Spin The Bottle Party Games #4

Spin The Bottle Party Games #4➶ Spin The Bottle Party Games #4 Free ➬ Author Rhian Cahill – Oaklandjobs.co.uk The only rule is the rules always changeModelling gave Lillian McDermott amazing experiences and enough money to leave it all behind to start her own perfume and fashion label but it didn’t give her The only rule is the rules always changeModelling Bottle Party ePUB ✓ gave Lillian McDermott amazing experiences and enough money to leave it all behind to start her own perfume and fashion label but it didn’t give her the man she’s always loved—Mackenzie HarrisHer brother’s best friend Mac only sees her as a surrogate little sister except Lillian’s success wasn’t handed to her She knows what it means to work hard and she intends to use the same single minded intensity Spin The PDF/EPUB ² to rock Mac’s world until ignoring her is impossibleBest mates don’t screw around with little sisters so no matter how tempting Mackenzie Harris finds Lillian McDermott it’s hands off That doesn’t mean he’s ever been immune to her charmsWith one spin of the bottle Lilli turns up the heat and Mac’s not one to back down from a challenge And once that line is crossed there’s no turning backNote A game of Spin the Bottle is hell on The Bottle Party MOBI í one’s self control. Okay i admit it i had been crushing on Mac BIG TIME and was DYING to read about him and Lil and boy was it worth the wait Party Games was an AWESOME series written by 2 AWESOME Aussie's maybe i'm biased since i'm an Aussie too Rhian Cahill and Lexxie Couper and i throughly enjoyed Spin The Bottle as well as the previous 3 books 35 starsLong time friends Mac and Lillian have both denied their feelings for each other Being the best friend of Lillian's big brother Mac doesn't want to hurt his friendship with Lilli's brother nor ruin his friendship with Lilli so he's kept her at arms distance But having walked in on a night of party games kicked up a notch for adults Mac can no longer keep his feelings hidden nor his hands to himself And finally that is music to Lilli's ears; she wants Mac and is tired of denying it Taking advantage of the adult party atmosphere Mac makes his move and now it's time to really let the games begin Very nice friends to lovers story in the Party Games series This whole series was amazing I can't believe I whipped through them all in one day It was probably due to the fact they were easy reads which I love and great story plots They kept my interest and had me laughing enjoying myself If you like hot sexy books and want a great read I would suggest this series Slick's review posted on Guilty Pleasures45 StarsI honestly don’t know how Rhian Cahill and Lexxie Couper do it; together they have created this Party Games series which turns children’s games in to very adult games and so far they’ve turned out four very sexy highly entertaining and wonderfully written novellas What absolutely fascinates me about this series is they take place simultaneously at a house party and even though two books were written by Lexxie and two by Rhian they flow seamlessly together I also appreciate that even though they are short the characters are well developed the plot engaging and there is no shortage of blatantly sexy scenesSpin the Bottle is the fourth book is this series and as I suspected during book three it is the story of Lillian Lilli McDermott her big brother Lachlan was featured in book 3 Twister and Mackenzie Mac Harris Lillian is a supermodel and although she’s a highly accomplished businesswoman the model image is the only one most everyone sees including Mac Mac is Lachlan’s best friend and business attorney he’s had growing feelings towards Lillian for years but because of his relationship to her brother he’s managed to keep them in check until seven months ago Lillian has loved Mac since she was a teenager but has hidden it feeling he only sees her as a kid sister That changed seven months ago when Mac kissed her and then promptly called it “very very bad” Since that time she’s stayed away but she knows the time has come to confront him because she’s thrown this big party as a private celebration knowing both Mac and her brother are due homeThese stories are non stop fun and excitement from beginning to end There is so much going on and now that we are four books in some of the little snippets we’ve seen in previous books make so much sense That being said you could absolutely read these as stand alone books but I have a feeling that once you read one you will just have to read the restBecause Mac and Lilli have a long history and because of the “moment” seven months ago Mac’s decided despite his relationship with Lachlan he’s going after Lilly Thing is Lilli has reached the same conclusion and although both are afraid of the outcome they know it’s something they both need to exploreI really loved the back and forth between these two characters Considering the majority of the book takes place in about an eighteen hour period it’s amazing how hard it is for them to get it right There is a lot of miscommunication and misunderstandings and neither one is very good about spelling out what they are thinking or feeling But when they finally get it right; it’s beautiful sexy and amazingly emotional Don’t forget about big brother Lachlan though because he has uite the opinion on their encounter not that I expected anything lessSpin the Bottle is a fantastic addition to the Party Games series and although I’ve liked the other couples and trio from the other books I think Lillian and Mac are my favorites I admire that despite her less than stellar role models Lilli has grown up with a great head on her shoulders and she’s accomplished a lot all by herself Mac has intrigued me from book one and it gives me great satisfaction to learn about him and his psyche Both are very likeable characters even though at times Mac is somewhat judgmental You also can’t help but appreciate the friends to lovers angle along with the “you don’t mess with your friend’s sister” angle Both made this book all the enjoyable and I sincerely hope there are books coming in this series because each one gets better and better Yay Lillian and Mac get their HEA I so enjoy friends to lovers and I like the best friend's sibling thing too This had bothI think it's sweet that Mac tried so hard to ignore his feelings for the sake of his best friend I think it's really sweet that Lilli view spoilerkept her virginity mostly because nobody made her feel the way she did about Mac hide spoiler 35 STARSWhile I liked this I wanted to like it I just had a real big problem with the way that Mack didn't give Lillian of the benefit of the doubt How could you be supposedly in love with someone who you didn't truly have respect for as far as their choices or behavior That just bothered meNow Mackenzie certainly made up for it in the end but seriously he pissed me off for the majority of the book Spin the Bottle is a uick super hot sexy read about the love between Mackenzie and Lillian that has been denied for far too long During a night of traditional party games turned adult Mackenzie and Lillian begin to confront the feelings they have harbored for each other since the onset of puberty This is the fourth book in the Party Games series however it works well as a stand alone I had no trouble following the story I will definitely be reading the others Keep in mind that this is an adult book and there are explicit detailsIt's another addition to the Party Game series These stories are non stop fun and excitement from beginning to endFinally Lillian and Mac got their story It was good and I enjoyed reading it but in the end I only gave it 35 stars 45 stars Review coming soon This was a cute read with a lot of fun dialogue between Mac and Lil It was cute to watch them finally get the one thing they had been denying themselves