The Esther Paradigm

The Esther Paradigm[Read] ➪ The Esther Paradigm By Sarah Monzon – Hannah Pratt dreams of starting a school for the Bedouin clan she grew up with as a missionary kid and finally her hopes are coming true But shortly after she returns to the desert from her college ye Hannah Pratt dreams of starting a school for the Bedouin clan she grew up with as a The Esther Epub / missionary kid and finally her hopes are coming true But shortly after she returns to the desert from her college years in the US she discovers her parents have received threats from their Muslim neighbors As the danger escalates Hannah finds she’s in the middle of a battle no one seems to understand She must decide to what lengths she'll go to stay faithful to the mission to which God has called her Even if it costs her everything As sheikh Karim Al Amir feels the weight of responsibility as the leader of his people When a mysterious illness ravishes the clan’s flocks and threatens to destroy their centuries old way of life locals believe the American doctors and their daughter his childhood friend Hannah are to blame Karim must do something to keep them safe—even if the only solution can be found within marriage vows In a society where the line is drawn between us and them Christianity is outlawed and foreigners are mistrusted will their union heal wounds or inflict the final fatal blow. This book y’all Not only one of my faves for this year It’s one of my new all time favorite favorites This is one I will reread than once A book I will give to everyone who will stand still long enough to take it A story I will talk about even years from nowHannah and Karim’s story touched me deeply Not only because of their tender and passionate friendship set on fire get ready to swoon y’all but also because the heart of Jesus shines through every pageHannah is in a tough situation one that in many ways parallels the Biblical story of Esther As the daughter of missionaries to the Bedouins Hannah has grown up in a world that most of us would struggle to adapt to even for just a few days Her faith is tested like never before but it’s also strengthened like never before Several parts of Hannah’s story are uncomfortable for we Western ‘Jesus girls’ to consider but doesn’t the story of Esther sit a little uncomfortably with us too? I think Monzon has done an absolutely fantastic job of taking perhaps the most intriguing Biblical narrative and placing it in a contemporary context that captures us and leaves us riveted to the pageBottom Line The Esther Paradigm is Sarah Monzon’s best book yet The whole story not to mention Karim himself is bravely uniue to Christian fiction but it is here ‘for such a time as this’ This is a novel we all need to read and ponder and allow the truth tucked inside the story to change our own hearts A must read for everyone Can’t recommend it highly enoughI borrowed this book through Kindle Unlimitedfirst seen at Reading Is My SuperPower Well I'm gobsmacked Not sure I can find the words to express what an impact this book made on me How much I loved the hero and heroine and their sublime romance even though it seemed like it shouldn't workFirst things first dust off your fainting couch which shouldn't take too long if you're anything like me Mine gets uite the work out with all the romance I love to read And then prepare to give yourself plenty of savoring time because Monzon has created such spellbinding imagery that you'll be tempted to linger for awhileWe are treated to two very distinct first person points of view courtesy of Hannah and Karim And I do mean distinct Karim's 'voice' is soexotic Not sure if that's uite the right word but somehow the author brings a multicultural flare to his thoughts It's in the cadence of his words and the imagery he conjures up to describe or explain somethingor someone Like Hannah Swoon Fainting couch here I come And it's also apparent in the reverence he has for his people and his GodAnd Hannah caught between two worlds She's lived among the Bedouin clan since she was six with the exception of a sojourn stateside for college In some ways she's spent her whole life trying to fit in not Arabian enough for her beloved clansmen and women and not American enough for her college friends She's a uniue blend of both cultures and doesn't uite fit with either though there's no doubt her heart belongs to the people of the desertHannah is an interesting mix of conviction and trepidation She struggles as many of us do with being 'enough' Doubts and feelings of inadeuacy threaten the life God is leading her towards Emotions are raw circumstances uneasy and Hannah has to step out in faith in the midst of turmoil Such a beautiful parallel to the biblical Esther's storyAnd the ending goosebump raising hallelujah chorus singing perfection This book Dare I say it? I believe it's my favorite read of the year and I've read some amazing books this year This story and its timeliness its message of God's perfect love casting out all fear is so courageous beautiful and glorifying to God I don't think I could be proud of the author Not to mention the romantic love story I think I've