The Different Kinds Of Monsters

The Different Kinds Of Monsters❮Reading❯ ➳ The Different Kinds Of Monsters ➬ Author Seth Chambers – Some men just have to keep moving because some monsters are relentless Dylan Armitage lived his life in the shadow of an ancient predator While growing up his family moved around the country continual Some men just Kinds Of MOBI ï have to keep moving because some monsters are relentless Dylan Armitage lived his life in the shadow of an ancient predator While growing up his family moved around the country continually keeping one step ahead For a long time he doesn't understand The Different eBook ✓ the true nature of this monster but he eventually learns of the bizarre connection his family bloodline has with this beast from the distant past But this isn't the only monster in Dylan's life His father always told him There are different kinds of men in Different Kinds Of Kindle Ô this world As it turns out there are also different kinds of monsters In order to protect those he loves Dylan must confront all the monsters but the worst is the one that dwells within his own heart This bold and powerful novel takes an unflinching look at some of the disturbing aspects of the human condition It has received numerous four out of four star reviews from Online Book Club reviewers but due to graphic and controversial content reader discretion is advised Excerpt The vein in his forehead settled and he stared out the window for a long time before speaking again There are different kinds of men in this world Dylan Some are nice all around Men like you Nice to everyone they meet and God bless you for it Seems the Armitage temper skipped right over you What do you know about the kind of man I am He was off in his own world and didn't seem to hear Other men are just plain mean any way you slice it Mean to their family mean to everyone they meet You've met a few like that That bastard in Montana I got into it with I remember Others are goody goody to the outside world but bring their ugly home Save it up for the wife the kiddies the dog Nobody believes that such a man could be a monster but he is Fact is he's the worst kind because he's a monster in hiding a damn hypocrite Ice water ran through my veins I shuddered but he was still far away swimming in old memories From Online Book Club review by Sci Fi Kingdom I absolutely loved this novel and at out of stars I would highly recommend it for fans of science fiction that are not easily offended by bad language and graphic content With its fast pace and complex intriguing themes this refreshingly uniue story constantly held my attention It was very well written and I enjoyed the author’s honesty and willingness to discuss controversial topics such as self mutilation and child molestation not in an effort to shock the reader but to show the harsh truth of reality From Online Book Club review by KWCbooks When was the last time that you finished a book and your heart was pounding in your chest and you had to remind yourself to breathe I don’t remember when my last time was but I know when it happened to me most recently – it was when I came to the end of The Different Kinds Of Monsters To call this book a “page turner” is labeling it lightly From Online Book Club review by ANappingCat Where do I start with this book I had ambivalent feelings throughout the whole novel I thought that it will be an easy book with some blood and profanity for those odd to minutes before bed where there is no point starting something but there is still time for some reading I was so wrong and right at the same time The planned pages turned to pages so uickly I did not even notice it. Adult contentI at first thought this a children's book after reading it I realized that it is not a children's book due to the inappropriate adult content but is for mature readers The Different Kinds of Monsters is presented beautifully metaphorically and it is easy to read it caught me right from the beginning and held my attention till the very last page where it dropped me as I tried twice to turn the page only to realize I was as at the end there were no pages So it has done everything a good novel should Based on the title and the book cover design you’re led to believe that this book would actually be about monsters of some kind What you eventually learn is that there are different kinds of monsters which can be within the very people that walk amongst us In “The Different Kinds of Monsters” author Seth Chambers uses the main character Dylan Armitage’s father Tom Armitage to discuss the different types of men which could be a metaphor for monsters We’re introduced to two different versions of the book one is following Dylan Armitage from the age of 6 years old into his adult life while the other is from the views of a baby allosaurus growing into maturity Learning from both of their perspectives readers will have a better understanding why our main character and dinosaurs share a connection You’ll have to read this book in order to find out why Emily the friendly allosaurus skeleton Dylan met at 6 years old are close friends It’s surprising how the author described that this fossilized dinosaur has been communicating to Dylan through song I enjoyed reading both current and past times all within one book highly recommended ‘She peered up at Mother and an ancient part of her brain understood that she was destined to be like her’Chicago author Seth Chambers has worked as an army medic mental health counselor farm hand wilderness guide bike messenger and ESL teacher His work has appeared in FSF Daily SF Fantasy Scroll and Perihelion SF and The 2015 Year's Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Novellas He is the author of eighteen books WHAT ROUGH BEASTS LITTLE BIRD WE HAPPY FEW BEAUTIFUL MACHINES DETROIT RUSTY BOLTS A LITTLE SLICE OF HELL THE UNFOGIVING MINUTE TOURIST SEASON BLUE DEVILS EDITORIAL LIFELINES THIS RESTLESS NIGHT HER RULE WOULD ALWAYS LAST MORNING AND NIGHT UNIVERSE IN A TEACUP LITTLE EINSTEIN YOU BETTER WATCH OUT and now THE DIFFERENT KINDS OF MONSTERS His genre is cyberpunk fantasy hard science fiction and in this vein he has already gained recognition and awardsSeth wastes no superfluous words – he gets to his character development uick and surely and leaves ample room for character development and growth – and secrets For example his unveiling of story is as follows – ‘For the first