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Where Wishes Go❮Reading❯ ➶ Where Wishes Go ➮ Author S.A. McAuley – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Can you have a second chance at a first love Nick Paine is just starting to return to normal after he told his wife he’s gay and asked for a divorce Despite a daughter he loves dearly and a job he b Can you have a second chance at a first love Nick Paine is just starting to return to normal after he told Where Wishes eBook Ë his wife he’s gay and asked for a divorce Despite a daughter he loves dearly and a job he believes in part of him is stuck in the past He’s never forgotten the first love he let fade away fifteen years ago Adam Izz Azzi has settled into a happy rhythm His daughter is healthy he's found a mosue that accepts him and his work as a modern artist is gaining international attention While his past is fraught with mistakes and what ifs his life now is good and he doesn't want to upset any of the balance he's worked so hard to achieve When Nick and Izz are reunited by luck and fate their attraction is just as undeniable but what was left unsaid haunts them They have hope for a future together but wishing may not be enough. 2 stars DNF 51% Review posted September 29 2015Before anyone gets their panties in a twist according to GR a two star rating means it was ok To me however it wasn't really ok but it's definitely worthy of than one star Two stars it is thenIt pains me to say this but Where Wishes Go wasn't my cup of tea It specifically pains me because I have liked a few of SA McAuley's books in the past and I was very much looking forward to reading Where Wishes Go After all the premise did sound interesting and I was already familiar with her writing All the reason to check this one outWell after only having read a few pages my gut feeling was negative I can do the normal kind of sweet but I can neither do sap nor melodrama I felt there was uite an abundance of both here Voices broke words came out choked or they were pleading or crying And when they weren't sad they seemed to be smiling laughing or grinning one too many timesWord count111 x smile smiled smiles56 x grin grins grinned grinning121 x laugh laughter laughed laughing I'm going to spare you the examples smilesThe waterworks Adam started to tear upAdam felt the tears welling up in his eyesShelly wiped away a tearwide brown eyes filling with tearshis chest constricting and the tears tugging at his eyesmatching the tracks of hot tearshot prickling sensation of brimming tearsher eyes wet with unshed tearsAdam felt the beginning of tears prickling at the corners of his eyesHis chest ached and tears prickled at the corners of his eyeswatched the trickle of one teardrop from the edge of Nick's eye track down his cheeketcFrowny faces32 x frowned frown 1 x non frown Nick frownedNick frownedAdam frowned and decidedAdam frowned deeply Adam frowned and threw his keys on the tableAdam frowned and slowed down He frowned when he finally picked upNick frowned and studied AdamNick's frown deepenedAdam frownedShe frownedNick frownedHe frownedetcBaba makes a frowny face too17 x furrowed Adam furrowed his browHis brows furrowedAdam's eyebrows furrowed togetherAdam's brow furrowedCharlie furrowed his browNick furrowed his browNick furrowed his brow and followedNick furrowed his brow tryingNick furrowed his brow but didn'tAdam furrowed his brow and lookedAdam furrowed his brow and tried to piece togetherAdam's brows furrowedNick's brow furrowed at the mentionAdam furrowed his brow as he lookedetc17 x is not really all that much but it somehow stuck with me Worse it irritated meI just didn't connect with the main characters and never felt emotionally invested As a matter of fact I don't want to be forced to feel something; it should happen naturally over the course of time but sugary sweet storytelling andor writing isn't the right motivator for me TBH Anyway the characters irked me and the storyline did not manage to captivate me Adam was a wuss a drama ueen and a procrastinator Don't get me wrong I actually like the brooding kind of hero very much but Adam was a PITA What I thought was a little bit disappointing was Adam's religious background I can't speak for the second half of the story but halfway through and the Muslim aspect was only superficially touched upon which was just not good enough for meAlso what rubbed me the wrong way was the portrayal of the two girls They were the sweetest angels who must have graced our Mother Earth Granted I don't have any girls but I'm a mother of two boys and I assure you that even though people are cooing over my avatar and his gorgeous hair and post sweet comments ie 'He's a cherub' etc he's not I mean he's cute and all that I love him dearly and he can be nice when he feels like showing himself at his very best but he isn't an angel Honestly nothing could be further from the truth Let me tell you something His favorite words areNo NoNo not nowI did say noNo I don't want to do thatWait I am busy nowI don't have time nowI can't I'm drawing nowNo I want to play with my LegosLater When I tell him to brush his teethNot now Later When I tell him to do his homeworkBut MomYes butMo ooooomMom to K There is no but after a yes K JesusFuckingChrist Of course I don't voice that JesusFuckingChrist but I think you get the gist I mean this is what I hear every friggin' day Seven days a week 365 days a year Now nobody should tell me that girls are sooooooo sweet and soooooo obedient all the time Because they are not When I see what goes on in my son's classthose girls? Whew I think I'm glad that I have two boys thank you very much view spoilerMiriam has a cardiac defect hide spoiler Where Wishes Go by SA McAuley is the love story of Nick and Adam Nick who has recently divorced and has custody of his daughter and Adam the brooding artist who is the single parent of his daughter Fate has brought them together 15 years after old hurts and fears separated them I'm just amazed to have you here in front of me with this chance again We both have our histories together and apart But I'm hoping that maybe we can continue this together In whatever form that takes I've just I've missed you Nick This story was not at all what I was expecting Going in I thought this story would be full of angst and turmoil and it wasn't it It was surprisingly