18 Hours To Us

18 Hours To Us[PDF / Epub] ☄ 18 Hours To Us By Krista Noorman – Oaklandjobs.co.uk When Natalie Rhodes left her house early that fateful morning to catch the bus to her senior class trip she never expected to end up in a car with Colton Daynes the guy she's had a crush on since firs When Natalie Rhodes left her house early that fateful morning to catch the bus to her senior class trip she never expected to end up in a 18 Hours PDF \ car with Colton Daynes the guy she's had a crush on since first grade the guy who has no idea who she is But when Colton's irresponsible driving causes them both to miss the bus the unlikely pair set off on a road trip from Michigan to Virginia Beach to catch up with their classmatesFrom the little village of Middleville the popular football star and the uiet gymnast will navigate back roads and highways travel from lake towns to waterfalls to mountaintops and beyond all the while fielding texts from Colton's friends and mean girl Lexi who also happens to be Colton's girlfriend and Natalie's former best friend Hours spent together on the road will lead them to places they've never been discovering hidden talents revealing secrets and fears And they just might realize they have in common than they know. Cute YA high school romance A road trip with some fun detours while two people learn about each other Reminds me of Kasie West books I really liked it There is nothing that bothers me than reading a book and just not loving it That was the case here and it really breaks my heart I love reading I love books and I love anyone that takes that leap and writes a book and shares it with the world but unfortunately I just can't love every book I come across This book was about Natalie a gymnast who gets into a car wreck on her way to her high school to catch the bus for her senior class trip The driver of the car that caused the wreck is Colton Daynes rich and popular football star This results in both of them missing the bus and deciding to road trip together the 18 hours to their destination so they don't have to miss out on the whole trip My first issue with the book was that it was written in 3rd person I could not connect to these characters at all because I didn't feel what they were feeling You didn't get that glimpse into their mind and what they were thinking It was really frustrating to me In like the first few paragraphs it talks about how much Natalie hates Colton but then the author says Natalie thinks Colton is so hot and she has been in love with him since they were kids? I was so confused Were we supposed to believe she didn't like him or was she just in denial? I'm still unsure I didn't like Natalie at all She was very judgmental She didn't like Colton's girlfriend because she was a bully but she was beautiful and knew she was beautiful And Lexi and her friends the Heathers walked around like they were better than everyonethat kind of felt a little like bullying to me too A little hypocritical Colton was a horrible person He was conceited and rude and some of the stuff he said to her on the trip was just ridiculous What might have been worse than the things he was saying was the fact that she liked it You're sweet and good andboring but in an interesting I want to figure you out kind of way Umm what? You get halfway through the book and then it turns religious? They were having these discussions about God and church which is fine but it just seemed to come out of nowhere and I didn't really see how it fit into the story Soyou're a church girl She sighed at the change of subject knowing he wasn't going to tell her I go to church yeah That explains it Explains what? Why you're so boring He winked at her Yeah this part left me with my mouth hanging open If you wanted to write a book about faith and church fine but why would you EVER include this in it and then want me to somehow fall in love with this book boyfriend These characters were just so immature Colton had a girlfriend that it didn't really feel like he had any intention of breaking up with He kept doing things throughout the trip to try and make his girlfriend jealous but then wouldn't pick up the phone when she called Natalie knew he had a girlfriend talked about how much of a bully the girl was but was okay with the way he was acting with her? Honestly when I posted that picture this morning I wanted to make Lexi mad Why? So I wouldn't have to break up with her Natalie stared at him in silence until he looked at her I've wanted it to be over for a while now Okay so how about you just break up with the girl and grow a pair? And what kind of girl is just like oh okay makes sense your just soo cute I don't care what you say or do I still want to spend time with youWell I'm just a selfless person than everyone else I guessIn what world does a person that is actually selfless say something like this? Natalie did not care about anyone else or how her actions affected others Her character seemed self absorbed to me and she really wasn't that great of a friend to the ones she did have And lastly there was a spot at the end of the book where Colton claims the accident wasn't his fault That he prayed that morning for someone to show him where he should go in life and that his car just magically moved on it's on that morning directly into Natalie's path Is this real life? I just can't get on board Overall I'm giving this ONE STAR I tried I really really tried I tried to like it I tried to connect with the characters and I tried to get into the story and I just couldn't I don't know if it was the fact it was written in 3rd person the fact that the characters were so immature and not relatable at all or the weird random bits of religion thrown in but I just couldn't get into it Check out this review and others on my blog Every once in a while I love a fun light hearted romantic adventure And that is what I was expecting with this Christian YA novel But this story turned out to have a few layers to itThe first half of the story was filled with playful banter touching getting to know you moments and cool stops along the journey The second half of the book had a lot teen drama infused into the story I’ll be honest Parts of this book were absolutely delightful Other parts made me cringe because they pushed the boundaries of what I prefer in clean teen novelsThis book also touched