moments of her awareness she struggled through the thin shell of her prison During that brief time she had no thoughts but freedom When she finally succeeded endorphins washed over neuroreceptors and she gave forth a mighty roar although to other ears it might've been a little sueak But the spirit was there She rested tiny lungs fluttering like butterflies Hatching is strenuous work She needed to recover Dark as it was in her underground nest she sensed movement nearby her nestlings just starting their journeys to freedom In her wordless way she felt a tingle of pride She was First And this is how she thought of herself First Second was almost out of her shell First rolled to her feet not about to be overtaken by her sibling The soil against her feet was a new sensation followed by a medley of smells rushing through her nose from her own body her siblings and Somewhere Beyond Driven by eons of instinct her brain circuits scrambled to make sense of it all Now Second was free of her shell First sucked in her sibling's scent and heard her panting as she had panted shortly before First took her first step It was clumsy and awkward but then again she was mere minutes from the egg Her second step was marginally better With her third step she felt the floor of the nest slope upward Again her brain circuits raced Instinctively the baby allosaurus knew there was much to learn in a very short time With her fourth step she toppled forward so that her foreclaws impacted the side of the nest Meanwhile her burgeoning sense of smell told her that Third was now breaking free of his egg First clawed her way upward ragged breaths drawing damp soil into her mouth her feet bearing into loose dirt her thighs burning with strain This went on for a long time In fact at one point the majority of her young life had been spent in this climb to the top of the underground nest It wasn't until she was close to blacking out from exertion that her reward finally came a single blinding sliver of light Until this moment she had no concept of sight She screeched no mighty roar this time and tumbled back down the side of her nest gasping By the time Last finally emerged from his shell First had already lived an eventful life’ Elouent and magnetic the passage invites the reader into this strange and beautiful storyThe synopsis provides a guide map to what is ahead – ‘In the late Jurassic Period an allosaurus lives thrives and rules A hundred and fifty million years later in a bizarre twist of fate Dylan Armitage's life becomes entwined with this ancient predator Over the years this carnivore grows ever stronger faster and fiercer She is a monster and she is coming for Dylan and his family Dylan's father always said There are different kinds of men in this world Turns out there are also different kinds of monsters The uestion that haunts Dylan is what kind of monster must he become to protect everyone he loves? ’Many levels of significant philosophy are contained in this fantasy book Not only will fans of sci fi fantasy be satisfied but also readers who are sensitive to those aspects that make a child into an adult will be also well served This is a fine little novel There are at least three stories in this book “ The different Kinds of Monsters” One is of FIRST an Allosaurus carnivore dinosaur living and growing in the Jurassic Age The other is about the Armitage family and their attachment to dinosaurs beginning with their great grandfather digging up bones which were shipped to museums It was said that family blood was shed on the bones There is a third story the story of Emily another Allosaurus and the role she played in the internal and external relationships of the familyThen there is a deduction For me this came at the end of the primary stories and is implicit in the name of the book “The Different Kinds of Monsters” and in the content of the two stories ie there are animal monsters and there are human monsters You can after reading the stories determine if both types behave differently; is there redemption for one and not the other and why? Or for that matter as the author muses – whether they see and recognize each other as monstersThe stories are well written Two life energies animal and human are kept together by the story of the human ancestors harvesting dinosaur bones and from that contact a predilection of the human family for dinosaurs and the ‘seeing ‘ and ‘feeling’ of a dinosaur called Emily The human family is highly nomadic for a number of reasons but Emily seems to be everywhere they go even in low level museums I believe that Emily spurs the animal story told in third person about the birth life and death of First The author’s clarity and warmth of writing makes you accompany First on her adventurous life being hungry with her learning patience and safety from her mother and becoming a leader of her own pack From this the lesson is that animals learn from example and experience So do human beings but we also have cognitive meansThe human story is somewhat complex At six the main character Dylan Armitage is captivated by an Allosaurus skeleton called Emily He becomes something of an expert concerning dinosaurs His family is somewhat nomadic and everywhere they move to they encounter Emily even in lower order museums Dylan tells his daughter “She follows her bones around and she can become real I mean really real Flesh and bones and blood and teeth” “I saw her up close and I saw her kill somebody” They believe that Emily is protecting them and she does but they know that at some time she will attack them They will have to destroy her even for the reason that the family will have less mobility and stability We admire the hardworking ethos of the Armitage family through to the present and their escapades Through the line family life was difficult at times ‘monsterish’ but always underneath it lay the potential for love to express itself And it does at times The main character Dylan believed in his father’s mantra “Blood calls to blood” and he would protect his daughter by being a monster Covered in his family blood Dylan sets up to kill Emily First is ‘resurrected’ for the purpose using ‘blood calls to blood’ as his bait The author would have us think that she is blown away by Dylan’s dynamite and she goes back to her sleep but he is silent on an issue Dylan’s daughter always entertained in killing Emily he would also have to kill himself Your