A Shelter of Hope (Westward Chronicles Book 1)

A Shelter of Hope (Westward Chronicles Book 1)❰Ebook❯ ➩ A Shelter of Hope (Westward Chronicles Book 1) Author Tracie Peterson – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Jeffery O'Donnell is captivated by the mysterious Simone who arrives at his office hoping to acuire a position as a Harvey Girl at the popular way stops along the frontier rail line Jeffery is torn ho Jeffery O'Donnell is captivated by the mysterious Simone who arrives at his office hoping to acuire a position as a Harvey Girl at the popular way stops along the frontier rail line Jeffery is torn however when he suspects that Simone may A Shelter PDF \ harbor a disturbing secret Westward Chronicles Book . Argh Hate the whole religion theme in thereI mean don't get me wrong but a freaking bible uote in each chapter? The heroine talking about it non stop? I mean sure in the beginning she doesn't even believe in it but still she keeps thinking about it and mulling over it? Nope I'm outOther than that I'm sure it would have been an awesome novel Oh my I love Tracie Peterson's books and this one did not disappoint It was great from beginning to end Story would be better if not so freuently interrupted by religious lectures 25 star In Tracie Peterson’s A Shelter of Hope Simone Dumas’s childhood has been fraught with terror murder and emotional and physical abuse In an ultimate act of betrayal her father sells her along with his property to another man In order to avoid the physical abuse which the man surely intends for Simone for he intends her to be his “wife” she hits him over the head with a pitcher and fleesConvinced she has murdered the man she steals his horse and gun and flees leaving the remote mountain settlement she has called home for seventeen years She takes a job as a Harvey girl working in one of the few respectable establishments in the late 1800s the Harvey Restaurant chain that sprang up along the railroad She finds friends and allies in both her boss Rachel Taylor and the man who hires the Harvey girls Jeffrey O’Donnell Eventually Simone through her new faith in Christ and the love of her friends learns to accept her past and to move toward trust redemption and ultimately love Simone is a heart wrenching character Peterson does a fabulous job with her character arc from an abused child to an emotionally tormented young woman to a new Christian who has to lean on God to learn love and trust The suspense escalates from the second half of the book towards the end as lawman Zack Matthews as well as her father close in on her Of course Peterson’s writing style as always is easy to read and the words flow off the page There are some rather long dialogues about prayer and trusting God so than I remember from the other books I have read from herAs oftentimes happens in some of Peterson’s work though she does little with her hero character arcs Perhaps is planned for Jeffrey O’Donnell in the second or third book of the series In this book his sole purpose for existing seemed to be to help the character reach her story goals We are told he comes from wealthy stock that his mother is overbearing and determined he marry well and that his relationship with Simone would not be accepted by his family Otherwise he had no goal of his own Granted this story was Simone’s but I would have liked to have seen angst from Jeffrey and a life apart from Simone’s perhaps even goals that clearly conflict with his desire to keep her safe We do sense that he is breaking protocol and rules in his effort to help her but there isn’t enough to make the reader fear he could lose everything he has in his choices to help and love her He too easily chooses to love her and romance is never easy I also liked him at first and found him intriguing but by the end of the novel for some reason I found him annoying and whiny While I was rooting for Simone’s peace and her happy future I couldn’t find myself wishing Jeffrey the same He almost seems too desperate in his effort to love her near the end and a desperate man is never attractive At one point I was even hoping she would convince him she couldn’t be with him ever and she would move on to someone else perhaps even the lawman Zach Matthews I definitely wanted to hear of his story And alas the romance just wasn’t there for me But I know when I read Peterson I’m not going to get an “angst driven” romantic ride That’s not the kind of books she writes and it doesn’t detract from her as a writer and storyteller She just doesn’t write gripping romance that shakes you to your gutt That’s not her style And that’s alrightFans of Peterson will not be disappointed in A Shelter of Hope neither will readers who enjoy stories of heroines who battle terrible odds and come out sane on the other I generally enjoy Peterson's writing and A Shelter of Hope has surpassed them all I read it in one sitting in about five hours I simply could not put it down The story kept me engaged with out going into unnecessary sub plots that can sometimes drag on Simone's past and upbringing are unlike anything I have experienced or would wish to and yet I was able to feel connected to her and anxious to know what her outcome would be Excellent characters and storyline The first part of this book was good The second half was just okay the ending was boring Also I didn't connect with any character After being sold by her abusive father to a trapper named Garvey Davis to be his bride and fighting off Davis' lustful attentions Simone Dumas escapes from the Wyoming Territory to Chicago where her landlady tells her about an employment opportunity the Harvey House Hotels are hiring respectable young women to be hostesses along the Santa Fe Railroad line Simone interviews for a position and is accepted then goes to Topeka Kansas for training She is unaware that she is being followed by lawman Zack Matthews for uestioning in the death of Garvey Davis and also by her father Louis Dumas who plans to get rich by selling her favors Editing oversights found in the Kindle edition Page 11 Darkness engulfed Simon Dumas Darkness engulfed SIMONE Dumas ; 45 she kicked at the sides of the horse and turned him toward the narrow rocky path she kicked at the sides of the horse and turned HER toward the narrow rocky path On page 44 the horse is identified as a MARE ; 47 all manner of animal to harvest all manner of ANIMALS to harvest ; 69 in some allfired hurry in some ALL FIRED hurry ;Page 69 all manner of wild beast out there all manner