low angst with snarky humor provided mainly by their friendsWhat I lovedGreat character developmentThe chemistry between Nick and AdamLoved the main characters and secondary charactersStory flow had a nice easy paceI appreciated how Nick and Adam communicated with each other There was no miscommunication between themThe humor I mentioned earlierThe epilogue was very sweetCouple things I wish thoughA few intimate moments between the two main charactersMore angst I was in the mood for a heavy read so I just wanted a bit heartbreakA disclaimerIf you're afraid the book has a lot do with religion don't worry it doesn't The topic is mentioned but is not a major plot point All in all this is a sweet second chance love story It's not just about romance though it's about family and friendships and it will leave you with a smile on your face A solid 4 stars ARC kindly provided by Dreamspinner Press for an honest reviewThis review has been cross posted at Reviews by JesseWave Reviewed for Sinfully Addicted to All Male Romance Click here for a guest post and giveaway from SA McAuleyAlthough their paths diverged wildly after they lost touch 15 years ago after graduating high school Nick and Adam both wind up in eerily similar circumstances almost as if fate had been guiding them back to each other once they were ready Adam is an artist and his emotions are integral to his work while Nick is a vice president of a hospital system and necessarily sees things with of a logical viewEven after 15 years Adam is still struggling with losing Nick He has poured those emotions into his art and is finally on the verge of really putting those feelings to rest When Nick discovers that Adam is closer than he ever expected the memories that he has hung onto over the years come back with a vengeance While all the memories are happy Nick is not sure why they ever lost touch and not sure he’s ready to face the man who had made him so happy then disappeared from his life With the help of some meddling friends and family the two soon find themselves face to face and trying to reconnectDifferent from other SA McAuley books I’ve read this is a low angst feel good story of two adults finding their way back to each other The focus is on the rebuilding of their relationship and discovering the differences between the kids they were and the men they have become Adam has had a difficult past than Nick resulting in a lot of emotional baggage He finds it hard to just trust Nick and open himself up to the possibility of losing him again Nick is a bit oblivious at first but he is determined to prove to Adam that his feelings are real and he is ready to be there for the long haulWhile the steam factor is low with few sex scenes the ones we do get see are intense and meaningful I wouldn’t have minded a few as there was great chemistry The secondary characters made up of Nick and Adam’s friends provided humor support and bit of snark Both men also have children and they are an integral part of the story but do not overwhelm itThis was not the roller coaster of emotions I’ve come to expect from this author It was a subdued story without excessive drama a low angst feel good story with a gorgeous happy ending I am a big fan of men who act their age and Adam and Nick do that as they work through past hurt and misunderstanding to build a future and a family based on love trust and honesty 4 starsLow angst sweet contemporary story featuring a second chance loveI really enjoyed this story with an amazing cast to go with it I read this in one sitting straight through that's how much I liked it I feel like DSP always lacks the passion that I reuire with stories like this Very low angst and I love the second chance romance I just wish the passion was there between Nick Adam I expected it to be fire once these two settled through their difference instead I just felt like it was coasting through passion wise Both guy deal with pretty much different aspects in their past but they are able to move forth and understand what happened all those years ago I liked the idea of Adam being of a different race and religion outside of being catholic I loved seeing his Islam religion being acceptance of him as a person as well as his sexuality I liked that both guys had children I think children in stories show a human approach I love the side characters as well I hope some of them can get little novellas of some sort All in all I think the author did a good job with this story I'd recommend to all A second chance and feel good story Plenty of non communication which only made things worse but lots of engaging characters in this one especially Charlie and Daniel Flame On The two young girls were little princesses and I was so happy everything worked out for Miriam in the end Sam's writing was as good as usual but there were a few typos and things got bogged down sometimes 4 stars from me Wow Just wow This was so so fabulous Will hav words soon Where Wishes Go is a sweet sometimes sad story of two men who struggle a lot but truly find their place in the world and a great love to complete each other It has the perfect balance of romance heartbreak and sweetnessThe story has a really nice and solid pace and it’s so easy to fall for both of the guys You love with them you suffer with them and you’d do anything to help them finding their HEARecommended to those who like a character driven story with lots of heart kids and a sentimental sappy ending 45 StarsAdam and Nick have always thought of each other in a what if way after their time together in high school came to an end after graduation now 15 years later the two suddenly find themselves face to face Will they find in the other what they always wanted or will their memories prove to have been better than seeing each other againNick is a businessman who is forced to have his phone with him 247 but he also knows how to turn it off and that right there says allot about him to me He is sweet and caring and always does what is best for others Seeing him learn about himself is just one of the things I loved about himAdam has known tough times and has come out of it all for the better He loves deeply and when he trusts he does it with his whole heart He is your typical brooding artist and the fun part is HE knows itThese two have had their share of tough times but it has all brought them to where they are