His Mossy Boy Beings in Love #8

His Mossy Boy Beings in Love #8[Download] ➾ His Mossy Boy Beings in Love #8 Author R. Cooper – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Years ago a very intoxicated Martin nearly died in the woods outside Everlasting and a beautiful creature saved him although Martin’s done his best to forget it He spends his time in a haze of weed Years ago a very Boy Beings Kindle Ï intoxicated Martin nearly died in the woods outside Everlasting and a beautiful creature saved him although His Mossy PDF or Martin’s done his best to forget it He spends his time in a haze of weed as he avoids his emotionally Mossy Boy Beings PDF/EPUB è abusive mother—and the way he feels about men Martin is already a weirdo in his isolated small town; he doesn’t need Mossy Boy Beings in Love eBook ↠ a sexuality crisis too He’s a mess but someone—or something—always seems to take care of him usually a tall sarcastic deputy by the name of Ian ForresterNo one knows much about Ian which is how he and his family prefer it Ian has resigned himself to a lonely life keeping his secrets and guarding his forest It’s safe to dream of Martin because Martin never remembers Ian helping him Besides Martin barely speaks to Ian so nothing can ever grow between them RightBut with the dragons—and the magic—back in Everlasting suddenly anything seems possible even a happily ever after for two men who never expected Mossy Boy Beings in Love eBook ↠ one. Another book another bad cover Let me start by saying that there is no green character in this book I know the cover gives you the impression that some hot green guy with abs of steel is going to fall for one of the Weasley brothers but that isn't the deal Two normal guys Well not exactly normal considering I spent most of the book thinking that one of the guys was a tree shifter Like why haven't we gotten plant shifters going yet? It needs to be a thing If I met a guy who told me he could shift into a rutabaga I would be intrigued I mean I'm not even that sure of what a rutabaga isOh snap You know how they say never google something unless you're willing to find out what you didn't want to know? Well apparently a rutabaga originated as a cross between a cabbage and a turnip Fuck me Who took two terrible vegetables and decided we needed a third one that was a combination of the them? This was like the anti Reese's situationThis was a real commercial and I'm old enough to remember it Okay I was young Young enough not to uestion why some dumbass is walking around eating an open jar of peanut butter and had no utensils of any kind Still chocolate and peanut butter Groundbreaking Cabbage and Turnip? I'm calling the policeOkay I got a lot off track thereAnywaySo this book is about a not a tree shifter cop and a total stoner barista who fall in love It takes uite a while because stoner barista has no idea that he's bisexual And he keeps getting wasted to try and not think about it To make it all worse he is one of those drunk dialer kind of people You know the kind who say shit that should never be said Overshare Call their ex's Cry It's that secondhand cringey embarrassment stuffSo counting the cover and the title because His Mossy Boy? Come on You're not even trying any this book has a lot of cringe But stillIt's good There are a lot of serious issues dealt with in all of the craziness There is coming out homophobia transphobia verbal abuse self medicating Stuff like that And it's all done very well The book never comes across as preachy but navigates through all of these serious issues while also feeling like a sweet love story His Mossy Boy the latest in R Cooper’s Beings Series takes place not long after the ending of Treasure for Treasure While Zarrin and Joe MCs of Treasure are finally starting to settle into their lives together that doesn’t mean everyone else in Everlasting is doing just as well Specifically the main characters of this story Martin–who works at the cafe with Joe–and Ian–who is a sheriff’s deputy and something a bit Martin plagued by an verbally abusive mother and a lifetime of self doubthatred is barely coping with life Whenever he isn’t working and sometimes when he is he is high or drunk or both Mostly just so he can forget that he will probably never be the man anyone wants him to be But even if he doesn’t want to admit it there are people in Everlasting who love him and want to protect him And at the front of that line is always going to Ian ForresterIan has lived his life trying to not be noticed It was drilled into him by his father–who probably learned it from his–that to be noticed can cost him his life Because Ian is not all that he would like others to think he is–if they must think of him at all Beings like him–those who are not Dragons or Weres or Faries–tended to be overlooked by humans; but they were never spared humanities hatred in the past either So he has lived a life of solitude and watchfulness determined to be no of interest than his trees Which works right up until the day he finds a drunk shoe less freezing cold Martin under his favorite tree After thatwell let’s just say Ian would break a whole world full of rules to protect Martin Even if Martin can never do the same for himI don’t think I will ever get tired of the books in this series If R Cooper for some reason decided to write another hundred stories set in this world I wouldn’t complain one bit Except maybe that series rereads would take like a solid month of reading Other than thatbring it onBecause there is just something about the way Cooper is able to mix our world issues with being world motivations and reactions Yet also doing it in a way that seem completely relevant to the story and the characters Dealing with race gender sexuality and other sticky topics in this alternate reality is a nice way to keep things relevant but also new and interestingI loved how this book took on Martin’s sexuality And not just because it didn’t sweep the “bi” under the rug and then shove the rug into a closet Mostly I liked how it showed Martin’s struggle Not only with himself but with other people He didn’t know what he was exactly–and the label to him wasn’t the important part anyways–but attempts at trying to be anything but what his mother wanted or really demanded of him were fraught with a mountain of baggage in the way His trek over all baggage was a bit of slow crawl but watching it happen was just damn good reading I tend to be in favor of slow emotionally laden stories over the ones with high dramatics so this book worked for meHowever I will admit that unlike some of the other books in this series you could really feel every single one of the 350 pages here When I say it was a “slow crawl” I do mean it Did I enjoy the story despite that? Yeah But I wasn’t so sucked into this story like some of the