Her Secret Protector

Her Secret Protector➵ Her Secret Protector Download ➾ Author Roxanne Snopek – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Sweetheart Montana’s official photographer has a problem The boudoir photos Carrie Logan used to do long ago and far away have come back to haunt her So she turns to Ethan Nash the mysteriously gorg Sweetheart Montana’s official photographer has a problem The boudoir photos Carrie Logan used to do long ago and far away have come back to haunt her So she turns to Ethan Nash the mysteriously gorgeous guy with big dogs and a Her Secret Epub / bad attitude for help containing this secret and the scandal it will causeEthan takes one look at the photo of young Carrie and his harsh cyber security specialist exterior begins to melt For some reason he feels the need to help this beautiful photographer He’s pretty sure she’s stuck– once something’s on the internet it’s there forever but he offers her his assistance anyway There’s something about her he finds irresistibleWhat Ethan doesn’t realize is that he might need Carrie’s help far than she needs his Will she prove to be the one he needs. Sweet heartwarming romance Carrie Logan the local photographer and granddaughter of the town's founder is shocked to find her website compromised and a boudoir picture of hers taken when she was an art student is easily accessible online Her search for a security expert to fix her problem leads her to Ethan Nash who'd moved to the town of Sweetheart four years ago and is living with his three awesome dogs in a heritage house that the local mayor had been eyeing Ethan didn't know by giving ready cash for the purchase and raising down the house and rebuilding it to suit him he'd made enemies with the locals especially Mayor Calloway He was doing well in New York but then his brother got into trouble for embezzlement and so to avoid him going to prison Ethan replaced the funds In the bargain he lost friends and apparently a fiancee so he left New York and moved to Sweetheart Carrie and Ethan therefore decide to help one another he to fix her website and leaked picture issue and she to make him accepted by the town people This is my first romance book where I found most of the town people very rude and too judgmental I found Ethan's dogs Ashur Mars Gun very endearing instead All three had such great personalities And I found my heart in my mouth when that adorable little Gun was attacked by a bear and bleeding out And had tears in my eyes when Ethan tells the vet Take the leg if you have to Just save him Please Was so glad he came out of it alive even if his leg wasn't completely okayI also liked Carrie's aunt Aunt Pansy She was a fun character The romance between Carrie and Ethan lacked passion They were friends who were attracted to one another and shared occasional kisses This was a clean romance no sex Both were nice down to earth people The epilogue in the end was fun and sweetOverall a nice enjoyable read A must read for those who love dogs A heartwarming love storyAfter a scandal in New York security expert Ethan Nash moves to Cherry Lake Montana where he could start over His three dogs keep him company When a rumor spreads about him and his dogs after a day at the park Ethan changes how he feels about his new home town and the people who live thereCarrie Logan has kept a secret from the time when she lived in San Francisco When someone hacks into her website and her secret is exposed it could ruin her good girl image and destroy her photography business Carrie needs help to secure her website and get rid of all of her pictures floating around cyber space Ethan is just the man for the jobEthan and Carrie are perfect together because they can help each other Ethan needs someone that can introduce him to the people in town and help put a stop to the rumors and how they feel about him In return he will fix Carrie’s computer problemsThis book was a pleasure to read I enjoyed the banter between Carrie and Ethan and the pets in the story were a perfect addition Small town secrets and gossip all lead to the ruin of Carrie When someone hacks into Carrie's website all her secrets are out in the open Being in the most respected family of the town she is not allowed to be anything but poised and lady like This secret reveals she is not what the town or her family thinks or wants of her She relies on the help of Ethan Nash a cyber security specialist to hide her secrets but he's a little too late Just like everyone in the town Ethan has secrets of his own and it doesn't help that he is not liked in the town In exchange for his services Carrie helps him become part of the town He has the need and want to protect her but what he doesn't realize that it's her that saves himThis was a good book to read The relationship between Ethan and Carrie was very cute especially the way they teased each other If you're a pet lover the dogs will sure be a bonus to the book Readreview for Tule and author for a honest opinionHer Secret Protector a great addition to the Secrets of Cherry Lake series Characters that just pulled me with a great storyline And who couldn't resist the dogs in the story I'm looking forward to reading in this series and by this author 35 stars 15 heatForever Yours Sweetheart was pretty cute A photographer with a naughty secret and a hacked website A reclusive cyber security guy with an image problem in the small town he's now living in Maybe working together to fix each other's problems And a pack of pups thrown in for good measure It was cute I liked Carrie and Ethan They're both dealing with family and expectations and life's that aren't uite what they hoped Carrie is massively talented and has a kind heart Ethan's a dog guy with a soft heart under his shored up exterior The romance was light but nice It stays pretty PG as she starts showing him around town and they deal with life and frustrations in a small town with obnoxious individuals All in all it was a uick read and fun Good for an afternoon read when you don't want something a bit heftier First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfMisconceptions Small town gossip Combine those and you have a disaster about to happen Ethan had moved to Cherry Lake about four