of wild BEASTS out there ; 81 She was fullgrowed She was FULL GROWED ; 86 celebrat ing the independence of America CELEBRATING the independence of America ; 91 uite so selfconscious uite so SELF CONSCIOUS ; 95 the well todo folks the well TO DO folks ; 110 Please call me Simone she told them PLEASE call me Simone she told them needs opening uote ;Page 118 in the rapidfire French conversation in the RAPID FIRE French conversation ; 124 a couple of days journey to the south a couple of DAYS' journey to the south plural possessive ; 126 a few dodads and notions a few DOODADS and notions ; 129 He wern't hardly here He WEREN'T hardly here ; 137 137 Are you all right Simone? Are you all right Simone? page number is included in text ; Page 138 it was selfdefense it was SELF DEFENSE ; 158 FORATIME UNA sat in one corner FOR A TIME UNA sat in one corner ; 171 I still feel uite the illmannered oaf I still feel uite the ILL MANNERED oaf ; 192 they're posted at most every street corner they're posted at ALMOST every street corner ; 198 How can I find a needle in a haystack he muttered How can I find a needle in a HAYSTACK? he muttered a uestion ;Page 198 donning his out ofplace Stetson donning his out OF PLACE Stetson ; 202 Zack asked ticket agent Zack asked THE ticket agent ; 206 Oh I'm guilty of murder OH I'm guilty of murder needs opening uote ; 213 aback a finetempered gelding aback a FINE TEMPERED gelding ; 216 No it isn't that NO it isn't that needs opening uote ; 234 into the simplistic structure into the SIMPLE structure ;Page 240 knew it was impos sible knew it was IMPOSSIBLE ; 258 to contra dict his suggestion to CONTRADICT his suggestion ; 260 only had a couple inches only had a couple OF inches ; 261 What's the nearest towns? WHAT ARE the nearest towns? towns is a plural noun so are must be used rather than is ; 267 years imbibing in one form of liuor or another years IMBIBING ONE form of liuor or another omit in ; Page 270 Simone asked a look of shock clearly registered on her face Simone asked a look of shock clearly REGISTERING on her face Out of pure terror and panicked desperation Winifred Dumas flees her family cabin in the Wyoming Territory wilderness to escape the constant and increasing violent drunken abuse from her husband Louis With a broken arm and a newborn babe Winifred heads to Uniontown the closest settlement in search of a lawman to bring her justice Ten year old Simone is still recovering from a bout with the measles and is too weak to travel For this reason her mother has decided that she must remain behind and await rescue The terrified little girl is left in the lion’s den to fend for herself In spite of her mother’s assurances of a speedy rescue Simone had a haunting feeling of kismether mother never did return In 1890 Simone is seventeen and already a pretty girl with long dark hair and a shapely full figure All hopes of her mother returning to save her have long disappeared and she has resigned herself to her miserable lot Her mother had taken pains to teach her how to read and write She often read or had her read the bible and she held great store in its lessons The overwhelming misfortune that was her daily fare couldn’t be conuered by mere words Her father returns one day from Uniontown with a stranger The red headed stranger Garvey Davis soon strikes a bargain with her father and she is once deserted; sold along with the cabin pelt shed and trap line Simone like her mother is a girl with spirit She refuses to bow to fate and escapes her situation to seek her own destiny When you think her situation couldn’t possibly get any worse it does This is a historical drama set in the high plains at the foot of the Rockies Simone Dumas’s plight grabs at your heart and her struggle for survival holds your attention I found myself empathizing with her dismal situation and cheering her on as she discovered a new world and hope for a happy and fulfilling future I can well imagine that the premise of this novel is not so farfetched The west in general was a wild place; inhibited with strong desperate and often unscrupulous men Life was cheap in the wide open spaces of the western territories I do have my doubts about the Canadian Mounties tenacity and bull headed persistence of Zack Matthews I like the way Tracie Peterson uses facts to back up her story I have never heard of the Harvey Girls and thanks to the wonders of the internet and Wikipedia I soon discovered something new I also looked up the Fourth of July 1890 to see if she had done the proper research BINGO It was on Saturday It has all the trappings of a memorable tale that will stick with you long after the final word is read I think many will agree with me and I highly recommend it to all This was a very impressive very captivating book from the first word to the last It tells how Simone a girl from Wyoming manages to flee her oppressive home and father to find a new life always with the danger of her father recapturing her hovering How she finds love and trust againActually I had the impression the romance part was just if not a minor part then at least not as important as the rest of the story how trust and love between human beings and especially how finding your trust and love in God can show you the right path and help you overcome all obstaclesWe have very sympathetic and thanks to the author's thorough research into history authentic and realistic characters a brilliant plot and narration style with lots of minor characters who add to the flavour of this storyI would just love to get my hand on of this author's books especially in this series First of all big fail on the editor's part Three words into first chapter we hear of Simon Darkness engulfed Simon The character is a FEMALE named SIMONE Seriously how could anyone screw that up in the opening sentence of the book? The story starts off great uite vividly and for a time it was already a 4 star read in my mind Halfway through though it started getting heavy with religion in a sense that started feeling like it was trying to portray moral stories through what was sometimes paragraphs long reams of bible passages pouring the scripture on thicker than molassesAnd then the story started to turn unbelievably sappy I eventually had to skim lightly to the end to get a gist what happens I just couldn't get through reading it3 stars for the strong start an epic fail on the editor's part and not for those that aren't heavy on the Christianity Ugh

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