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I Heart Robot[Read] ➮ I Heart Robot Author Suzanne van Rooyen – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Sixteen year old Tyri wants to be a musician and wants to be with someone who gets her musical aspirations I 99 aka 'uinn' lives in a scrap metal sanctuary with other rogue droids While some use viole Sixteen year old Tyri wants to be a musician and wants to be with someone who I Heart PDF/EPUB ² gets her musical aspirations I aka 'uinn' lives in a scrap metal sanctuary with other rogue droids While some use violence to make their voices heard demanding eual rights for AI enhanced robots uinn just wants a moment on stage with his violin to show the humans that androids like him have to offer than their processing powerTyri and uinn's worlds collide when they're accepted by the Baldur Junior Philharmonic Orchestra As the rift between robots and humans deepens Tyri and uinn's love of music draws them closer together forcing Tyri to uestion where her loyalties lie and uinn to uestion his place in the world With the city on the brink of civil war will Tyri's and uinn's passion for music be enough to hold them together while everything else crumbles down around them or will the truth of who they are tear them apart. This is your chance to show the humans that we aren’t just machines that they gave us minds We think we feel we dream we create I Heart Robot is a surprising and enjoyable read This is my first from Suzanne Van Rooyen and I'm glad I gave this a try Look at the cover It really calls out to me Though the whole premise is not my usual read this book made me FEEL Feels all over I love that it makes you think I love that its diverse I love that I was left wanting for Tyri and uinn has a connection through music Tyri is a girl who wants to be a musician uinn is a robot who just want to be treated as a human who can feel and make music This together isn't a fairytale in the making There was a lot of up and downs There was a lot of swoony moments bud sadly it has heartbreaking scenes as well I love that uinn as a robot is believable and that he's so ADORABLE He's my favorite in here Tyri can be a bit complicated She's such a teenager sometimes that it kind of annoys me even though I'm a teenager myself The second characters are incredible Its amazing how the author made me adore them so much even though the story is not mainly about them Tyri and uinn's world is interesting And kind of scary because it's so close to reality The politics their culture I hope it gets to be fleshed out I know that a second book is not confirmed yet but I am pushing it Because I need a seuel so bad it hurts And I know I'm not the only one who wants it evil laugh Sorry for being evil but I'm desperate The ending kinda crushed so thank you very much I'm torn between loving it because the way it ended is so perfect and hating it because well IT CRUSHED ME OKAY? There are ending that you WANT to happen and and their are endings that NEEDS to happen I think the author did the latter and with all seriousness I'm glad she did With how the story flowed it really was the right ending I want from uinn and Tyri because I'm so not ready to let it go I do recommend this book this to EVERYONE It has a message it will make you think and it'll make your heart race A very readable and enjoyable novel that every age group will enjoy Dear readersI'm the author of this one wavesIn a nutshell this story is about a girl who loves music and a robot boy who loves music and about how that girl and robot boy accidentally discover they might love each other even when their world conspires against them If you want to know about what inspired this story you can check out its Pinterest board hereA huge thank you to all those who have already added this to their shelves 35 StarsReviewI received an ecopy of this book from the publisher This has not influenced my reviewI’ve read multiple books about androids fighting for the same rights as humans about whether androids can feel emotions etc but I think this book did it in a way that was really well done and maybe thought provoking than the others I’ve read so far It really delved into the issues and had me uestioning what I believed and weighing arguments on both sides Part of the reason for that was probably because we got to see the perspective of all sides not just the side supporting androids I don’t mean there were a bunch of POV characters there were only two just that we got to hear from characters who were on the extreme for androids and others who were on the extreme for humans I’m talking extreme to the point of violence and killing as well as characters who fell at various different points in the middle That was really the shining point of this book how thought provoking it wasThe other thing that really stood out to me was how realistic the characters their dialogue their actions etc felt A lot of it was kind of low key in a way that was real rather than dramatic or extreme the way books often tend to be And speaking of the characters Tyri and uinn were both good characters—not completely perfect but generally good and likeable And Rurik and Kit while not uite as good or likeable were interesting They were the most flawed and represented the extreme beliefs but they both had good character arcs and got some redemption by the endAs for the relationships among characters I think the chemistry between Tyri and uinn could’ve been a little stronger I really liked the relationship between Tyri and Rurik though because it was realistic and believable as one of those relationships that’s struggling and in which the people just aren’t compatible and are growing apart regardless of what their