship with Trish a woman who doesn't do commitments Alex is hard to pass up however He's romantic and pretty handsome on the eyes With a body to die for Trish finds it hard to say no to him But does Alex have his work cut out for him or what??? What will happen between these two will bring happy and sad tears to your eyes Another outstanding book by Ms Ferry So looking forward to reading her next romanceThank you to the author for gifting me a copy of this publication for an honest review Do you know what I love most about this author? Well apart from her smorgasbord of hot male characters winks It’s the fact that she isn’t afraid to tackle sensitive issues head on RL isn’t all rainbows and glitter and her books reflect this Yet she delivered Alex and Trish’s story with the respect and consideration it deserves I spent the first part of the novella going ‘Well I never’ and ‘They kept that uiet’ You just never know do you? I wanted to sit Trish down and put a spotlight on her demanding she tell me everything Spare me no detail smirks I’m a big girl I can take it Whaaa? Come on folks I can’t be the only one who’s imagined the titillating convos between Trish and her bestie Laura when they have a full debrief of their men snortsI’m trying my best not to commit a faux pas by sticking my size sevens’ in my mouth no comment from the gallery please But just as commitment shy Trish and Alex are laying the foundations for a possible future together life delivers an unwelcome blow Cue tears and snot Add in a small rant from yours truly with some choice words of the blueish variety for the author and you catch my drift shrugsStill Alex won’t give up the fight for his heart because that’s what Trish is to him Without her he won’t be living just existing “Next to love hope is the sweetest thing” Gah No wonder I suffer with #unrealisticexpectations when it comes to men Men this good can only exist between the pages of a book surely Coz I’ll tell you one thing I’ve never bumped into the likes of Alex whilst I’ve been walking down Sauchiehall Street You can bet if I ever had I would’ve climbed that poor sap like a tree giggles Two words bail money I can’t believe that’s the series over with for the time being sniffs It’s too hard to say goodbye instead I’m going to say see you all soon Once again Karen Ferry has delivered a heart warming romance that is well written and leaves you waiting impatiently for her next story not because this story needs finishing oh no simply because I cannot get enough of her words she is definitely a one click author for meThis story follows two characters that we briefly met in A Time to Learn and finishes off the series nicely Whilst it's a novella and can easily be read in a few hours it was missing nothing Ferry gives us some of Trish's past to explain her apprehension with relationships and I was so rooting for Alex to be able to break down her barriers and allow him in now Alex Darrow he is something else if sexy bearded tattooists are your thing then you're in for a real treat as not only is he all that he is so much A real family man romantic a little eccentric and hotness overload perfectAs always Karen Ferry's characters are relatable and therefore her stories come alive to the reader Eagerly awaiting words Ms Ferry Karen Ferry serves up plenty of heat heartache and hope with her new novella A Precious Love Having been teased with hints of their relationship in Time to Learn I was eager to get my hands on Trish and Alex’s story Karen Ferry definitely didn’t disappoint delivering the kind of feels that make your heart stutter and soar I appreciated the intense immediate connection this couple seemed to share and adored the ease of their flirtatious banter Trish was every bit the feisty independent woman I knew she would be and Alex was downright swoon worthy in his romantic pursuit of her Due to the length limitations of a novella the author jumped forward in time at several points throughout the story While I appreciated the opportunity to see the breadth of Trish and Alex’s relationship it lost a little something in overall depth I had a hard time understanding how deeply and solidly they fell for one another when we didn’t get to see them building that part of their relationship Instead of just being told of their growth and emotional development I would have preferred to experience it for myself That isn’t to say that I didn’t feel this story all the way through I did I just wanted to feel it as deeply as I’ve felt the author’s other work Trish and Alex certainly have their work cut out for them in this novella Karen Ferry put these two through the emotional wringer and she pulled me right along with them This author has definitely mastered the emotional sucker punch A Precious Love has humor heart and just the right amount of heat making for an emotional but entirely enjoyable read The author’s writing continues to show fantastic growth and I found losing myself in her fictional world absolutely effortless Trish and Alex were the perfect pair pushing each other in all the right ways I hope we’ll see of them in the future A sweet addition to the Believe series A Precious Love is a uick memorable read that will leave you wanting “Love might not conuer all but if you let it into your heart and embrace it I believe that it has the power to heal you”I was lucky enough to receive an ARC for this book and I have to say I completely fell in love with it This booked is laced with emotions that will consistently tug on your heart strings This was the first