#Starstruck★ #Starstruck PDF / Epub ✪ Author Sariah Wilson – Oaklandjobs.co.uk “You’ve done better”With one uncharacteristically sassy tweet to her longtime celebrity crush Zoe Miller’s life turns upside down Ultrahot A lister Chase Covington doesn’t just respond to Zo “You’ve done better”With one uncharacteristically sassy tweet to her longtime celebrity crush Zoe Miller’s life turns upside down Ultrahot A lister Chase Covington doesn’t just respond to Zoe’s tweet he does the unthinkable he messages Zoe directly Now she must decide between walking away or meeting her crush in personChase knows better than to trust anyone from the Internet but Zoe’s saucy challenge has totally caught his interest—and her girl next door personality is keeping it He’s been burned enough to know he needs to keep his heart close But his feelings for Zoe might be a lot than just an online flirtation He just has to convince herWhen the press gets wind of Zoe and Chase’s secret relationship their romance turns into tabloid headlines Will they be able to hold on to their Hollywood love story. Starstruck is book one in the new series Lovestruck by Sariah Wilson This is one of those books that keeps all of our fairy tale fantasies alive This book made me smile and had plenty of warm and fuzzies And I have to say it has the best ending ever Zoe Miller had a slightly unconventional upbringing She’s now in her final semester of college about to get her accounting degree and shares an apartment with her childhood best friend Lexi Lexi was really her only friend had been since they were kids The biggest thing they had always shared was their love of the movie star Chase Covington Going from a child actor to now a mega movie star they had grown right along with him never altering from love for him Lexi didn’t use twitter but Zoe did and she followed Chase Covington When she responded to one of his tweets she couldn’t believe it when he replied directly to her Chase Covington had tweeted her Then he private messaged her and their friendship began “Every time Chase deliberately substituted a Z for an S it was a special tweet meant just for me” Somehow Lexi had met Chase’s publicist and found out where he was going to be doing an interview so he got them in Zoe never told Lexi about the tweets It was her secret And now she was going to be seeing him face to face “People always said “Don’t meet your idols” But they were wrong Because real life Chase was a million times better than on screen Chase” Zoe and Chase begin dating first just as friends and slowly evolving into Zoe and Chase both have secrets that they eventually share Zoe for many reasons has made the decision to save herself for marriage This fact has run off many previous dates She’s sure that when she shares this fact with Chase it will run him off as well But it doesn’t Still he hasn’t even kissed her yet His words and tweets say one thing but his actions say another Zoe is constantly second guessing her relationship She can’t believe someone like him would really be truly interested in someone like her So she doesn’t share the fact that they are dating with anyone even Lexi She’s so unsure about everything Plus it is all so new they both are kind of just enjoying being in their own little bubble “There was just something about being with him that felt right Made me feel safe As if I had figured out where I really belonged” But of course with someone as famous as Chase their bubble would eventually burst Was what they shared strong enough to withstand it? Or was the fairy tale too good to be true?This book was just one of those sigh inducing warm and fuzzy romances that we all need from time to time Chase wasn’t perfect he was in fact human I fell in love with him right alone with Zoe from the start I completely understood why they wanted to keep things a secret but do wish she might have trusted Lexi with it sooner The dates he planned for Zoe were so amazing and over the top And the ending was perfect I actually heard myself sigh And realized I was smiling big There is no sex in this book so it can be read by all ages Though her resolve is tested Zoe sticks to what she believes is the right decision for herself And I loved that Chase respected her choice This is the second book I’ve read by this author I most definitely look forward to in the future #BookLove #BookHangOver #FavoriteCouple #SwoonyRomance #AmazingWriting #StayedUpTooLate #BookBoyfriend #MustRecommendToAllMyFriends #zogoodMy first book of the new year and the bar has been set Very high I already had a book hangover before I even finished reading and I'm seriously contemplating reading it again when I finish writing this review #ReadAgain #JustDoItNot sure if it's clear or not but I really enjoyed this one I can't remember the last time I read a book and had a #dopeygrin on my face for pretty much the whole thing I was sucked into the story right from the start and just couldn't put it down Seriously I was #sneakinginpages while helping the kids get ready for bed brushing my teeth or pretending to watch a TV show with the hubs #ShhhDontTell I thought this was