guess I liked the story and its layout At first I was fazed by the number of Chapters but each Chapter was short enough to remember the main points which made the seemingly long book easy to read As I write this I have another interpretation of the family Emily connection Emily became a representation of the chaotic life and relations in the family and she that had to be destroyed if the family was to settle down First’s life was a cleaner less convoluted reflection Which life would you choose to live?I think the stories and their relationships are subject to many interpretations I invite you to find yours The Different Kinds of Monsters by Seth Chambers is a science fiction thriller set around the Jurassic period initially and then jumps to 150 million years later It captures the reader's attention from the beginning right till the endThis book is made up of three stories each connected but tell different stages of the tale The first depicts the birth of an Allosaurus the second describes the Armitages connection to the Jurassic Period and their connection to Emily and the third tells Emily's story In a bizarre twist of fate Dylan Armitages life becomes caught up with the Allosaurus As the years move on the carnivore grows stronger and fiercer In the end to save his family Dylan must destroy Emily that he had grown up seeing visions of her wherever he went It becomes obvious that in order for Dylan and his family to settle down Emily must be removedAn interesting read the author is able to convey an authentic glimpse into the dinosaur period together with the atmosphere through the third party narration It also conveys the lengths a man is capable of taking to protect his loved ones I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting from this book but it delivered a lot than I thought it would At first there doesn’t seem to be much reason to draw parallels between a young allosaurus’ life and the main character Dylan’s life in the modern day But soon the author starts jumping back to Dylan’s childhood and time moves forward in all three narratives as the story slowly reveals itself It’s very well done and Seth Chambers takes his time letting the reader figure out what is real and what is not and what the different kinds of monsters are a lot Almost every single character in the book is a monster in some way shape or form It’s unsettling realistic and a little depressing However the real genre breaking comes in the last fourth of the book where First’s story and Dylan’s story finally merge together In conclusion if you like frighteningly realistic monsters or oddly surreal monsters this book delivers both It’s a good read but don’t expect a happy ending Dinosaurs We either love or hate them They provoke us They provoke our imagination When we look at them we cannot but to wonder – what has happened to Earth that these big reptiles ceased to exist? Was it the meteor strike that killed only them but left auatic species intact so that we can evolve from them or is that we evolved from monkeys who seem to survive the attack from outer space or was is the aliens that killed them who knows since there are so many “truths’’ about what happened to them? Well it does not matter The only thing that matters is that we “know’’ that dinosaurs lived on our planet something like 300 000 000 000 maybe a bit zeroes who knows years What a dinosaur called the First a “creation of space and Earth’’ and monsters our main protagonist is referring to throughout the novel have in common? You can find that out in this novel Maybe we are all just dinosaurs who “evolved’’ so that we can walk on two legs and speak like humans The Different Kinds of Monsters by Seth Chambers is certainly a different take on a child's interest in dinosaurs It also blends two very distinct time periods the present day and the late Jurrasic period First we meet the dinosaur called First who may or may not have been the first of her kind in present time we meet 6 year old Dylan Armitage who is fascinated with dinosaurs in particular Emily a dinosaur skeleton in a museum These two stories blend together and form a wholly uniue storyline one which entertains baffles and fascinates The third person narration works well in this book and manages to convey all of the emotion mystery of why Emily seems to show up everywhere and the general sense of not knowing exactly what is going to happen next You will be riveted by this surprising story until the very end A great read and highly recommend for something a little different in the science fiction genre Do dinosaurs count as monsters? Possibly if you ask this author Dylan loves dinosaurs and loves the dinosaur bones in the museum called Emily He starts seeing Emily around in his daily life and interacts with her The book also takes us back into the way past where an Allosaurus is born Her name is First and the story follows her life in this Jurassic period of our world The two stories about First and Dylan along with his experiences of Emily start to merge as the book goes along and we start to uestion coincidences and just how much can be left to fate?I liked this story I saw it is classed in SciFi and a story that takes your mind on a time travel should certainly be in that genre but I think that mystery can also be applied here Well written even through the back and forth between stories The story is presented in third person narrative which helps soften the jarring that normally occurs when changing characters The Different Kinds of Monsters is a deep mysterious and adventurous book that would definitely give you the creeps The book started simple enough with a spellbinding description of the hatching of the First It looked somewhat like a child's fascinating tale but from the next chapter onward the pages started to give you creeps The said monster was a ghost of Emily the allosaurs whose story runs in parallel to the story of Dylan's adult and childhood stories So chapters switch between these three different stories who are nevertheless interconnected and form a complete whole However another type of monsters are pointed out in the shape of men These men are charming to the outer world but devil to their loved ones Hence Dylan has double challenges in his hand He has to overcome his inner monster and yet become a monster to deal with Emily The story is fascinating complex but easy in comprehensibility and highly interesting