Her Sweetheart Brand (Secrets of Cherry Lake #3)

Her Sweetheart Brand (Secrets of Cherry Lake #3)[Download] ➺ Her Sweetheart Brand (Secrets of Cherry Lake #3) By Paula Altenburg – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Whoever claimed it’s better to have loved and lost has never met Jess PalmerSmall business owner and metalworks artist Damon Brand finally has his future in sight when his past rattles into town in Whoever claimed it’s better to have loved and lost has never met Jess PalmerSmall business Her Sweetheart PDF \ owner and metalworks artist Damon Brand finally has his future in sight when his past rattles into town in a broken down car stuffed with designer clothes and sky high heels The last time he saw Jess he declared his undying love In return she stranded him by the side of the road taking his boots pants and the tattered remnants of his heartSo much for the bright lights of LA Failed actress Jessica Palmer arrives back in Sweetheart Montana homeless destitute and desperate She’s hoping her grandfather will let her have her inheritance early so she can make a fresh start—anywhere but Sweetheart No deal She has to stay for six months and get a job to prove she’s matured Not easy in a town where she flamed all her bridges in order to flee a wild child reputation and her high school sweetheartWith every door that’s slammed shut in her face Jess grows determined than ever to prove she’s changed even if it means she must turn to her first love Damon for a job at his gas station Surely years is enough time for him to forgive and forgetPreviously titled Her Secret Love Book in the Secrets of Cherry Lake seriesHer Sweetheart Brand also appears inThe Starrs of Sweetheart Montana seriesPreuel Shameless Sweetheart by Roxanne SnopekBook The Secret Son by Joan KilbyBook Her Sweetheart Brand by Paula AltenburgBook Yours Forever Sweetheart by Roxanne SnopekBook The Montana Bride by Jeannie Watt. This is a heartwarming second chance romance with a feisty lady who has a secret difficulty that she always tried to hide by acting up whilst in High School Damon was her sweetheart then knowing about and helping her until she left without any explanationFailed actress Jess Palmer is returning to Cherry Lake after ten years She has some happy memories about living there but some traumatic ones too She’s going there now to see her Grandfather after her much older partner John sadly passed away leaving her with her clothes shoes and very little cash The first person she renews contact with is Damon Brand the one who declared his love for her shortly before she left him naked at the side of the road Although her grandfather agrees to let Jess have her inheritance early to make a fresh start on her life he’s only prepared to do so after she’s found herself a job that she keeps working at for six months and not with any of the family What a challenge for her it will certainly call on her acting skills to convince someone to give her a job especially as she was something of a wild child when in high school there The only person who will give her a job is Damon Will this be the chance for him to get revenge on her for ten years ago? How will they feel about each other now? Will they have any chance of rekindling their youthful love now they’re ten years older? What will Jess do once she has her grandfather’s money?This is a story with great characters reconnecting in a small town situation All the angst and turmoil of teenage relationships maintaining personal images and denigrating those perceived as being able are all revisited in this well written end engaging story Whilst some of the characters from the earlier books in this series are also in this one the book works well as a standalone too A great small community romance to escape intoSecrets of Cherry Lake series Preuel Small Town Secrets by Roxanne Snopek Book 1 The Secret Son by Joan Kilby Book 2 Her Secret Love by Paula Altenberg Book 3 Her Secret Protector by Roxanne Snopek Book 4 The Secret Bride by Jeannie WattThanks to the author publisher and NetGalley too for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for this an honest review Loved this one It's a story filled with hope and forgiveness doubts and insecurities and in the end love Great writing and characters make this one you don't want to missDamon Brand is happy and content even if his family and friends are driving him a bit nuts The last thing or person he ever expects to see is Jessica Palmer back in Cherry Lake Back she is though and since he can't seem to say no to anyone even Jessica he ends up hiring her to work for himJessica Palmer is back in Cherry Lake hopefully not for long Her Grandfather however has different plans If she really wants the money she's asking him for she needs to prove herself to him Get a job and stick with it for six months Problem is she's a little lacking in the skills department When she's sees a glimmer of an opportunity to work for Damon she bulldozes her way in Maybe in someway this will make up for the terrible way she treated him when they were youngerSounds good right? I definitely recommend this one 🎁 FREE on today 4282019 🎁 In Her Secret Love Secrets of Cherry Lake #3 by Paula Altenburg coming back to Cherry Lake is not something that is high on Jess's to do list But left almost penniless and with no where else to go Jess has no choice but to return Home to her grandfather who is the only person she thinks will help her His help comes with strings though and Jess ends up having to stay in Cherry Lake a lot longer than she wants to Not only that but she has to find employment and prove that she is capable of working instead of just taking her inheritance and running again Unfortunately small town Cherry Lake has a long memory and the memories they have of Jess are not nice onesHelp comes from an unexpected personsomeone Jess probably hurt the most all those years ago Damon still feels the hurt betrayal and pain from all those years ago But he's willing to give