obviously a really cute and fun book Zoe and Chase were both very well developed had amazing #chemistry and the sweetest romance #Sparks fly right from the start even before they meet and the anticipation of that first meeting was exciting and swoony And hello that first kiss#WOW Zoe was such a likable and relatable character I love that she was witty smart and really stuck to her morals And yeah I am a total introvert so I totally got her Chase was swoony sweet and charming Their relationship builds at a believable pace I liked how they're really able to get to know each other I liked that everything wasn't smooth sailing and they had their own obstacles to get over I liked that his celebrity status plays a big part of the story and seeing behind the scenes type stuff was fun I loved how the #Tweets and #Texts were done and looked amazing Okay I'll stop #gushing now and just insist that you mark your calendars for January 16th and cancel any plans you have for the day and maybe plan on staying up a little late too #WhoNeedsSleepAnywayUpdate Decided to read this one again Sep 2018 enjoyed it again Cute and fun story #Content#Romance Clean swoony kissing and making out nothing too far or graphic #TrueLove#Language None #Violence None#Religious NoneSource PrismBookTours and NetgalleyNominated for a 2018 Swoony Award vote here 35 stars Pure wish fulfillment celebrity romance times I picked it up as an prime freebie but it's cute and fun if you like that kind of read Zoe Miller an introverted college senior somehow she manages to read as younger most of the time makes a smartaleck but brutally honest comment on Twitter to the hot Hollywood actor she and her best friend have idolized for years Out of the blue he contacts her back online Improbably but heartwarmingly they start seeing each other Because of Reasons Zoe keeps their relationship secret from everyone including her mother and her best friend who's been crushing on Chase Covington for many years notwithstanding she has a boyfriend Clearly those chickens are going to come home to roost sooner or later #Starstruck advocates strongly for Zoe's choice to be abstinent from sex until marriage for reasons other than religion If you're game for that it's a cute romance It does seem really unlikely that Chase the Hollywood star suddenly starts chasing Zoe even when she's a little standoffish and awkward Even so when they realize she's waiting for marriage to have sex and he doesn't plan on ever getting married But hey it's wish fulfillment reading and I was able to just roll with itContent notes Some pretty intense makeout scenes notwithstanding the celibacy theme Love love love this oneFrom the well developed characters to the fun storyline to the perfect ending this is my kind of book The kind of book I didn't want to put down I started it this afternoon and stayed up way too late finishing it I love a good book that I can't put down #Starstuck is that kind of bookContent no language some innuendo and talk of sex lots of kissing I would still label this as clean but it's not sueaky clean there's definitely some steam If you've ever wanted to read a book that puts a big ol' smile on your face aka PERMAGRIN this is the one you should grab right now I absolutely LOVE Sariah Wilson's books She always has great characters who are witty and spunky down to earth sassy loving forgiving a good friend and so much This book had it all with these characters Zoe and her best friend Lexi are the biggest fans and I mean completely over the moon and creators of his fan club well not really but you get the idea biggest fans of Chase Covington They know everything about him and have promised they would meet him someday Zoe follows him on Twitter and even has her handle as a shout out to him So when he tweets and asks for everyone's opinion on his latest movie which by the way according to Zoe was awful she can't help but lay the honest truth at his feet #you'vedonebetter OUCH Well little did Zoe know that her complete honesty would lead to the most #amazing and #surreal experience of her life Meeting Chase Covington And let me tell you that their meeting was #heartpoundingCan I just say that the use of Twitter in this book was so stinking fun Every time I knew a tweet was coming or didn't I couldn't help but instantly smile Instant reaction because every single one was so fun #happy I kept reading reviews from friends who had an advanced copy and knowing that our tastes were pretty similar it really made me very excited to read this book I searched NetGalley and found it was available instantly reuested it and waited and waited and waited I don't usually go snag books on release day unless it's one I've been anticipating or a seuel in a series that I absolutely love Well I'm here to say that the night before I had pretty much decided I was going to go use the magical one click button and read this book Woke up started to clear out my email and gave a little sueal Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I won the Goodreads giveaway for a kindle copy of this book commence Carlton dance The permagrin started