Shocking the Medic

Shocking the Medic➶ [Read] ➲ Shocking the Medic By Elizabeth Otto ➾ – Paramedic Luke Almeda can't believe he's working with his best friend Greer She was supposed to go off and be a hot shot lawyer like the rest of her family He has to keep reminding himself that no mat Paramedic Luke Almeda can't believe he's working with his best friend Greer She was supposed to go off and be a hot shot lawyer like the rest of her family He has to keep reminding himself that no matter how beautiful sweet and caring she is there is no way they can ever be together Even if it weren't prohibited at Shocking the PDF or work they are from two different worldsGreer is determined to prove herself to Luke and her family Luke sees her as some goody two shoes and she's determined to prove she's anything but After a devastating call Greer ends up in Luke's bed and it's than she could have ever dreamed it would be Too bad one night is all it can be Because trying to have could cost them everything. 35 stars I liked this story It's an easy read good plot and the characters were great Luke and Greer are best friends since childhood and while they were neighbors his parents lived in the neighborhood by default having inherited the house from the grandmother Greer's mother is an attorney and a regular witch on a broom She never thought Luke was good enough for Greer and Luke pretty much felt the same way Greer did go to Law school but it wasn't a good fit for her and she missed her best friend Luke So after a couple years of practice she returned to school to become a Paramedic like him She does really well and he's teamed with her to be her partner in training Luke and Greer grow closer Luke has his sights set on the Directors job seeing that as a big step up and a way for him to provide for Greer He and Greer grow closer until one day when their feelings just overflow and wow do these two ever steam up the pages They know they can't really be seen together but they do their best to stay off the radar Neither one wants to compromise the chances for his new positionAnd like all good things there's always a resident jack hat in the mix who likes to stir the pot and wow is he offensive Ugh And then there's the moment when the turn out gear hits the station house floor and Luke shuts Greer down Greer doesn't know what she's done wrong Meanwhile her Mother is in the mix read the book Just read the book It's a great storyGreat book Elizabetharc from NetGalley and Entangled in exchange for a fair review ARC received from Netgalley Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟Chemistry ❤❤❤❤ Trope Friends To Lovers One Sentence Summary Two paramedics cross the friendship and professional line Review This book was so fun and easy to read that I finished it in two sittingsI loved watching Luke and Greer deal with the stresses of the job and their growing attraction to each other My only complaint was that Luke has such a giant chip on his shoulder regarding money and status I wished that he realised that those things weren't important to Greer a lot earlier Yum yum yummity yum I'm so glad Elizabeth Otto is back at it again  I've enjoyed her books over the years and was so happy to have a new read from herand oh boy this did not disappointLuke and Greer have an almost past in that they almost had one hot sweaty night together years ago Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be back then but now after a career change Greer is now working with Luke as a paramedic  I'm sure you can imagine what happens when you mix years of unspent sexual tension raw emotion and adrenalinethings get H O T I loved these two togetherIf you're looking for a fun and sexy afternoon escape this is a book for you  Thank you Elizabeth for a great read Let’s face it—the blurb was enticing—enticing enough that a one click reuest was the only way to go despite my reservations about this particular trope I’ll readily admit that the friends to lovers romance is a tricky one for me and mostly that’s because all too often one party has been secretly pining—while watching the other merrily playing the field for years either obliviously or deliberately keeping a distance—for years before something finally snaps and calls that change ‘Shocking the Medic’ does follow this pattern though Elizabeth Otto does take the pain to show how the solid base of friendship is enriched when sex and intimacy are thrown into the euation And by and large the pacing was good the smexy times copious as with the Brazen imprint and Otto moves the story along in a way that I had no problem finishing it in record time I liked Greer lots Her gumption to walk away from law from the usual expectations to get into paramedicine yet with a compassion that spills over for the people she helps I only wished that she’d come to expect from the manwhore who’s also her best friend wished she hadn’t pined for him no matter how far she thought she’d buried that hope That she was willing to settle for scraps to take what he would offer until he tired of her made me wonder at her self esteem where he was concerned though the way she put herself out there for Luke and for everything she wanted was admirable But where do I start with Luke? I think at the heart of it I couldn’t get over the way he thought despite him being a good friend to Greer I didn't like the idea that he’d always loved her always wanted her that sentiment was reciprocated but never felt good enough for her so instead whored around with other women openly because he believed that he’d never rise above his station For me that just read like emotional betrayal especially since Greer had always been holding on for him for 17 years? which was massively unfair in the least Overall though I wasn’t uite convinced of Luke’s frustrating chip on his shoulder which contributed to the huge end conflict and climax; his supposed grovelling didn’t seem sufficient for what Greer had put on the line for him after his blowing hot and cold on her As their HEA came too uickly and conveniently along with an epilogue that was just as abrupt all I could really say was that I was happy Greer got what she wanted though I did wish it’d been with someone way deserving of her ARC by Netgalleyalways grateful mind 05 if I could give it a 0 I would Rating is not for the book but for the author I won this book way back in September and still have not received it And really it's not about the book it is that I contacted her multiple times and each time I have been ignored I know life can get busy and we forget stuff but she saw my messages and just ignored them She had plenty of time to promote other things but never a minute to respond and even just let me know she will not send the promised book So now that it has been forever and she is still ignoring me I decided to no longer support her or her books I figured is she can't spare a minute to respond about a giveaway SHE made I have no longer have the time or money to spend on her books Ans yes I read bought and reviewed book by her before Luke and Greer are best friends and though their feelings for one another have not always been strictly friendly they've never crossed the line but they did come close onceLuke a paramedic is hoping to become the leader of his station and as such needs to make sure he's above reproach However when Greer joins his