The Legend of Arturo King (Legendary Rock Star, #1)

The Legend of Arturo King (Legendary Rock Star, #1)➨ [Ebook] ➣ The Legend of Arturo King (Legendary Rock Star, #1) By L.B. Dunbar ➳ – A living legend rock star A uiet girl in the shadows Fate has plans for themThe generous loverArturo King has it all fame fortune and a band family But the one thing he needs is heruiet complex and se A living legend rock star A uiet girl of Arturo PDF Ë in the shadows Fate has plans for themThe generous loverArturo King has it all fame fortune and a band family But the one thing he needs is heruiet complex and sexy she is his destinyHe just doesn’t know it yetThe unsuspecting partnerGuinevere DeGrance wants two things music and recognitionAs the daughter of a prominent rock star builder she’s no stranger to bad boy band members like himDark talented and completely irresistible he’s a future rock kingAnd she will be his ueen if The Legend Epub / her father has his wayA story steeped in tradition where fate cannot be denied this centuries’ old romance retells the tale of a man destined for greatness and the woman guaranteed to ruin his heart Live on Arturo KingThe Legendary Rock Stars is a series and best enjoyed in orderThe Legend of Arturo KingThe Story of Lansing LotteThe uest of Perkins ValeThe Truth of Tristan LyonsThe Trials of Guinevere DeGranceFull length novels full of rock star hotness strong heroines gritty sexiness and a bit of suspense. 4 Cranky Stars The Return of the Prodigal SonThe Cranky gossip columnists have a scoop for you Arturo King the front man for the band The Nights and carrying baggage than Donald Trump’s hairdresser is playing at the place where it all started That’s right The Round TableKing the legendary womanizer and secret love child of Ingrid Tintagel and Locke Uther stands to inherit the multi billion dollar label of Camelot Records Here’s hoping he can keep his shareholders as happy as he does the ladiesRumor has itWell it appears the scandalous rogue Arturo King has a new lover none other than Guinevere DeGrance daughter of Leo DeGrance Yes that Leo DeGrance King’s mentor and sponsor It’s a bit “Flowers in the Attic” or “Game of Thrones” but hey No judgments Guinie is a cello playing novice who missed out on a place with the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra I guess Daddy’s strings only stretch so far We’re sure however that rock’s most eligible bachelor will be a good consolation prize How serious is serious you ask? Put away your lipstick ladies Rumor has it Arturo has already taken her to meet his family at his luxurious hideaway AvalonIt’s loveIt seems the King has found his ueen Arturo King and Guinevere DeGrance go from strength to strength uestions are being asked about the speed of this relationship but no one can deny it’s a supernova Still we are wondering how King will cope with rumors of a former liaison between his sweetheart and band mate Lansing We all know Arturo doesn’t like to come second Actually according to many women he does but that’s a whole different conversationThat was unexpectedScandal Big scandal This is exciting than Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s entire marriage Charlie Sheen’s drunk tweets and anything ‘desperate for attention’ Madonna has done in the last decade Guinevere DeGrance got into some trouble at a nightclub and ended up going home with one of Arturo’s biggest rivals Word is the rock star is furious but the big scoop? It wasn’t King that recaptured his damsel in distress but former “we’re just good friends” LansingWhat just happened?Now this is something you can stick your sword intoUnconfirmed but sources close to Arturo King are saying he’s been in an accident From the Strange Files the rock star has disappeared and so has his long term advisor Mure LinnSources are also whispering about the fate of Camelot Records betrayals unconventional family relationships secret love children and problems in King’s relationship with Guinevere DeGranceAll we can say is if King and Mure Linn have conjured up a disappearing act then the award for ‘drastic measures in a break up’ goes to KingWatch this space The story continues 35 Nights of the Round Table starsFirst off I'm gonna do the readers a favor by telling them up front to look for comparisons to King Arthur that might help you to catch some things that I missed I don't have a lot of knowledge about the original story I just enjoyed the movie with Sean Connery Richard Gere It wasn't until I got to the end of the book and read the author's notes that I started reviewing the details of the book and feeling the whole fist to forehead thing However; it's a very long book and I'm not starting over I went into it simply following my love of rockstar romance novels I felt some frustrations with vague clues I was getting but having no idea where it was going I suggest you pay attention to those clues since there is definitely a mystery involved in this story and it does end on a cliffhanger I struggled at the beginning of the book I actually put it down and read another book and then came back to it Once I got a little further into it when Arturo and Guine started noticing each other and their chemistry started flowing it got interesting I really enjoyed the musical aspects of the story Both Arturo Guine are musicians and the song lyrics and musical performances kept my attention Just when I got really into it mentally reviewing clues trying to figure out what happenedit ended I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review and let preface this by saying this is my FIRST time reading this author No earthly idea who she is or where she cometh from but I will DEF be following bc I DRANK that kool aidI don't know what to say about this book I know I need to review it blah blah blahThis book I know wont be for everyone HoweverI kind of have a thing for literature so SUE me But honestly I don't care bahaha It's not about you It's about me hee heeI LOVED EVERYTHING about this book It was perfect First I was a lil thrown off by the namesjust a lil bitty bit but honestly it was just unreal how well it was writtenArturo was HAWT rockstar with a sordid past and uestionable beginning in life Guinevere or Guinie is the beautiful untainted daughter of someone important