Anton's Grace

Anton's Grace[PDF / Epub] ☉ Anton's Grace ❤ Regine Abel – This is an alternate cover edition for B071HDF8ZP Dark RomanceGrace is in trouble Her agent and ex boyfriend Marcus has fled leaving her stranded on the Venus Hive pleasure barge His creditors want co This is an alternate cover edition for BHDFZP Dark RomanceGrace is in trouble Her agent and ex boyfriend Marcus has fled leaving her stranded on the Venus Hive pleasure barge His creditors want compensation and with Marcus nowhere to be found they’ve decided Grace will do nicely Desperate for help she turns to Anton Myers the wealthy and ruthless owner of the Hive Network He agrees to help her The terms anything he wants for six monthsAnton has waited a long time for this moment Grace may not remember him but he hasn’t forgotten her Signing herself over to his every command will not keep her safe A Braxian never forgets a slight to his honor And Grace will pay with interest Anton's Grace is a twisted tale of unlikely second chances that will leave you suirming in your seat Can you stomach the darknessWARNING This book contains scenes that may be disturbing to some readers including dubious permission and graphic violence. 💝 FREE on today 4142018💝 Warning Rape Don't read it if you've been in such situationsAnton rapes her I'm not on board with that scene I read this book because of the link between Amalia's daughter and Anton's son I thought Amalia series was awesome and I wanted to see the connection between Anton's son and Amalia's daughter however it shocked me that there was a rape scene And she forgave him? I'm not ok with that Besides this scene I found the heroine simpid clumsy and easily swayed etc and the hero an arrogant bastard not much redeeming about him The rest of the book was ok however it's not up to par as Amalia's series This book needs a rewrite or some changes to get it up to scratch I was bit disappointed I gave it 2 stars when I wanted to give it 1½ Anton has wanted Grace from the moment he saw her six years ago when she slighted him dismissed and humiliated him Just because he was a human Braxian hybrid Which didn't make him very attractive in the looks department He had it in the works all this time to get her to come to him He is ready for his revenge So far I have read two of Regine's books and so far both have brought tears to my eyes She has a way of drawing you into these characters without you even noticing it I love Regine's writing style She gives details but she doesn't go over board I can't wait to read her next bookI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Loved this book great writing dark story and so many triggers The H treated the h badly she almost expected him to be cruel as she didn't value herself But this time was different because she cared for the H and believed he cared for her too He finally shares why he's punishing her and it was the catalyst she needed to stand up for herself He knew he'd gone too far and knew he had to change to keep her as she was the most important thing in his life Loved their angst the scifi setting and the wonderful characters in the story A favourite read for me Grace had the childhood from hell Her only savior was the friendship of Marcus her friend turned lover and then friend again Grace made a mistake as a teen that kept her in the eye of Anton  He has waited for the exact moment to exact his revenge and he has found it  I fell in love with Anton from the beginning As mad as he is with Grace he still tries to help her excel The combo of dark erotic and sci fi was definitely a win with me The story was original and creative I was able to see the hives in my head The plot twisted and turned and I could not stop readingThis was a great read and I am extremely excited to have found Regine's writing which is oh so fluid and colorful I look forward to from her  5 stars from Reviews by Reds ☆☆☆☆5LindseyI enjoyed every word of this book and if It wasn’t for the way Anton made me want to scream at his issues it would have been a five Anton and Grace gave me the lives of two people two different situations and one man’s determination to get what he wants and give this story life I love their growth and how they overcame their issues This was a wonderful story of love passion hate submission and finding the one for you Regine Able did a great wellawesome job at writing this story There was so much to like about this story and I’m glad I got to enjoy it The writing the characters main and secondary and the plot was a great I read this story in hour nonstop because I just couldn’t put it down This story is so worth reading I got lost in this book One I love sci fi love romance and love a good BDSM themed book These characters will grab you and hold you until the end on their crazy rollercoaster of love and lust This is a great story of finding happiness within yourself self and with that one special person Grace and Anton will make you hot mad and leave you with the urge to throw your kindle once or twice before you're done I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next This book gets a little painfully dark at times I totally get why Anton and Grace's relationship had to play out the way it did but there were times when I wasn't sure if Anton deserved Grace or her loyalty I was very glad Grace took a long hard look at their relationship at one point and parsed through Anton's actions and what she was willing to put up with from him emotionally And physically for that matterSo Anton and Grace He's a hard driven half breed who is determined to prove he's just as good as a full blood Except he knows he never will be because of the prejudices of his people So he uses his ruthless intellect and sets things