feelings are and how much they may want the relationship to work I like seeing different types of relationships and struggles in books I would’ve liked to see the possible chemistry between uinn and Kit explored a bit too since I also found their relationship interesting But the romance wasn’t really the point of the story anywayAnother thing I liked was the robot versions of human things like how they got drunk by using some sort of program that kind of scrambled their code in a certain wayMusic is another theme throughout the book alongside the android stuff that some people might really enjoy since both Tyri and uinn played violin uinn even ended up with a sort of synesthesia that made music and sounds have colors and smellsI did see the twist coming but it’s really not the type of twist that affects your enjoyment of the story so that’s not a big deal And I liked the ending overall Important things were wrapped up characters got their arcs and things were good without being too closed and perfectSo overall this was an enjoyable well written book with realistic characters and a thought provoking premise about androidsRecommended ForAnyone who likes YA realistic characters and thought provoking books about androids Original Review Metaphors and Moonlight A copy of this novel was provided by Month9Books for reviewOkay I’m going to outline my two main problems with I Heart Robot but the second one isn’t a problem so much as a wish on my behalf#1Tyri I just couldn’t really understand her One moment she’s completely in love with her boyfriend and then the next she is thinking that they’re drifting apart One moment she’s partial to the robots and agree that they shouldn’t be treated like shit and then the next she’s being a complete bitch about them and calling them ‘tin cans’ I just cannot stand people who are like that they have no concrete emotions of beliefs and I’m just kind of like who even are you? Because your boyfriend is a bit of a douche so yeah you probably should break up with him Because being supportive of a movement doesn’t mean you bow out when something goes wrong – one does not represent the manySo yeah I was not keen on Tyri and her back and forth on everything that’s important to her even her violin#2Robots shouldn’t have a predetermined sexual orientation I mean who the heck is really gonna put some code in saying that a male robot should be into female robots or humans or whatever and vice versa? Where I’m going with this is that uinn and Kit had one thousand times the chemistry that uinn and Tyri had and I was finding myself thinking wow this book would be so much better if Tyri’s character was a guy; or if uinn and Tyri were friends and uinn and Kit were lovers; or if uinn was attracted to both of them Because uinn Kit adorable And Kit 100% had feelings for uinn no doubt about it He was always flirting and biting his lip and SPOILER they actually did kiss so there you have it END SPOILERLong story short uinn should have been bisexual because it would have made a lot of senseSo those were the two things that really jumped out at me when reading I Heart Robot and I guess they impeded uite a bit on my enjoyment of itBut even so I loved the concept I remember being completely heartbroken by AI and Bicentennial Man and I Heart Robot is pretty much the novelisation of those two movies Robotsandroids have feelings – they’re not just metal they want rights because their “owners” can get pretty heinous uinn darling uinn and uinn is determined to show their “humanness” to the humans in hopes to change somethingThere’s a bit of a twist that I 100% saw coming but really enjoyed nonetheless because it brought in a whole new and fresh aspect to the bookTo be honest the ending is freaking open as heck and I really hope there’s a seuel because I did not get the answers I was looking for And who knows maybe my two problems would be resolved in a seuel? sueals happily in anticipation© 2015 Chiara Books for a Delicate Eternity All rights reserved Sci Fi is not my read nor is YA really so I wasn't expecting much when I read the first page Which is all it took the first few pages in order to suck me right in and keep me glancing at the book even when I was supposed to be sleeping or doing something elseThis is a story about a girl who inadvertently falls for a really nice guy who happens to share the same passion as she does the violin The musical nuances added another dimension to the already rich descriptions and emotions running freely through these pages This is a complete story the issues are resolved in a most satisfying way with a few regrettable losses along the way I cared very much about Tyri and her indecision on which side of the fence she wanted to stand uinn was adorable in his push to attain the most humanity he could possibly stuff into his storage driveWith the feels captured from I Robot and AI I found myself a willing passenger on this trip in the Scandinavian future The terms were foreign but not so much I felt I needed a companion volume to explain what I was reading about I recommend this for everyone young adult to adult alike I feel that many readers can pull significance and comparison to our civil rights issues plaguing our human population in present day Read the preview See if it sucks you in too I've had my eye on this book for a long time and I was thrilled to get an advanced copy I Heart Robot is a YA Sci Fi set in a future where robots are common though not considered to have the same level of personhood as humans The story switches between two perspectives Tyri an aspiring musician and uinn a droid who wants to prove he's just as human as his creators The characterisation is superb and I sympathised with both Tyri and uinn They