Crime Wave Reportage and Fiction from the Underside of LA

Crime Wave Reportage and Fiction from the Underside of LA✽ [EPUB] ✵ Crime Wave Reportage and Fiction from the Underside of LA By James Ellroy ❧ – Los Angeles  In no other city do sex celebrity money and crime exert such an irresistible magnetic field  And no writer has mapped that field with greater savagery and savvy than James Ellroy  W Los Angeles  In no other city do sex Reportage and Kindle Ò celebrity money and crime exert such an irresistible magnetic field  And no writer has mapped that field with greater savagery and savvy than James Ellroy  With this fever hot collection of reportage and short fiction he returns to his native habitat and portrays it as a smog shrouded netherworld whereevery third person is a peeper prowler pederast or pimpFrom the scandal sheets of the s to this morning's police blotter Ellroy reopens true crimes and restores human dimensions to Crime Wave PDF \ their victims  Sublimely he resurrects the rag Hush Hush magazine  And in a barouely plotted novella of slaughter and corruption he enlists the forgotten luminaries of a lost Hollywood  Shocking mesmerizing and written in prose as wounding as an ice pick Crime Wave is Ellroy at his best. This hardcover is signed by James Ellroy I was curious what James Ellroy's non fiction would look like outside a novel setting and well he passed the test with flying colors as usualThe first two essays are particularly powerful as they zero in on a crime just like Ellroy's novels and slowly introduce the authorial perception and reveal the degree of obsession and focus the grandmaster takes to the task whenever he sits behind the keyboard His pieces are stark almost voyeuristic in their attention to detail and communicate the violence of murder as much as its transcendent natureI thought the novellas were a little weak for Ellroy's usual material especially Gretchell where he indulges in alliteration for way way too long I love when Ellroy alliterates but when it's on every line for eighty pages it starts to get a little overboard Anyway this is another strong entry in James Ellroy's cannon People who love his work like I do will enjoy the heck out of it James Ellroy could write his name for fifty pages and he'd get five stars from me He is the epitome of hard boiled noir detective fiction and brutal unflinching honesty This collection of essays is no different covering everything from his own mother's murder to the trial of OJ Simpson Why one might ask does she keep reading crime fiction if she doesn't like the genre? The simple answer would be that Bette keeps loaning it to me The real truth is that I'm an addict I read because it's a compulsion I'll even read if I'm not enjoying itI did not however manage to read the three fiction pieces in this collection I just couldn't force myself to get through them The alliteration and short sentences drove me mad I had previously read what I thought were parodies of noir crime fiction but now I'm beginning to think they weren't parodies so much as homages The writing was almost comicalThe nonfiction pieces were only marginally better in my opinion The freuent references to his mother's murder and his sordid past and his foul language turned me off both the writing and Ellroy himself He comes across as a deeply wounded sickoI will now give myself a break from reading autobiographical stuff from men who have overcome addictions and cuss a lot I find James Ellroy's non fiction at least on the same level as his literary output Since this book contains a 5050 mixture of both I'd call it the best introduction to his work that I've read so far The reporting on crime and corruption across Southern California shows an obvious blending between the writing styles of journalism and literature in the tradition of Hunter Thompson and Tom Wolfe At the same time however Ellroy has a sensibility and a voice that can be mistaken for nobody else's It's way intimately personal than either standing in the shadow of the still unsolved murder of Ellroy's mother during his childhood and his subseuent descent into juvenile delinuency which is covered in depth by one article At the same time his writing is thoroughly steeped in world weary moral reflexion over an unjust world where there often are no easy answers a perspective that comes from not uite the same place as Thompson's furious indignationThe same blending of sensationalist journalism and high literature can be seen in the short stories Tabloid employed muckrakers feature as main characters in most of them along with real historical personalities in roles that make it difficult for readers to look at them the same way again The high point is probably Tijuana Mon Amour which casts Frank Sinatra of all people as a villainous mastermind straight out a James Bond story and somehow pulls it off The hyperfragmented and colourfully vulgar writing style might have obvious roots in the hardboiled prose of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler taken to an avantgardistic extreme but it also calls to mind the most lurid journalism of the time which cannot be just a coincidence Add to all that the sheer depths of decadence probed and you get a hyperactive kaleidoscopic journey through Western civilization's falling apart at the seams that echoes Louis Ferdinand Céline at his most delirious had he been born 50 years later on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean Crime Wave is mostly James Ellroy's articles for G magazine with a couple of short stories thrown in As usual the non fiction centers directly on true crime with Ellroy's persona and work defining focus on murdered women The essay that would eventually become My Dark Places is in here for example The article that grabbed my attention the most was Ellroy's piece about OJ and Nicole Simpson which was written before the psychoretard antics of the trial really got under full swing; clearly Ellroy thinks that OJ committed the crime but is careful to avoid any direct accusation and he takes the essay in an interesting psychological direction that I've never seen before despite the oceans of ink spilled on this topic Best line EVER Clearly OJ is not the smartest motherfucker to walk the earth Any Ellroy fan will get a big kick out of this and it's certainly got me amped for Blood's A Rover which is out in September A mixture of reportage and fiction Ellroy's Crime Wave takes the reader once again into the unseemly side of his Los Angeles The true crime stories sparkle and there is an early telling of his mother's murder which later became My Dark Places but the fictionalized stories of private I's and gossip mag reporters felt kind of forced to me with their insistence on inputting the narrators into historical Hollywood events Ellroy remains at his best when talking about himself and the demons that haunt himMy recommendation is to go for My Dark Places instead Only true Ellroy addicts need pick this one up This is an oddity in the James Ellroy catalogue it contains a mixture of novellas set in context by Ellroy memories of his mother's murder and his childhood and some articles he wrote for GAs a mixture it didn't really hang together well for me but the comments surrounding the novellas were interesting The critiue of the OJ Simpson trial also held my interest knowing how the trial actually turned outAs an introduction to Ellroy I wouldn't recommend this but if you're a fan he provides some greater context and insight into his influences and formative yearsMy Dark Places details much better his feelings and thoughts on his mother's murder but this book shows his overall feel and approach to cold casesAs a throw away almost at the end of the book he gives his take on the big screen adaptation of LA Confidential another glimpse into his take on life and his work A good collection and a passable introduction to Ellroy for the uninitiated The best introduction to Ellroy is his novel The Black Dahlia A mix of fiction and non fiction pieces that originally appeared in G magazine I absolutely did not like the story Tijuana Mon Amour an over the top tale that reads as if Ellroy was intentionally trying to be as offensive as possible You can't take it seriously No illustrations Destination Morgue is a better Ellroy collection than this one The body dump stuff is a re hash if you've read My Dark Places The reporting at the end is good but the real goodies are the Danny Getchel Dick Contino stories 'Hollywood Shakedown' is to me even better than 'Dick Contino's Blues' A solid read

Crime Wave Reportage and Fiction from the Underside of LA
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  • 288 pages
  • Crime Wave Reportage and Fiction from the Underside of LA
  • James Ellroy
  • English
  • 04 September 2016
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