to the storyyeah I am NOT big into providing spoilers so just read the damn thingtoo much? uh nomkay moving onGuinie is struggling to find her way in life and Arturo is the womanizer that was just ready for the right girl to come alongIn real life it sucks when you're with the guy and he isnt ready but when he's readyOH MAN What a treat for the girl after you because you have done some preppingbut I digressThe way the story flowed was seamless The characters were old AND new beautiful and flawed and incredibly well written The love story was beautiful passionate and unforgettableHey the sexy time didn't suck either hee heeListen to me the story just worked and showcased the author's uneuivocal talent The ability to be able to take a story and flip it make it different while still maintaining it's original purity is unparalleled I have not read anything like this and have not see it done Yes I know that people recreate fairy tales or Romeo and Juliet all the time This wasn't that This was just differentEvery once in a while you read THAT story that you know will stay with you You read THAT story that blows you away You read THAT story that you want EVERYONE to read THAT story that you NEED to talk aboutyeah this is it for me Legend of Arturo King was just beautiful flawless I honestly don't know if it's because I love the classics but I feel this should BE a romantic classic that people read I hope people aren't thrown off by the unconventionality of the storyNow WHEN THE HELL DOES THE STORY CONTINUE I need I must admit that the idea of a remix of the tale of King Arthur and his knights of the round table intrigued me I love reading an old tale from a fresh perspective And Dunbar nailed it Her writing style is crazy uniue and I love how she wove historical facts into modern times And with a mischievous twist It was a little hard to keep up with the name changes but thankfully I caught on uickly and it didn't deter me from enjoying this bookArturo King was such a whore lol But I was pleasantly surprised with how uickly he fell for Guinevere They were so sweet together and through their union we got to see the man be hind the music The man behind the rock God image And I liked what I saw There were some intense moments and that ending or cliffhanger was one of them What is going to happen to Arturo? And Guinevere? Please tell me she remains loyal to him cuz I just can't take the drama Although I am a fan of Lansing Lotte He was such a sweetie pie and really was a knight in the way he was there for Guinnie Well I'm going to continue with this series and hopefully find the answers to my uestions Always start at the top Arturo would accept nothing less There are spoilers aheadThis was a book I was seriously looking forward to I love King Arthur legend and was really interested in seeing how it played out in a modern day story My initial reaction was concern that I was going to get tied up in comparing other stories details to her version of them But that was not my problemFirst off I am not a fan of pining The H immediately tells us the song he is singing is about a girl he met and had a one night stand with He couldn't stop thinking about her That was 8 years earlier He made it sound like he has never seen her since Then we find out he found her 4 years later and interestingly he can't stand her and thinks she's evil Can't say about this person without giving major spoiler Present time he takes the h to his place and the ex is there Still indicating he doesn't want or like her They also have a son he doesn't want or like I'm really confused because he first indicated he was still hung up on her then later states he can't stand her But then Arturo makes a statement about her wanting the room next to his so she can sneak in and have a night like 8 years ago He states he was almost tempted to put Guinevere in a different room Almost WTF Arturo obviously has some dementia because he pines hates almost tempted hates again If you almost moved the girl you openly claim to want it's time to reevaluate what you want But the final straw for me was Arturo's treatment of his son He is just mean and he literally threw a tantrum when Guinevere chose to spend time with his son and not him No thank you I also have to say I'm confused as to Guinevere's sexual history She indicates she lost it to a guy in college Indicating it was a one night stand But then she talks to Arturo like she is a virgin She never used the v word but it was alluded to it If anyone claims I don't know what I'm talking aboutdon't bother because I have located these contradicting pages It was not an easy feat considering there is no X ray for this book But I went back and looked because things were not adding up to earlier things I readIn regards to Arturo's behavior some won't care or can over look it I couldn't The story seemed interesting enough but it's hard to read a book when you hate the H DNF Caress it in passion or clutch it in lust I'm sitting here a day after finishing this book trying to put into words my thoughts and feelings about it The Legend of Arturo King is not your typical rockstar story It's a tale taken from the Legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table but given a new and modern twist It's compelling it's intriguing it was strangely addictingArturo King is the lead singer of The Nights a legend with the ladies and a man searching for his true purpose But this just isn't his story it's also Guinevere's She's fresh out of college the sheltered daughter of one of The Night's biggest supporters and at a crossroads in her life A chance encounter between the 2 starts them on a path of friendship discovery and ultimately love But with every good love story and that is what this book really is at heart there are factors conspiring to work against the 2 lovers There are secrets being kept lies being told feelings being suppressed There is a lot packed into this book Arturo's family history his personal past the stories surrounding the band members It's all woven together in one seamless tale that will captivate you and leave you wanting and needing This is a book that I did not expect to have a hold on me like it didI went in expecting a different type of story and came away completely mesmerizedI received an arc in