come from opposing worlds yet their shared love of music just leaps off the pagesThe sci fi element is well developed without getting too technical and distracting from the story I loved all the cool details like the way uinn deliberately gives himself human emotions while his fellow robots believe violence is the only solution to the way humans treat them The growing tensions between humans and robots grows throughout the novel developing alongside Tyri's and uinn's stories I was hooked from beginning to end and I'd thoroughly recommend this to sci fi fans Suzanne van Rooyen can always be relied upon to craft a tale that is refreshingly uniue uirky edgy and manages to tug at your heartstrings without ever being cheesy While Tyri with her inconsistent characters and constantly vacillating opinions on every fucking thing got on my nerves a bit I very much enjoyed this story and found it hard to put down A free copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI Heart Robot is easily one of my favorite books of the year so far It's got wonderfully realistic characters – including a lovable protagonist – and raises fascinating uestions about artificial intelligence and what it means to be humanThe book is set in a world where robots are utilized for everything from housekeeping to childcare to intelligence operations They cook food serve in the military and even provide “companionship” The most advanced robots are capable of thinking feeling and creating but in spite of this they are still treated as nothing than machines to be used – and in some cases abused – by their owners It isn’t long before the robots begin to demand rights and protests uprisings and violence aboundCaught up in this civil unrest are the book’s two narrators Tyri and uinn Tyri is a teenage girl torn between her passion for music and the expectation that she follow in her mother's footsteps and pursue a career working with robotics and technology uinn is a run away companion droid whose dearest wish is to be human and move people with his music When the two musicians’ paths intersect at a prestigious orchestra neither realizes just how big an impact they will have on each other’s lives and on the fight for robot autonomyI loved just about everything about I Heart Robot but my favorite part would have to be uinn He’s such a sweetheart adorable shy and vulnerable with an air of innocence about him Suzanne van Rooyen possesses a remarkable ability to demonstrate uinn’s humanity without ever letting the reader forget he’s an android and I enjoyed seeing how she translated human needs wants and habits in robots Getting “drunk” for example involves a robot inserting a flash drive in their USB port and downloading a code that scrambles their electronics and leaves them with a pleasant buzz Becoming tired is caused by a fuel cell that is running low on hydrogen and forgetting something is due to a software glitch or processing error Even feelings are a result of programming and uinn spends most of his money on emotion upgrades “complex code packages unraveling emotions in his core and throughout his circuits” “The uncertainty in my voice sounds so natural so human Sometimes I forget that under the layers of synthetic flesh I’m a snarl of electronics”This begs the uestion Can a robot really be considered a person if their emotions and abilities are dictated by coding and programming? Does this make their feelings less valid? Aren’t humans also dependent on a kind of programming – DNA? How do personality and choice factor in? What exactly does it mean to be human? I loved exploring the answers to these fascinating uestions “We have shared something than a smile but I cannot name it A glitch in my software or some intangible human thing my AI simply cannot process”Something else that makes this book a stand out is how believable and multi dimensional the secondary characters are especially Tyri’s boyfriend and best friend They’re not the perfect friends or the asshole friends but the real friends the ones who mess up and disappoint you and anger you but also love and support you They’re insensitive and hurtful at times caring and helpful at others Life and friendship aren’t black and white and I like that this book reflects thatThis review can also be found on my blog Angela's Library I don't usually write reviews but I enjoyed this book so I'll make an exceptionFirst of all the plot twist if you can even call it that was very predictable Like seriously super obvious the moment Tyri said she didn't have a dad I already knew what was up Tyri as a character was okay I didn't really feel anytype of way about her she was just the main female character because I guess the writer felt there needed to be oneuinn was much intresting his backstory was depressing and his struggle and want for humanity made him very compellingNow I have to say I don't buy uinn and Tyri as a couple I felt uinn's attraction towards her was somewhat forced mostly due to his programming Frankly I feel they should have just been friends I honestly thought uinn and his BrobotBestfriendEnemy on Occasion Kit would have been a better pairing I mean Kit treats him like a boyfriend They did have a kiss and they always find someway to keep meeting eachother so maybe Kit was like a somewhat manipulative emotionally abusive husband While they had a very complicated relationship to say the least I just felt connection with those 2 then uinn and Tyri but what ev'sAll in all I enjoyed this read I felt this book could get a seuel just to wrap up a few loose ends It was fun and had way action then I anticipated so yeah a solid 45 stars New and improved edition coming soon from Skolion

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