Follow Me Down to Nicodemus Town

Follow Me Down to Nicodemus Town❮Read❯ ➳ Follow Me Down to Nicodemus Town Author A. LaFaye – Albert Whitman has bought the picture book Follow Me Down to Nicodemus Town written by A LaFaye and illustrated by Nicole Tadgell The book tells the story of young Dede and her family who along with 4 Albert Whitman has bought the picture book Down to PDF/EPUB ¶ Follow Me Down to Nicodemus Town written by A LaFaye and illustrated by Nicole Tadgell The book tells the story of young Dede and her family who along with Exodusters joined the northern migration of African Americans from the Jim Crow South of Reconstruction to Follow Me ePUB ✓ the pioneering Midwest with hopes of staking a claim and securing a home to call their own Publication is slated for fall . This book is the story of Dede and her family poor African American sharecroppers working for a Caucasian landlord The family dreams of owning their own land but it’s hard to save up the money Dede works hard shining shoes her family sells cotton her mother sells dresses and her father sells furniture Dede does a kind deed for a stranger and their fortunes change allowing them to pay off their debts and finally buy their own farm in KansasThe story was very realistic but it didn’t seem as cultural as I expected The story is one I’ve heard many times usually about poor white farmers who want to have their own land This book paints a very pretty picture of a time when things were very hard and an African American family would not have been treated as kindly as this one was and though I know we want to look toward the ideal it’s also important to have historical accuracy I guess my main issue was that the book could have been about anyone The author could have put any race or ethnicity into the book and it wouldn’t have changed the story at all This book is a heartwarming narrative of hope and overcome hardship centered around a young girl named Dede Her and her parents start as sharecroppers and slowly but surely work up enough money by taking extra jobs to move to the Kansas prairies and make a claim on their own land This story is one that is meant to show how with hard work anyone can overcome their struggles and accomplish something great regardless of their age Three words or phrases that can describe this book are wholesome hopeful and the accomplished American dream One of my favorite picture books is I Have Heard of a Land by Joyce Carol Thomas which tells the story of an African American woman who strikes out to homestead in Oklahoma It is a lovely lyrical story Follow Me Down to Nicodemus Town provides a detailed account of a similar story Young Dede relates her family’s journey from working as sharecroppers to becoming landowners It’s a nearly impossible goal with endless toil to raise enough money to pay off their “debt” to the landowner The sharecropping system was designed to essentially enslave the workers; paying off their debt was nearly impossible But through an act of happenstance the family’s dream – of working as hard as ever but on their own land – comes true The remainder of the book tells of the family’s effort to survive on the land supported by the kindnesses of a Native American man and other nearby homesteading families Author LaFaye gives a name to the Native American and explains that he is of the Ni U Kan Ska people who “white folks callthe Osage” After the book ends with a hopeful feeling the author provides an end note with information about the sharecropping system the forced removal of the Native Americans of the Great Plains and the communities of African American pioneers Nicodemus is a real place and was designated as a National Historic Site in 1995 This cover made me pick up the book and the story led me back to the late 1870’s when Nicodemus Town was founded by the Exodusters They left slavery then sharecropping behind to stake new homes in Kansas This fictional story is a great way to learn their history Dede’s family is saving up to buy their way free from sharecropping Papa farms by day and builds furniture by night Mama sews dresses when her work is done and Dede shines shoes at the railroad station That’s where she spots an add for free homesteads in Kansas Read how Dede and her family made it to Nicodemus Town Continue on to the back matter and the story of the real Exodusters Their name is biblical from Exodus and its story of Moses leading his people out of slavery in Egypt Step back to the real town of Nicodemus Kansas You can still visit it today in Graham County This book is a great resource to help older children enter and understand this part of our country’s history The story of a family working hard to free themselves from sharecropping and moving to the African American settlement of Nicodemus and having a farm of their ownAfter working the land all day Dede’s father makes furniture Dede’s mother sews dresses and Dede shines shoes at the train station “They all worked from sun climb to sun slide ” All in hopes of being able to make enough money to pay off their debt and move to their own place When Dede brings home a notice about land being offered to “colored folks in Kansas” the family has hope that they can improve their situation And with the help of a generous reward given to Dede by a grateful shoeshine customer they set up their homesteadThere is an author’s note gives detail on Exodusters the term used for African Americans joining the land rush to the frontier To learn about Nicodemus Follow Me Down To Nicodemus Town tempted me almost as much as cake And I really love cake The story is that of the history of the African American pioneer settlement at Nicodemus town as seen through the eyes of Dede a child whose family saved their hard earned money and took a chance on free land in Kansas The exodusters as the former slaves headed out west for land were called faced extreme hardships But despite being a piece of historical fictional this beautifully written and illustrated story expertly shows the hard work it took for families to make their dream of owning their own home a reality This book is perfect for classrooms Actually this book is perfect for everywhere I love to learn about historical accounts of little known events especially when it relates to diverse people groups Have you heard of the Exodusters?? Neither had I until I read this lovely picture book They were African American settlers seeking a new start in the Midwest by purchasing land in Nicodemus Kansas populated mostly by their own people It took a lot of hard work and determination but Dede and her family did it It's a joy to read about positive experiences these folks had years ago This story will open up a new world for your child Follow Me Down to Nicodemus Town tells the story of Dede and her family Exodusters who settled in Nicodemus Kansas Their story is one of hard work hope and a bit of luck Tadgell's gorgeous illustrations complement LaFaye's beautiful text This is a must have for classrooms and libraries everywhere A historical fiction picture book that shows how a family of sharecroppers went to Kansas and got land of their own They were also helped by a Native American tribe Not entirely sure how accurate the Native American interaction is I appreciate the perspective this is sharing that I didn't know about these Exodusters towns of former slavessharecroppers However I'm wondering how accurate the representation of the Native American perspective is It's not fully clear from the author's note how authentic it truly is