Jess the chance a surprise both of them As they spend time together going from uncomfortable awkwardness to really enjoying each other they seem to bring out the best in each otherbut is it enough? Or will Damon's heart be broken again?These two main characters and their second chance is a tumulous road to travel I didn't know how things would end up Jess is determined not to stay in Cherry Lake and Damon's life is there I wasn't even sure if I wanted these two to be together Jess really has not been a nice person And though she had her ways for acting the way she did it seems that it became so ingrained in her it just became who she was I understand she has her difficulties and issues but she was a difficult character for me to connect with She did grow on me and she was certainly a believable character but it took her a long time to grow up I really liked Damon Even though he hasn't uite forgiven Jess for the past he's trying He's responsible and really feels a huge responsibility for others Often at the cost of what he'd like in life He's a hard worker and just came across as a genuinely great guy who everyone would want to be around He looks past the surface that Jess has mastered and sees than anyone else He really seems to get her and he genuinely cares for her which I found very heart warming Their journey is an interesting one and even if I didn't care a great deal for Jess she is a good heroine in Her Secret Love In her own way she is just as good for Damon as he is for her Both of these characters really grew and developed well especially JessI liked being back in Cherry Lake and I liked how Paula explored the various dynamics of life in a small townthe ups and downs I liked the various family dynamics that are involved in this story even if we didn't actually see a lot of Damon and Jess's families they certainly have a significant impact on their lives past and presentHer Secret Love is part of a series and some characters we've seen in previous books but this book can definitely be read as a stand aloneHer Secret Love is well paced easy to read and feel a part of I'd recommend it to any romance reader An emotionally charged storyAfter a failed career as an actress Jessica Palmer returns to Cherry Lake in hopes that she can claim her inheritance from her grandfather early Her plan is to take the money and start over anywhere but Cherry Lake But she is told she has to stay for six months and get a job Damon Brand hadn’t seen Jessica in ten years He had a crush on her back then and he thought he was over her But seeing her again brings back lots of memories In a small town people aren’t so forgiving and no one wants to hire Jess Damon decides to give her a chance and hires her to work at the gas station He had one stipulation Jess must wear shorts and a t shirt to work Hopefully he wasn’t serious Jess knew it was payback for what happened ten years ago Will working together rekindle what Jess and Damon once had or will Jess hightail it out of town the first chance she gets? I enjoyed Jess and Damon’s story and Jess’s reunion with the people from her past and how she redeems herself The last thing Jessica wants in her life is to return to Cherry Lake with her tail between her legs Broke and homeless she turns to her Grandfather Nate for help He is willing to help but only if she stays in Cherry Lake for six months and works during that time Finding a job was a little bit harder than she though she burned many bridges when she was younger Damon owns the town garage shop whom is willing to hire on Jessica They were so called friends in high school until one night and that did not turn out well either a secret During the six months it was wonderful to see how Jessica redeemed herself and how Damon and Jessica grew together This is a well written book and a great addition to the Cherry Lake Secrets I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review Jess is back in town Failed actress from LA wants the rest of her inheritance to start over again However her grandfather has something to say about that She will get the inheritance given she finds and maintains a job for the next six months Unfortunately for her the only person willing to give her a job is Damon He is the owner of a gas station and her first love The problem is she didn’t leave things on good terms Can she stick it out for the next 6 months or will she fail at this too?This was the first story I have read by Paula and thought it was uite enjoyable It seemed a bit drawn out in addressing the incident between Jess and Damon; however that did not kill the story for me I loved the banter between Jess and Aaron too This was a great read in a fantastic series A well written contemporary romance with a sassy believable characters Loved itJess palmer leaves Cheery Creek and also leaves local It Boy Damon in a very compromising position one night Naked and having to find a ride home his rep ruined When she returns and finds that she was not the only one left hurting that night I have fallen in love with Sweetheart MontanaThis is the second book based in Sweetheart Montana that I have read and I am officially in love with this fictional town Not far from Bozeman this town seems to be the typical small Montana town Everyone knows everyone's businesssome even before yourselfThis is Damon and Jess's story High school sweethearts that are separated for years Then years later the female Jess returns to town and works endlessly to correct her past OH Hotness Damon Author Paula Altenburg knows how to write us a wonderful story that lets us see the struggles that Jess had and caused her to think she had to leave town the way she didand boy did she do that in a big ole way and Damon oh Damon This is a guy who could steal my heart Will he steal hers again and can she get his or does she want to? Will the town accept her back and will she want to stay? Lots of uestions and all the answers lie in Sweetheart Montana A really great place to visit Sweet enjoyable good story HEA