The Outpost (Jamison Valley, #4)

The Outpost (Jamison Valley, #4)➬ [Ebook] ➧ The Outpost (Jamison Valley, #4) By Devney Perry ➸ – Trapped in his tiny mountain cabin she didn't expect to fall for his big heart Exposing a prominent criminal family with an investigative news report didn’t exactly work out the way Sabrina had hope Trapped in his tiny mountain cabin she didn't expect to fall for his big heart Exposing a prominent criminal family with an investigative news report didn’t exactly work out the way Sabrina had hoped Instead of basking in the glory of her article’s success she’s on the run from a powerful man who wants her dead To stay safe she’s forced to trade one bad situation for another Stuck in the Montana wilderness she’s secluded from anything resembling civilization or the modern day world The only good thing about her situation is the gorgeous mountain man assigned to protect her Too bad he isn’t the slightest bit interested in a city girl like her Beau likes his life uiet and simple Give him a peaceful day hiking in the woods with his dog and he’s a happy man He has no use for large crowds noisy cities or dramatic women So when a hotshot reporter rolls into town dragging her big time problems with her he should have run for the hills Instead he volunteered to keep her safe Bringing her into his world won’t be easy but if he can convince her that Montana isn’t as terrifying as she believes they might just be the perfect match. OMG OMG OMG I know I've said this with every single one of Devney Perry's books but this was one of the BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR I finished it with the hugest smile on my face and the happiest tears in my eyes The epilogue just melted my heart I even hugged the book at the end IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING The sweetest slow burning romance you can imagine If you love protective Alpha heroes strong fearless heroines sexy swoon filled romance that'll make your heart race and suspenseful angst that'll keep you keep you glued to the page then you have to read this book Oh My God I LOVED ITWithout a doubt Devney Perry has skyrocketed to the very top of my favorite authors list holding rank with Kristen Ashley Colleen Hoover Leylah Attar and so many other amazingly talented storytellers Every book she's written to date has become an instant top favorite of mine To me she writes perfect romance novels They have the exact right balance of everything I love to read about Her romance is sexy her heroes are swoony her heroines are strong her stories are addictive her plot lines are always engaging and she throws in just enough of a suspenseful element to really keep you on your toes Her writing flows effortlessly making the pages fly by uickly and once I start reading one of her books I never want to put them down until I reach the end I could go on and on but truly the bottom line is that she has perfected what I consider to be the ultimate romance novels Not to mention that each one of her books has a very uniue storyline While they do all share common elements each one is fresh and exciting to read If she were to literally publish 25 books overnight I would put my entire TBR on hold to read them right away I also have learned to trust her as an author Her stories never break any of my personal 'book rules' and I feel confident diving into anything she writes with only the knowledge that she wrote it I know this is basically just a giant gush fest over her writing but I genuinely mean every word Plus I love the way her titles and covers are so strongly connected to the story and yet don't tell you what kind of book you're about to read They're my ideal booksIf you've read the previous three Jamison Valley books you'll remember Sabrina's character and the set up of her story she's the girl who escaped the mob and fled to Prescott However if you haven't read them yet don't worry You can easily dive right into this book without issue and I promise you won't be confused “This is my story As you may have guess its heroine is me and this past fall I set out to catch a villain” As soon as I began to read this book I was swept away in the story Our heroine was gutsy Bold Fearless A journalist wanting to do her part to tell stories and catch bad guys But she got in over her head when she wrote an article exposing a prominent mafia family They came for her and she barely escaped but was able to run to the only place she could think of the small town in Montana where her best friend livedBut her enemies were powerful and well connected and even they would have been able to track her down where she was endangering not only her but anyone who was helping to keep her safe Her rescue came in the form of a sexy search and rescue hero who offered to take her to an outpost deep into the wilderness completely off grid and away from anyone who could harm He had the skills and resources to protect her and even though as a total city girl the thought of being so isolated terrified her she trusted him to protect her “The clock on the dash showed 1242am Not twenty four hours ago I had been celebrating a job well done in my tenth floor apartment Now I was sitting next to a dog about to drive into the wilderness with a modern day mountain man” Beau was a protector both by nature and profession The outpost was completely disconnected from the world No phones no internet limited supplies and no contact with the outside world While the thought of living there was horrifying to her he made her feel safe And it was impossible to deny their chemistry No man would ever hold me this wellI was made to be wrapped in these armsA woman could tell a lot by the way a man holds her She could tell if he had the strength to endure the rougher moments If he had a mighty yet kind heart If he could make her feel safe and cherished His embrace said all that and But he wasn't looking for a fling He wanted a forever He also knew that the