Seagull & Sea Dragon

Seagull & Sea Dragon❰EPUB❯ ✵ Seagull & Sea Dragon Author Sydni Gregg – Debut author illustrator Sydni Gregg explores the unlikely friendship between a seagull and sea dragon—and how their two worlds might be similar than they ever could imagineMeet Seagull Meet Sea Dra Debut author illustrator Sydni Gregg explores the unlikely friendship between a seagull and sea dragon—and how their two worlds might be similar than they Seagull & PDF or ever could imagineMeet Seagull Meet Sea Dragon One comes from the sky One comes from the seaAnd both are scared of the other’s worldBut when they meet they discover they might have in common than they ever imagined. A wonderful book about talking to others to help you understand new experiences beautiful art A very cute book about a seagull who wonders what is in the ocean and a sea dragon that wonders what is in the sky When they meet they learn a lot about each other and their environment This would make a great lower elementary read aloud What a great story about compassion and curiosity and perspective and learning about others who are different from you Very funny as well as poignant Soft and inviting illustrations An adorable picture book perfect for ocean animal or summer storytimes This is an AWESOME concept but the dialogue made it a little confusing at times I wouldn't fight it if someone really liked this story and wanted to include it in a lesson plan but I also wouldn't be the one to put in that effort Unfortunately this book doesn't tug at my heart strings as I would've expected the friendship formed is very surface level the information presented about seagulls and sea dragons won't teach anything to readers and honestly the book was boring to me This isn't a book that I'd want to read repeatedly so I won't be adding it to my classroom library This is such a beautiful bookSeagull and Sea Dragon have both observed each other's worlds from afar Seagull wonders what those shapes are below in the ocean and Sea Dragon wonders what all those things could be in the sky When they finally meet they introduce each other to their worlds and any fears they had before are put to restThe illustrations are lush paintings that draw you in and make you want to dive right into themSuch a lovely and sweet book about friendship and understanding I beautifully illustrated book about 1 ocean life 2 friendship and 3 the wonderful things that we can learn about one another if we can muster the courage to ask uestions genuinely and with love and respond in kindNote I cannot stress how much I love the art style It blends with the kinetic typeface so so well It's like concept art from Finding Nemo 3 Nemo Learns About Seagulls Sea Dragons Reminds me a bit of Ariel from Disney's Little MermaidThe seagull lives on landin the air The seagull sees things in the water and doesn't understandThe sea dragon lives in the water The sea dragon sees things outside the water and doesn't understandThey meet and explain things to each other You can't get cuter than this a small sea dragon and a seagull each in their own environments wondering about the other's When they meet and get the opportunity to answer each other's uestions new worlds open up for them The illustrations are just heart melting It's a lovely read with a sweet message about taking the time to learn about your neighbor

Seagull & Sea Dragon PDF/EPUB ↠ Seagull &
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Seagull & Sea Dragon
  • Sydni Gregg
  • 28 November 2016
  • 9781534420489