up to put himself in a position of powerHaving Grace in his grasp allows him to right a wrong to his honor but as he grows to care for her it gets harder for him to maintain his distance Which means he acts even harshly toward her at timesDark sexy and utterly engaging It took a ruthless alien species sprinkled in some human softness and gave us a complicated romance Kelly Reading the Paranormal I'm going to come right out and say that I don't understand the appeal of many of these dark stories I've liked some but not those that follow this formula And it's not because Anton humiliates Grace though that's part of it; it's not because he tortures her though that's part of it; it's not because she's his slave that's actually not part of it; it's not even because of the rapes though that's part of it and dubious permission and graphic violence doesn't begin to cover what happens here Rather my fundamental objection is that this book is yet another edgy sex violence tale underpinned by a deeply conservative heteronormative ideology in which a bad boy is redeemed by the unwavering love and forgiveness of the good girl Stop me if you've NEVER heard this trope before I realize that I've given a spoiler but seriously did you expect that this wouldn't happen? Now certainly this trope works countless countless books depict it and I assume authors wouldn't write it and readers wouldn't well read it if they didn't like it But my uestion is why? Leaving aside the rape and torture porn aspect of it yes it's fantasy; yes no one is advocating for rape and torture in the real world; yes the book itself condemns Anton's treatment of Grace just what is interesting here? What is interesting about a woman who instantly and without his having to provide any restitution forgives a man who has treated her so abominably indeed he almost kills her and is shocked shocked at her condition? What is compelling about a plot that has so little complexity a couple that has so little conflict or a story arc that has so little tension because after he rapes her places her in a small cage that dangerously cuts off her circulation and threatens to give her to men who want to rape and cut her to death all he has to do is say Sorry we good? and she immediately and with no hesitation says Whatevs dude it's cool not once but twice Because I like my heroines to have grit and my narratives to not essentially end even though the book is only at the half way mark yes happens but only so the author can include another scene of rapetorture porn I found this storyline and the characters boring and predictable beyond belief Finally here's who we're supposed invest in multi millionaire and multi ethnic or multi species Anton who can't move on and decides to take revenge on a young woman who insulted him six years ago when she was sixteen Sixteen Let me say that again Sixteen Yes Anton because we should all hold those who said stupid things when they were teenagers responsible foreverI note that many of the reviews don't like Grace calling her a doormat and she is but Anton is as he says little than a snot nosed schoolboy Since I like to read about men not little boys this book wasn't for me And I want to repeat it's not just because of the darkness that ridiculously vague and overused word the rapes the torture the beatings the humiliation or the enslavement; rather it's because I like to read about rising action unexpected plot points complex characters and HEAs that aren't easily earned none of which are present in this book I realize that generic readers expect certain tropes and that that familiarity is part of genre's appeal but in far too many of these books I just feel that I'm reading the exact same story over and over again only the names and planets locations have been changedSide Note The Braxians' thing for bashing in the heads of their half breed newborns seems like than a minor cultural difference Just sayin' Worth reading and re reading This book is one of the few I've read where the characters grow and change in front of the reader's eye It's easy to force characters into situations where they have to respond and change their attitudes Usually that's done by way of narration The beauty of this book is that it is shown very viscerally Grace and Anton both grow hugely into real adults bearing all the responsibility and heartache but also all the joy that maturity bringsThat said the first couple of chapters were tough to get through The chapters from Grace's perspective reveal exactly how shallow she is; the chapters from Anton's perspective clue the reader in to what's about to happen to Grace and it is not pretty This book goes dark very dark but it's the darkness before the dawn Stick with it The book has a heart of gold as big as its half human hero and it is worth your timeAt the end there's a hint as to Gavin's story I'll be finding that one I hope it's out and adding it to my TBR pile Why didn’t i read this beauty before? Why did i wait this long? I really don’t know Because having read itit left an impact on my soulit’s worked its way into my heart and decided to stay Grace was a foolish grl at the start of this storywhile Antonbeing a halfbreed may have made him sensitive to humiliationbut stillwhat he did to Grace in the beginning? That wás harsh Buthe redeemed himself in my eyesand made up for his brutal treatment of Grace And Grace herself? She may have been foolishbut she was a sweet girl at heart One desperate for someone to love her They both changed along the linethey changed eachother For the better But This story comes with a warningand with good reason There are things donethat are not for the faintheartedtrust me If you can take thatyou will enjoy this story as i didi promise