on some serious teen issues – depression teen suicide the hook up culture and bullying We all wish teens didn’t have to deal with these kinds of things but in many schools this is the reality kids face daily It’s always nice to find a book that can show that these topics exist but offer a positive alternative This Christian YA novel had two fantastic messages 1 – Stick to your beliefs If someone truly likes you they will respect who you are 2 – Anyone no matter what has happened in their past can change if they really want to This was a fun high school romantic and drama filled story I enjoyed reading it I thoroughly enjoyed this story The author did a great job of making me feel like I was experiencing the ups and downs of the challenging time known as the teenage years There were some very deep situations and events that were discussed in this edgy Christian young adult novel I would recommend it to older teensThe author captured the feelings of uncertainty attraction confusion hurt and many emotions so well I loved reading as the characters bantered back and forth learning a little about each other as each mile passed I enjoyed this story from start to finish and it was easy to feel as if these characters were real and heading off to college in the next few monthsI received a complimentary copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own So Natalie missed her class trip bus and she ends up catching a lift with Colton Yes Colton is handsome 'The amazing Football player'He has girlfriend who is obviously a bitch aren't they always?The girlfriend is jealous that her boyfriend is with another girl She is fuming and thus posting stuff to humiliate Natalie Here both the MCs are having fun and also serious moments Colton is not bothered that his gf is getting jealous He actually wants to break up with her And he is enjoying his time with the heroine So you get the picture? I liked the plot Missed Bus Road trip having fun time with someone familiar yet stranger But the book dragged It was very lengthy I was actually counting down how many pages to go I even skimmed through Nonetheless this book was sweet I received an advance copy of 18 Hours to Us from the author All opinions expressed are my ownThis is just such a cutesy and uick read While the romance had a few sticking points for me I just can't get over how cute it is1 The plot If you've ever read Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins this plotline reminded me a lot of that book The two main characters end up going on a road trip together after they miss the school bus that is driving them to a beach a couple of states away One thing this book doesn't have going for it is unpredictability Just from reading the blurb you can tell exactly where it's going and how it'll get there That's kind of why I love contemporary romance novels though You don't worry about what will happen you just enjoy the character interactions and the bond that's forming between them To that end I read this book in one night because of how absorbed I was in their relationship It's uite lovely and the author doesn't try to shove in an action plotline or anything of the sort The purpose is clear and sweet Now that I think about it this book is basically cotton candy2 The romance If you couldn't tell the romance is the plot and while that is adorable and sweet it also places any problems with the romance front and center While it isn't exactly instalove I found myself repeatedly asking why Natalie was so swoony around Colton when she starts out so antagonistic towards him The first couple hours of the road trip are a little sickly with her swooning every time he does something human That being said I did like getting to know their relationship as they themselves were discovering it and watching them stop and do cute things together during the trip is adorable Honestly this is basically a fairytale3 The characters In general the characters are lovely We really get to know Colton and Natalie obviously and we learn about their pasts as they discover it from each other which I found to be a great way of conveying the necessary knowledge without an info dump at the beginning I do wish there was of their friends though because they're painted as rather two dimensional The book is focused on the two MC's but I could have used 4 The setting Because the premise is a road trip the settings describing each place are basically mandatory and overall they're very important The settings here fit that purpose and I enjoyed following along with Colton and Natalie's journey through the middle eastern part of the US The author uses several landmarks to mark each point of the journey and I think that was a very smart decisionThe Final VerdictFluffy sweet and exceptionally cuteNote There are a few religious undertones although it isn't super prominent Christian So cuteThis was the cutest book that I have read in a very long time I loved both Natalie and Colton even the mistakes they made caused me to love them even because of the way that they handled it They had such a sweet and clean relationship clean read which was a huge blessing as it’s very hard to find a YA novel with no crude language and no sex but they also had a really mature relationship in terms of communication with each other commitment and their love for each other It was a great read and I was happy to spend this lazy Saturday afternoon reading it What a fun and entertaining clean YA romance Noorman does an excellent job creating realistic teenage characters we can all relate to The couple's witty flirty banter kept me smiling through the whole read While engaging familiar tropes YA fans will adore 18 Hours to Us also weaves in encouraging messages that tackle hard issues so many of us have faced while in that stage of life A funny romantic inspiring story that's sure to leave a lasting impression on YA fans looking for a sweet clean read I loved this book I love that it deals with teenage relationships in a way that is realistic and gives a real sense of what the characters are going through The connection between Colton and Natalie is very heart warming and once I started reading I could not put the book downI love Krista as an author as all of her books touch a real sense of reality without being too much or too little I highly recommenced this book and all of her books