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The Winner Maker❰KINDLE❯ ✽ The Winner Maker Author Jeff Bond – Bob Fiske — the 74 year old dinosaur who’s taught Honors English and coached varsity football for five decades — is missingTo his Winners class favorites Fiske designated over the years for thei Bob Fiske — the year old dinosaur who’s taught Honors English and coached The Winner PDF/EPUB or varsity football for five decades — is missingTo his Winners class favorites Fiske designated over the years for their potential to “Live Big” it’s heartbreaking Fiske did than inspire with soaring oratory; he supported their ambitions into adulthood Four of his brightest former stars reunite to find him putting high octane careers on hold slipping police barricades racing into the wilds of Northern Michigan for clues about the fate of their legendary mentorOthers don’t see a legend They see an elitist whose time has passedWhen a current student — female — disappears just hours into the Winners’ search amid rumors of inappropriate meetings the Great Man’s reputation is a shamblesFeints betrayal explosive secrets from their own pasts as facts emerge each Winner must decide how far they’ll go for Fiske Can the truth redeem him Or has this cult of hyper achievement spawned a thing so vile none of their lives will survive intact. The Winner Maker is a uniuely blended cross genre tale of the good and bad of over achieving and the price paid to become a “winner”The book opens with a very dramatic scene with students gathered around their awe inspiring honors English teacher atop the Chrysler Building in Chicago As the high achieving students are preparing for their individual presentation one student shocks the crowd by dangling below the glass floor by a giant magnet However the magnets do not hold and as the student plunges to his death a white banner emerges proclaiming “Live Big” the teacher’s motto for his private group of “Winners” Six months later the book continues with the disappearance of this septuagenarian teacher and coach Bob Fiske Four of his former students all “winners” gather to help locate their beloved teacher As they pursue clues to his disappearance they must also confront secrets each holds dear as well as the underlying tension from their own high school experience under the tutelage of Fiske Eric a program developer aka the “geek” Lydia who has overcome her shyness to succeed and whose sister died on the night of their prom; Doug the uarterback all star who is now a hedge fund broker and his wife Stephanie perhaps the most loyal follower of Fiske who is now a successful marketing guru Each must deal with the past in order to solve Fiske’s disappearance but at what cost to each of them personally and professionally?Admittedly I uite nearly stopped reading this book after the first few chapters; not because it wasn’t well written but rather because I detested the characters intensely I haven’t had such a visceral reaction to all of the main characters of a book in a really long time however these “winners” made me want to slap each of them I persevered though and realized that the point of the first part of the book was to elicit exactly those emotions They all were overachievers a little too perfect a lot too driven I found no humanity in them whatsoever As the book progressed I gradually realized that for some of the characters that perfection was a shell masuerading their insecurities you know just like in real life Each had something they were hiding and how they individually dealt with their secrets and their past made the book far than a generic thriller Instead the “thriller” aspect to the story took a bit of a backseat to the these character’s lives and emotional turmoilThere were two things that kept me from giving this a perfect rating First while I found the characters to be beyond convincing some of their actions were not One had to suspend belief just a little to assume that a high school kid could get away with what Jesse did in the opening seuence There are other examples but that one was a little over the top Secondly I still – days later – am not entirely sure that I liked the ending It was abrupt extremely fitting but a little too abrupt Either it was the perfect ending or well I’m just not sure You read it and tell me what you thinkWhether you like suspense thrillers or a really good drama The Winner Maker will hit all of those buttons and It is a fast paced read and parts of it will have you on the edge of your seat wanting The Winner Maker is a debut novel that I picked up on a whim from the Read Now shelf at Net Galley I liked the sounds of the uniue premise and was in the mood for a non police procedural mystery The story revolves around a group of young adults and their rather controversial high school mentor The main characters Eric Steph and Doug are all Winners deemed so by said teacher as people who would be highly successful in life Several Winners are brought together ten years after graduation to help find their old advisor who has suddenly disappeared along with a 16 year old girlFor me the first uarter of the book was a bit slow in setting up the story After that point I was sucked in for the remainder of the tale I have one warning for potential readers—one must be able to suspend belief to enjoy the book I found the believability factor to be compromised on several occasions but after acknowledging that fact I was able to carry on without issue and enjoy the ride This book covers a lot We have scenes of corporate dealings IT businesses high school counselor’s offices high school parties happy domesticity unreuited love and people on the run I just have to mention that there is a particularly gross scene that will most certainly ignite your sense of smell to new heights and not in a good way I’d truly like to see the expression on Mr Bond’s face when he wrote that little vignetteThe story reveals some of the possible relationships that can develop between secondary school teachers and their students We see the influence these mentors can wield the reverence they command and how easily young people can be manipulated and not always for good causes We are also shown that you can never totally know anyone and sadly that trust is a very risky thing to depend on I really enjoyed seeing the growth of one character in particular—how this person learned from all that happened and was able to make some tough choices in order to adjust to significant life changes—actions of a true WinnerIf you are looking for something a little different with interesting characters and you are capable of suspending belief at times you will enjoy The Winner Maker I did and will look forward to seeing what Mr Bond comes up with nextMany thanks to Net Galley and Jeff Bond for an advanced review copy of this novel Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way Over five decades 74 year old teacher Bob Fiske has chosen