station instead of pursuing the lawyer career as the rest of her family has he knows denying their feelings is going to be almost impossibleWhen Greer seeks comfort from Luke following a bad day apparently his bed has healing powers he bluntly tells her it's a one time thing because he wants the promotion Yeah he just told his best friend the woman he's always wanted and loved that she's essentially a ONS and not as important as a job title Nice GrrGreer knows who and what she wants and that's Greer and to live her life as she sees fit not according to her family's wishes Of course according to her family Luke isn't good enough for her and she's wasting her time as a paramedicWill Greer finally get everyone in her life to see it's her choice to live it the way she wants? Will Luke stop hiding behind excuses and go after who he wants? Is a HEA possible?One click now and follow along as two friends begin seeing each other as so much I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book Shocking the Medic could have been so much better It had a few things going for it a likable heroine with an interesting job and steamy sexy times but the hero is a bit of a douche and is so hot and cold with Greer that she had to have gotten whiplash from all that he put her throughLuke and Greer have been best friends since they were children She's the daughter of a rich snobby lawyer for a mother and he's the son of a blue collar couple who only lived in Greer's neighborhood because his grandmother willed them her house when she passed Luke has spent their whole friendship feeling not good enough for Greer even though Greer never made him feel that way No that feeling was all because of Greer's snobby mom and Luke's own insecurities Now that Greer has left her law degree behind and has started working as a paramedic at Luke's station the two are finally back together again and Greer's ecstatic She missed Luke while she was in college and she wants him back in her life and this job is just the way to make that happen She's spent their entire friendship in love with Luke pining for him and wanting him with an intensity she has no idea is mutual When things come to an explosive head one night after a tragic event while they're off duty he agrees to a night in the sheets to make Greer feel better But he makes it clear that it's a one night only kind of thing and after that they go back to friends only Not only is fraternizing against their station's rules it will harm Luke's chances for the promotion he's been angling forPoor Greer though because even though Luke insisted it was a one night only thing he can't seem to keep his hands off her and constantly sexes her up further clouding her mind and her heart giving her the idea that there's a chance for them to be together even if they have to keep it a secret But when he blows her off in a really cruel way at her mother's birthday party she finally has her answer Luke doesn't love her like she does him and he doesn't want to be in her life at all not even as friends that their time in the sheets together was just his way of blowing off steam the way he's always done and further proof that his manwhore reputation is justly deservedI was hurting for Greer She didn't deserve the way Luke blew her off Yes she was a bit naive and lacked a bit of spine before that but she most definitely didn't deserve what he did to her So I was really hoping she'd stick to her guns and keep ignoring his halfhearted attempts at talking Because honestly after what he said to her nothing short of groveling at her feet and kissing said feet AND her ass would have been enough for her to even consider talking to him again Unfortunately Greer's soft heart and the love she had for him as undeserved as it was wouldn't let her keep him in the doghouse Then came the abrupt epilogue and the 180⁰ move by one of the most ridiculous characters in the story and then it was over and I was left thinking what? That's it?So unlikable douchy hero and rushed ending left me very unsatisfied Greer deserved better the reader deserved better and neither of us got what we deserved Hence the 3 stars that really should be 2 but I liked Greer so I'll stick with 3 stars I received an ARC via NetGalley for an honest review Well this won’t be a shock to those of you who are avid romance readers It happens to all of us now and then I’m referring to when the book synopsis is written better than the actual storyline For me that was the case here There were too many uncredible coincidences and not particularly well written steamy scenes that made this one feel mechanical and unengaging to meI’ll spare you my specific list of examples Just know I’m pulling the plug on this book and my review Here's to hoping others enjoy it This author’s writing style apparently just didn’t work for meOK I can't seem to help myself Here's a few things that irked meview spoiler1 It was referenced they almost had sex the night before she left for college to become a lawyer when she just just a teenager He chose not to go through with it and walked away I honestly didn't care enough to find out why he didn't take her up on the ONS offer before she was to leave town I'm assuming he didn't feel worthy of her didn't want to hold her backyada yada yada2 Her family supposedly can't stand him thinks he is beneath their social status but her Mommy Dearest calls him often on his cell phone to convince him to talk some sense into the heroine not be a paramedic when she has a law degree3 Of all the EMS stations she winds up working at his where naturally he can get into trouble for sleeping with a co worker especially since he is applying for the head manager position4 They have hot dirty sex as therapy for her to get over having a bad day on the job like it would somehow magically help her cope and be right as rain the next day But he tells her upfront it's just a one time deal since he wants the new job and all So much for claiming to have always loved her and wanted to be with her hide spoiler Posted on What I'm ReadingI'm so glad Elizabeth Otto is back to writing For a little while her life got a little crazy so writing had to be put on hold She definitely has a talent for writing for writing a steamy fun story We have best friends Luke Almeda and Greer Imogen who grew up in the same neighborhood Luke's family inherited the house but had to work very hard to keep it Now Greer's family came from money Basically Luke didn't feel like he was good enough to be than Greer's friend Anyway they live separate lives up until Greer decides to join her friend in medic field and it becomes harder for Luke to try to keep Greer in the friend zone Both are extremely attracted to one another and Luke doesn't feel like he's good enough to be with Greer Honestly Greer doesn't care Basically I liked Shocking the Medic For a friends to lover story I thought it was pretty good We have to conflict of getting caught at work trying to overcome that one is better than the other even though it's only Luke's mind some hot steamy scenes I thought Shocking the Medic was a good balance Plus I like Luke and Greer The story could have gone in so many directions with these two characters The sexual tension was off the charts between these two Overall a pretty good read Copy provided by author

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