Turning Tide (The Rise of Isaac, #3)

Turning Tide (The Rise of Isaac, #3)❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Turning Tide (The Rise of Isaac, #3) Author Caroline Peckham – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Desperately fleeing the icy world of Glacio Oliver Knight races into the sweltering heat of Brinatin With May in dire trouble two of his companions mysteriously missing and the insurmountable task of Desperately fleeing the icy world of Glacio Oliver Knight races into the sweltering heat of Brinatin With May in dire trouble two of his companions mysteriously missing and the insurmountable task of reaching a mage who hasn't been seen for nearly ten years Oliver has to rise above his fears and battle onIn this heart pounding seuel to Bleeding Snow the time has come to face the past but can Oliver handle the truth he's faced with With than just his own life at stake he must act fast to outwit his enemies take on a formidable challenge and fight tooth and nail to save those he loves. I received a free copy of this book directly from Ms Caroline Peckham the author Thank you Caroline this is my review Wow so many emotions after finishing this novel This novel is jam packed with action lies at every turn and so much betrayal I think think this Gateway challenge was my favourite It was competitive but fun There was also a huge twist towards the middle of this novel that I did not see coming at alltotally blindsided I love these characters and I am so invested in their adventures My favourite scene was the thunderstorm seuence I need to know how this is going to end and I believe the final book in this series is the longest Eep so excited I'm rooting for Rogan and May Another captivating book in this seriesThe characters are all very different and interesting I really wanted to know and about everyoneBecause the group had to split up we get to read two different stories alternatingMore Gateway challenges tooHave to go on to the next one to find out how it endsI was a little unlucky in my technology stuff that’s why it took a little longer to read thisI received a copy and this is my honest and voluntary review One of the best series i ever readThis book is worth 5 stars Moving from freezing temperatures to blistering ones Oliver and company face some new discoveries and setbacks in Caroline Peckham's Turning Tide To read this and other book reviews visit my website left Glacio and reached their goal of Brinatin Oliver and crew believe that they've finally come within reach of the cure for May's curse with help from Rogan's father Wallace Ganderfield But in approaching Rogan's reclusive and work obsessed father their luck takes an unexpected turn forcing them to consider alternative courses of action Meanwhile uinn has been taken hostage by Hector Rook and her travels across Brinatin have been less than the beach vacation she envisioned but peppered with rare moments of moderate enjoyment While competing for a key to yet another gateway Oliver and crew get caught up in some traps of Rimori's devising and thus learn about his ultimate planMoving uickly through the story's events this third installment in the series picks up where it left off as the characters cross through the gateway In simplest terms things start to happen in a uick succession in this installment and the villains of the story are becoming prominent as their plan is being revealed and some aspects are made much publicThere are still some areas in the text that would benefit from some grammatical clean up but the story kept me captivated such that I didn't notice it too muchOverall I'd give it a 4 out of 5 stars I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this bookIt was a little slow getting into it it's been a little bit since I read the last book but it picked up and I have to say this one was heart pounding There were uite a few plot twists and some intense feelings hereOne thing that I'm really happy about is the friendship between Oliver and Rogan They are funny together and I feel a real strong connection between them and I am so mad at the author for scaring me like that You can't do that to meI had fun reading this book and I can't wait for the next ones I'm getting really anxious about how all this is going to resolve itselfThe covers continue to amaze me the author really knows what colors can compliment one another to make a beautiful imageThe plot is moving along nicely for how many books there will be and the author knows how to keep readers on the edge of their seats The writing continues to be rather simple but it really works for these books especially with the genreIf a teen is looking for an adventure book with plenty of plot twists mystery and a little bit of romance I think they would find their love of reading through this series There were times where I was laughing because of the antics of Rogan and Oliver and then gasping because of some drama or a plot twist that I didn't see comingThank you for reading my review Sam ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Within sentences I was transported back into the story from where I left off This installment was very reminiscent of Book One but with a darker tone; which worked beautifully As the characters are evolving in the books so too is my feeling about them The twists and turns continue to surprise and I was jolted twice which is a rare feat