moment the threat was taken care of she'd run back to her city life and never look back so he didn't want to risk starting anything with her knowing the pain of losing her would be too great “My life was here in Prescott and Sabrina’s was in Seattle This was temporary Which meant it was time to put some distance between me and the outpost No staying the night No cuddling and sleeping together No kidding myself that she’d ever learn to love it hereBecause she’d never stay” I'm not gonna lie I absolutely love the country I'm completely comfortable away from the city but I felt her fear It's one thing to live in the country but it's an entirely other thing to be so remote that you're completely cut off from the world Every time he had to leave her to go back into town my heart sank a little And I was desperate for them to give into the connection between them that was growing stronger each day “Every time I drove away from her at the outpost I fought the urge to turn backI wanted her Every pieceMaybe she could find a way to like it here after all I was going to start doing whatever i could to make her fall in love with Montana If she did I’d be one lucky man” AHHHHH YOU GUYS The sweet slow burning soft angst was so intense “You’re not ready When you are you’ll be the first to know”My head fell and I spoke to my knees “I don’t know what that means”“I know You just have to trust me” His thumb hooked under my chin and lifted it up “Christ” he muttered “Don’t look at me like that”“Like what?“Like your heart hurts It’s killing me” THE FEEEEEEEEEELSBeau was my exact kind of hero He was the ultimate good guy Level headed not hot tempered mature responsible caring sweet sexy swoony loving loyal kind He was the kind of guy who was always thinking his moves through I just adored him And little things like how he only called her 'angel' at certain times really amped up the heatSabrina grew so much over the course of this book It was in her nature to be bold and fearless but living in the outpost really threw her out of her element and as the story went on you could really see her inner strength growing as she adapted to her new life Everything I've said in previous reviews about how amazing the other Jamison Valley books were also applies to this book But I do think that one of my favorite elements of these books is how well the plot is balanced between the romance and the actual storyline There's to the book than just the romance even thought the romance is the heart of it But the actual plot is engaging and interesting all on its own and I really feel that it gives the entire book a very strong foundation to sit on Then when that plot is embellished with the sexy romance and suspenseful thrills it really becomes the perfect read “I was fuckedFor every minute we spent together I wanted ten We connected on every level that existedSo yeah I Was FuckedI didn’t want her for right now I wanted her for always And OMGGGGGGG THE EPILOGUE You guys THE EPILOGUE It's eight years later which is my FAVORITE type I love it when the epilogue is set far enough into the future that it gives you a real glimpse into the happily ever after you've worked the whole book to reach with these characters It's the ultimate gift to the readers in my eyes And the happiest of happy tears filled my eyes as I read their beautiful ending I literally could not stop smiling I actually hugged the book when I was finished My heart was bursting It was absolutely GORGEOUS Pure happiness Pure romance perfection This book has all the best things you could dream of in a romance novel a gorgeously swoony hero a strong fearless heroine and a beautifully written love story and an exciting addictive tale that'll keep you reading long into the night I highly recommend it as not only a top favorite but also as one of the best books of the yearPS Also seriously These are the best freaking book covers I've ever seen in my whole life Gah LOVERating 5 STARS Contemporary Adult Romance can standalone Buy THE OUTPOST Kindle Buy THE OUTPOST Paperback Buy THE OUTPOST iBooks For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter ✦ Subscribe by email With every one of Devney’s books I think there’s no way she’ll beat the last one and every time I’m wrong The Outpost is amazing and as always I fell in love with her words and the characters that jump off the page and into my heart 💜 I know I jumped the ueue with this book bypassing the previous ones in this series but lately I’ve been craving wilderness stories throw in a protective mountain man and this book hit the spot As per usual Devney Perry doesn’t disappoint this was everything I was hoping for add in our damsel in distress hidden away in the mountains safe guarded by a hot bearded alpha male and I was giddy lapping up everything this author threw at me Even though this was part of a series it was easy to follow and can definitely be read as a stand alone A slow burn with a perfect ending This is the fourth book in the Jamison Valley series and even though it wasn’t my favourite of all of them I still enjoyed it very muchSabrina is a journalist who is in grave danger after one of her stories deals with the mafia Not only did she get them in hot water with the law she had also been in a relationship with one of the bad men She was undercover and when he discovers who she is; he beats her terribly This has Sabrina run to Prescott Montana where her best friend lives A plan is made for Sabrina to hide “off grid “ at an Outpost in the wilderness with a sexy man who is willing to protect herI have always loved books about the main characters being alone in the woods with nothing to do but get to know each other I loved how Sabrina and Beau got to know each other and seeing their bond grow stronger as the story progressed kept me highly entertained These two were perfect for each other but didn’t realize it until a lot later onI did find the story kind of slow at times but overall I still highly