exchange for an honest review Being a fan of all kinds of literature the thought of a modern day King Arthur’s Court story intrigued me As I started to read The Legend of Arturo King my mind went right back to my childhood remembering some of my favorite characters So history and rock stars two of my favorite things combined and OFF WE GOArturo and Guinevere aka Guinie come from the same world yet they are worlds apart He’s the hot cocky panty melting rockstar and she is the daughter of a local music mogul Leo DeGrance who runs the Round Table – the local hotspot for up and coming talent Guinie is off limits to say the least“She wasn’t interested and that never happened to me Women were always interested” Arturo“Arturo King would never be interested in me for me I was Guinie” GuinevereThe two are brought together in an unsuspecting way Their friendship turns into as they learn each other’s pasts and secrets The slow build kept me itching for and wondering where things were going I love how LB Dunbar weaves their story and that of their friends and families I was always thinking of the correlation to King Arthur and it only made me want This is the type of story that you have to read and experience for yourself don’t want to give too much away Just know that The Legend of Arturo King is #SchmexyJeseyApproved Very clever writing LB Dunbar has applied her own spin of this tale of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Sharing? We don't share I would never share and I especially would never share you My tone gave away my rising anger Look I drew a deep breath before I continued the past couple of nights have been really special to me And last night? Last night was everything to me I don't want to make light of it and I don't want you to make light of it either I'm only sharing you with me Arturo KingI was completely in love with Arturo King even before he spoke these words to Guinevere The Legend of Arturo King isn't your typical rock band romance story If you haven't recognized the play on words yet Arturo KingKing Arthuryou'll get it soon enoughI have to admit I remember very little of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and I was a drop apprehensive when I started this book A little of the legendary story is all I remembered from my high school days But LB Dunbar puts a fresh spin on the legend and you will love this story even if like me you're memory of British Literature is not so greatArturo King is the lead singer of the legendary Nights The band is also made up of Lansing Lotte Perkins Vale and Tristan Lyons See the similarities now? Well if you don't The Nights are playing a gig at the Round Table A club where Leo DeGrance the owner finds and nurtures new bandsAt the Round Table The Nights are playing the song that made them famous A song that now pains Arturo whenever he has to sing it When it wrote the song it meant something to him Now and you'll find out why it means something completely different At first glance Arturo is like many of the rock band characters who we've come to love He's gorgeous to look at Tousled dark hair mesmerizing dark eyes and some interesting ink all over his beautiful body Check out the sword tatt Excalibur maybe? which starts at his shoulder and ends at the knuckle of his middle fingerAnyone yes Arturo has all the bad boy rocker traits too many women too much liuor and indulged by the masses But there's to Arturo then that The circumstances of his birth and upbringing are the stuff legends are made of He was born from an unwanted sexual encounter and raised by two men who were not his birth father Mure Linn is one of the men who raised Arturo He is his mentor and confidante and I don't like him Once again see the similarity Mure Linn Merlin? Mure thinks Arturo is bound for greatness and will basically do anything for this to happenThe real story is when Arturo meets or remeets Guinevere DeGrance Yes she is Leo's daughter and even though Arturo has seen her in the past the now twenty one year old beauty catches his eye and Arturo is intent on making her hisAnd this is where I fell in love with Arturo He is than beautiful to look at Even though his life is not the norm and he is a bit spoiled his intentions to Guinie always honorable The problem is Guinie knows his reputation and even though he never does anything to her to deserve it she is always suspicious of his motives Their courtship takes place at Arturo's country home called Camlann Much of it is sweet and consists of Arturo coaxing the very sheltered Guinevere out of her shell It is at Camlann where Guinie learns of one of Arturo's many secrets Their innocent walks and talks turn into a full blown very sexy love between the two of them Arturo and Guinevere have chemistry that is off the charts hot Because she is sheltered in so many ways Arturo is her teacher in the ways of love and romance When Arturo and Guinie finally make loveit is exactly that making love The writing in The Legend of Arturo King is beautiful Everything that came from Arturo's mouth is just incredibly swoon worthy He is well aware of the man whorishness from his past and spends a lot of time telling Guinevere that is his past and she is his future When Arturo tells Guinie You are my once You are my future I melted into a puddle There's definitely to this story than the romance Arturo has many secrets and Guinie is still trying to figure out her place in the world Then there's Mure Linn who has his own agenda and it's not hard to figure out what that is There are definitely some shady goings on at the Round Table but you need to read the book to find out If you know the actual story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table I'd love to hear your take on this version I will share again I loved it And I find myself a drop obsessed with Arturo lucky Guinevere Two things There's a cliff hanger I'm not going to give you the build up because you need to know the whole story Next I know there are going to be at least two books and I CAN'T WAIT FOR THEM I am obviously giving The Legend of Arturo King a five lip smack review I generally always find myself immersed in the books I read but this was a special book One I think I'll probably go back to and read over and over again I love you my Once and Future