long before I started reading the book my friends long before Then to make it even better later that day I was granted a copy from NetGalley Ha As another friend said I guess it was meant to be that I read this book But even if I hadn't won or been given a copy I would have snagged my own That's how much I love Sariah's books If you haven't read them and enjoy fantastically written humor and romance stop reading this and do yourself a favor go get it and enjoy the real thing and not my paltry ramblings for how good it isI want to start at the beginning and tell you EVERYTHING about this book all those funny scenes the butterfly inducing scenes the swoony scenes All of it But I won't because the book is so much better than me trying to tell you all about it Their first meeting Zoe's disbelief that it could even be real I mean come on she's just an average awesome girl He's like the most eligible bachelor and mega movie star of the world Pssshhh like he'd even notice her especially after her tweet #whatwasshethinking? #thespiceisreal #needmesomecookies #sunscreenanyone #babysittingisthebestdateever #luvmesomeCHEESE #zomo #Ilovejeopardy#littlehouseontheprairie #bestfriendsarethebest #truelove #eatfishtheyareyummyI know most of those probably make no sense unless you've read the book If you have I am so calling you out on the smile I see on your face right now Don't try to hide it it's real #PERMAGRIN This is definitely one of those books that I want to go back and reread right away and again and again and again You get the idea Here's a couple uotes for your enjoyment and to piue your interest I'm sorry I broke your friend I told Chase All I kept thinking about was that scene from Dirty Dancing where Baby was trying to act cool and impress Johnny and went to that party and blurted out I carried a watermelon and then beat herself up afterward for saying something so stupid That was how I felt It was my I carried a watermelon moment Careful Don't brand me with the curling iron You must really like this guy I've never seen you so clumsy You are completely and totally twitterpated If only she knew how on the nose her proclamation was given that Chase and I had met on Twitter I don't ever want to get you out of my systemI have so many uotes but I just can't bring myself to share them because they'll spoil all the fun surprises you have waiting for you within the pages of this book Seriously go read it you'll thank me but most importantly you'll thank Sariah Wilson and then uite possibly be hooked on her writing Last thing before I end my review I love Jeopardy and will never watch it again without #Starstruck running through my mind #happycontentedsighContent Clean Zoe has a women's rights class and they talk about abstinence verses being free and having sex Throughout the book Zoe talks about her choice to be abstinent until marriage while a couple other characters are not Nothing graphic is discussed but there are some very mild innuendos scattered throughout the book A couple spends the night together in the same room but nothing happens Kissing and a couple make out scenes but again nothing further than kissingMy own personal copy I won through a Goodreads giveaway and a copy from the publisher Montlake Romance via NetGalley All thoughts and opinions in the review are my ownHappy Reading I wanted to love this book It’s a clean read about a fan girl winning over her attractive celebrity crush I mean yes please It promised to be a fun flirty and light read And throughout the book there was humor great chemistry and sweet romantic moments between Zoe and Chase Unfortunately I struggled to enjoy the book because Zoe’s actions completely soured the plot for meI usually love book heroines So it was uite a disappointment for me to find myself constantly irritated with Zoe who decides to keep her relationship with Chase a secret from everyone she loves based on her insecurities Her constant lies sucked the joy out of this book for me and her weak excuses to uphold her lies continually annoyed me What bothered me most is that she kept lying to everyone for months and her rationalizations for her lies showed how little she thought of herself and the people she claimed she loved including Chase her mother and her best friend When she keeps lying it’s clear that those conseuences would be featured in the climax but this fallout was basically a blimp Worse I’m not exactly sure if all of Zoe’s insecurities changed in the end If she did evolve the disappearance of her insecurities hinged on her relationship and HEA with Chase aside from her newfound perception of her mother If so it wasn’t properly addressed and still implies that most of her insecurities she experienced throughout the novel would rear their ugly head into their future I’ve read books before that featured a main character who gets caught up in their lies where I loved both the plot and the heroine shout out to The Fill In Boyfriend by Kasie West So I believe it’s not just the lies that bothered me about this book but the lack of character evolution that accompanied itClearly I’m in the minority where this