enjoyed it This is a series I automatically buy even before reading the blurb I recommend this series to anyone who loves romance and suspense in their readsThanks Steph for the Buddy read together Xoxo Absolutely loved the narrated version of The Outpost and was very satisfied with my listening experience I will not be changing my rating and with the re read I loved and felt the same emotions as I indicated in my previous reviewI will definitely be going on with listening to the rest of the seriessoonish I've been waiting for BeauFrom the start Beau was my hero Sure all the other guys have been great but there's just something about a mountain man who growls acts possessive and is sweet with babiesAt first I wasn't convinced Sabrina was good enough for my Beau but as time went on she grew on me Her recklessness and putting loved ones in danger made her seem self absorbed Luckily The Outpost put her priorities straight and made her realise the error of her waysI thoroughly enjoyed this story but did get a little frustrated with how long they spent apart I guess I can forgive them though considering the HEA I was treated toI finished The Outpost with a goofy grin on my face and I can't wait for in the series There are so many reasons you should read this book and I'm gonna list the biggest reason of allBeau Holy cow do I love Beau He's not even the type of Alpha male that usually gets this reaction out of me and he still ended up being on my list of favorite Hero's Beau is the ultimate good guy He's a family man a rescuer a protector and just someone you can always count on The way that he is there for everyone that needs him is an extremely attractive feature in a man You can't ask for a better man to have in your lifeWhen Sabrina shows up at Felicity's beaten and needing to hide out from the mob Beau is the first one to step in an help a complete stranger Beau thinks taking Sabrina up to one of the smallest Outposts in the mountains is a great way for her to disappear and not bring the attention of the mob to Felicity Sabrina being the city girl that she is isn't so thrilled about this plan but knows she has no other choice As she adjust to the great outdoors she falls fast and hard for this man that lives and breaths the Montana mountain air The attraction is immediate but the divide in lifestyle is as big as the Montana mountains I can't say enough about this series I am enjoying each and every character Devney Perry has brought us and I love that we get to see them all come back in each book published in the series The best thing is you don't know what the author is going to do next Each book has been uniue in their plot and character traits I have found that what I thought of a side character in a previous book can still surprise me when they become the main character in their own book I highly recommend this series Mountain man meets city girl romance with some danger and suspense Sabrina was a bit ridiculous with her views and fears of the wilderness at first although I'm used to camping and backpacking so maybe I should cut some slack there Also I'm sure some of her aversions were put in to show how life at the outpost and spending time with Beau changed her I'd like to pick up the previous books in the series Read this in one day and really enjoyed it Love the beautiful setting of Montana 4 12 Hideout StarsI liked this one a lot Kind of a slow burn but worth it I liked both MC Especially Beau He was a Mountain Man sweetheart I'm enjoying this series Happy reading 45 « Beau fan club » starsLet’s say it as it is it’s my third Devney Perry’s book I know she has published four books but I haven’t been able to read The Lucky Heart yet and I’m now a loyal follower Devney has mastered the art of writing sweet but solid romance stories with swoony heroesEvery hero she is writing about is fantastic in his own way and Beau certainly is just perfectWhat’s not to love in a man built like a lumberjack tall muscled with long and thick thighs I love muscled thigh for all the power they contain LOL;“Beau’s features reminded me of a Spartan warrior Long long legs with beefy thighs Broad shoulders and bulging arms made of muscles layered upon muscles I’d bet my life’s savings that underneath his faded jeans and simple black thermal he resembled King Leonidas himself Scowl and all Beau Holt was gorgeous” with stormy eyes and a strong jaw; able to win Koh Lanta as he loves hiking and sleeping in the woods camping and has mastered the trickiest survival skill; with shoulders so wide literally and figuratively he is saving everyone all the time Extinguishing forest fires rescuing lost hikers raising a fatherless nephew manning his mom’s Fourth of July barbeue and hiding our hunted heroine; strong kind with a gentle nature and calming essence; never ever pushing a woman to do what he thinks is best if she does not want to but rather supporting her in what she thinks is best;I didn’t need or want a man to fight my battles for me even if they were against the demons in my mind I wanted a man who would hold my hand sueezing it every now and again so I knew I wasn’t alone as I waged my own war I wanted a man who would push me to keep battling because he knew I’d eventually win admiring and respecting strong women; who is a dog loverTell me if Beau is not the ideal book boyfriend?We already know that Beau is Maisy’s brother and used to rescue people So when Sabrina Felicity’s best friend shows up in Prescott having fled some criminals he’ll make it his mission to hide her far away in the woods at the most remote outpostThe only problem?Sabrina is a city girl through and throughShe hates bugs can’t stand pets and has never gone camping So her first moments at the outpost were interestingBut Sabrina is a strong girl and she is not about to be discouraged by roughing it up Especially when this gorgeous hunk of a man will keep her companyI thought I would despise Sabrina for what she has done Yes she