Hidden Goddess Shadows of the Immortals #4

Hidden Goddess Shadows of the Immortals #4[Read] ➲ Hidden Goddess Shadows of the Immortals #4 ➮ Marina Finlayson – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire Jake the man of Lexi’s dreams is trapped in the underworld Only Hades can free him but Hades is missing presumably a captive of the shadow shapers Talk about out Shadows of PDF Ë of the frying pan and into the fire Jake the man of Lexi’s dreams is trapped in the underworld Only Hades can free him but Hades is missing presumably a captive of the shadow shapers Lexi wants nothing than to free both of them but the shadow shapers have hidden their tracks well She has no idea where to start looking for the missing Lord of the Underworld until Hidden Goddess eBook Ý a visit to Death himself reveals vital information Finally Lexi has a target but this will be no ordinary rescue mission In a faraway city she must face the shadow shapers on their home turf She is the only hope for Jake and Hades but there are too many gaping holes in her memory too many things she doesn’t know And some of them are about to come back to bite her big Goddess Shadows of PDF ↠ time. Truth revealedWhat a revelation Finding the truth about Lexi was better than what I had imagined Obviously she wasn't uite human but wow Hopefully Jake can accept her and love her This opens so many possibilities Very cool Book 4 Spoilers continueIt opens at a leisurely pace with Winston the fireshaperpriest from the last book coming by looking to buy a place and uestions about why someone left But Hades has not shown up again which can only mean bad thingsIt involves asking Thanatos uestions Cerebus's passionate desire to help the secret behind Lexi's tattoo a stranger who helps out of nowhere Hestia's secret a very truncated text message to Lexi Apollo's searching for something to help Zeus memories of the dead the uestion of rescuing Jake and sage souls will recognize from info in the first book What a Twist If I could give 10 stars I would I wish I could give 10 stars What an awesome continuation of this series I so didn't see the twist coming but now it is starting makes sense All I can say is I loved it from start to finish and can't wait for the next book to come out Keeping my fingers crossed that certain things say a fire shaper will work them selves out I'm talking to you Jake The books in the Shadow of the Immortals series fells like watching an episode of a TV series They seemingly blend into each other but are really short This isn't much of a problem for me since I like TV series but others might find this off putting But in this vainPreviously on Shadows of the Immortals the dastardly Stix used a well phrased deal to trap Jake for all eternity Only Hades Lord of the Underworld can help to free him But before Lexi could ask for his help Cerberus rushes away sensing that his master is in trouble It has been approx 2 weeks since Jake was trapped Hades has indeed disappeared and Lexi and Syl are trying to find him aided by Lukas Joe's werewolf brother and a somewhat reluctant Apollo who is afraid of being trapped again Will they be able to reach Hades in time and free Jake from the sex crazed underworld water nymph While doing so the secret around Lexi's missing memories will finally be revealedAs before this book was an entertaining read My one criticism is that some of the mysteries are very obvious and this is made annoying by the fact that when someone practically tells Lexi something outright she still has difficulties figuring it out Hades' avatar was very obvious but when one of the villains taunts Lexi with the knowledge that she basically served it on a silver platter she goes in denial thinking that it must have been something else The same is true for Lexi's secret I suspected that from the first book and all this book did was finally confirm my suspicions I mean come on she talks to animals and has an archer tattooed on her shoulder Duh The only way to make it obvious would have been to name her something like Moonchild or maybe VirginiaPersonally I think that the guy who saved them from drowning Call me Mac is Poseidon who probably has the third part of Zeus' lightning The next installment will be about saving Zeus and finding the traitor amongst the gods because let's face it someone must have told the shadow shapers about Hades' avatarOn a final note this book is nothing for dog lovers Besides Cerberus getting seriously injured I doubt anyone can read the final scenes without one very specific thought passing through their head What about Snowy that is the little white dog Lexi used for reconnaissance Poor little tyke The fourth and penultimate part of this fine urban fantasy series and finally we’re getting some answers I didn’t enjoy the third book Rivers of Hell uite as much as the previous two partly because it dropped a lot of interesting plot threads and went haring off down a very big rabbit hole to Hell in fact and partly because in the underworld heroine Lexi’s most interesting attribute that of control over all sorts of animals and birds just doesn’t work in a place where everything is dead Not to mention that one of the most interesting side characters Lexi’s cat shifter friend Syl was miserably stuck in human form and love interest Jake was captured by the evil Styx But now Lexi’s out of Hell Syl’s free again and has an interesting new boyfriend and we’re finally getting close to working out how to defeat those pesky shadow shapers who’ve been killing gods left right and centre Anyone who’s read one of Marina Finlayson’s books before knows the drill now There’ll be relentless action great characters who feel absolutely real yes even the werewolves and gods lots of humour some great twists and did I mention the relentless action? There’s a LOT going on in these books but it’s all wonderfully believable I love the idea of gods not merely alive and well but actually living amongst humans and displaying very human like foibles along with the awesome powers And at long last some answers to the uestions that arose in the first couple of books and I finally found out why everything was so out of kilter when Lexi went back to her home town and nothing she remembered was uite right Lots of readers seem to have guessed the answer but I didn’t and it was to put it mildly a bit of a shock although completely logical Best moment of the book? When Jake is rescued and reveals how he foiled the wicked plans of Styx Attaboy But these books are not just action There’s real depth to them too in Lexi’s struggles to face up to who she really is and dealing with her newly rediscovered family And who could be unmoved by the trials of a certain very cute hell hound?Everything’s building now to the final confrontation so a uick five stars and straight on to the final book Called itI said it back in book 2totally called out Lexi’s true identity Score one for meThis book was pretty much filler we didn’t really learn anything new aside from the Lexi reveal toward the end and maybe possibly that we ran into PoseidonThere was a little action but overall this book wasn’t as gripping and nailbiting as the others in the seriesMy new prediction Hera is Mrs Emery Has to be if you look at Greek mythology lore she was always unhappy about just about everything We’ve already met Hestia so it can’t be her Aphrodite is too vain to walk around looking like an older woman and co signing the hate speechI’m looking forward to the next and last book but this one certainly didn’t live up to the fun of the previous three Great seriesI do love this series even if it wasn’t too hard to figure out who Lexi really is I really enjoy the adventure this series brings It isn’t my favorite book so far but it is a solid continuation I can’t wait for the next book I hope it comes soon because I’m so impatient to see her an Apollo together how her relationship with Jake works out crossing my fingers he is really a certain lover of a certain someone and how they all team up to find sues uick fun read I'd already long ago guessed the big reveal and you aren't that surprised by the things that happen It's a bit short and things happen rather uickly The characters are pretty fun and it actually would be better served if it was a bit longer if you got to have interactions etc Wraps up rather fast But overall like I said enjoyable It was great to get back into Lexi's world and also a bit frustrating as things are not good This book is where the tide turns and things start to be understood Lexi with the help of her friends starts to win the battle But it isn't over I had the first 3 books on audio This is the first I read It went uickly It's a uirky world Some things are too hard and some are too easy As good as alwaysI'm a big fan of this series and I've loved every word from the start The characters are well written with real problems and are people you can relate to The ending had me wanting to shake a certain person but I can't wait for the finale