Possessed➱ [Read] ➬ Possessed By Kate Cann ➼ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Rayne couldn't wait to get away from everything her mum her boyfriend the estate But the solitude of Morton's Keep isn't all she thought it would be It's eerie and than a little creepy When she meets Rayne couldn't wait to get away from everything her mum her boyfriend the estate But the solitude of Morton's Keep isn't all she thought it would be It's eerie and than a little creepy When she meets St John Rayne forgets her worries; he's like no one she's ever met So why is everyone warning her away from him. 5 Words Thrilling real eerie attraction beliefPossessing Rayne is one of those books that I can read again and again I never get bored of it I love the style I love the characters I love the intrigue I love the realism I love the element of fantasy I love how very British it isAnd why is it so hard to review the books you love?My favourite part of this book is probably how Rayne herself feels She develops so much as a character and is pretty much unrecognisable as the girl she once was It's excellent characterisationI also love the setting Morton's Keep is creepy eerie and there is such an atmosphere you can almost feel you're there yourselfThis is a firm favourite for a reason Oh man I could read this book forever I love it One of my favourite books ever In Possessed we meet Rayne a sixteen year old who's desperate for a break from the chaos and pressures of her life in London leading to her taking up a job in a cafe in an old secluded and far away mansion Stuck sleeping in a regenerated sty out near the forests it isn't long before the place starts to creep her out and she almost considers running home until she manages to make a few friends in the areaHardly any of the characters in this book were likable and the only ones who I could abide were minor Rayne herself was particularly unpleasant and selfish and her personality flaws weren't weighed out in the usual way that makes a character 'perfectly imperfect' She was just awful I found the narrative and writing style to be unengaging and it's uestionable whether this book was even intended to be creepy I know it's only a teen read so I wasn't expecting slit throats and exorcisms but the book didn't evoke a sense of fear or tension at all unless hooting owls on a dark night are enough to send shivers down your spine Oh and the plot felt like one long non event because it didn't captivate or interest me in the slightest I felt like cheering when I finally reached the last page because this book was dire The cover did freak me out a little but it was alright Want to see bookish things from me? Check out my Youtube channel Stars 16 year old Rayne wants to get away from her mother younger brother Jelly and controlling boyfriend Damien She finds a job as a waitress at Morton's Keep an old mansion a few towns over Upon arriving Rayne begins to feel uneasy and learns about the creepy history of this old house and the people who lived there before At times I found Rayne to be very self centred and annoying I liked the secondary characters a lot but still found most of them bland and boring I did enjoy the setting of the story and the creepiness of the mansion and its history I felt that the ending came to abruptly and it seemed like the author just didn't know where to take the story POSSESSED was a lovely read Although it doesn't really match up to the title Rayne is tired of living in London of living in a cramped little apartment in the middle of the busy crowded clogged stifling city She's stuck in a relationship with a controlling guy who doesn't really love her her mom doesn't seem to love her aside from her usefulness in taking care of her little brother and day and night there's just so much noise and pollution and clutter So she applies for a job at Morton's Keep a seemingly idyllic and uaint mansion in the countryside as a waitress at a small cafe She gets the job and moves there but not before she hears all sorts of gruesome and creepy rumors of the suspicious ongoings that have surrounded Morton's Keep for centuries And once there she discovers increasingly disturbing occurrences that all point towards something eerie that's waking again at Morton's KeepWhat I loved about POSSESSED was the setting It's set in a slightly haunted house with a grim history that resonates within its walls and within its rooms Yet juxtaposed next to this morbid mansion is a span of beautiful countryside that Kate Cann does a great job of describing that I felt as though I were walking through alongside Rayne as the story progressed The characters were fairly well developed I won't divulge much regarding them because it might spoil the story but I'll say that they are those types that give off a not what meets the eye look and whatnotKate Cann is really good at describing Rayne's feelings During Rayne's first night at Morton's Keep she's absolutely scared out of her wits And Cann's writing conveys this deep almost animalistic fear to the reader so much so that I felt paranoid as I read this scene Every slight noise or creak or breeze is a monster or ghost waiting to creep up the dark seems to contain a horde of terrifying creatures waiting to scare the living daylights out of Rayne I loved itThe complaints I had were that sometimes I felt Rayne was too annoying She thinks nasty thoughts towards some people she lies and she complains uite a great deal But in the greater sense of things this shows that she isn't perfect and so makes her easier to believe After all we've all had times when we complain or whine or lie right? It shows that she's human and not a cardboard character Another