said it about every book Sarah Monzon has written but this book is her best yet By miles I cried at the endand by the end I mean the author's notes And duhduring the story too 3If you're deciding between two contemporary romances to buy please PLEASE choose this one It will challenge you comfort you keep you reading long into the night as I lay in bed writing this it's loooooong past my bedtime and my alarm will go off way too soon and the love story will give you soul satisfactionBravo Sarah Monzon I wish Goodreads and allowed for a 45 rating because this story is wonderful Sarah Monzon has stepped into a world most Christian authors avoid and has penned a tale of beauty intrigue and tenderness The ending well was pretty perfect Sarah does a wonderful job of ushering readers into a world of sandstorms and lumbering camels Of heavy lidded tents blowing in a sun scorched breeze with the scent of spices draping each breath But than that she opens up the possibility of two very different and not so different people braiding together with mutual respect and love to uncover Truth I am not well acuainted with the Muslim faith but I love how Sarah deals respectfully with the culture while also introducing the difficulties of two people of different faiths learning to love each other Lastly I'm a kissing book fan and this one did NOT disappoint on the romance factor AT ALL Wowzah BEST Sarah Monzon book yet so just imagine what we as readers have to look forward to ; Life Fully Booked Review of The Esther ParadigmThis is superlative Christian fiction filled with hope romance action and the true love of God woven throughout this gorgeously written story Spoilers folksY'all This book was so so beautifully written The descriptions made me want to stay in the world forever It was so well developed and so real and drew me in right from the very beginning I'm amazed by the author's talent and ability to spin a world so thoroughly It takes place in the desert so not an actual different world just one I'm not very familiar with So why the low rating? Sadly there was a lot of content in this book that I didn't agree with Yes I get why the author did it and that's why I wanted to read it in the first place because Esther's account in the Bible is one of my favorites Yet I feel like it's rather dangerous to promote what the author did mainly the main character who is a christian marrying a muslim after praying about it for a day and not seeking out counsel simply because she felt like God told her to And as someone who has muslim friends I really don't think there's any way that someone who was as strong as a muslim as her husband would have ever knowingly married a christian There were a few other things that bothered me but that was the main one Another beautiful read from a very talented authorIt is no secret that I love all things written by Ms Monzon But this novel and the characters will stay by me for years Oh and the kiss Sigh That first kiss between Hannah and Karim Al Amir is probably one of my favorite novel kisses of ALL TIMES This is a beautifully written book The characters are written so well that you will take part in the emotions of the characters the reader is drawn in to the dry dessert the camel rides and the thrill of something as simple as waterI love that the American family fully puts themselves into the culture of where they live It is in Hannah’s naturea strong part of her just like her faith The love story from children to adulthood is beautifully and seamlessly done There was only one thing that I’d have preferred to be different two incidents that I would want switched in time just looking at it with my heart as if Hannah were my daughter Yes this book puts you IN it so well that it had me viewing it as if I WAS there I truly loved that about this readThis story has suspense romance a uniue setting powerful characters and a tremendously strong faith thread blended beautifully throughout the plot and storyline It’s so nice to read books in the Christian genre that truly talk about Christ who He is and what He has done for usI received this book from the author All opinions are my own The magic of this book was twofold It took me to a completely different culture and place and made it come alive which can be hard to do when what is being described is so foreign to what I know and Sarah created a believable marriage of convenience story in modern times that didn't feel cheesy Those reasons alone are reason enough to give this book five stars Sarah’s writing skills just keep getting better and better The imagery in this book was outstanding I felt like I was there in the dessert riding a camel The message of reaching out to the non believer without judgement or intolerance was very clear But I understand the author’s need to bring two uneually yoked characters together for the sake of the story but I would have liked it better if it had been by force or accident I think it would have taken a whole lot convincing for me to marry someone that was not only unsaved but practiced an anti Christian religion And I am positive these differences would have caused conflict in the marriage