book is concerned So to put it simply it wasn’t for me This is a wish fulfillment fantasy and I do have a partiality for those So I gave this a shot It didn't pan out for me but I can see why others might like it I have two problems with the story that turned out to be fundamental though it took me a while to realize itThe first issue felt like something that would smooth out if I could just get the first chunk out of the way The motivations for the leads just didn't engage me at all For Chase it was that his attachment made no kind of sense He latches onto Zoe out of the clear blue sky and keeps pursuing her because well because Now I expect that at least a little bit in a wish fulfillment fantasy so I put my initial ualms aside But it kept going with him pursuing her despite a rather major barrier and a lot of extra effort on his partZoe makes internal sense but I just didn't like her That has mostly to do with the treatment of her supposed friend The one she lies to over and over again And believes will take Chase away from her once she knows that's who she's dating Her friend is kind and seems honestly enthusiastic about Zoe's successes and every time Zoe maintained her deception made me respect her lessBut the biggest problem of the story is actually what probably draws a lot of readers in And by that I mean Zoe's deliberate chastity and her advocacy for same This comes off as a bit too articulate at times and a lot of the responses were a bit too inarticulate None of these arguments are new and pretending that there's no answer to I don't want to risk my child having no father like my mom endured or my teacher suffered a life changing STD is a form of cheating But whatever that's over uickly and we move on My problem was that after establishing that Zoe wouldn't have sex outside of marriage and Chase wouldn't get married because marriages just hurt people which is also lazy characterization but whatever I honestly don't get why they are continuing this whole relationship thing Seriously they are at an impasse and pursuing emotional intimacy after establishing those lines is just stupidI kept going for a good chunk after that point because they're young and young people make stupid mistakes But that's where the characterization problem started draining me because I lost trust that the author would handle the dynamic well and I disliked being along while Zoe strung her best friend along with the inevitable blow up put off so that it'd achieve maximum pain when it finally hit Eventually my enthusiasm for the characters just wound down until I decided to uitI can see why others might find this engaging Zoe's articulate choice for celibacy and Chase's charm coupled with that wish fulfillment magic is probably enough to propel most readers along I just found that I couldn't go along though because to much didn't hold together or make sense under scrutiny Have you ever experienced a book hangover? I have a few times and this book right here? Major book hangover I literally couldn't pick up another book after this one It took me a whole day gasp to recover This book was so yummyI have to say that the lead up anticipation to that first kiss was killing me It was nuts I loved it The flirting the banter the texts All of it Chase is so sweet and tries so hard you cannot help but love him for it This book will probably go down as one of my favorites this year and it's only two weeks into January I really want to go read it again right nowContent steamy kissing talk about intimate relations and waiting until marriage for sex some innuendo I received a complimentary copy of this book in conjunction with this blog tour All opinions expressed are my own Anyone with an interest with celebrities will get this one especially the inner fan girl inside I remember being a young teen obsessed with certain actorssingers and just knowing that they'd fall for me for sure if I ever had the change to meet them or to interact with them Zoe is one lucky girlOne tweet That's all it took for Zoe to capture actor Chase Covington's attention I love the lengths he went to in order to keep his private life private All of the nerves anxieties angst insecurities butterflies attraction connections and chemistry are wrapped up into one nice tidy book and let me tell you this one is a zinger I could feel everything In fact I even found myself talking about this book and not mentioning who was seeing who for fear that I'd be breaching a confidentiality agreement or inviting the paparazzi to storm my house Seriously I was that engagedI'm all about connections and I adore the strong friendship of Zoe and Lexie; I loved Zoe's relationship with her siblings; and Zoe's romance with Chase make me swoon This book keeps that tiny flame of hope alive for every normal girlMy only complaint with this book is that I now have another book hangover Content moderate romance lots of swoony kissing; some talk of sex not graphic; some innuendoI received a copy which had no influence on my thoughts and opinions You will like this book if youre like 12

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