was a heroine taking down a criminal ring and hiding from them but what she did to succeed why she seemed to have done this should have made me loath her Yet I admired and empathized with her to my utter astonishmentThat’s Devney’s work here and Beau’s intake trulyWhat Sabrina did was very courageous and dangerous “I had written an incredibly condemning article vilifying a prominent Seattle family tied to the Russian mafia Basically I’d waltzed right into the middle of a hornet’s nest and started poking the wasps It was no surprise that I’d been stung”Honestly who would dare entering the wolf’s den to take it down? Now that she was stranded in Montana’s mountains she will ponder on her past actions her life her goals In this it could be a coming of age story or as my friend Shanah hates the abuse of these words rather a personal journey storySabrina and Beau comes from two different worlds the city girl and the mountain man Yet they were perfect for each other If only they could see itFrom the moment this book landed on my Kindle I was immersed in their story So why not 5 stars? Because I’m being picky sometimes and to reach the next level I would have loved even angst and suspenseIf you are looking for stories with perfect heroes strong heroine majestic settings romance and some but not too much angst this is the perfect pickAdded bonus Devney delivers perfect epilogues I love reading about characters months or years after and I got to red about her past heroesFind me onWordpress Beware Of The ReaderFacebook Beware Of The Reader Facebook besties Best Reading Blogs Ever Instagram bewareofthereader Twitter BewareOffReader Ahhh I am kind of torn over this review But I’m going to give this a bump because I’m completely infatuated with Beau from THE OUT POST by Devney Perry What’s not to love about a hero hotshot all around good guy mountain man? Absolutely nothing From the very beginning Beau has dropped everything to take care of Sabrina Who by the way didn’t deserve all of him in the first place She was initially so concerned with herself she forgot to think about anyone but herself I was so frustrated with her Getting herself in such a dangerous situation and bringing it upon her friends and some genuinely lovely man and then having them literally put their lives on the line For her She didn’t think this through Not one bit Ultimately you realize why she did what she did but the process to getting her to realize what she did and to who took too long for her to figure out Turning on the Russian mob sacrificing your morals and then writing about it for a National Newspaper may NOT be the smartest thing to doRegardless of the genuine motives behind it It was dumb stupid and reckless All of the amazing sub characters literally kept this story flowing for me As well as beautiful Beau Some of the scenes at the Out Post were slow and it took some self motivation to keep picking this book back up But then Beau would appear and I’d fall in deep again and once things stared getting heavy and even complicated I felt the story line pick up and the drama kicked it up a notch and I got sucked right in From about 60% onwards I couldn’t put it downAside from Beau’s awesomeness he was well versed in all things mountain He’s your typical sexy mountaineer and he rocked his character well Knowledgeable kind gorgeous and selfless were just some of the ualities I loved about him I was surprised when Sabrina admitted she was acting like an ungrateful brat she shifted internally after that and I enjoyed her character Being on the lam made her realize that life is not rainbows and butterflies all the time and she really stepped it up in my opinion But really did luck out in the hero hottie department There was no better person than Beau to be the man to help guide her provide her with assurances and give her a reason to keep moving forward To her goal To safety And not having to always think someone is watching her Waiting To kill her Beau is positive fearless and a sounding board for Sabrina when all she wanted to do was give up and turn herself in after running away to hide from the horrible men who were after her An Out Post in the middle of the wilderness in the Montana mountains was just the place to be Having to acclimatize herself to a laid back lifestyle from what she is used to was seemingly easier than Sabrina thought The mountains provided time to think to heal mentally and physically and to write Her story And Beau’s This isn’t just a romance novel This is a book about ones journey to find oneself in the most chaotic of worlds created by your own doing It’s a book about figuring out how to right the wrongs you created and how to make peace with what you’ve done It’s about forgiveness For oneself and for the situation you put helpless others in Beau made some pretty heavy sacrifices for himself his family his beautiful dog and he made even when he was willing to leave everything give everything up for this woman who literally came into his life and steamrolled over everything he held near and dear But he loved her What I was hoping for was Sabrina to make a grand gesture Prove to Beau that she appreciated everything he did for her What he gave up It took her the ENTIRE book to figure it out but thank GOD she did Despite the initial slowness and the self centred attitude of Sabrina things turned around and I was able to get on board with the journey she needed to take in order to figure out just exactly what she wanted from life from herself and from Beau as well as the life she created for herself by going rogue The epilogue wasn’t long enough for me personally but I did liked where this couple ended up with their very own uniue story A first for me from the author but I’m totally willing to give her another go I did enjoy this book and I’m totally good with any book centred around a mountain manARC received in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Jess for joandisalovebooks blog