Swing Vote (Safe Harbors, #3)

Swing Vote (Safe Harbors, #3)❴Epub❵ ❧ Swing Vote (Safe Harbors, #3) Author Donna K. Weaver – Oaklandjobs.co.uk An IED blew up than Marc North's career as a Cobra pilot—it shattered his plans for marriage After being dumped by his girlfriend and spending than a year in rehab all he wants is to fly again He ju An IED blew up than Marc North's career as a Cobra pilot—it shattered his plans for marriage After being dumped by his girlfriend and spending than a year in rehab all he wants is to fly again He jumps at the chance to partner with a combat buddy in a helicopter sightseeing business Now in a boomtown in southern Utah Marc gets caught up with local politics And the local election official At work McKenzie Terkildsen struggles to keep control of a dangerously contentious election At home she shares the challenge of raising younger half brothers with her older step brother He complicates things by inviting a Marine buddy to stay with them while the two build a business together As a council member takes liberty with facts and stirs the already caustic election brew the last thing McKenzie needs is one guy messing up her life—or her heart. I'm biased I know it I love these characters and I hope readers will too This heart warming book handles a numbers of topics that give the reader something to chew on Firstly the issue of wounded veterans and their struggles when they return from war There is only so much family can do for these men and women as ultimately they have to reach a point where they need to make new life choices and it’s never easy Mark finds a reprieve from stewing over the incident that almost destroyed his leg in the desert when his friend Ike persuades him to join him in starting up a venture Moving to the small town Mark realises that adjusting to a new life with Ike his sister Mackenzie and two younger brothers Caleb and Noah is not as simple as he at first thought On arrival he is confronted with prejudice and denigrated before he even has a chance to make his mark in the new town The attraction between Mark and Mackenzie is immediate but both parties are cautious about moving forward having had their fingers burnt The second contentious subject being dealt with is that of prejudice in a small town It never fails to amaze me that people will use anything as an excuse for prejudice whether it is religion race or in this case being a Newcomer or an Old timer of the town The tension between the two groups of people was palpable and led to disaster On an inspirational note the third area covered in this book is family and that one’s family doesn't have to be made up of blood relatives Marc’s family has already formed a nucleus of friends who are closer than blood relatives and Mackenzie finds herself being drawn into their midst together with her three brothers Donna Weavers brings out once again that it isn't necessary to have bedroom scenes as a filler in a book making this story one that can be read by most age groups I loved the main characters in this story and the addition of the two young rascals kept it light with hilarious moments Although this book is part of a series it is a standalone and ends on a very positive note I received a copy of this book as a gift and this is my honest and voluntary review Oh my This book is full of so many good feelings make sure you have time to finish it once you pick it up because you won't want to put it down once you start The characters are very well written and you will be cheering them along the entire way It is thought provoking and as the mother of a veteran it brought me to tears at times but it was well worth all of them This is definitely a standalone since I have not read any of the others in this series and was not lost at all I'm not going to give anything away other than to say I definitely recommend this oneI have now had the pleasure of enjoying the previous books in this series and still deem this could be read or listened to as a standalone This time through was enjoyed by me as an audible and the narrator was perfection and still brought me to tears with all the emotion I enjoyed the first time through I still recommend itReceived this ARC for an honest review Swing Vote was one of those books that leaves you wishing there had been and I mean that in a good way It’s about family and not just conventional family It’s about how we can become family even without being related There are tender moments laugh out loud moments and sigh worthy moments The two main characters Marc North and McKenzie Terkildsen are believable likeable and strong Their romance seems natural and develops over time The book is part of a series but Weaver provides enough backstory so a reader really isn’t lost I received an ARC; however I also purchased the book It’s a lovely clean book I'll read again This book is a story about finding your place and your own home Marc has a strong family support system which has helped him get through the last two years of recovering from an injury caused by an explosion Marc is ready to move on from recovering and become independent again He moves to Canyonland Utah to start a business with his friend Mckenzie has been trying to raise her two younger brothers since the lost of her parents Her job as county recorder is difficult in a town being torn apart by the old timers and new comers fighting Can Marc and Mckenzie find what they need in each other or will the friction in town pull them apart? I loved the relationships in Marc's family and their support Mckenzie's younger brothers Caleb and Noah were fun to read about Ike was a interesting character and I wonder if he will get his own story Overall this is a great book with romance and suspense Swing Vote by Donna K Weaver is a fantastic addition to the Safe Harbors seriesMarc is Lyn's younger brother from Change of Plans and part of the blended family created from the trauma of the events that occurred there  I loved seeing the relationship between the various people I have gotten to know through these stories and seeing hints of where they are now and how they are doing  The family video call was great with tons of characters I've gotten to know and love through the seriesThis story was very touching as well  Both Marc and McKenzie were dealing with grief and the loss of parents and loved ones  They were uncertain about trusting their hearts to anyone else yet both showed deep love for their families  Lyn referred to Marc as the baby whisperer because of his ability to get her young daughter to relax enough to take a napThe overall mood of the story is pensive and hopeful with some suspense and some levity interjected but not overused  As with other stories by this author the novel was a poignant emotional journey through the ups and downs in the lives of the charactersI enjoyed reading about the small town politics and learning about the dangers involved with Life Flight missions  Ike and McKenzie's young brothers were adorableSwing Vote was a great blend of realistic relatable characters and a compelling story line that drew me in and carried me along to the conclusion This review was originally posted on Among the ReadsI received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Oh I LOVED this book I completely fell in love with the hero from about the third page but it's the heroine who truly stole my heart Two perfectly suited characters you couldn't wish for But just how they figure it out for themselves is magical I laughed sueezed my Kindle tight swore under my breath held my breath This is a well written enjoyable read that I didn't put down once I started it and I'm sure you won't either Safe Harbors #3 but a stand alone HEA; no prior reading reuired Bravo I loved the book the characters and how things developed It was a great read and one I got caught up in I love an author that can make me do that to were I want to be the main character or one of the friends Master piece of work 🎁 FREE on today 1242019 🎁 Wow grab your box of Kleenex A tear jerker with lots of emotions No shortage of drama or suspense People all struggling with loss in their own way A love story about Marc and Mackenzie Wow this was a great story and it's hard not to fall in love with Mackenzie and Marc I received an advance copy and voluntarily chose to review this book