book I had read from Karen Ferry and I can definitely say it won’t be the last Some books I read are light hearted and have no “real life” tendencies but this book was not one of those books it covers real life issues and I feel this is why its such a fantastic readTrish is a fun loving fiesty independent woman who has no intention of settling down she meets Alex when she goes to get a tattoo he’s the artist Alex knows from the second he laid eyes on Trish there was something different about her and that he has to get to know her but now all he has to do is convince Trish They agreed to go out on a date and this part of the book was fantastic to read as Trish is such a witty character and the banter between them was great They embarked on a casual relationship and grow closer day by day and as time goes on feelings are definitely creeping in Alex always wears his heart on his sleeve and said how he felt but Trish played it coolThe sex scenes between these two are on fire they can’t get enough of each other when they are together and although they aren’t in a serious relationship neither of them want to be with anyone else Trish now looked forward to Alex’s texts everyday and couldn’t wait to see him on their regular dates she knew he was getting under her skin but didn’t know how to feel about it herselfTragedy struck them very early on in their relationship and this was a very emotional to read Ferry writes this part of the book beautifully Two lost souls searching for different things but really only needing one thingCan Trish and Alex find the thing they need to heal each other or will they allow it to tear them apart??? You will have to get your copy today and find out by the time you are finished reading this book you will want a man like Alex major swoon alertI give this book a highly recommended 4 stars my only complaint is that it wasn’t long enoughI was given an ARC for an honest review So lets just start this by saying Karen you did it again You delivered yet another novel that will tug at your heartstrings Now this is a novella so it is shorter then the average novel in this series However that being said the story is so well written that even though it is a novella it a very well rounded not rushed and complete story We originally meet Alex and Trish in Time To Learn book 3 in the Believe series You can tell when you read that one that there is to their story then you are getting Thankfully we get all the details in this one I wont go into those details because its so much better for you to get them first hand not from someone like me I will say that if you have read book 3 like I did you will be very happy to learn all the ins and outs of Alex and Trish Now if you have not read Time To Learn you really should you know you will have no issue getting into this novella This will actually take you back to before that novel anyway but with Tish and Alex's Tish's free sprit and fun will draw you in just as it did Alex However Alex wants then what Tish is willing to give He is determined to stop at nothing till she will commit Tish is hesitant to do so but is hopeful that Alex can sweep her off feet and make her change her stand on commitment Both characters have so much going on presently and in their past that gets touched on in this story as well I love how Karen has brought some heavy topics into the storyline but in such away so that you are not over powered by them She has a way of intertwining hard topics into her love stories that make you unable to put them down I was so happy that this was the Alex and Tish that we were given I honestly could not have thought of a better love story for these two I look forward to her next book and to see just want Karen has in story for me this time Sigh such a beautiful happy sigh This novella has pulled every kind of emotion from me as I’ve travelled the life love loss that Trish Alex shared let me tell you my heart literally burst out my chest come the end of the epilogue APL is such a beautiful heart wrenching yet hopeful story of love I loved every page of itAlex Trish are like oil water yet together they are smouldering sensual unbelievably sexy I loved their banter their push pull of matters of the heart but most of all the way in which they found their way back to each after they were dealt the most soul destroying blow imaginableI loved how real they both felt vulnerable scared lost Both unsure how to survive life yet knowing deep in their soul the only answer is together Alex has such gorgeous open heart I was so pleased he never gave up on his girl because she deserved all this man had to offer ten times overKF has done an amazing job in delivering such a profound story filled with such depth emotion within such a short read especially in the way she developed this pair making me breathe their pain touch their sorrow A true masterclass of writing This book is so different than what I expected Trish meets Alex when she goes to his tattoo shop to get a tattoo Trish hopes that Alex will ask her out and when he finally does she tells him that she doesn't want to date just have some fun but Alex vows to make her his Things heat up uickly between the two of them but then are hit with a blowCan Alex convince Trish to stay with him that they belong together or will she walk out of his life for good? I loved how Trish was so full of life and free spirited and how yoy woukd think that Alex being a tattoo artist would be rough around the edges but instead he's a big teddy bear or as Trish says his cuddle bear Another 5 star read