thing I didn't like was how abrupt the ending was The story tied up nicely and there was no cliffhanger but it leaves uestions that could be answered and baddies that are still undefeated But I understand that there is a seuel which I will be eager to pick up And so overall I'd say POSSESSED is a good story perfect for a uick read on the creepy side Possessed Even the name sounds creepy This book by Kate Cann is the most chilling book I’ve ever read By the cover of this book you’d think it was about Rayne rein the main character would be in some way possessed Not this book Follow Rayne through her life of an over possessive boyfriend Damien sharing a room with her little brother Jelly and an over protective mom on a flat in London England So when she hears about a job just outside a small town in the south Morton’s Keep she jumps at the chance to get away from the busy streets of London Only once she gets there she soon finds the scary happenings of the Morton’s Keep’s past and what’s soon to comeMorton’s Keep Peaceful enough until dark These reoccurrences keep happening First in the 1400s then 60 years later and then again 100 years after that Now about 340 years later another reoccurrence happens And Rayne is stuck right in the middle of it Read to find out what happens next Possessed I agree not the best name but the best book As you’re following Rayne make sure to keep your light on and hold on tight for this book will suck you in Make this book the top of your must read list and read the horrors I’ve read in Possessed It was just okay It was not my favorite series that I read before I hope the rest of the series is a little bit better than this one Originally Reviewed on The Book Smugglers feels trapped Trapped by her mother who only seems to want to control Rayne and uses her as a permanent babysitter for her toddler brother Jelly Trapped by her controlling boyfriend who only seems to care about the status Rayne can bring him as a pretty girl and an accessory on his arm Trapped by the noise and bustle and incessant action that surrounds her family’s London flat So when Rayne passes her A levels and finishes school she decides to take a year off and applies for a room and board job at a secluded estate out in the country At Morton’s Keep however Rayne finds than just the peace and uiet that she’s expecting – the keep has a lurid past of pain torture and darkness and Rayne finds herself caught in the middle of it Unsure of who to trust or even if what she feels and sees is real Rayne must discover the truth of Morton’s Keep and its frightening past if she hopes to surviveThe first book in a planned duology Possessed is an effective psychological horror story that excels in terms of characterization and atmosphere The first part of the book delves into Rayne’s claustrophobic psyche and her desire to get away from everyone and everything effectively showing readers just how stifled and trapped she feels in her home and with her relationships You can sense just how close to the edge this character is how strained and flighty her nerves are especially as the book is narrated in a smart effective third person limited point of view When Rayne decides to leave London for the great isolated unknown she does so through manipulation and deception in order to preserve her relationship with her mother and boyfriend Damian Playing them both against each other Rayne insists that she needs space from her mother and younger brother to Damian while telling her mother that she needs time apart from Damian’s pressure and controlling behavior I loved that Rayne is not a saccharine sweet character or some naive young rosebud – she lies and manipulates out of fear because she doesn’t want to burn any bridges At the same time she’s a sympathetic character because we see firsthand how smothered she is at home so when she finally experiences peace and freedom on her own at Morton’s Keep and the surrounding woods it’s an exhilarating thing More than anything I love the metaphor for “possessing” Rayne – not so much possession in The Exorcist type of way but along the lines of asserting independence especially from those who seek to control – or possess – Rayne as an object The psychological and terror aspects of Possessed remind me a bit of a younger The Haunting of Hill House with Rayne and Eleanor as these dual tragic heroinesOf course there’s also the ghost story itself I also loved the creeping oppressive dread of the atmosphere at the isolated country estate While Rayne finds the peace and freedom she so desperately desires she also knows terror as there is clearly something very wrong with the mansion and the locals For the majority of the novel this tension and slow simmering fear is expertly built leading to a number of dramatic uestions and unknowns There are visions and ghosts riddles and betrayals dark family secrets and pagan rituals – all are revealed tantalizingly as each chapter unfolds leading to a dramatic conclusionUnfortunately while the characters buildup and atmosphere are all fantastically rendered the book stumbles in its final act hastily trying to resolve the overall mystery with a fairly contrived Big Bad Villain Monologue I wish that Ms Cann had taken the same amount of time to unveil the solutions to the mysteries throughout the book since they were so brilliantly planted and nurtured in the early chapters but alas While the ending was rushed and lacked the finesse of the rest of the novel I still found this book highly enjoyable and spine tingly in all the right ways I’ll definitely be back to read Consumed the second book in this duology very very soon

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