Draekon Fire; Exiled To The Prison Planet Dragons In Exile #2

Draekon Fire; Exiled To The Prison Planet Dragons In Exile #2❴PDF❵ ✪ Draekon Fire; Exiled To The Prison Planet Dragons In Exile #2 Author Lee Savino – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Crazy jungle planet Killer orange fungus Crimson snakes in the water The worst part While I was in a coma I seem to have acuired two dragon mates When I wake from my coma the first thing I see are two Exiled To PDF ✓ Crazy jungle planet Killer orange fungus Crimson snakes in the water The worst part While Draekon Fire; Epub / I was in a coma I seem to have acuired two dragon mates When I wake Fire; Exiled To PDF/EPUB ✓ from my coma the first thing I see are two hot aliens And Fire; Exiled To The Prison Kindle - I’m informed that Fire; Exiled To The Prison Kindle - they’re my mates I don’t think so This isn’t the story of Sleeping Beauty and the two sexy possessive Draekons aren’t my fairy tale princes I’m certainly not going to wake up kiss them and live happily ever after on this stupid prison planet where everything’s out to kill me Not happening Not even if they heal me from my injuries and nurse me back to health Not even if they protect me care for me and keep me safe Not even if their abs could grace the cover of every men’s fitness magazine back home Sleeping Beauty isn’t going to kiss her Draekons She’s going to find a way back home Draekon Fire is the second book in the Dragons in Exile series It’s a full length standalone science fiction dragon shifter MFM menage romance story featuring a snarky human female and two sexy aliens that are determined to claim their mate No MM Happily ever after guaranteed. 🎁 Free on today 4162020 🎁 Harper touches some fungus and falls into a coma at the end of the first book She wakes up and finds she is being cared for by Dennox and Vulrux; her new mates Harper fights her fate but eventually gives in This book can be read as a stand alone but you’re better off reading the first I can see the beginnings of a deeper storyline developing here which was good There was development of the side characters which was also good I liked that Harper resisted the attraction slightly in this book but only slightly I liked the swimming It was a nice uirk to Harper’s character I also liked the lightheartedness between the three main characters There is some low level angst which added some slight tension The whole mind swiping and interrogation of Bierrex But again the sex scenes were just ok They just felt a little bland and similar to the others Maybe that’s just me If you like a dragon shifter stranded on an alien planet fated mate series then this has all those things It’s just not my fav series in this genre but I will read it all SOME MILD SPOILERSI liked this didn't love it but I did like itOne thing that authors do at times is randomly throw shit in there to make the character seem happy For example the ENTIRE book as well as 3 books prior there could be no mention of the character loving to ice skate she was an ice skating champion No mention zilch nada nothing Then all of a sudden the main character is a pro skater because they figured out how to freeze a lake or whateverThat didn't happen here thank God This author was very upfront in this book and the previous one that this character loved to swim and almost went to nationals The guys found this out and took her to the lake to swim and whatnotI did like the males I thought they were great characters but they didn't standout to me She only stood out because she was a bitch for the beginning of her story but overall they weren't memorable to me as a readerThe story also dragged There was a lot of jealousy of a previous mate that never was and the issue of mind wiping and whatnot I think The author was trying to add in too many story lines in this one The last one was pretty basic ship crashes and women must survive planet this one they added a lot into it and it just all ran together and wasn't resolved or resolved very uickly to the point where it wasn't satisfying to the reader or at least meI'm hoping the next one is a little better in terms of story layout I'm really interested in the other batch of people to see how they differ from this group When we met them in the first book they seemed to have been on the primitive side When you have two talented authors who know how to write a good menage you can't go wrong I'd recommend reading Draekon Mate the first in the series so you can really get a feel for their world but these can stand alone as well Harper wakes up to find she has not one but two dragon shifter mates This is one really hot alien dragon shifter menage romance They're protective of her and just want to heal Harper and make her theirs The Prison Planet backdrop and the story line are intriguing and entertaining as well Great cross genre romance I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book After the ship that Harper and nine other women were on was diverted and crashed to the Prison planet she is determined to help those who were injured This finds Harper and three members of the team venturing onto the planet to secure provision when she inadvertently touches some foliage that leaves her in a comaVulrux and Dennox are two of the Drakon’s that find Harper and two members of her team in trouble and come to their rescue and bring them home Vulrux and Dennox have a past with Harper and know that she is their mate and will do whatever is necessary to ensure that the past doesn’t repeat itselfWhen she awakens she is attracted to Vulrux and Dennox but her primary concern is finding a way off the planet Will they be able to convince her that they belong together or will their pasts stand in their way? Hot chemistry and witty banter combine with a few twists to make this an intriguing storyline I received a complimentary copy of the audiobook and thought the narrators were a perfect fit for the characters they represented Another good read for those of us who love dragon shifters These two at least really need to be read in orderThe book continues where Draekon Mate left off Our heroine is still in a coma from some killer jungle fungus and her mates are trying desperately to save her The two aliens have a history 60 years ago they met a woman who could have been their mate they did the dragon transformation thing but she was killed before they even knew her name At which point they were both shipped off to the prison planet And now their second chance at a future is dyingNeedless to say she doesn't die but when she wakes up and is hit with the 'no rescue we're stuck here and those two hunky guys who have been caring for you are your mates and oh yes they can turn into dragons' she is not onboard with it She wants off she wants Starbucks she wants chocolateObviously going to be a series but there are two entries as of nowDraekon MateDraekon FireIf the whole menage thing doesn't work for you this is not the series for you Another fun and steamy read I'm really enjoying the world building and progressive storyline of the series I liked this one but not as much as the first I think it was the bitchy attitude of the main character Gahshe was annoying but this is still a fun and hot read DNF 33% I just couldn’t get into this book The plot line just wasn’t appealing to me like I hoped it would and I wasn’t feeling the romance So goodHarper wakes from her coma to find out not only is she never going home but she also has two dragon shifters who swear she’s their mate I love how feisty she is when she tells them that even if they had magic dicks she still isn’t sleeping with them lol Of course that promise doesn’t last long