now There is so much complexity to this story and I absolutely LOVED it all Each of the main characters were so well written that you feel like you are truly getting to know them I enjoyed the depth of their feelings as they were written on the page because it make me feel like I was the one going through those emotions Great read and can't wait to see 375 Star reviewage on Prism Book Alliance®During the first pages of this book I felt good The characters were introduced in every day ways highlighting the kind of people they are their diversity immediately on display I felt like I was settling in for a cozy read That was mostly the case I had been invited in to story time not just to itFriendship is an important part of this story Just as uickly as I’d fell into the lives of these characters the different relationships and types of friendships showed themselves to be the backbones of the entire thing This is deftly coupled with the family dynamics both existing and those newly created as all of these characters make their way through the challenges they’re faced with in this book Many different familial relationships are portrayed and they felt real and worthy of being includedI found myself looking forward to reading this each time I could get back to it As I learned about Adam and Nick I wondered what’s next? What are they going to do? What are they doing right now?This has an interesting mix of tones feeling like a fairytale love holding hands with the unavoidable need to deal with the past and the pain that comes with that Fate is warring with itself in the forms of Adam and Nick and the relationship that might or might not come to beMcAuley takes her time with the telling of this story revealing details and their emotional impact in realistic ways This approach helped me make connections to the characters Sometimes I’d lose that connection though due to sentences and passages feeling over extended overdone When I feel like I have to take a mental breath while reading that indicates a point where restraint would have been a beneficial tool Some dialogue heavy scenes also felt overly long for this same reasonThis leads me into the uneven pacing during some build ups and conflicts A lot of time is spent on issues past mistakes hurt feelings between Nick and Adam and most of this feels right it works However some of the resolutions feel rushed and were not worth the price of the suffering In other words I was robbed and so were the charactersThe supporting characters are a lovely lot Adam’s mom Nick’s mom both Adam and Nick’s daughters Charlie the agent and friend of Adam’s Daniel the boutiue owner and friend of Nick’s and Roban who might have some of the best lines and nicknames of the bunch They’re all well drawn with a few instances when their personalities seem to blur into one another A few times while reading Charlie sounded like Daniel than Charlie Even so they’re all entertaining and important to the story especially Miriam and KatieWe get some humor especially when some of the guys are hanging out having fun Daniel and Charlie in particular enjoy some fine scene stealing moments Daniel’s story is begging to be told in my opinion How he came to be the person he is his strengths and there are so many uestions just waiting to be answered in a Daniel type way These exchanges often made me feel like I was watching a movie it was that easy to picture and hear everything going onI’ve enjoyed every story by SA McAuley that I’ve read including this one it just needed to get out of its own way here and there This reading experience was a mixed bag with that worked than did not great characters that occasionally became overwhelmed by their own dialogue diversity the cast of characters that sometimes wandered into everything is puppies and roses perfect landia and wonderfully deep emotion that came and went too fast almost like the author found it difficult to stay there and examine itI’ll leave you with this as it’s a good example of a lot of the things I mentioned including the complex emotions He cried because he needed to hear Miri call him Daddy He cried because he couldn’t imagine Katie celebrating her birthday alone next year And he cried because despite how painful this all was he’d almost let this man go and right now there was nowhere else he would’ve wanted to be 45 Stars I am going to wrap my arms around you hold you inhale your scent breathe your very essence and let it fill the hole inside me that has ached and bled for so very long CDA lot of things can happen in fifteen years An entire lifetime can happen between the ages of eighteen and thirty three For Adam and Nick that's exactly what occurred from when they last saw each other at their high school graduation and unexpectedly meeting again at Adam's gallery showing A host of memories has gone by for each of them but neither one ever stopped missing the love of their life I told you I loved you and I never heard back from you” Nick whispered the words coming out choked But if they were going to have any hope of rediscovering what they’d once had then everything needed to be said No matter how painful it was He had to find the strength to rip them out of a past that would only attack them again and again if they didn’t face it nowI could so understand and appreciate Adam's perspective however As a recovering alcoholic and addict who only got clean when he found out he had a brand new daughter the thought of getting lost in Nick again and then losing him is a terrifying prospect My heart went out to Nick also who literally didn't figure out he was gay and still in love with Adam until his wife talked to him about having another child and he all of a sudden realized he wanted all of the day to day stuff but with Adam Nick is so focused on everyone else's happiness he completely forgets to take the time to figure out what he wants Whereas Adam as an emotional artist often forgets to learn what those he loves want Two sides of a coinI was incredibly impressed that the author didn't stick with the standard fare in this trope Instead she broadened it with some extremely heartfelt and very emotional drama that reminded me of what family is truly all about The writing was brilliant and evocative The story was simple but eually complex Truly a must read in my opinionNOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews