Sex (Avoided Subjects Discussed in Plain English)

Sex (Avoided Subjects Discussed in Plain English)❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Sex (Avoided Subjects Discussed in Plain English) Author Henry Stanton – Henry Stanton’s 1922 book Sex – Avoided Subjects Discussed in Plain English is intended as a frank although consevative and moralistic guide to human sexual behaviour and relationships It is partl Henry Stanton’s book Sex – Avoided Subjects Discussed in Plain English is intended as a frank although consevative and moralistic guide to human sexual behaviour and relationships It is partly a self help book partly an attempt to relay the scientific knowledge of the day in relation to sex and reproduction in a way suitable for popular consumption. Old fashion familyprocreation propaganda Even if the argumets are sophiasticated and elaborated the exact same propaganda continues to live nowadays The ideas behind this book are all stupid Some examples Sex reproduction; The natural law are santified by the law of god; god and Nature want you to have babies and make a family; Responsability is your only goal and the real freedom Love is all you need All you need is loveand so on Fascinating except that at times upsetting It's a book written in 1922 about sex I imagine it was revolutionary in its time Much of it is so false it would make me laugh if it wasn't for the fact that I know people who still think and believe some of the horrible falsehoods I used to believe much of the what he says is the proper role of the wife Some of my favorite things to hate about this bookSex's only purpose is for procreation The only purpose of marriage is to have sex and procreate therefore those who should not have children should never marryMen suffering with diseases which may be communicated by contagion or heredity should not marry These diseases include tuberculosis syphilis cancer leprosy epilepsy and some nervous disorders some skin diseases and insanity Men suffering from congenital defects should notmarry Natural blindness deafness muteness and congenital deformities of limb are or less likely to be passed on to their children Criminals alcoholics and persons disproportionate in size should not marryDisparity of years disparity of race a poverty which will not permit the proper raising ofchildren undesirable moral character are all good reasons for not marryingAlthough earlier he pointed out that the husband should be much older than the wife so that he could provide for herIf masturbation becomes habitual generally impaired health and often epilepsy and total physical degradation resultsStopping the flow of blood by use of tampons or other foreign objects inserted in the genitalia during menses will have serious physical and mental conseuences In fact Lives have been lost by thus suppressing the monthly fluxAny muscular effort brain work and mental or physical excitement is apt to have serious conseuences during menstruationNo young woman should marry without a full knowledge of her sex duties to her husband And she should never consummate the marriage vow grudginglyThe whole system of birth control is opposed to natural human and religious law Nature in none of her manifestations introduces anything which may tend to prevent her great reason for being the propagation of the speciesSurely that wise provision of our existing legal code which makes the printing or dissemination of information regarding the physical facts of birth control illegal and punishable as an offense can only be approved by those who respect the Omnipotent will and the time hallowed traditions which date back to the very inception of the race I gave Sex by Henry Stanton four stars One might think that the title would deserve nothing less but the title has very little to do with the work itself Published in 1922 the book is based on facts and or suppositions that are either bogus or incomplete It was in my opinion very humorous and I laughed out loud than once It does give a good insight into how the social views of such a delicate subject as sexuality for both sexes has changed in the last century The work must have caused uite a stir when first published as it doesn’t leave many aspects of human sexuality in the dark On the other hand the author declares that masturbation inevitably leads to possible blindness and venereal disease The last chapter gives a short summary of venereal diseases gonorrhea syphilis and scabies which would as I’m sure as it was meant to do discourage readers from casual sexual experiences I think both children and adults could get something from reading this obsolete work of “science” If nothing else I guarantee lots of laughs This book made me laugh When I began to read it I did not know when it was written and half way through I finally figured out that it was written during the flapper times There is good advice in the beginning about being open with your children about sex and giving them simple truths Later on though when he points out the reasons for loseness in girls he blames it on freedom and the invention of the automobile I almost started crying with laughter when I saw that he blamed cars Ah Then further on how he talked about the duties of a wife to her husband and even their honeymoon night again I laughed and wondered what our grandmothers must have been taught and so taught our mothers A clean if dated look at sex and sex education This is the sort of book that justly gave the Victorians a bad name Thought it might be interesting instead it was silly You can't claim pure naturalism and then stake a claim on what is and is not moral behavior You cut off your own legs Stanton First published in 1922 and republished in 2008? BURN IT I feel like the world is making some weird U turns and trying to get us back to the Victorian age full force This book is not simply outdated it is full of untrue statements and claims It stigmatises masturbation claims that small breasts are 'underdeveloped' and may be sign of early masturbation for girls says giving birth should go with relatively little pain and not be dangerous talks at length at how unnatural and against society birth control is but the natural sexual urges are drowned with a so called 'natural morality' talks about ''good and evil'' promotes excessive parental control I stumbled upon it on LibriVox but I'd say it is insane that such book is still in circulation one way or another it's disgusting to find such readings republished in 21 century Okay this was written in the 20s so I went in with the mindset to take everything with a grain of salt But goddamn did this guy find a way to be progressive by encouraging poem conversation and shameless about sexuality while also being conservative af and just spreading church values of the time I laughed a lot at some of the things he presented as fact At the same time I recognize that he was a pioneer of the subject and did great things to get people to teach their kids about their own bodies An orthodox viewGirls shouldn't engage in premarital sex lest they be cursedBull Things I've learned 1 Masturbation in young boys leads to epilepsy2 Masturbation in young girls leads to warts on the hands and fingers 3 If young girls are not kept clean around their genital organs to the point where it becomes itchy and they thus begin to relive the sensation by masturbating the Mother is to be at fault4 Foods such as vinegar mustard spices tea and coffee hasten puberty5 Brunette females will hit puberty before blondes6 Those living in the country mature several months to a year later than those living in the city7 A girl's friends will respect her during her period8 A girl should keep than usually uiet during her menstrual flow9 Men who have cancer who are sterile or are deaf blind or mute should not marry