cultivated and encouraged exceptional students that he designated Winners Bob goes missing and shortly afterwards a 16 year old girl he has been mentoring goes missing too A group of four of his Winners from ten years ago come together to find Bob and hopefully to defend his reputation and job when rumors hint that he may have had an illicit relationship with the girl Among these four former Winners along with the school mate who brought them together to brainstorm what has happened to Bob secrets abound all the way back to their high school days I found it strange that such busy powerful business people especially married couple Doug and Steph and their former classmate Eric could drop everything to go look for Bob and the missing girl since they had barely a clue as to where they might be or what happened to them But as I got farther in the book it becomes clear that each person has their own reasons for finding Bob and being motivated to be a part of the search This book is full of scheming lies betrayals and much and it's hard to see how the good guys if in fact there are any will survive to tell their side of the story It seemed slow going at first but by the 30% mark I couldn't put the book down and stayed up way too late to read it to the end Thank you to Jeff Bond and NetGalley for this ARC I'm 28% done with The Winner Maker OK I just can't do it any I hate to add another DNF to my list but this one is so bad that I just can't go on I made it through Chapter 9 and I have no idea what's going to happen but who cares? It's amateurish unbelievable the characters are like caricatures and the plot is just silly I really don't want to not finish a NetGalley book but I'm done Hope others like it better than I did Enjoyed the thrillerThe story is about Bob Fiske who was a high school teacher who has mentored many students over the decade who are called as 'Winners' Bob Fiske and the sixteen year old student whom he was teaching go missing and four of his former students get together to find himThe plot itself was intriguing The four students who got together were very realistic and to be honest their so called perfection almost made them inhuman But then all the characters have deadly secrets within them and it is obvious that the perfection is just a facade to hide the insecurities that they face The author has done a brilliant job of portraying the characters and weaving the story together Enjoyed it For anyone who loves a good mystery Jeff Bond’s “The Winner Maker” should hit the top of your list This well written fast paced perfectly plotted little gem is going to keep you enthralled and guessing And all your theories and predictions of whodunit will fall flat You won’t see this one comingBut there’s so much here taut dialogue flawless language multifaceted characters that actually grow and a pace that’s both breakneck and halting when details are necessary to build that delicious suspense It’s the kind of book you read without realizing you’re putting in the effort which makes it hard to put down Had life not gotten in the way I’d have finished this in a single sitting It doesn’t pull you in it wrenches Like every great mystery this one has an outstanding sense of place At every turn Bond details his surroundings and you can practically smell it see it hear it taste it – okay maybe not taste but I’d never been to any of the places mentioned and now I have Plus he plops you down in the middle of the action and says “Hey watch this” And you do because of the atmosphere and the relatable characters His heroes are human in every sense – they’re flawed and inconsistent funny and brave and doing their best all the way through Bond’s also willing to give you a ton of clues which makes your hunches ridiculous because he’s got a twist for you and an elegant and rewarding solution that brings you an oh so satisfying closure But you’ll probably want to read it again Yes it’s that good This novel got off to a confusing start for me with a prologue Around thirty pages in however I caught the prologue's connection to the plot and the novel took off I like the idea of amateur people trying to solve a mystery I like how the back story was woven into the current mystery as various characters remembered past events I like how the truth is revealed layer by layer We readers find out people are not who they appeared to be right along with the characters And there is plenty of suspense much of it coming from not knowing who the villain is and who can be trusted There were many twists and turns that kept me engaged to the endI highly recommend this novel to readers who love a complex mystery that is well crafted has well developed characters and plenty of suspense You'll be intrigued by the characters surprised by the revelations and captured by the suspense filled plotI received a complimentary egalley of this book through Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours My comments are an independent and honest review People have many names for the important people in their lives Mentor leader and in this case winner maker A teacher steps up to help and support high school students when they need it most encouraging them to excel Years later the teacher is missing and the students rally to help find him Also missing is another student but it's unclear when the story starts how this student fits into the overall As the story progresses these young men and women must work together to find their teacher Along the way they discover the truth is not always how you see things when you are young Jeff Bond does an excellent job of capturing readers from the start and keeping the story compelling through the end A definite must read for everyone Terrible book I couldn't read it past the first few chapters because it had a ridiculous plot Don't waste your time The Story of a group of overachievers who had been groomed by their high school teacher to become very successful in live Even after graduation he supports this group in many different ways but not everybody is what they seem to be 10 years after graduation this group gets back together because their beloved teacher has disappeared and they are ready to move heaven and earth to find himThis book has a bit of everything Typical high school atmosphere Corporate politics The influence a teacher can have on a student and how the students can be manipulated Does the teacher really has the best interest at hand for his students or is their accomplishments to higher his own self worthThe breakdown of a students self esteem when she find a note with disappointment next to her name Why was she a disappointment to her teacher I loved the ending where the student finds her own strength to follow her own path And no do go flipping to the end to see what happens because you will miss all the little twist and turns in the story This is a great Psychological thriller

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