others that I couldn’t feel it either If these kinds of slow build stories are not usually for you I can easily see this book being a bit of a hard timeIf you can push through that though I really think it has some great characters worth reading about Not to mention you get of Zarrin and Joe and a kind of wrap up of their whole situation in this story as wellThis isn’t my favorite of the series but it was good solid 4 star would absolutely recommend book The slow pace can be a bit daunting but sweet emotional heart fuck that comes with it makes it than worth it This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews author interviews and all those awesome giveaways Click below 375 I do love R Cooper's books They are my comfort reads The writing is effortless and imaginative I like the characters and the dialogueI did enjoy this one as well even though I thought it could do with a bit of tightening In parts it felt slightly repetitive but overall it was a great read The first book in the series remains my favourite #fairy #RayRay Fits slots 21 A book from a nonhuman perspective of my book challenge None of the couples in the magical supernatural world of R Cooper’s ‘Beings In Love’ series have had an easy time of it and none of them were of the insta love type – at least in terms of any of the prospective partners doing something about their feelings However ‘His Mossy Boy’ is the slowest of the slow burn romances I have encountered so far The angst doubts special considerations and hang ups of both men truly reach epic proportions in this book For me at times this made it almost painful to read its over three hundred pages of anguish and doubting And than once the only thing that kept me going was the pretty unshakable faith that the author was going to stick with the series tradition and make the characters’ and my suffering all worthwhile in the end A promise R Cooper kept in spadesPlease find my full review of the second edition on Rainbow Book Reviews 45 stars rounded upA warm and fuzzy emotional Yes from this happy readerI loved it for being long and unhurried and immersive in the way that reminded me of some of the best fics I've read I loved seeing Ren and Joe again seriously R Cooper characters are my crack Obligatory R Cooper disclaimer about how you should ignore the terrible cover and titleThis is one of the most downer of Cooper's books that I've read You have one MC who is extremely depressed has an emotionally abusive parents internalized homophobia and is self medicating with booze and drugs to prevent anxiety attacks You have another MC who is stoically lonely and has been for his entire life You have a small town full of opinionated busybodies making them both feel worse whether intentionally or not Oh and there are dragons Dragons are mostly jerks Not because of burning things and eating people though; they're mostly jerks in the same way people are jerks They're selfish and petty and make their kids feel inadeuate Even Zarrin who is supposed to be likable was often pretty annoying with his tactlessness and nosiness and bossiness and putting people on the spot with uestions or disclosures about their personal affairs that they didn't want brought up in public In case you can't tell this is a personality type that really grates on me Mind your own businessDepression and small towns are both things I try to avoid so it's kind of remarkable that I uite liked this book Cooper is great at personality studies especially how people fail to understand one another even when they try to communicate I thought she did an excellent job here in her depiction of mental health issues It's especially interesting if you've read the previous book it's not necessary to read the Beings books in order where Martin is a secondary character because you can look back and see both that in hindsight he clearly was having problems and how his friends missed them nobody in this town is great at being a friend except ironically maybe Ian Lovely and thought provoking ❤ Thoughtfully written with lots of feelings and complicated characters I like that R Cooper continues to expand this world and frankly I have a real craving for a certain imaginary comic book ; I wonder if there will be a story there someday??I liked how the main being in this story was handled tooExcellent and a real treasure to read Ahhhhhh mushy feels all over the placeTrigger warnings for a lot of verbal and emotional abuse perpetrated by one of the the main character’s motherThese two I have so many feelings for this pairing My hurt so many times reading this story because Martin and Ian are flawed and imperfect and beautiful I love the development of their relationship and the bravery different types of bravery that they both show and developI also absolutely adore they mythology and world development of this universe The Beings world is stunning and so well developed bringing a lot of familiar issues to light while still allowing the reader to immerse themselves in a fantastic world I love how imperfect everyone and everything is I think it’s so important how Cooper points out how much history has been lost for so many beings how some have even lost their “names” how elf is really just a catch all term It’s the world is so well developed and beautifully articulated and so wonderfulI also loved seeing Albert again Ugh but what is he doing in Everlasting instead of Wolf’s Paw?? Hoping he’ll get his own story in the near future And what’s happening with Graham??? grabby hands I want all the stories and happy endings I’m still anxiously awaiting the day Clematis gets his story111018 reread Ugh I adore Martin; he’s such a freakin’ disaster I just wanna hug him so excited for 😝😝 Can’t wait for Albert’s story to exist The MC said it himself “Useless and afraid” Martin filled in “High all the time Working a dead end job in which I wear an apron” He lowered his voice “Scared to call my mother back to let her find out I did something as innocent as letting Ian take me homeAnd I had to read about this guy who IMO was in dire need of therapy in like 150K words Many times I really really wanted to bitch slap him All his friends were useless they coddled him instead of getting him some professional help because apparently him getting high and drunk all the time was fine with them It's also no problem with the friends if he broke Ian's heart because Ian wasn't their friend right? Who cared about him? The most precious thing was their special snowflake friend Martin who could do no wrong Btw Martin was useless and afraid but he's not when it's time for sexy time He sexted he sent nude pics he jerked off in the cafe's bathroom recorded it and sent it to Ian and he also fucked and runThe final 29K words yes the book is 179K long dealt with the dragons and the couple getting back together