years ago He hadn’t taken time to make friends court the local citizens nor to even think how his non actions would appear to his neighbors He’d been nursing some wounds of his own at the time and the move to Cherry Lake was a fresh start He didn’t know that he had outbid the Mayor over the property he now called home Or that when he’d bulldozed the property which uite honestly was falling down that he’d razed what was considered a heritage property to rebuild Not to mention that it had belonged to a member of the most prominent old families in Cherry LakeWhen his larger dogs Ashur Mars and Gun were in a local park for a run and under his complete control and an over reacting mother takes exception when one of his dogs tried to play with her toddler’s ball well let’s just say things went downhill fast Ethan has a lot to learn about small town livingCarrie’s day didn’t start off well at all At first the security breach notice didn’t bother her too much until she discovered that a photo that had been taken years ago was out on the internet instead of in the so called secure password protected file it was supposed to be in That was the first bad step in a whole line dance full of mis steps Carrie is a professional photographer now back home in Cherry Lake she’s doing weddings school photos and documenting the Festival She no longer takes the glamor shots that she once did Even though those shots were by no means objectionable – they were tasteful photos for boyfriends or husbands and for some women a chance to document their bodies as they were before they underwent cancer surgery or to show a sexually attacked woman that her body was still desireable in a non threatening manner The boudoir photos were not lewd in any manner – but try telling that to the small town biddies and gossips Forever Yours Carrie’s pride and joy company was heading downhill at an alarming rateWhen Carrie turns to Ethan for his security expertise neither one ever thought that they’d be stirring up even gossip or that love was in their futuresHer Secret Protector was such a delightful story There is obviously an attraction and a budding romance between Carrie and Ethan yet their story blended in with the story of a small town caught up in the throes of other people’s business and how easily casual and on purpose gossip can destroy a life Ethan’s adorable dogs played such a fun part of this entire story I love it when pets or animals’ actions are almost as important as the human’s to a story – it adds another sense of believability and just real life This story was touching moving and brings out a bit of the avenging angel in me over the way Carrie and Ethan are treated especially by people I would have thought better of A good lesson in that gossip is truly destructive even when loved ones should know betterI received an e ARC of Her Secret Protector from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review That does not change what I think of this novel Her Secret Protector by Roxanne Snopek proves secrets never stay secret and love can be found at the most unexpected timeSmall town judgment and dysfunction play a big role in Her Secret ProtectorHarmless boudoir photos are suddenly causing way too many problems For me this was a big part of the plotas big as the romantic journey of Ethan and Carrie Roxanne made Cherry Lake and the people there feel very real but not a place I'd like to be I didn't really care for the judgmental non forgiving attitude of a lot of the residents there The made Her Secret Protector good because I felt like I was right there in the midst of things a lot of the time It also made me feel like a big deal was being made out of nothing though and that was frustratingEthan and Carrie are uniue main characters each with their own secrets they are both trying to run from and trying to hide Ethan is very much a mystery man for much of the story and it was much difficult to get to know him There were parts of Carrie's background I felt I would have liked to understand better so that I could better understand where she is today Carrie was easier to get to know The attraction that Ethan and Carrie have for each other is immediately obvious even when Carrie is a little nervous when she first meets him I liked the way their relationship grew and the little bumps along the way I enjoyed watching these two characters grow and become accepting of themselves through out the book Carrie's family dynamics add a very interesting thread to the plot and I liked how this family carries over from book to book in this series but all in their separate ways We learn a little bit about them each timeAlthough a lot of Cherry Lake irritated me as I read Roxanne did a good job of bringing the hidden gems and goodness to light of a small town alsoHer Secret Protector is part of the Secrets of Cherry Lake series Roxanne ties it in nicely with the previous books without making you feel like you're missing something if you haven't read those Well paced and easy to fall into the story of Carrie and Ethan I'd recommend Her Secret Protector to any romance reader looking for a uick uirky read A very delightful and fun romance I really enjoy The Secrets of Cherry Lake series Small town romance at its finest Review at Beverages and Bookshttpbeveragesandbookscom?p523 Carrie Logan the only photographer in Sweetheart Montana has a problem with her website security and finds Ethan Nash a local Internet security expert living in her small town He agrees to help her with her website although he us used to working for large corporations and in government securityThe fun begins with a trade for services when he wants her help to improve his public image in the small town where he is considered an outsider and loner Rumor has it he lives in a fortress with barbwire fences and an army of vicious guard dogs In fact he has a beautiful log home that fits into the area a split rail fence and three very well trained dogsTrouble still comes to these two with the pictures from Carrie's past going public a bear attack on one of the dogs and the loss of support for Carrie by her family Together Ethan and Carrie fight back by being creative assertive and standing up for what they believe in to find their happy ending